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Martial World - Chapter 908


Chapter 908 - Massacring Emperors




Asura Force Field. Capable of suppressing true essence, bodily strength, the soul, organs, and the spiritual sea. When a martial artist with insufficient cultivation was covered by the Asura Force Field, their spiritual sea would shatter and their heart would stop beating.

Death God Force Field. Formed from endless killing intent. Killing intent was itself a type of energy field. When a martial artist developed the desire to kill, they would emit an invisible energy. Once this killing intent reached an unparalleled level, it could even cut off all life vitality, extinguishing fires of life!

Prime Emperor Force Field. Reproducing the grandmist space. Here, Laws were suppressed, life was suppressed, the divine soul was suppressed, all of existence was suppressed. It would shatter the vast majority of supernatural powers. True essence, origin energy, battle spirit, will, soul, all would returning to nothingness, all would return to chaos!

Now, once these three great force fields were superimposed together, they formed the parts of the complete Heavenly Demon martial intent.

Although, this was only superimposing them over each other - it was in no way fusing the three together. Even so, it wasn't the same as one plus one plus one equals three.

With the support of the other two great force fields, all of the fissures within the Prime Emperor Force Field completely vanished. The Prime Emperor Lotus Flower behind Lin Ming became even more succulent and vivid!

The grandmist space rose suddenly and sharply, expanding outwards, soaring into the skies!

’’What a useless bluff. Watch as I shatter your force field!’’ With the fight reaching this boiling point, the Steppes Master put forth everything he had. He had a strong premonition that if he couldn't kill Lin Ming today, he would die here!

’’Great Demon Assassination Art, Apocalypse End!’’

As the Steppes Master, Luosha's martial skills were endlessly varied. As he saw his Concept of Blood suppressed by Lin Ming, he instantly changed styles. Demonic clouds roiled around him, rumbling through the air.

And behind him, the evil demon claw that the old Imp sent out was swallowed up by the endless dark clouds, combining with them.

A two-star Demon Emperor and a three-star Demon Emperor combined attacks. Their energies fused together, destroying all!

By now, Lin Ming had opened the Heretical God Force and all four of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates. Deep between his eyebrows, a flaming red light flashed out, blazing like a fire. From there, a vague red phoenix phantom shot into the skies, turning into a pure energy that integrated with the grandmist space!

Lin Ming had completely opened 100% of the Heretical God Force even as he burnt the blood of the Ancient Phoenix!

He had exerted his complete strength in a single breath. This was because simultaneously opening all three force fields was far too consuming of his true essence. The Prime Emperor Force Field now covered 500 feet of space. If anyone were to enter this space, it would truly be entering another world, not unlike stepping into a dimensional realm!

’’Grandmist battle spirit, fusion!’’


With two Demon Emperors attacking the Prime Emperor Force Field together, a silver gray spear-shaped battle spirit shot out from between Lin Ming's eyebrows. As this battle spirit appeared, it naturally collapsed and then fused together with the grandmist space.

A battle spirit could be used to directly kill an enemy, but it could be attached to any object. This included physical matter, true essence, and force fields. Although the grandmist space was able to isolate Laws and will was ineffective here, to Lin Ming, who was the master of this space, none of that mattered.

With the grandmist battle spirit combined together, the Prime Emperor Force Field expanded by another 300 feet!

Bang! Bang!

With two explosive sounds, in the moment that the Steppes Master and the old Imp broke into the grandmist space, all of their Laws became invalid. Their billowing demon essence began to rapidly melt like pure snow underneath the sun!

Moreover, the deeper they went, the faster their energy melted away. Even the Steppes Master and the old Imp's protective demon essence began to dissolve!

’’This is bad!’’

The Steppes Master was shocked speechless as he watched with his own eyes as his bodily protective demon essence was melted by this strange and unknown space!


The Steppes Master's black lance light was the first to explode. Then, the old Imp's evil demon claw shattered. The two great supernatural powers, the attacks of two Emperor level powerhouses, had collapsed before they even reached Lin Ming's body!


The Steppes Master and the old Imp rapidly drew backwards. In this grandmist space, they could only use brute force to tear apart this force field. Otherwise, all Laws and energy became invalid.

To an essence gathering system martial artist, energy was the basis for their style of combat. How could they continue fighting if they couldn't utilize energy?

The Steppes Master thought that the combined strength of two Emperor level powerhouses would be able to tear apart Lin Ming's Prime Emperor Force Field with brute force. But before the attacks had arrived, they had already melted away!

The Steppes Master and the old Imp tried to escape the grandmist space, but how could Lin Ming give them such a chance. With a thought, the grandmist mist spread forwards. At the same time, Lin Ming launched a movement technique and chased after the Steppes Master and the old Imp.

The truth was that the current Steppes Master and old Imp weren't able to summon the demon essence within their bodies. If Lin Ming could use Penetrating Rainbow, a single spear strike would be able to slaughter them.

But supporting the galvanization of three great force fields into the Heavenly Demon martial intent was far too energy consuming. Lin Ming only had enough true essence by opening the Heretical God Force and burning the blood of the Ancient Phoenix at the same time;there was no leftover energy for him to use in an attack.

Ka ka ka!

Cracks began to appear in the Steppes Master's protective demon essence;it was nearing the point of collapse. His complexion immediately changed.

’’Split up and run!’’

The old Imp roared out. The two of them chose different directions to run in, escaping at full speed!

Lin Ming's grandmist space was less than a thousand feet long and wide, moreover, the Steppes Master and old Imp were both a good distance from the center of the force field. It would only take a brief moment to leave with their speed.

Seeing the edge of the force field in front of him, the Steppes Master's eyes turned blood red. He had already reached his limits.

Lin Ming's cold gaze locked onto the Steppes Master;he would kill him first!

divine sense erupted and more force field energy came crashing down. In that instant, the Steppes Master's last bit of energy completely collapsed. With an explosive 'peng' sound, his protective demon essence finally exploded!

The Steppes Master's expression drastically changed. ’’Brat, I'll die together with you!’’

The Steppes Master had already gone mad. After realizing that Lin Ming had locked onto him, he didn't even bother trying to escape anymore. He changed direction and rushed towards Lin Ming!

Facing the desperate attack of the Steppes Master, Lin Ming remained unmoved. More and more of the force field came crashing down on the Steppes Master. The Steppes Master wanted to send out an attack, but his body was empty;where did he have the energy to do anything?

’’I... ahhhhh!’’

The Steppes Master issued a miserable scream, but even this last cry was swallowed up by the grandmist space. His clothes disintegrated like they had been worn out over endless years, becoming powder that vanished into the wind. Then, his flesh began to crack apart. His meridians exploded, and pieces of flesh and blood flew into the grandmist space where they were instantly annihilated, turning into nothing. Then, his muscles, skeleton, marrow, organs, brain...

Grandmist space turned all matter into entropy and chaos. Even time and space could come under the influence of the grandmist space, where it could easily collapse into a singularity. Yin and yang hadn't divided and the five main elements hadn't even formed. In this case, once one lost the protection of energy, how could a flesh and blood physical form still survive? It would simply be returned to nothing within the grandmist space!

Hu - !

In just several breaths of time, the Steppes Master was like a sand sculpture that eroded away, his body dissipating and wafting away in countless particles of dust, with nothing left behind! The entire process had been silent. Sound needed a medium to travel through, thus a martial artist wouldn't be able to hear anything but the sounds produced within their own body. The medium of the grandmist space was grandmist energy, an existence that was as heavy as stars. If one wanted to vibrate it and transmit sound waves, then how would that even be possible?

Like that, an Emperor level powerhouse had strangely died in utter silence. He had thoroughly perished without even bones left!

This terrifying scene left all the surviving High Lords and Tower Masters horrified, cold sweat streaming down their backs. Just what kind of ability was this? It was just a force field, and yet it was able to massacre a two-star Demon Emperor!

In the moment that the Steppes Master died, the old Imp actually let out a roar and ran out of the Prime Emperor Force Field!

He was still a three-star Demon Emperor after all. Even though he was old, his demon essence was still far more vast and deep than the Steppes Master's. Just as he flushed out of the force field, his bodily protective demon essence exploded into pieces.


The old Imp's clothes all tore apart. He had felt the moment when the Steppes Master had died. This had left him shaken and panic-stricken. As soon as he rushed out, he rapidly fled deep into Heavenly Cloud Skysplit Tower.

Heavenly Cloud Skysplit Tower had been built and refined by Empyrean Primordius himself. The tower body was incomparably firm and it was impossible for anyone to break or mar it. With the various protective arrays within, it could be considered to be layered in traps and secrets.

The old Imp was the previous Steppes Master;he was extremely familiar with the layout of Heavenly Cloud Skysplit Tower. He was confident that with his own knowledge of Heavenly Cloud Skysplit Tower, that as long as he could draw a few miles away from Lin Ming, he would be able to take several transmission arrays and escape from this damned place.

And now because Luosha had attracted Lin Ming's killing move, that had already won enough time for the old Imp. With his speed he was just like a nimble little mouse, rapidly traveling through the transmission channels of Heavenly Cloud Skysplit Tower and dashing 10 miles away.

’’Monster! He's just a monster! How could I have possibly encountered such an abnormal freak?!’’

The old Imp hysterically shouted. How could a 25 year old possibly be so fierce!? This surpassed all common sense. Whatever Eightfall War Emperor, Demon Origin Emperor, Archaic Eternity Emperor, or even that Six Fingered Sin Fey that died in the Eternal Demon Abyss, when they were all 25 years old, all of them would be nothing but garbage in front of Lin Ming!

If the old Imp had known all of this earlier, he would never have come here to die, no matter what rewards Luosha promised him.

As Lin Ming watched the old Imp vanish in the blink of an eye and sneak into the complex maze-like roads of Skysplit Tower like a mouse, running into all directions, his lips curved up into a smile. Did this old Imp want to compare speed with him?

What he feared the least was a competition of speed. Without mentioning the Gate of Wonder or Golden Roc Shattering the Void, Lin Ming had comprehended the third level of the Concept of Thunder - Extreme Speed!

Of the seven elemental energies of metal, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, and thunder, wind was famed for its speed. However, wind was not the fastest. That honor belonged to thunder!

Golden Roc Shattering the Void, Mystic Lightning Shade!

Twelve different colored thunder symbols formed from threads of lightning began to shine from all over Lin Ming's body. The dazzling threads of lightning had fully fused into Lin Ming's flesh, gleaming with a blinding radiance.

After opening the Gate of Wonder and stepping on Golden Roc Shattering the Void, he also activated the arcane support ability, Mystic Lightning Shade!

In that instant, countless arcs of lightning crackled off of Lin Ming's body. His body suddenly disappeared as he reached incredulous speeds.

The surviving martial artists felt their knees weaken as they almost slumped to the ground. In a one on one fight, Lin Ming was a monster amongst monsters. Even if one wanted to escape, he still had such ghostly speed! Even if someone were able to temporarily suppress Lin Ming by superiority of cultivation, as long as they couldn't kill him then he would only need to return in two years to take his revenge.

How could such a person ever allow his enemy to live?


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