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Martial World - Chapter 906


Chapter 906 - If You Are Chaos, Then What Am I?




The Steppes Master didn't think that Lin Ming was an idiot. Since he dared to enter under the eyes of the public, he naturally had to have some secret method he was relying on to escape. The Steppes Master invited the old Imp here to add an unknown variable to the mix. If Lin Ming didn't anticipate this new variable then he would die in a miserable manner.

’’Lin Ming? Hehe, brat Luosha, you really are becoming more and more pathetic. A mere lowly 25 year old Life Destruction human junior actually caused you to put on such a show, you even brought out the 10,000 Ghost Soul Devouring Array, called me over and also decided to personally garrison this area. To prepare such a great battle formation, don't you think that will make the other Holy Lands laugh at our Blood Slaughter Steppes?’’

The old Imp directly called the Steppes Master 'brat Luosha', moreover his words were filled with an admonishing rebuke, causing all of the nearby supervisory deacons of the Blood Slaughter divine Temple to feel a chill crawl up their spines. They didn't say half a word for fear that Luosha would grow angry.

But, they never imagined that not only would Luosha not rise up in rage, he would instead begin to patiently explain the situation. In the past, the reason that Luosha was able to become a twelve-winged Heavenly Demon was undoubtedly his talent and struggling, but he also had this old Imp supporting him from behind.

Not every Emperor level powerhouse would have Emperor level powerhouse appear amongst their descendants. This was the old Imp's failure. Although he was a lustful individual who fathered countless children, all of his descendants so far had been wasteful good for nothings. He could only pass on the position of Steppes Master to something else. Otherwise, if he were to pass the position to his descendants, they wouldn't have been able to maintain the status quo and would eventually have been exterminated.

Thus, Luosha had always been respectful to the old Imp. Even being reprimanded a bit wasn't too big a deal.

’’You don't know just how terrifying Lin Ming's talent is. He is a genius that far surpasses anything the Holy Demon Continent has seen so far, and his origin is extremely strange too. My most talented and extraordinary son died under his hands, and before I was able to react, he had managed to escape the Blood Slaughter Steppes. At that time, his cultivation was only at the early Revolving Core, but he still managed to face off against an encirclement of three-star Demon King level High Lords and actually killed most of them off. Then, he became a twelve-winged Heavenly Demon and managed to escape. Such a cunning child definitely has some sort of life preserving method. And after he entered the Road of Emperor, his strength must have risen once again. I'm not scared that he can threaten me, but what I fear is that he will use some strange method to escape from here. That is why I asked Senior to come here and use a soul attack to lock down his spiritual sea, so that he can't do anything at all!’’

After suffering a loss, the Steppes Master had learnt from his mistakes;he wouldn't underestimate Lin Ming again. But, the old Imp hadn't encountered Lin Ming before. No matter how others described Lin Ming, he couldn't believe that a mere Life Destruction boy could set off any type of unmanageable ruckus. Wouldn't that be the same as admitting that a 7000-8000 year old master like himself was inferior to a smelly little baby boy?

’’A little 25 year boy without any hair yet, this old man has already crossed longer bridges than all the roads he has travelled combined. Since you had me come out of seclusion this time, let me take a look as to just what a super hero this boy is. Once you capture him, I will suck out his soul and refine him. I will see just what lucky chances he has experienced and what secrets he has on him!

’’This kind of talent must inevitably have some sort of amazing destiny on their body as well as a massive number of treasures. To me, he is nothing but a little boy running towards me bearing gifts. I will show him just how great the disparity is between a three-star Demon Emperor and a low stage Life Destruction martial artist.’’

The old Imp disdainfully said. Of course, no matter how much contempt was in his voice, he still entered the 10,000 Ghost Soul Devouring array and began meditating, waiting for the moment Lin Ming emerged to strike him.

And as is the heavens were planning to test his own haughty rhetoric, on the third day after he arrived at Heavenly Cloud Tower, at the exit of the Road of Emperor, the skies above the blood altar began to fluctuate.

’’Hehe, this boy has finally decided to come out. One year and three months. I want to see just how much he's grown in there!’’

Bang bang bang!

The crimson blood altar's trembling became increasingly intense. Even the connected Heavenly Cloud Tower began to shake. Above the crimson blood altar, a black vortex appeared out of thin air, and a powerful aura suddenly flowed out from it, causing all of the High Lords and supervisory deacons present to pale. If it wasn't for there being two Emperor level powerhouses standing here, they would have already turned around and fled.

The old Imp's smile froze on his face. Mm? Did that boy actually manage to pass the Road of Emperor?

Just as this thought flashed through his mind in that split-second, the black vortex suddenly folded in on itself, vanishing out of sight. A white-clothed youth flew out at that moment, floating high above the crimson blood altar. After two years and three months, his long hair was hanging down to his waist.

’’Lin Ming!’’

As Lin Ming suddenly appeared, Steppes Master Luosha's eyes began to burn with a blazing hatred.

As the Steppes Master, he certainly hoped that he could pass the position on to his own descendants. But, Lin Ming had killed his most outstanding son - the Polaris Tower Master. And for him to raise another descendant that was capable of reaching the Demon Emperor realm, wasn't that easier said than done?

’’10,000 Ghost Soul Devouring array formation, rise!’’

With a loud shout from the Steppes Master, 360 array flags from all over began to violently tremble. Lin Ming then discovered that the Road of Emperor's crimson blood altar had been surrounded by a gray array formation.

Wu wu wu -

10,000 ghosts cried out. Countless ghosts and resentful spirits filled this space. Deathly energy blocked off all!


’’I got it. Humph, a fourth stage Life Destruction cultivation. Even if you had the strength of an early divine Sea master, that wouldn't matter either.’’ The old Imp's robes began to rise without wind around him. Behind him, a massive six-armed ancient demon spirit phantom appeared. This ancient demon spirit had three horns that pointed forwards, its face was vicious and its teeth were blue. Each of its six claws held a magic tool. There was a battle drum, a bronze bell, beads, an iron needle, a hammer, and an ancient mirror.

These six weapons were not common weapons;it was extremely strange. And around this six-armed ancient demon spirit, there were countless lives. There were humans, devils, Fey, and all sorts of vicious beasts, each and every one of them kneeling in worship, awe and reverence on their faces.

Even the surrounding High Lords, Tower Masters, and supervisory deacons couldn't withstand the pressure of this six-armed ancient demon spirit. They were forced to kneel on one knee. The force field surrounding them was like a spiritual storm;it was too terrifying!

’’High Chaos Devil Arts! Senior, you have successfully cultivated the life incarnation of the High Chaos Devil Arts?’’ The Steppes Master was shocked. This was no trivial matter. To the Imp race, this was one of their highest supernatural divine powers. One had to have a soul force and will that reached the highest limits. Once one successfully cultivated this technique, they could rely on this six-armed ancient demon spirit to shatter the enemy's spiritual sea. The power of this attack was endless!

’’No wonder Senior is so confident - it's because you've already cultivated the life incarnation boundary of the High Chaos Devil Arts. Once the incarnation appears, not even immortals will remain!’’ The Steppes Master's confidence sharply rose. Just this life incarnation should be more than enough.

’’Junior, you should be honored to die under the life incarnation of my High Chaos Devil Arts!’’ the old Imp cackled like a demented madman and the ancient demon spirit behind him suddenly rushed forwards! ’’I think that your soul force isn't too bad. Be a good little boy and serve as the food for my High Chaos Devil Arts' life incarnation. Eating you should be quite nourishing!’’

The chaos demon spirit wielded all six weapons at the same time. The copper bell rang with a deafening sound, the battle drum beat to an overwhelming tempo. A demonic melody came crashing down from above, onto Lin Ming.

’’Chaos demon spirit?’’ Lin Ming's lips curved in a taunting smile. ’’I just returned from the chaos space, and even after eight months there, I only dared to take a trivial amount of grandmist energy to temper my body. Since when has the idea of chaos become so cheap? A mere little ghost spirit actually dares to call itself chaos? If you are chaos, then what am I?’’

As Lin Ming spoke, the spear-shaped battle spirit in his spiritual sea shot out, howling into the wind!

After being tempered for half a year in the chaos space, Lin Ming's battle spirit had reached the peak of silver large success. But, its power was actually not limited to just this!


The originally silver white spear-shaped battle spirit had taken on a silver gray color after being tempered in the grandmist energy. Although it seemed simple and light, it was actually incomparably heavy.

A wisp of grandmist energy was able to demolish stars. The chaos world that Empyrean Primordius built was an extremely stable space;it was certainly able to seal grandmist energy within it.

But how could the space of the lower realms' boundless universe withstand such a power? Especially in the full onslaught of the battle spirit;wherever it went, space began to collapse. Massive space fragments could not withstand the force of the grandmist energy and directly shattered to pieces!

This caused the supervisory deacons and tower masters to be panic-stricken. They had seen attacks that were able to break space, but to rely on just a battle spirit to shatter space? Was that even possible? A battle spirit was the manifestation of will, a virtual and intangible thing. In other words, it was equivalent to Lin Ming's thoughts alone being able to shatter space!

’’What!? Is that a perfect bronze battle spirit... no, that is a silver level battle spirit!?!?’’

The old Imp's eyes suddenly turned as round as twin moons. This was the first time he had ever seen such a silver gray battle spirit! A bronze battle spirit was a greenish gray color, but a silver battle spirit was said to be silver white. He had never heard of a battle spirit situated in between both colors that was a silver gray. And most importantly, just how was Lin Ming's battle spirit able to break apart space?

The spear-shaped battle spirit's attack was too fast. Although the old Imp realized that something was wrong, he still didn't have enough time to respond. With an explosive 'kacha' sound, the spear-shaped battle spirit collided with the six-armed ancient demon spirit, causing that demon spirit to crack apart like glass!

Countless fragments of energy scattered downwards like flower petals. A large portion of these fragments were drawn towards the spear-shaped battle spirit!

Grandmist energy was amazingly dense. And the denser an object was, the greater gravity there was. This battle spirit was in some ways similar to a black hole.

Lin Ming's spear-shaped battle spirit directly sucked in a small part of this old Imp's will energy and smashed it apart.

It was naturally impossible to absorb others' will energy, but using it as nourishment was not a problem. For instance, while it was impossible to turn a tiger's strength into one's own, it was still possible to cook the tiger into bone soup to feed the body.


The six-armed ancient demon spirit was connected to the old Imp's spiritual sea. As the demon spirit was suddenly shattered by Lin Ming, the old Imp vomited out a mouthful of blood, his face whiter than paper!

Lin Ming's strike was the same as breaking apart the supernatural powers that the old Imp had cultivated arduously for such a long time! At the same time, it greatly damaged his soul and will, causing a massive amount of mist to disperse from the perfect bronze battle spirit in his spiritual sea. The light of that old Imp's battle spirit dimmed;it had forcefully degenerated to the bronze small success level!

For his battle spirit to suddenly drop two small boundaries, his soul force to shatter, and countless cracks to appear in his spiritual sea, the old Imp found this hard to believe as he saw all this happen!

In fact, if it were a late divine Sea Giant Demon powerhouse who had come, they wouldn't have been reduced to such a miserable state by Lin Ming. But, the main problem was that Imp martial artists all specialized in will and soul force. To encounter Lin Ming and engage him in a battle of soul and will was the same as running into the end of a spear. This could only be described by two words...

Courting death!


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