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Martial World - Chapter 905


Chapter 905 - Departure, the Prime Emperor Force Field




’’You want to leave? Lin Ming, you don't want to walk the road of emperor stone tablets?’’

Demonshine was startled. Lin Ming still hadn't walked down the road of emperor stone tablets. That road seemed to be easier to walk down than the road of will lights. Those who had passed the Road of Emperor had likely taken this road.

But Lin Ming had chosen differently, remaining on the road of will lights until he reached the very end. If he wanted to, he could also return and walk down the road of emperor stone tablets. Once he reached the end of both roads, Lin Ming's cultivation would rise once again. Even Demonshine couldn't imagine what it would be like at that time.

’’Let's go, I'm not in a hurry. I'll enter the road of emperor stone tablets next time to enlighten myself. I've already been training for two years and three months straight, and I've realized far too many things. I won't be able to process all of this without fighting. If I continue to further enlighten myself then it won't be good if my mind can't digest all of it!’’

As Lin Ming spoke, Demonshine also nodded. The life of a martial artist was to struggle and fight. Theoretically speaking, if a martial artist had enough pills, top grade spirit essence stones, a solid enough cultivation foundation, no bottlenecks, and even the guidance of famed masters, then they could always continue training.

But even in the divine Realm's super Holy Lands, there had never been a genius who had gone into seclusion during the Xiantian realm or Revolving Core realm and had closed up and trained straight to the divine Sea in a single go.

If martial artists were compared to the generals and commanders of the mortal world, then Laws, comprehensions, and training were just like military tactics and true battle was actual battlefield combat. If one never engaged in a true battle in real life then all they would be was an armchair general. No matter how much they comprehended or how great their teachers were, all of that would be useless. That was because they would overthink the situation, thinking themselves infallible and invincible, straying off of the correct path and falling into disaster.

There were many armchair generals that wouldn't lose in debates, but would be defeated on the battlefield. Those that cultivated the martial path were the same.

’’Good, your cultivation has already continued for two years and three months. You haven't cultivated for that long before. Coming back to the road of emperor stone tablets in another year or two wouldn't be a bad idea.’’

’’Mm, not just the road of emperor stone tablets, but there is also the last will light on the road of will lights. I will come again to visit the chaos world that Empyrean Primordius created. That is truly a miraculous place. The harvests that I obtained there cannot be described in words!’’

Lin Ming and Demonshine's exchanges had all been between their consciousnesses. Lin Ming hadn't yet formed his physical form. The Revolving Core crystal nucleus still floated in the air, staying hidden at some times and appearing at other times. Demonshine didn't know just what was happening, but Lin Ming was actually aware that in this vast universe there was a phenomenon known as a black hole, a celestial body similar to grandmist energy. The truth was that a black hole wasn't black, but rather 'invisible'. A black hole had the ability to swallow all matter and all energy. Even a divine Realm Holy Lord would perish if they accidently strayed into it. If light were projected inside, that light would also be swallowed up. And because its force field was too powerful, it would cause all light passing around it to distort. Anything hiding in that distorted light would be invisible.

A martial artist could use a similar Law of Space Distortion to hide. But, a black hole was a far higher level and a more sophisticated method. It was nearly impossible to detect with one's perception because one's perception was also a type of energy. Even something like perception could be sucked up by a black hole and lost forever.

Lin Ming knew all of this because he had perceived it from meditating in the chaos space. A black hole simultaneously involved high level Laws of Chaos, Space, and Time. When Lin Ming first heard Old Man Good Fortune describe the different levels of Space Laws, there had been 10 of them: Space Distortion, Heaven's divide, Dimensional Slash, Space Disruption, Spatial Genesis, Space Storm, Black Hole Vortex, Tenth Space Dimension, World Destruction, and World Creation.

The Black Hole Laws occupied the area of the seventh level Concept of Space, Black Hole Vortex!

This was a seventh level Law, a height that Lin Ming could not see even if he wanted to. He had only managed to find some clues of it in the chaos space.

In the three month process where he had shattered and reformed his Revolving Core, Lin Ming's perception had entered into a unique detached state. It was like he stood at the same precipice as a divine Realm Supreme Elder, able to see many things that he could never have imagined before. This even included part of the ancient natural changes of the universe.

This also included the formation of black holes! Although this sort of thing couldn't directly improve his strength, it was still able to widen Lin Ming's horizons. It was an incomparably rare experience for his soul and mind that would have an inestimable use when he tried to perceive the source of the Great Dao in the future. It could even be said that Lin Ming's current harvests from the chaos space surpassed any harvests and lucky chances he obtained from precious mystic realms, including Timeworn Phoenix City and even the Temple of Marvels.

The other harvests were mostly obtaining heavenly materials that shortened Lin Ming's cultivation time. If he had enough time then he would have been able to make up for all of that. It was only the experience in the chaos space that had essentially changed Lin Ming's thinking.

When Lin Ming had used the grandmist energy to reform the Black Hole Revolving Core, the flaming bright Revolving Core crystal nucleus had formed a cyclone of energy that emitted a sun-like light and heat. It had expanded and collapsed again and again as it formed the Black Hole Revolving Core crystal nucleus, simulating the natural formation of black holes in the universe.

A black hole was formed from a cyclone of matter, slowly condensing into a large celestial body. Then, it would burn, igniting all elements and becoming a star. Over an immeasurable amount of time, this star would slowly burn out until the moment it finally collapsed under its own gravity, when it would form a black hole.

If Lin Ming hadn't seen this process then he simply wouldn't have been able to condense his Revolving Core crystal nucleus to such a degree where it would produce phenomena similar to a true black hole. It was even able to swallow light for a certain amount of time and become 'invisible'.

Through all the myriad Laws, a human body could be described as its own small universe. All changes that governed the stars in the universe could also be reflected in the human body. Lin Ming couldn't help but sigh about just how incredible the human form and universe were, and how they were all connected together.

Of course, Lin Ming's current Revolving Core crystal nucleus could in truth only be counted as a tiny miniature energy black hole. The difference from a true black hole couldn't even be described with the comparison of clouds and mud. If he could truly form a black hole that absorbed both matter and energy, then that really would be ridiculous. At that time, if someone killed Lin Ming, took out his Revolving Core crystal nucleus and casually tossed it into a star, then that Revolving Core crystal nucleus would swallow all of the matter within that star until that star was destroyed!

That would truly be collapsing moons and sinking stars!

’’Let's go!’’

As Lin Ming's voice faded, he had already turned into countless particles that began to form a body wit the Revolving Core crystal nucleus as the center. In the rapidly shaping storm of energy, the skeleton formed, then muscles, skin, facial features, and finally hair.

Everything had been restored to its previous state!

Compared to when he passed the third stage of Life Destruction, Lin Ming's appearance hadn't changed too much. It was only that his temperament was more restrained and it was impossible to detect any terrifying energy exuding from him. But, if one carefully probed with their perception, one could see that there seemed to be another universe sealed within his body, profound and endless!

At this time, Lin Ming resembled a young and elegant scholar. But, there was actually a great dragon slumbering within his body. Once it awoke, the heavens and earth would tremble!


At the end of the road of will lights, there was a dark portal. At the center of this portal, an invisible energy had gathered together, forming a terrifying force field storm that was able to suppress all divine senses, the soul, and perception. As Demonshine looked at this portal, he was so scared that he wanted to flee. He didn't doubt that if he passed through this portal, he would surely die!

’’Did someone mess up here or something? Who would actually dare to cross this portal... I fear I will perish even if I stay in your spiritual sea!’’

As Lin Ming saw this, he smiled. He soothingly said, ’’This is the final reward from the Road of Emperor - the Prime Emperor Force Field!’’

Empyrean Primordius was truly an Empyrean worthy of respect. Not only had he refined the Road of Emperor to such a degree, but Lin Ming was even able to take this force field as a reward!


Heavenly Cloud Skysplit Tower.

Outside the Road of Emperor, over a dozen people were gathered, all of them bowing or saluting.

Even the Steppes Master had restrained his usually imperious and domineering aura. There was even the slightest bit of respect in his demeanor. There were not many people in the entire Holy Demon Continent that could have the Steppes Master act this way. This was because after withdrawing into the Blood Slaughter Steppes, there was simply nothing anyone could do to him here.

As for those that could enter the Blood Slaughter Steppes, none of them could defeat him. And those that could defeat him couldn't enter the Blood Slaughter Steppes.

But there were always exceptions. For instance, the Eightfall War Emperor, or this person currently in front of him.

In front of the Blood Slaughter Steppes' Steppes Master, there were four amazingly beautiful Fey women. All of them had a cultivation at the early Revolving Core realm, and their figures were tall and buxom, all of them seeming as if they were carved from the same mold. The four of them were actually quadruplets. For quadruplets to all manage to enter the early Revolving Core realm, that was an extremely rare occurrence.

However, if an Emperor level powerhouse were to diligently raise them, then it wouldn't be too difficult as long as their talent wasn't too poor. All four women were dressed in the thinnest strands of silk, revealing the abundant spring scenery of their bodies. They lifted a warm covered sedan in their hands. A maid standing near the sedan slowly lifted up a thick curtain, revealing a five foot tall elderly Imp.

This old Imp grasped onto a peach walking stick as he slowly stepped down from the sedan. He looked like an old man on the verge of death, but the Steppes Master didn't dare to show him the least bit of contempt. This was because this old Imp had also formed a twelve-winged Heavenly Demon and he had once held the title of Steppes Master!

This elderly Imp ruled over the Blood Slaughter Steppes for almost 2000 years. Afterwards, he continually failed to make a breakthrough in his boundary, thus he left the Blood Slaughter Steppes to seek his own lucky chances and close up in cultivation.

Although he had less than 1000 years of life left, and his strength had already started to wane, his cultivation had still reached a three-star Demon Emperor. That was equal to the late divine Sea, but less than a seventh stage Life Destruction late divine Sea master. Even so, a starving camel was still larger than a horse, and the Imp race also excelled at soul attacks. The Imp race were naturally gifted in the aspect of soul force and will;both of those were things that didn't weaken with age. Thus in a true battle, the current Steppes Master had to admit that he wouldn't be a match for the previous Steppes Master.

A year after Lin Ming officially entered the Road of Emperor, the Steppes Master began to feel a faint foreboding sense in his heart. Even with the 10,000 Ghost Soul Devouring Array laid down and himself personally assuming command, he still didn't feel relieved. There was always this niggling feeling at the back of his mind that he was missing something. He never thought that he wouldn't be able to kill Lin Ming, he only feared that Lin Ming would somehow manage to escape. If Lin Ming escaped, then the Steppes Master would truly lose his mind.

Beside the Eightfall War Emperor, there were still several twelve-winged Heavenly Demon Emperor level powerhouses. They were all powerhouses of the Imp, Giant Demon, and Goliath races. But, these individuals had terrifying statuses and nearly all of them had returned to their own lands. In fact, it was unknown whether many of them were still alive or not. The Steppes Master had paid a great price in order to move this old Imp in front of him.

All of this was to absolutely guarantee that Lin Ming wouldn't escape!

With the 10,000 Ghost Soul Devouring Array, the old Imp and himself, the Steppes Master believed that against such a powerful lineup, no matter how talented Lin Ming was, there was no way he could possibly escape. This was where he would die!


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