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Martial World - Chapter 904


Chapter 904 - Reforming the Shattered Core




’’Break large success silver... you damned brat, it seems you'll have the momentum to break into the gold battle spirit level before you reach the divine Sea!’’ Demonshine said from within Lin Ming's spiritual sea, ’’There's also a final will light. How about we go take a look?’’

Lin Ming nodded. If he was right then the last will light was the spirit mark left behind by Empyrean Primordius himself. Empyrean Primordius had wanted to create the Road to Samsara;it was impossible that he wouldn't leave behind a hope for his own revival.

As his will touched the last will light, Lin Ming arrived in a new world of will. Here, all he saw was chaos around him. Gray currents of chaos flooded the entire space, vast and endless. Besides that, there was nothing else. Lin Ming didn't even see Empyrean Primordius' spirit mark here.

’’This is...’’

’’Is this... grandmist energy?’’ Demonshine was shocked. With his talent, it was naturally impossible for him to contact Source Law energy like grandmist energy. But with the knowledge that Empyrean Primordius had left behind this last will light and also with the gray currents in this chaos space, he could approximate just what this was.

Primordius was the same as chaos, and thus also the same as grandmist. Empyrean Primordius was the Empyrean of chaos, the Empyrean of grandmist!

’’Grandmist energy!’’

Lin Ming's eyebrows shot up. He naturally knew what grandmist energy was. The fables said that when the universe first formed, it had all started with nothingness, with nothing in space, the beginning of all. This was also the beginning of all energy. Matter had not yet developed, this was the absolute beginning!

After the absolute beginning, there was chaos. Yin and yang hadn't yet divided, the heavens and earth hadn't been created, and there was nothing in the universe but chaos origin energy. This natural origin energy was called grandmist energy.

Grandmist energy had once filled the entire boundless universe. But afterwards, this grandmist energy turned into the yin yang primal chaos, the energy of the sun and the moon, the five primal elements, and all of the various lifeforms that existed, causing that grandmist energy to be almost completely consumed. Now, a mere wisp of grandmist energy was something that approached the source of the Great Dao;its value could be imagined!

However, grandmist energy was something that was impossible for Lin Ming to refine at his current level. Even gathering just the tiniest speck of it was nothing more than a fantastical dream.

This grandmist energy seemed to have been refined by Empyrean Primordius and was also related to his Source Laws. It was not possible to gather this grandmist energy. Because there was far too much mass compressed into grandmist energy, it was similar to black holes in the universe. With so much material energy compressed to such a high degree, its weight was unimaginable.

The tiniest trace of grandmist energy could crush vast mountain ranges. A wisp of grandmist energy could use its own weight to slice apart stars.

Even if Lin Ming was able to move some grandmist energy into his spatial ring, his spatial ring would instantly disintegrate!

This was because the space couldn't withstand such a weight. A black hole could disintegrate all space because space couldn't withstand the pure condensed mass.

’’Whelp, it's over, let's pack up and get out of here Lin Ming. These things are not something that you can obtain. Since Empyrean Primordius' Samsara Heavenly Dao failed, it's possible that he might have enemies. But, since he dares to leave these will lights behind and also this grandmist energy, there is naturally something that he is relying on. With your current ability, you certainly cannot gather this grandmist energy. Of course... I'm also guessing that Empyrean Primordius should have left his legacy here. If in the future, if you can inherit Empyrean Primordius' legacy and establish the Road to Samsara, you might even be able to obtain all of the inheritances that he left behind, and perhaps you may even be able to revive Empyrean Primordius and the goddess!’’

Demonshine's speculations were reasonable. Lin Ming was lost in thought for a moment, and then with a sudden thought, a sharp light burst out from between his eyebrows. The spear-shaped battle spirit from his spiritual sea howled outwards!

’’Lin Ming, you...’’ Demonshine was startled as he saw Lin Ming's spear-shaped battle spirit fly into the incomparably heavy grandmist energy, trembling as if it could shatter at any moment.

Since he was destined to not be able to receive this grandmist energy, Lin Ming planned on using it to temper his battle spirit.

A battle spirit was invisible and intangible;it was originally impossible to hone it with material matter. Normally, it would only be able to be tempered in the world of will where it would also grow. But, grandmist energy was different. In this universe, besides time and space, everything had been formed from grandmist energy. This included even battle spirits. Grandmist energy was the source of all things and also the source of all battle spirits, thus it could also be used to temper a battle spirit.

A battle spirit was known as immortal and indestructible. But, to use the star-crushing grandmist energy to whet it would actually be filled with layers of dangers. Lin Ming didn't dare to be too bold or reckless. He moved his battle spirit to the very edge of the wandering grandmist energy to absorb just the tiniest bit of it. Even so, that thin and sheer grandmist energy caused Lin Ming's battle spirit to violently tremble as if it would shatter at any moment. Lin Ming paled, his forehead wet with sweat. Facing such an immense pressure, it was hard it withstand it even though his will was tough.

’’You madman... if you use grandmist energy to temper your battle spirit, just what degree of formidability will it reach?’’ Demonshine couldn't imagine it. This was the final lamp on the road of will lights. There had never been anyone who had ever made it this far before. The lights themselves were not a test, but rather a great lucky chance!

Lin Ming sat on the periphery of the grandmist energy. He was impressively prepared to start cultivating here.

Although he couldn't gather the grandmist energy, comprehending the Source Laws here would be far faster. ’’Demonshine, I will close up here and also break through the fourth stage of Life Destruction. I'll need you to be my protector.’’

Although he asked Demonshine to be his protector, the truth was that he didn't need a protector. In the Road of Emperor, there would be absolute safety.

Like this, Lin Ming went into seclusion. He tempered his battle spirit, meditated on the grandmist energy, and prepared to break through to the next boundary!

There were enough spirit medicines in his spatial ring as well as top grade spirit essence stones. As long as he didn't encounter a bottleneck, he would be able to continue cultivating.

Time slowly passed. From spring to winter, flowers bloomed and withered.

Like this, another half year passed. Lin Ming had already stayed in the Road of Emperor for over a full year of time. In addition to training at the Sky Spill Continent, Lin Ming had continuously cultivated for two entire years. He was now 25 years old.

In these two years, his martial arts cultivation passed the third stage of Life Destruction and presently he was preparing to attack the fourth stage of Life Destruction.

A hazy cloud of flesh and blood was shrouded in the chaos space. Floating within this flesh and blood was actually a dark crystal nucleus. This was Lin Ming's Revolving Core.

The most perfect path to cross Life Destruction was divided into nine stages. The first three stages rebuilt the mortal body, the second three stages shattered and recast the Revolving Core, and the last three stages of Life Destruction reformed the soul.

From the third stage of Life Destruction to the fourth stage of Life Destruction, that was to shatter the Revolving Core and then reform it. Although it wasn't a large boundary, it was actually greater than a small boundary.

Lin Ming had gathered strength for an entire half year for this reason. He had consumed two top grade spirit essence stones as well as a number of heavenly materials, all in order to accumulate the required origin energy to finally attack the fourth stage of Life Destruction.

Now, his body had already exploded into a fog of blood and flesh, but his black crystal nucleus still hadn't shattered. This was Lin Ming's Black Hole Revolving Core. To have a Black Hole Revolving Core meant that one's foundation had reached the limit of solidity, and the degree of highly compressed energy within had also reached the limit. Compared to an ordinary Revolving Core crystal nucleus, it was far more durable!

If someone managed to kill Lin Ming now and obtain his Revolving Core crystal nucleus, then this Revolving Core itself would be the most precious of treasures. It could be used to forge a top grade pill furnace.

Breaking into the fourth stage of Life Destruction from the third stage of Life Destruction was several times more difficult than breaking into the third stage of Life Destruction from the second stage of Life Destruction. This was particularly true for Lin Ming. The truth was that he was already able to shatter his Revolving Core, but to break it down even more thoroughly was much more difficult. There were many divine Realm talents that after reaching the Black Hole Revolving Core boundary would need an Elder to assist them in breaking through to the fourth stage of Life Destruction.

Lin Ming naturally didn't have such luxurious treatment. His thoughts moved and his battle spirit actually moved a trace of grandmist energy above his Revolving Core!

Using this incomparably heavy grandmist energy that could crush even stars, he would crush his Revolving Core!

This was an insane procedure. But, Lin Ming didn't do this randomly or recklessly. He estimated that since grandmist energy was the source of all life and matter then it shouldn't conflict with any other type of material energy. If that were true then it shouldn't conflict with the energy in the Revolving Core crystal nucleus either.

At the same time, grandmist energy contained a nearly immeasurable amount of mass, similar to a black hole. And, Lin Ming's Revolving Core crystal nucleus was also similar to a black hole. Both of them shared extremely similar aspects of Laws.

To use grandmist energy to drive the shattering and reforming of the Revolving Core was a risk-filled method, But, it was also a great lucky chance. After reforming his Revolving Core with grandmist energy, that would far more thoroughly temper Lin Ming's Black Hole Revolving Core, making it approach a true energy black hole.


Cracks began to appear on the Revolving Core. Then, it completely shattered. A wisp of grandmist energy followed in, changing the circulating of energy within. The grandmist energy did not come into conflict with the highly compressed power of thunder and fire within the Revolving Core.

The Chaos Laws were undoubtedly much stronger than the Laws of the five elements. This was because chaos gave birth to all things. First there was time, space, and chaos. Then, the five elements came later. This was also the reason why Space and Time Laws also dominated the majority of other Laws.

Using grandmist energy to shatter and reform a Revolving Core was a sort of lucky chance that even geniuses from the divine Realm wouldn't have access to.

Time slowly passed. One month, two months, three months...

When Lin Ming had crossed the first three stages of Life Destruction, he only needed several days for each stage. But for the fourth stage of Life Destruction, he had used an entire three months. The energy from Lin Ming's Revolving Core crystal nucleus experienced countless incredible changes after interacting with the grandmist energy.

Finally, after three months of time, a vast and ancient aura overflowed into the world. Lin Ming's shattered Revolving Core energy began to form a cyclone together with the grandmist energy.

The cyclone spun around and around as it began to compress together, emitting bursts of brilliant light and heat!

This sort of light and this sort of heat was actually blue in color. Its temperature was comparable to the center of a sun, even though it was just a tiny speck. The light continued to radiate for several hours. The light changed colors several times, and the volume would constantly expand, reaching a critical point before suddenly collapsing, slowing, and then inflating once again!

With an explosive banging sound, Demonshine, who had been standing guard, jumped up in shock. A flaming light shot outwards, blazing and blinding, able to even kill all other senses. Demonshine was only a soul form;all he could do was defend his soul source at that moment. He couldn't see what happened to Lin Ming, nor could he help.

After several quarter hours of time passed, Demonshine's senses finally began filtering back. As he opened both of his eyes, he could see that right in front of him was a walnut-sized Revolving Core crystal nucleus, its entire body jet black like liquid ink. After several breaths of time it vanished into the void, twisting all nearby light so that one couldn't see it.

As Demonshine was dumbfounded, a vigorous and familiar voice sounded in his mind.

’’Demonshine, my cultivation has reached large success. It's time to leave!’’


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