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Martial World - Chapter 898


Chapter 898 - Unstoppable




Blood Slaughter Steppes, Heavenly Cloud Skysplit Tower -

There were a total of 12 main cities in the Blood Slaughter Steppes. The Heavenly Cloud Skysplit Tower was located at the center of Heavenly Cloud City. Heavenly Cloud City was the most formidable main city within the Blood Slaughter Steppes.

Duanmu Qun had come from Heavenly Cloud Tower.

Since ancient times, Heavenly Cloud Tower had produced the most talents and also the strongest talents. Heavenly Cloud Tower had a total of 16 High Lords, whereas Polar Skysplit Tower only had 12. And in terms of Tower Masters, the Tower Master of Heavenly Cloud Skysplit Tower was much more formidable than the Tower Master of Polar Skysplit Tower.

Of course, to the current Lin Ming, all of this was nothing more than floating clouds. Lin Ming arrived at the gates of Heavenly Cloud Tower. The Heavenly Cloud Tower was over 10,000 feet tall and was situated on top of a 60,000 foot mountain precipice, bringing the total height to over 70,000 feet and hovering within the primal chaos heavens. This was why it was called Skysplit Tower.

The front gates of Heavenly Cloud Tower were over 200 feet high, cast in a massive copper frame with countless buckles. Altogether, these gates likely weighed over 80,000-90,000 jins!

The gates to the Heavenly Cloud Tower were guarded by two rows of Giant Demon guards. Each of them was filled with a robust vitality, and their figure and form was strong like a mighty dragon. Their cultivations were at least at the Demon General level, and every single one was at least 10 feet tall and was wearing black treasure armor. They gave off an inexplicable pressure, making those with a weaker aura lose all courage to pass the gates.

’’Halt, show your Blood Slaughter Token!’’

Two Giant Demon guards grasped their war halberds and crossed them in front of Lin Ming, blocking his path. The Blood Slaughter Token was a city entrance token to enter the Blood Slaughter Steppes. Lin Ming had once obtained one, and the token had ended up fusing into his body, forming the source of infernal energy and serving as the basis for killing others to accumulate their infernal energy.

Now Lin Ming had already become a twelve-winged Heavenly Demon. Normally, he kept it within his body and would manifest it in the form of the Death God Force Field. If Lin Ming didn't summon the twelve-winged Heavenly Demon, it would remain undetectable. Thus, these two rows of Giant Demon guards didn't recognize that Lin Ming was once a trial challenger.

’’Make way.’’

Lin Ming's steps didn't stop. As he walked forwards, an invisible force field spread out from him. The two rows of guards were suppressed by this force field, making them gasp for breath as if all air had vanished. Before they could react, Lin Ming had passed through them, about to shove open the gates leading to the tower.

’’You! You bold...’’

As the guard captain just shouted out these words, he immediately shut up as his eyes went as round as large copper bells. Disbelief began to cloud over his face.

At that moment, those 80,000-90,000 jin heavy gates, those massive copper gates that needed dozens of people to open, were actually pushed open by a single hand!

As the gears of the bronze gates were forcefully pushed open, they even began to issue loud 'ka ka ka' sounds as if they couldn't withstand the pressure. This scene simply left everyone stunned!

’’Who... who is he!?’’

The several guards were all shocked. How was this a human? He was simply a dragon in human form!

’’Quick, hurry up and inform the managing deacon!’’

These guards naturally didn't have the qualifications to directly speak to the High Lords. They had to transmit a message through several layers of authority first.

But by the time the news was sent out, Lin Ming had already reached the transmission array that connected Skysplit Tower's first floor to the second floor.


A terrifying energy exploded upwards and the protective array formation that surrounded the transmission array was directly shattered to bits. Lin Ming stood on the transmission array and activated it with brute force. As for the deacon that managed the protective array formation, he was scared witless.

The deacon felt that Lin Ming looked familiar, but he just couldn't place where he had seen him before.

In fact, five years ago, the Steppes Master had once issued an arrest warrant for Lin Ming throughout the entire Blood Slaughter Steppes. But before even half a year passed, the Steppes Master was able to confirm that Lin Ming had already left the Blood Slaughter Steppes, thus the capture zone had changed to the wider Holy Demon Continent. In the Blood Slaughter Steppes, the arrest warrant slowly faded away.

There were always massive numbers of individuals that left and entered the Blood Slaughter Steppes. In fact, a majority of these people in the Blood Slaughter Steppes' Skysplit Towers had entered in the last five years;they simply didn't recognize Lin Ming. Even though this current deacon had seen Lin Ming's arrest warrant, in these last five years Lin Ming had already passed through Life Destruction three times and had reformed his spirit body. His looks had become more perfect, his aura was swifter and sharper, and he was now a handsome youth with jade-like looks, ethereal and otherworldly. It was simply impossible for others to recognize him for a time.

Moreover, they never imagined that Lin Ming would actually have the gall to return to the Blood Slaughter Steppes to raise trouble!

As the deacon of that level reported the news, Lin Ming had already reached the transmission array on the second floor!

’’You actually dare to cause trouble at Skysplit Tower? You really don't know how to write the word death!’’

The deacon responsible for the second floor's transmission array was a Giant Demon. The deacon grasped a large ax, his entire body as hard and dark as granite. His face was cruel and barbaric. The deacon was unable to see just what Lin Ming's cultivation was. His understanding of humanity's cultivation system was limited to begin with, and when that was added with just how high Lin Ming's cultivation was as well as his restrained aura, it was impossible for him to see through it.

’’How dare you! Are you deaf or something!?’’

The Giant Demon deacon burned with rage as he chopped down with his ax. However, there was suddenly an explosive ringing that filled the air. Without Lin Ming moving a hand, the Giant Demon deacon was sent flying backwards like a broken sack. All of his inner organs ruptured as he vomited blood in the air before smashing against a wall hundreds of feet away. His ax, his armor, and all of his meridians were shattered to bits. It was unknown whether or not he was still alive.

Everyone watching was dumbfounded by this scene, causing them to freeze in place. That Giant Demon deacon was a one-star Demon King, the equivalent of a human early Revolving Core powerhouse, and even a bit stronger than that. And yet, such a one-star Demon King was actually instantly swatted away without the other party even moving a finger. Just what kind of power was that?

’’A Life Destruction powerhouse! Could that be a human Life Destruction powerhouse? Otherwise there shouldn't be any reason why we can't see through his cultivation!’’ A Goliath guard said with rising panic in his voice.

’’That's impossible! All Life Destruction powerhouses that enter the Blood Slaughter Steppes will encounter the mystical curse here and die a miserable death! Who wouldn't treasure their own life and actually come here?’’ An Imp deacon chimed in.

’’Yes, he should have a late Revolving Core cultivation with strength equal to the weakest of Life Destruction powerhouses. Humph, but let alone the fact that he isn't at Life Destruction, even if a true Life Destruction powerhouse were to come here, they would still die for the violation of causing trouble!’’

’’Our Skysplit Tower has the strongest High Lords of the 12 Skysplit Towers. The higher ranking High Lords can definitely contend with a human Life Destruction powerhouse. For this fellow to come here, even dragons must hide and tigers must lie low. Moreover, our Heavenly Cloud Tower Master is the strongest existence amongst all of the 12 Skysplit Tower Masters! He is only inferior to the Steppes Master himself!’’

’’Let's follow him first and wait for the High Lords to come and kill him. Otherwise we will be executed for being derelict in our duties.’’

After seeing what happened to the Giant Demon deacon, the other guards and deacons didn't dare to do anything against Lin Ming. That would be the same as suicide.

And as they hoped, the High Lords of the Heavenly Cloud Tower soon appeared. And once they appeared, there were actually five at once. The one leading them was the second ranked High Lord of Heavenly Cloud Tower. As for the top ranked High Lord, although he had indeed received the news, he felt that five High Lords was already more than enough to handle the situation, so it was unnecessary for him to do anything. For all of the High Lords to show up just because a single human powerhouse was causing a mess was simply making too great a fuss over nothing. It would even be quite a shameful matter once others were to know of it.

’’The High Lords have come!’’

’’Hahaha, this boy is already dead! Let's enjoy the good fun to follow!’’ The guards and deacons hurried to surround and cordon off the area. Each of them brandished their weapons and took position to make sure that Lin Ming wouldn't be able to escape. With the High Lords supporting them, they weren't afraid at all.

’’Who are you?! How impudent!’’ The second ranked High Lord of Heavenly Cloud Tower had much better sight than these guards and deacons. As he saw Lin Ming, he could see that his strength was unfathomably deep. Otherwise, he would have already killed Lin Ming here with a single slap;why would he still be wasting his time speaking nonsense?

As his eyes stopped on Lin Ming's eyes, he was alarmed for a moment but couldn't identify why. Although many High Lords had participated in the previous adventure to the Eternal Demon Abyss, most of them had been killed off by Lin Ming. None of these five High Lords had seen Lin Ming's face before.

’’I am here to enter the Road of Emperor. Get out of my way!’’

’’What? Enter the Road of Emperor?’’ The five High Lords were stunned as they heard this and then immediately began chuckling. This was just like a beggar suddenly demanding to enter the royal palace, telling the emperor that they wanted to conduct a treasure hunt in the imperial treasure vaults.

’’How ridiculous, just who do you think you are? The Road of Emperor is the highest level mystic realm of my Blood Slaughter Steppes, do you think you can enter just because you wish to!? Let alone the fact that you are a nobody, but even if you slaughtered your way up Heavenly Cloud Tower and became one of the Heavenly Demon Seven Stars, with your status of being a human you could still give up any hope of entering the Road of Emperor!’’

’’Second Brother, why are you wasting time talking with him. This sort of person obviously came here to die!’’

’’Haha, he is indeed an idiot! If you want to enter the Road of Emperor then let me guide you to the right path. All you have to do is release your spiritual sea and allow me to plant a slave seal within you. Perhaps then I will allow you to enter, hahahahaha!’’

The five High Lords recklessly taunted Lin Ming. Lin Ming only sneered and said, ’’The Road of Emperor is an ancient ruin left from 100,000 years ago for the future generations. Since when did it belong to you lot?’’

’’Humph, nothing good can come from talking with a fool. This person isn't simple. Let us use our infernal energy and kill him with everything we have!!’’


The five High Lords cried out together. Behind them, Heavenly Demon phantoms began to form in the air. These were early ten-winged Heavenly Demons!

With the rules of the Blood Slaughter Steppes, one could become a High Lord as soon as they became a ten-winged Heavenly Demon. But, a High Lord could not form a middle stage ten-winged Heavenly Demon Tattoo, or else a portion of their infernal energy would be forcefully dispersed.

The truth was that even without this rule, it was nearly impossible from go from a ten-winged Heavenly Demon to a twelve-winged Heavenly Demon. That was because in order to complete this final step, one had to slaughter a massive number of High Lords and absorb their infernal energy. Where would there be so many High Lords that freely allowed themselves to be killed?


The five High Lords suddenly stormed outwards and the Heavenly Demon phantoms behind them also followed suit. All sorts of powerful attacks rained down at Lin Ming, completely enveloping him!

But Lin Ming didn't even move. As the five ten-winged Heavenly Demon phantoms rushed out, another Heavenly Demon phantom formed behind Lin Ming. This Heavenly Demon phantom was several times larger than the High Lords' ten-winged Heavenly Demon Phantoms. As the two rows of crimson blood wings slowly spread out, one could actually count that there were...12 wings! This was a twelve-winged Heavenly Demon!

The twelve-winged Heavenly Demon was the true form of the Death God Force Field. After the Heavenly Demon phantom formed, a terrifying infernal energy erupted outwards, flooding out like a bloody tsunami that impacted into the skies!


’’A twelve-winged Heavenly Demon! How is this possible!!?’’


The five High Lords all issued out screams of pain and misery. At that time, they felt the Heavenly Demon phantoms behind them being forcefully ripped away by an immense strength. It was like someone had cut apart their backs and was pulling out their spines! The pain was unbearable, excruciating!

’’My Heavenly Demon Tattoo!’’

’’My infernal energy, noo!’’

Pitiful screams of horror and despair filled the air. The Heavenly Demon phantom behind Lin Ming suddenly swept out its 12 wings, forming a crimson vortex. The five ten-winged Heavenly Demon phantoms were completely sucked into this crimson vortex and crushed by the tremendous force within, turning into the purest infernal energy that was absorbed by the twelve-winged Heavenly Demon.


The five High Lords all vomited mouthfuls of blood as they were sent flying backs. They heavily hit the ground, all of their organs and meridians torn to pieces.

From start to finish, Lin Ming hadn't even moved a single finger.


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