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Martial World - Chapter 888


Chapter 888 - Electric Violet Inheritance




These divine medicinal plants had all been accumulated for tens of thousands of years. Even though the heaven and earth origin energy in the spatial ring was lacking due to neglect, because of the immense amount of time that had passed, it was more than enough to successfully raise the wonderful treasures!

’’120,000 year bodhi immortal vine, 110,000 devil ghost bamboo, 110,000 sacred heaven dragon fruit...’’

Lin Ming had a deep understanding of how valuable these heavenly materials were. He felt his heart rapidly racing as he looked at all of them. This was truly a great harvest! It had to be known that even in the divine Realm, 100,000 year medicinal herbs were still extremely hard to find. This was because they were simply far too time consuming to cultivate. Only those great sects with hundreds of thousands or millions of years of inheritance would raise these types of medicinal herbs so that their descendants could make use of them. This method of passing these legacies down generations again and again was a way of blessing their descendants.

’’With these medicinal herbs, I'll finally have some chances of opening the second half of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates.’’

The difficulty of opening the last four of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates was much higher than opening the first four. In particular, the Gate of Life and the Gate of Death. Those were the two hardest gates to open!

In the divine Realm, there were many lofty and heaven-gifted geniuses of the greatest sects that dual cultivated in body and essence. But even for them, once they encountered these last two gates they would find it far too difficult to open them.

Of course, after the Gate of Death, the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace were on a completely different level of difficulty. One didn't need just heavenly materials, but they also needed comprehensions of the 'Dao'.

’’If I use up all of these medicinal herbs then it should be enough for me to open another two or three more gates. Well, hopefully it will be enough for at least two gates.’’ Such a great harvest had solved one of Lin Ming's greatest problems. He wouldn't need to worry about needing medicinal herbs for a long time now, so how could he not be excited about this?

Lin Ming's perception soon passed over this incomparably precious medicine garden and then entered the palace at the center of the minor dimension.

This palace had an extremely simple layout. There were only a few large rooms inside. Among them, a study room caught Lin Ming's attention. In this study room there was a row of bookshelves, all of them filled with jade slips.

Lin Ming casually looked over a jade slip. ’’divine Realm 3000 Worlds' Lightshaking World.’’

As he looked through this jade slip, he discovered that it detailed the various sects and influences of the Lightshaking World. It also included local customs, trade environments, regional mystic realms, details of seas, forests, deserts, grasslands, levels of vicious beasts and wild beasts that appeared there as well as possible God Beasts. There was even listed every possible heavenly material that could be produced on that world as well as its value and how it could be obtained. There was information about astronomy, geography, and various knowledge and histories of that world. This was truly an all-encompassing index of information. The amount of information contained within was extremely rich.

A jade slip could contain information billions of times greater than a vast encyclopedia. Because the jade slips Jiang Ziji made were crafted from special material, the information capacity was even greater. However, to record the information of the Lightshaking World, this single jade slip was far, far from being able to do so. The Lightshaking World was far too broad;it far exceeded the size of the planet that the Sky Spill Continent and the Holy Demon Continent were located on. If one wished to fully record the information of the Lightshaking World, they would need countless more of these jade slips.

And for just this jade slip, even with Lin Ming's extreme speed reading abilities, it would still take him several days to finish reading through it.

As he looked again, all of the jade slips on the bookshelves pertained to the divine Realm. ’’divine Realm 3000 Worlds' Mantle World!’’

’’divine Realm 3000 Worlds' Seven Star World!’’

’’divine Light World!’’

’’Snowfall World!’’

’’Skycloud World!’’


Of the introduction to these divine worlds, some were detailed and some were vague. This was because the divine Realm was far too broad, and some worlds were still shrouded in mystery or were too far away. Even the Electric Violet Kirin Clan couldn't have detailed materials about all worlds.

Lin Ming counted the jade slips. There were a total of 3600 jade slips, recording the information of 3600 worlds.

The truth was that the so-called divine Realm 3000 Worlds didn't really mean 3000. '3000' was just an empty term;the true number far surpassed 3000. Here, there were 3600 great worlds recorded, but there were many smaller worlds that weren't counted.

Even in the lower realms, where the three thousand boundless universe referred to one billion worlds, even that one billion worlds was just an empty term. In truth, there were far, far more worlds in the lower realms than one billion worlds. The true number was immeasurable. As for the world that the Sky Spill Continent was on, the planet was over a hundred million miles wide, so this was a relatively large world that could be included in one of the billion worlds of the three thousand boundless universe. But, there were far more smaller worlds which only had a diameter of several hundred thousand miles or even several million miles. These worlds were much smaller than the world of the Sky Spill Continent, thus they were all ignored.

Although these neglected worlds seemed small in comparison, the truth was that these worlds all had a population of several trillion individuals. If one added these innumerable worlds together, the number of lives was immeasurable.

Lin Ming laid down these jade slips and continued to look around. The jade slips on another shelf caught Lin Ming's attention. There were very few jade slips on these shelf, just a bit more than 20, but all of them recorded down martial arts inheritances!

These were all the inheritances of the Electric Violet Kirin Clan!

Lin Ming's mind stirred and he took a deep breath. How did the Electric Violet Kirin Clan compare to the Ancient Phoenix Clan in the divine Realm? He estimated that even if they were inferior to the Ancient Phoenix Clan, they shouldn't be much worse. That meant that the thunder-attribute Concept legacies of the Electric Violet Kirin Clan represented one of the highest inheritances of the divine Realm!

The value of obtaining such mystic skills could be imagined!

Lin Ming hurriedly swept over these jade slips with his perception, but as he looked through them, there were two points that caused him to feel disappointed.

The first point was that in order to practice the cultivation method inheritances of the Electric Violet Kirin Clan to a high boundary, one needed the bloodline of the Electric Violet Kirin. Although this Electric Violet Kirin bloodline could be transplanted, obtaining it wasn't easy at all.

The second point was that these Electric Violet Kirin mystic techniques were only introductory cultivation method manuals;they didn't record the later layers of these cultivation methods. All of these cultivation methods were extremely core inheritances only passed down to important personages;it was unlikely they would be randomly placed here.

Even so, Lin Ming's harvests were still great, particularly concerning the Concept of Thunder inheritances.

One didn't need the Electric Violet Kirin bloodline to comprehend the Concept of Thunder. These jade slips contained insights into the Concept of Thunder that far surpassed what the Eightfall Thunder Emperor had left behind. It was enough for Lin Ming to meditate over for a very long time.

’’After I enter the divine Realm, I should be able to have the support of the Ancient Phoenix Clan to study Fire Laws, so I don't need to worry about that. Now I have the Electric Violet Kirin Clan's jade slips on the Concept of Thunder, so I should have some guarantee there. Now all I'm missing are jade slips about the Concepts of Space and Time. Of course, if I could obtain some jade slips on the Concept of Wind then that would be even better.’’

Lin Ming didn't have high demands concerning the Concept of Wind. He just needed enough to help him use Golden Roc Shattering the Void.

After putting down these jade slips, Lin Ming continued to explore this heavenly abode. He soon discovered a medicine room. This medicine room had many materials for healing, detoxification, strengthening, and many other medical pills for cultivation, recovery, and so forth. Many of the pill bottles had been opened and most of the pills had been eaten. In Lin Ming's estimation, nearly all of the truly good pills had been eaten, leaving behind only the most basic pills.

This was also reasonable. Jiang Ziji had died sitting, and it was unlikely that he had died of old age. Most likely, he had been severely wounded after a brutal battle. Most of the good pills should have already been eaten by him, and the other Saint artifacts he carried were probably destroyed.

These leftover pills were much lower in quality than the heavenly materials in the medicine garden. But even so, within the Sky Spill Continent, these pills were still incomparably precious medicines.

Lin Ming took these medicines out and put them away in a separate spatial ring. Then, after he didn't discover anything else, his perception left the minor dimension.

He prepared to leave the Temple of Marvels as soon as possible.

Because of his battle with Elder Sun as well as him organizing the treasures he found, he had been delayed here for a long time already. He had to find the path to leave the Temple of Marvels as soon as possible, otherwise he would become increasingly in danger.


At this time, in another distant dimensional realm, Elder Sun, who had Lin Ming's tracing mark imbedded within him, had an expression of pain and grief etched on his face. He was currently looking at a purple-robed man with a pleading light in his eyes. This purple-robed man had his eyes tightly closed shut. A faint trace of his will had condensed into thin needles that entered Elder Sun's body, probing within him. This continued for a quarter hour.

The purple-robed man opened his eyes and let out a light sigh.

’’How is it? How is it?’’

Elder Sun was like a drowning man that had seized upon a final piece of straw tossed to him. He impatiently asked this question again and again. This purple-robed man in front of him was a good friend of his. He had relied on his own ability and cultivation to enter the divine Sea realm, and was now at the middle divine Sea. He also had extremely high achievements in terms of a battle spirit. Elder Sun was counting on this purple-robed man to help him undo the battle spirit tracing mark that Lin Ming left in his body.

’’I cannot unravel this tracing mark. In terms of battle spirits, the disparity between me and Lin Lanjian is simply too great. He is truly a monstrous genius.’’ The purple-robed man shook his head as he spoke. His words were like a bucket of cold water that washed over Elder Sun, making him feel as if he had been dumped in a freezing sea.

Elder Sun begged, saying, ’’Brother Liang, you must save me. Lin Lanjian has already threatened to take my head in two years. If he doesn't die then that means I only have two years left to live. Moreover... Lin Lanjian has obtained a massive inheritance. It is definitely from an ancient Supreme Elder... it might even be from the Temple Master of the Temple of Marvels! If you can kill him and obtain that inheritance, you will surely become the future highest under the heavens!’’

Elder Sun first begged and then tried temptation. However, the purple-robed man wasn't moved. The purple-robed man shook his head, saying, ’’You weren't able to do anything against Lin Lanjian. Although I am stronger than you, I would only be able to suppress him. If he decided to escape, then with his speed there is nothing I could do to stop him. Let alone me, I fear that even a true middle divine Sea powerhouse would find themselves at the end of their rope chasing him around. For him to stumble upon the inheritance of an ancient Supreme Elder, that proves that his destiny is that of an unrivalled Emperor. He is already fated to become the highest under the heavens. If I try to defy the will of the heavens and attempt to go against Lin Lanjian's destiny, then I fear even I will die. Even the Sublime Smelting divine Kingdom will likely swallow the insult of Ouye Qun's death and not say anything. Lin Lanjian has already grown into an unshakeable tree. With his strength, he can already be considered an Emperor.’’

The purple-robed man sighed as he spoke to here. He looked at Elder Sun's extremely pitiable expression and said, ’’If you want to save yourself then your only choice is to inform the Nine Furnace Highest divine Emperor and the Sublime Smelting Imperial Grand Uncle that Lin Lanjian has obtained the inheritance of the Temple of Marvels' Temple Master. If the two of them join forces, you have a slim chance of survival.’’

Although the inheritance of the Temple of Marvels' Temple Master was tempting, to the Nine Furnace Highest divine Emperor and the Sublime Smelting Imperial Grand Uncle, what they cared about the most were pills that could extend their lives. If this inheritance did not include those pills then they wouldn't risk arousing Lin Ming's ire. Moreover, Lin Ming also had Old Man Good Fortune who was closely behind him.

As the purple-robed man spoke to here, Elder Sun became increasingly depressed. If he had just been more humble when he saw Lin Ming then everything would have been fine. Thinking back to it, it was laughable how he had threatened to show Lin Ming the difference between a Life Destruction martial artist and a true divine Sea powerhouse. Now, the result was that he had ended up in an extremely miserable state.

Elder Sun's body suddenly went cold, and the purple-robed man was also shocked, his forehead instantly turning wet with sweat. Just now, for a brief moment, he had felt an incomparably chilling perception passing over him. The master of this perception was absolutely a terrifying existence.

’’Who is it!?’’

The two of them held their breaths, not even daring to move. After that perception swept past them it didn't pause, and had now gone far away.

They both let out deep breaths of relief, feeling like they had just survived the apocalypse. That perception had just covered them for a brief moment and yet it felt as if their souls had frozen. Just who was that?

In the high skies, a voice muttered, ’’The one with the lower cultivation has seen Lin Lanjian. That means that Lin Lanjian should be in a world not too far away. With my speed, it should take at most a quarter hour to find him. Humph, your luck is over. You couldn't escape even if you grew wings!’’


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