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Martial World - Chapter 887


Chapter 887 - Electric Violet Kirin Clan




’’T-tracing mark?’’ As Elder Sun met Lin Ming's gaze, he felt his entire body turn ice cold. For better or worse, he was still someone that had lived for over a thousand years and had experienced many methods of tracking others, but he had never experienced such a tracing mark before! He could only faintly feel that something was wrong with his body, but as for what exactly Lin Ming had done to him, he had no idea.

’’You... do you think your tracing mark can last forever...’’ Elder Sun said, his forehead wet with sweat. All of Lin Ming's abilities were far too strange. Since Lin Ming didn't hide that he had left a tracing mark on him, this was likely extremely difficult to undo!

However, he was still holding out for some possible hope. If a late divine Sea Supreme Elder that was close to the highest under the heavens was willing to help, then they might be able to undo this tracing mark.

It was like Lin Ming had seen through Elder Sun's thoughts. He faintly smiled and said, ’’It looks like your family clan has some decent relations with the Sublime Smelting divine Kingdom. Are you thinking about asking the Sublime Smelting Imperial Grand Uncle Ouye Hua to undo my tracing mark? Well, you can try.’’

Lin Ming sneered. Undoing his battle spirit mark was essentially a struggle between battle spirits. In terms of battle spirit combat, who could defeat him in the Sky Spill Continent?

’’You...’’ Elder Sun trembled as he heard the brisk confidence lacing Lin Ming's words. It was quite obvious that he believed Ouye Hua didn't have the ability to help him.

After suffering losses under Lin Ming because he had underestimated him too much, Elder Sun no longer dared to look down on him. Since Lin Ming dared to speak these words, he must be sure of himself.

And nearby Elder Sun, Yang Mu and the other young elites were also dripping with sweat. To tell the truth, it would have been wrong to say that they didn't feel tempted by greed after finding out that Lin Ming had obtained the relics left behind by an ancient Supreme Elder. But, Yang Mu was not someone from the Sublime Smelting divine Kingdom so Elder Sun likely wouldn't give him much, if any, of the benefits. This was the reason that he hadn't attacked Lin Ming. Now that he witnessed Elder Sun's pitiful fate and Ouye Qun's miserable demise, he was scared witless. He counted his lucky stars that he didn't decided to do anything rash, otherwise he would have died without a burial!

’’You... what do you want?’’ Elder Sun's voice had gone completely limp. He simply didn't have the ability to resist Lin Ming. If begging on his knees would have worked, then he would have ignored his own dignity and done so.

Lin Ming was disinclined to bother with this Elder Sun. With a quick thought, he carefully received the ancient Supreme Elder's skeleton into his spatial ring, preparing to leave. If he left the skeleton here then it was likely that it would be robbed and ruined by these people. Whether it was the divine crystal on the skeleton's skull or the skeleton itself, everything was a top treasure. They could be used to forge a mystic weapon or even refined into alchemy materials. If others were going to commit sacrilege against this skeleton then he might as well take it away himself.

’’I... I will buy my life with spirit essence stones... five million... no, eight million spirit essence stones! Don't kill me!’’ Elder Sun's eyes widened. After speaking out a price of eight million spirit essence stones, he bit his lips to the point of bleeding. His family clan did not have the same deep background as the Asura divine Kingdom. To him, eight million spirit essence stones was a massive amount;it was extremely damaging to take out so much wealth. Although a divine Sea powerhouse's life far surpassed 10 million spirit essence stones in value, that didn't meant that a divine Sea powerhouse was able to come up with 10 million spirit essence stones or some other equivalent materials.

Lin Ming didn't bother speaking to Elder Sun. After obtaining over 20 top grade spirit essence stones, he no longer needed too many spirit essence stones. A massive amount of spirit essence stones would only be useful for buying relatively ordinary medicines to concoct a Myriad Spirit Pill. But, refining such a pill was extremely time consuming, and this sort of divine pill was most useful the first time it was used. It wouldn't be too effective the second time. It would be impossible to rely on this pill to open the second half of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates, which were far more difficult to open.

’’Nine million... 10 million spirit essence stones!’’ Elder Sun nearly bit off his tongue as all his intestines twisted together. This sky high price was the limit that he could offer, and he would also need to borrow a massive amount in order to gather that much. But Lin Ming didn't even seem to care about such a price.

Lin Ming only looked up at the divine thunder tree that reached into the skies, sighing within that he couldn't take away this divine tree. This divine tree had already gained a spiritual consciousness. After absorbing the purest power of thunder for all these tens of thousands of years, its strength far surpassed any divine Sea powerhouse's. It was simply impossible for Lin Ming to take it away with his current strength.

’’Lin... Lin Lanjian... don't push things too far...’’ Elder Sun's voice began to sound hysterical. No matter what he said, Lin Ming seemed to ignore him, not even deigning to spare him a glance. This made him angry but also anxious at the same time.

Lin Ming used his perception to check again that he didn't miss anything, and then his feet stepped on Golden Roc Shattering the Void, instantly disappearing.

’’You!!’’ Elder Sun's eyes turned red. ’’Wait... wait, don't go!’’

Elder Sun's despairing voice echoed out from behind him, but Lin Ming didn't care. Towards such a weak divine Sea powerhouse, Lin Ming simply didn't place him in his heart.

After several blinks of an eye, Lin Ming vanished without a trace. There was no way for Elder Sun to ever catch up to him.

The left behind Elder Sun seemed as if he had lost his soul. He plopped to the ground, his eyes dazed and sluggish.

'It's over for me...'

This thought echoed in Elder Sun's mind again and again. Martial artists valued their lives greatly, and divine Sea powerhouses even more so. They had crossed the most sad and painful realm of Life Destruction, and had managed to acquire a long life and lofty status. In this great world, as long as they didn't manage to offend a powerful existence, they could do as they pleased. Who was willing to die?

Dying was already a painful matter, but not knowing just when he would die was even worse. These last two years of his life would be filled with fear and anxiety that crept underneath every moment. Every day that passed meant he would have one less day to live. And to a martial artist like him, this wasn't even time to finish a single round of seclusion. This was just the blink of an eye!

Elder Sun really wanted to slap himself. How could he have been hotheaded for a moment and offended Lin Ming? Now he could only regret his own actions!

Beside Elder Sun, Yang Mu and the other young elites didn't speak for fear that they would overly stimulate this old fellow whose nerves were fraying. They discovered that Lin Ming was a much more terrifying existence than they had imagined. His speed of growth was simply unimaginable. They had kept thinking about how fierce Lin Ming would be in the future, but now they had suddenly realized that 'future' they thought about had already arrived in front of them. Now, none of them dared to provoke Lin Ming any more. Even the four divine Kingdoms or any other divine Sea Supreme Elder had to be afraid of him. The Asura divine Kingdom and this Elder Sun already served as good examples of why!


At this time, in a desolate and glum far off dimensional realm, the skies were filled with red clouds, thick and murky like blood. The ground was covered with shattered stone tablets and these tablets were all engraved with mysterious ancient letters. Even though these stone tablets were extremely hard, the writing on them was blurred, a testament to the extremely long time that had passed.

’’This isn't the common language of the divine Realm but some other type of language system. I really have no idea just what happened in the Sky Spill Continent's past.’’

Lin Ming shook his head. It was very difficult to investigate these matters that had been buried in the sands of time. Even going to the divine Realm wouldn't help much, after all, the divine Realm was just far too broad;there were countless worlds in the lower realms. Just which influence of the Sky Spill Continent had connections with the divine Realm?

As Lin Ming casually sat on a stone tablet, he began to investigate the spatial ring left behind by the ancient Supreme Elder.

Within this spatial ring, there was a line of small letters. These letters were fortunately written in the language of the divine Realm, thus Lin Ming was able to understand them.

It said...

’’Electric Violet Clan Shadeless Lightning Vindicator Jiang Ziji.’’

’’Jiang Ziji... that's the name of the Supreme Elder that died sitting? Electric Violet Kirin Clan, that should be the clan he originated from.’’

The Electric Violet Kirin was one of the God Beasts from the divine Realm. It was a similar existence to a Phoenix, True Dragon, and Golden-winged Roc!

There was more than a single type of God Beast in the divine Realm. For instance, there were several kinds of True Dragons. The reverse scale blood that Lin Ming had inherited had come from the Azure Dragon bloodline and it also contained the attribute of endlessness. In addition, there was a Red Dragon, Blood Dragon, Five Clawed Gold Dragon, all with their own unique attributes.

As for the Electric Violet Kirin, that was a thunder-attribute God Beast.

’’Jiang Ziji came from the Electric Violet Kirin Clan, so he must be skilled in the Concept of Thunder and the Concept of Space. I wonder just how this clan compares with the Ancient Phoenix Clan? Can they stand on even ground in the divine Realm?’’

A clan with the bloodline of a God Beast wouldn't be inferior. At least, they should be one of the greater powers of the divine Realm.

’’This 'Shadeless Lightning Vindicator' in the middle should be his title. He might have been called Emperor Shadeless or Emperor Lightning Vindicator...’’

Lin Ming muttered to himself. Of course, the kind of Emperor he referred to was not the divine Sea powerhouse of the Sky Spill Continent. That sort of Emperor could only be used to describe a top powerhouse of the lower realms. An Emperor level powerhouse of the Sky Spill Continent was a completely different concept from an Emperor of the divine Realm.

After using his perception to explore the spatial ring, Lin Ming began to probe what was inside.

This was a true sealed minor dimension. In this world, there was sunlight, grass, lakes, rivers, and heaven and earth origin energy. This origin energy was even somewhat richer than it was in the outside. It was apparent that this small world had the ability to gather heaven and earth origin energy.

Thus, a martial artist could definitely enter this spatial ring for practice. And since Lin Ming could carry this spatial ring around, the functions of it could be imagined.

At the center of this minor dimension, there was impressively a palace carved from spirit jade. And behind this palace was a large medicine garden!

As Lin Ming saw this, he sighed with emotion. This was the essential difference between a common spatial ring and one created with Spatial Genesis. This special type of spatial ring could contain a medicine garden, meaning that a martial artist could carry a medicine garden with them. Thus, any types of medicinal plants they found could instantly be placed inside this medicine garden. This sort of treasure was something a common alchemist could only dream of.

As Lin Ming's perception entered the medicine garden, he actually discovered that most of the medicinal plants there had died because no one had cared for them. After all, most medicinal plants couldn't survive for tens of thousands of years, and they also had extremely harsh conditions for growth. They needed to consume a massive amount of heaven and earth origin energy, and if they weren't fed, they would die. Wanting them to reproduce before they died in this situation was simply impossible.

However, even though over 90% of the medicinal plants had died, there was still less than 10% that had survived. These types of medicinal plants were the types that could live for a terrifyingly long time. They could grow for 100,000 years without dying!

Some had fallen into a deep slumber, and some were even filled with life vitality. The spirit energy released by the dead and dying medicinal herbs had all been absorbed by them!

Humanity's martial artists, animals' vicious beasts, plants' medicinal herbs, all of these were existences that defied the will of the heavens. They fiercely competed with each other and followed the survival of the fittest. In this extremely brutal competition, the winners would live and the losers would be used for nutrients.

Thus, although there weren't many medicinal plants left here, each of them was vividly growing with an astonishing heaven and earth origin energy contained within!


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