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Martial World - Chapter 886


Chapter 886 - Two Years To Take Your Head




Ouye Qun's limp body flew 10 miles back before crashing into the ground, causing a cloud of dust to be stirred up. It was unknown whether or not he was still alive.

As Elder Sun saw this, his heart suddenly skipped a beat. Ouye Qun was an important figure of the Sublime Smelting divine Kingdom and he had even taken a half-step into the divine Sea. In just several more years he would have become a divine Sea Supreme Elder, and moreover, he would be someone that relied on his own momentum to reach the divine Sea. That was a true divine Sea powerhouse. If anything happened to Ouye Qun here, he would be the one to take responsibility for it!

Moreover, Lin Ming's strength had far exceeded his imagination. ’’How could this be... in just a year, his cultivation only rose by a small boundary, so how could his strength be so great? If this continues then in another one or two years when his cultivation rises by another small boundary, won't he be able to defeat an ordinary divine Sea powerhouse?’’

Not only was Elder Sun bewildered, but even Yang Mu felt a lingering fear from what he just witnessed. He was glad he didn't do anything a moment ago, otherwise he would have shared Ouye Qun's fate.

The rate at which Lin Ming grew was too terrifying. The most difficult period for a genius was the time when they were still growing. It was possible for them to die while they were exploring a mystic realm, or perhaps they would be killed by others.

Lin Ming didn't have any background, so it was even easier for him to stumble into dangerous accidents. In particular, he had provoked a great enemy in the Asura divine Kingdom. But now it seemed that in another two years at most, he would have the strength to become an unrivalled Emperor!

Elder Sun felt the situation had become a bit thorny;he had jumped on top of the tiger and there was no way for him to back down. But at this moment, Lin Ming took the initiative to attack!

This was the first time that Lin Ming had directly faced a divine Sea powerhouse. Energy revolved through his entire body as the Gate of Pain opened. Two million jins of strength combined with the true essence of a peak second stage Life Destruction martial artist ran up his body. A terrifying electric current filled the edge of the Great Desolate Blood Halberd while simultaneously mixing with the power of fire!

With Lin Ming's current strength, he could easily use martial skills with the Great Desolate Blood Halberd.

Penetrating Rainbow!

The halberd stabbed out and a halberd light passed through the void of several miles. It was like a falling mountain, unstoppable and irresistible!

’’Bold junior, do you really think you can overcome me!?’’

Elder Sun erupted with a loud roar. He flourished a three foot long saber from his spatial ring and violently cut down at Lin Ming's halberd light.

He didn't dare to hold back with this saber strike. The saber wind slashed out like raging waves, tumultuous and savage!


With an earthshaking explosion, thunder and fire twined together. There was a terrifying detonation as a sun seemed to rise between the heavens and earth!

Lin Ming's Concepts of Thunder and Fire had become deeper, and in addition to the increase of his cultivation, his current Penetrating Rainbow was on a completely different level from how it was in the past. As for Elder Sun, he was still a divine Sea powerhouse. Even though he was the weakest of divine Sea powerhouses, he wasn't some weakling waiting to be chopped. His saber cut through the billowing flames with unstoppable force, dividing that rising sun in half.

The explosive energy was split apart, still sweeping towards Elder Sun. A severe light flashed in Elder Sun's eyes. His saber flashed twice, scattering the energy.

As for Lin Ming, he smashed his halberd against the greatly weakened saber light, breaking it apart and then quickly retreating backwards.

This exchange of moves was evenly matched!

Elder Sun felt a numbing sensation crawl up his arm, horror beginning to fill his heart as panic overtook his mind. He was actually evenly matched with Lin Ming?

Did this mean that divine Sea powerhouses weaker than him would have fallen under Lin Ming's hands?

It had to be known that although Elder Sun had relied on lucky chances to cross in the divine Sea with just a fifth stage Life Destruction cultivation, and he was considered one of the weakest divine Sea masters, the truth was there were those even worse than him. That is, those fifth stage Life Destruction martial artists that had also relied on lucky chances to enter the divine Sea, and were also nearing the end of their lives. That kind of divine Sea powerhouse would have been defeated by Lin Ming!

In other words, the current Lin Ming already had strength equal to an Emperor. That meant he was the same as the eighth stage Life Destruction masters that once lived!

As Elder Sun came to this conclusion, he was incredulous with disbelief. How could Lin Ming have made so much progress from just going from the first stage to the second stage of Life Destruction? This was the same as others making three or more increases in small cultivation boundaries!

He was already sick with regret for choosing to fight Lin Ming. If Lin Ming were a normal Life Destruction powerhouse, then he could at least rely on the deeper true essence reserves of the divine Sea realm as well as the greater endurance to defeat him. But Lin Ming's endurance had become famous to the point of being terrifying. Elder Sun simply didn't have the least bit of an advantage here. Since he offended Lin Ming and couldn't kill him, this was indeed catastrophic news for him.

As Elder Sun was trying to figure out how to deal with the aftermath of his choices, Lin Ming attacked once again!

The Great Desolate Blood Halberd slashed out and a cold light surged from the halberd edge. Before the move was sent out, all of the surrounding space suddenly cracked like a broken mirror as a massive amount of the power of space gushed out from the space cracks, gathering together to form a horrifying space storm. This space storm fused together with the power of fire from the Burning Star Flame, forming a calamity of wind and fire.

Bury the Heavens!

’’Damn it all!’’

Elder Sun was also stirred into a blazing anger. He slashed out his saber and a snow white saber light formed a wave a thousand feet tall, containing a deep Concept of Water. Elder Sun had been at the divine Sea for many years now, and he wasn't without his own successes. At least, his Concept of Water had reached an extremely high degree.

’’White Dragon Driving Stream!’’

A strike went out and everything within a 10 mile range froze, turning the world into a winter wonderland. However, even though Elder Sun's attack finally managed to freeze the shattered void, the ice still broke apart as the Great Desolate Blood Halberd and its 800,000 jin weight crushed through the ice, unstoppable!


Elder Sun was sent flying backwards, blood tumbling in his body. As for Lin Ming, he also felt his arm go numb with shock. If this battle continued then he might not be able to win. And even if he narrowly came out victorious, it would still exhaust all of his strength. If the ghost slaves were to come at that time then he would have no ability to resist them.

Lin Ming suddenly reversed his halberd light. The power of space mixed together with the Concept of Annihilating Flames and the Burning Star Flame erupted outwards, howling as it shot out into the world.

Law of Annihilation, Chain of Stars!

With a loud ringing explosive sound, the force field from the Heaven Sealing Pagoda that locked down this area suddenly shattered. Elder Sun also shook, his face paling;his soul had been connected to the force field. In that previous strike, he had been forced to transfer all of his strength resist Lin Ming's attack, so he hadn't been able to maintain the power of the Heaven Sealing Pagoda. Thus, the energy enchantment was naturally demolished by Lin Ming!

’’I will remember what happened today!’’

Lin Ming stepped upon Golden Roc Shattering the Void, flashing 10 miles away with a single step. This was simply beyond Elder Sun's ability to react. In frontal combat he was evenly matched with Lin Ming, but in terms of speed he would forever occupy the inferior role.

Lin Ming's step just happened to lead him right beside the half-dead Ouye Qun.

Elder Sun's complexion completely changed as he saw this. ’’No!’’

He wanted to slash out with his saber light to intercept Lin Ming, but it was already too late. The Great Desolate Blood Halberd smashed down with the force of mountains and rivers!


The earth ruptured as if a meteor has crashed into it. A massive hole appeared in the ground. Ouye Qun had taken the brunt of this deadly attack. After losing all of his bodily true essence, it was impossible for his fragile mortal body to possibly withstand such an impact. His body directly turned to ashes without a single piece of his skeleton left.

’’You!! You dare to kill a Prince of the Sublime Smelting divine Kingdom!? He is a future divine Sea powerhouse of the Sublime Smelting divine Kingdom!!’’

Elder Sun felt his entire body turn ice cold. Lin Ming already had an unquenchable blood feud with the Asura divine Kingdom, and now he even wanted to offend the Sublime Smelting divine Kingdom. A half-step divine Sea master that was only several years off from becoming a true divine Sea king had been eliminated by Lin Ming here, turned to nothing but ash!

A martial artist that could step into the divine Sea with their own strength had inestimable value to a divine Kingdom. Even 10 million spirit essence stones couldn't be traded for one!

’’Interesting. So if he wants to kill me, I can't kill him in return? If it weren't for my strength surpassing that idiot's expectations, I fear that the one dead now would be me. Should I just sit here and let you fools do as you wish to me and not think of retaliating? Do you think I can swallow such an insult? As for offending the Sublime Smelting divine Kingdom? Humph! If the Sublime Smelting divine Kingdom wants to do anything to me, they must first carefully weigh up the dire consequences of hunting me down!’’

Lin Ming did not fear offending the Sublime Smelting divine Kingdom. If this were a year ago, he truly would have swallowed the insult and allowed Ouye Qun to live. Otherwise, if the Sublime Smelting divine Kingdom joined forces with the Asura divine Kingdom, even the Forsaken God Clan wouldn't be able to stop them from doing as they pleased.

But the current Lin Ming had opened the Gate of Pain and his cultivation had also risen. Moreover, he would soon break into the third stage of Life Destruction. Once he finally stepped into the third stage of Life Destruction, bottom tier divine Sea powerhouses would no longer be his match. As for top level characters like Situ Haotian, while he was still far from being their opponent, Lin Ming would still be able to rely on his ghostly and extraordinary speed to escape.

There was also a massive number of top grade spirit essence stones in his spatial ring. It was more than enough to break into the fourth stage of Life Destruction. At that time, there wouldn't be many divine Sea powerhouses in the Sky Spill Continent that would be able to pose a threat to him.

The Sublime Smelting divine Kingdom chasing him down? Let's see if they had the guts to try that first!

And as for today's matters, Lin Ming was the one in the right, he was the one that occupied the platform of truth and reasoning here. Killing Ouye Qun was a perfectly justifiable response. The Sublime Smelting divine Kingdom could only suck in this grievance.

’’You...’’ Elder Sun gulped, not knowing what to say. The four divine Kingdoms were gargantuan monsters;it had always been them bullying others, when had others ever been the ones to bully them? But now, Lin Ming had directly slapped the Sublime Smelting divine Kingdom in the face.

And the high level figures of the Sublime Smelting divine Kingdom would likely hold up their noses and excuse this matter. They had already learnt from watching the suffering of the Asura divine Kingdom. In fact, they might even desperately try to cover up what had happened here. After all, even if Lin Ming's actions were in the right, this was still a shameful matter.

’’And there's you too. I will record down this grudge. Two years from now, I will come to take your head!’’ Lin Ming sneered at Elder Sun. Although he couldn't kill him now, killing him two years from now would be easy.

’’You!!’’ In that moment, Elder Sun felt as if he had fallen into the nine nether abyss. He was simply helpless against this nakedly blatant threat. Let alone two years, he might not even be Lin Ming's opponent anymore in one year!

'No, I cannot just sit here and wait for this monster to seek revenge, otherwise I'll just be waiting to die. I must go deep into seclusion... I have to find some distant isolated island to run to and not emerge for 3000 years!'

Elder Sun already made up his mind. Even if his family clan was exterminated, he still wouldn't appear in the world. To him, living his days in fear and trepidation, hiding like a bug, that was still better than dying. Towards Lin Ming, he felt nothing but a deep and foreboding fear.

At this moment, Elder Sun saw Lin Ming's finger move. Then, a force field quickly passed over him, as if it had left something within his body.

’’W-what have you done!?’’

Elder Sun was immensely shocked. Lin Ming had quietly left something within his body, and yet he wasn't able to discover it!?

’’It's a tracing mark, can't you feel it? Did you think I would just let you escape as you wished? Oh, that's right, I've forgotten. You still haven't managed to comprehend a battle spirit, thus you have no way of sensing it.’’ Lin Ming said without demur. A battle spirit was the manifestation of the martial arts will. It could live on for tens or even hundreds of thousands of years without fading. In this current world, there was no one capable of undoing this silver battle spirit tracing mark, and that was because no one in the Sky Spill Continent had a grade of battle spirit comparable to Lin Ming's.


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