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Martial World - Chapter 885


Chapter 885 - Unreasonable




At this time, Lin Ming didn't want to get himself snarled into a mess with anyone else. He quickly received the thunder Dao fruit into his spatial ring as well as putting away the spatial ring that he didn't have time to look at now. As he was about to leave, several figures flashed and appeared in front of him.

’’So it was Little Friend Lin. Why don't you stay for a moment?’’

Lin Ming frowned. He looked and saw that there was a total of four people standing in front of him. This group included the heroic young seventh stage Life Destruction Yang Mu from the Nine Furnace divine Kingdom as well as the half-step divine Sea Ouye Qun from the Sublime Smelting divine Kingdom. There was also a young man that Lin Ming didn't know. Although this youth's cultivation was only at the sixth stage of Life Destruction, his foundation was exceedingly deep. He was much stronger than Situ Luosha had been.

These were three of the most astounding young elites of the Sky Spill Continent. They were led by a blue-clothed middle-aged person, whose cultivation was impressively at the early divine Sea!

Lin Ming had a faint impression of this middle-aged man. He came from a Holy Land level family clan that was vassal to the Sublime Smelting divine Kingdom. Their family clan was surnamed Sun, and this middle-aged Sun fellow was an important figure in his family clan.

Although this Elder Sun's cultivation was at the early divine Sea, his foundation couldn't be considered too deep;he was much worse than Shibai. He had likely only managed to break through to the divine Sea by stumbling on some lucky chance. This type of person wasn't too scary. Either way, Lin Ming still wouldn't underestimate him.

The four of them all had wounds covering their bodies, as if they had come from some brutal battle. Those from the Nine Furnace divine Kingdom and Sublime Smelting divine Kingdom had entered in two separate groups, but now they had gathered together and these four had been scattered out from their original groups. It was likely they had experienced many fierce battles, and their losses were probably not too small.

’’Greetings to you all. Do you have some matter to ask me?’’

Although Lin Ming's tone was peaceful, it was still a bit cold. During this sensitive time, he didn't think that this party of people would stop him just to greet him.

’’Haha, Little Friend Lin, I was wondering what that skeleton behind you was...’’ Elder Sun had lived for 1700-18000 years already, his sight wasn't any worse than Lin Ming's. He could sense the amazing pressure exuded from the force field around the skeleton that hadn't dispersed even after tens of thousands of years. This person that had died must have had a terrifying level of strength while they were still alive. And, just what rank of treasures would the relics be that such an amazing powerhouse left behind? It was simply hard to imagine. And right before now, he had clearly seen Lin Ming take away this skeleton's treasures.

Although Elder Sun maintained a suitable amount of restraint, the three youths beside him already had shining eyes. As they looked at Lin Ming, drool nearly dripped down their chins.

If they could obtain the inheritance of such a character, that would be an immense lucky chance. They might even be able to rely on that to become the highest under the heavens!

If it were possible, they certainly wouldn't want to offend Lin Ming. But with such massive benefits hanging in front of them, the situation had changed. Moreover, in their opinion, in this last year Lin Ming may have broken through to the second stage of Life Destruction, but just a little jump in his cultivation wouldn't make him a match for a divine Sea powerhouse. And the three youths weren't some random cabbage weaklings either.

If the four joined forces, it was more or less assured that they would be able to defeat Lin Ming and steal away his treasures. If they could kill Lin Ming, that would be even more perfect. Then they wouldn't have to worry that they would draw Lin Ming's retaliation in the future.

’’This skeleton was left behind by a senior Supreme Elder that died here. What else is there to say about it?’’ Lin Ming calmly traced his spatial ring. He had a faint feeling that today's matters wouldn't end peacefully.

Elder Sun laughed as his eyes swept the surrounding areas, ’’How come I don't see Senior Good Fortune here?’’

Since Elder Sun didn't see Old Man Good Fortune, he always had some doubts in his mind. If Old Man Good Fortune were here then he could kill him with a single palm.

’’Senior Good Fortune is in a neighboring dimensional realm. If there's some matter you wish to consult with him about then you may go over and see him.’’ Lin Ming casually said, hoping to use Old Man Good Fortune's reputation to frighten Elder Sun.

Lin Ming wasn't afraid of these people in front of him but he also didn't want to fight. Any battle would cause energy to surge in the surrounding areas. It might be enough to draw the notice of that strange demon youth and his Asura Ghost Slaves.

’’Haha...’’ Elder Sun traced his long beard. ’’I truly am looking for Senior Good Fortune about some matters. How about Little Friend Lin escorts this old man to see Senior Good Fortune?’’

Elder Sun wasn't an idiot for having lived for such a long time. He certainly wouldn't be deceived by Lin Ming's little tricks. Just this probing sentence was enough. If Old Man Good Fortune hadn't really been separated from Lin Ming, and Lin Ming wished to avoid a battle, then he would definitely lead him to see Old Man Good Fortune. Otherwise, his earlier words would be a lie.

Lin Ming's complexion sank. He icily said, ’’I do not have the time!’’

He didn't want to fight here, but if he was forced to then he would. His situation was not the same as it was a year ago. After breaking through the second stage of Life Destruction and opening the Gate of Pain, and even eating up the thunder Dao fruit, his entire body was now filled with an uncontainable, overflowing energy. How could he be afraid of battle!?

’’Hehe...’’ Elder Sun simply ignored the icy disdain in Lin Ming's words. His lips curved up in a smile. He was already able to confirm that because of some unknown reasons, Old Man Good Fortune had been separated from Lin Ming.

’’Patriarch Sun, this boy is clearly putting on an act. If we act together then it doesn't matter how talented he is. In the presence of a true divine Sea powerhouse, whatever genius he will become in the future will be useless once we kill him. Patriarch Sun, you also have to have a Heaven Sealing Pagoda that can lock down an area, making it so that this boy cannot display his true speed. There will be no way for him to escape then!’’

Ouye Qun licked his lips as he as he sent out a true essence sound transmission.

He had a sixth stage Life Destruction cultivation and was also a half-step into the divine Sea. With his inborn purple yang meridians, he had full confidence in his own combat strength.

A sixth stage Life Destruction half-step divine Sea martial artist was stronger than a seventh stage Life Destruction martial artist. In addition, with Ouye Qun's purple yang meridians and his comprehension of Laws and Concepts, he had full faith he could easily defeat someone like Situ Yaoyue. He wouldn't be like Lin Ming, who would narrowly squeak by with a victory.

Although Lin Ming had now broken through to the second stage of Life Destruction, that didn't mean he was unstoppable. Even if Ouye Qun couldn't defeat Lin Ming, he still wouldn't be defeated either. Moreover, there was Yang Mu here, who was no weaker than he was, as well as the most powerful, Patriarch Sun. If the three of them attacked together, then with the Heaven Sealing Pagoda cutting off Lin Ming's range of movement, defeating him was already a settled matter. Even killing Lin Ming shouldn't be too difficult.

’’I know.’’ Elder Sun said with a smile hanging on his face. He continued saying to Lin Ming, ’’Little Friend Lin, mortals equally divide money and martial artists equally divide treasures. This is all according to the customs of righteous sects. If many martial artists find treasures together, they will distribute the treasures according to rank of strength. Little Friend Lin, we currently have five people here, and you obtained three treasures. There was a strange fruit, a bracer, as well as a spatial ring. Since I am the strongest one here, how about you allow me the opportunity to choose which treasure to take first? Since it seems you ate part of that strange fruit, we'll completely turn that over to you. As for the other treasure, that will be handed to the three juniors. How about it?’’

As Elder Sun slowly spoke, Ouye Qun was overjoyed. Elder Sun would definitely choose that dead master's spatial ring;there was bound to be even more treasures within, and he would be able to divide a part of those benefits too. As for that strange fruit, it seemed to be a thunder-attribute fruit that wouldn't benefit him too much, so it didn't matter if he obtained it or not.

’’Hahaha!’’ Lin Ming suddenly laughed out loud. This shameless attitude was truly an eye-opening experience!

’’Why are you laughing?’’ Elder Sun's voice suddenly turned icy.

’’Find treasures together? Only someone like you can say such pathetically shameless words. You have truly broadened my mind today!’’

’’Hehe...’’ Elder Sun sinisterly chuckled a few times before saying, ’’The four of us were caught by a crowd of vicious beasts in a nearby dimensional realm. If it weren't for us blocking them for you, then you would have been caught in their trap. Perhaps you might have been torn apart and used to fill their stomachs by now! How would you still have such a lucky chance! You obtaining these treasures was just luck on your part, but the greater credit belongs to us!’’

’’You have really confused right and wrong and twisted what is black and white. You were chased by that crowd of vicious beasts and separated from your main groups, miserably making your way here, and yet you managed to change all of that into saying that you blocked the enemy for me! To think that a piece of garbage like you that only managed to break into the divine Sea by a lucky chance actually dares to call themselves the strongest... that is completely laughable! And for trash like you to say that you will choose which treasure to take first... haha!

’’I have walked down the road of martial arts for many years and have seen many thieves and murderers, killing others for their treasure. But as for thinking of competing for treasures like you are now and even doing something so sad and pathetic and using the so-called righteous path to convince me, this is truly the first time that I have seen that! The skin of your face is already so thick and tough that it can be used as material for a Saint artifact level armor!’’

Lin Ming's heart burned with anger, thus every word he spoke was filled with ruthless and merciless taunting. As he finished, Elder Sun's blood swelled up to his face as a thick killing intent billowed out from him.

’’Humph, you ignorant junior! You think that just because you have some talent, you are unrivalled in this world? Let me tell you, compared to a true divine Sea powerhouse, you are still far from being able to match! Since you dare to break the customs and insult your seniors, then let me teach you a good lesson for your reckless behavior today! I will let you experience the disparity between you and a divine Sea powerhouse!’’

As Elder Sun spoke, he swiped his spatial ring and threw out a pagoda. This pagoda rose with a gale of wind, instantly expanding to dozens of feet high. This pagoda suppressed the heavens, immediately locking down the nearby area!

The reason that Elder Sun dared to attack Lin Ming was because of this treasure. Otherwise, Lin Ming's speed would have been an immense headache for him. If he couldn't kill Lin Ming then there would be no end to his future troubles.

At the same time, Lin Ming directly took out the 800,000 jin Great Desolate Blood Halberd. As the Great Desolate Blood Halberd fell into Lin Ming's hands, it felt just right.

’’Humph, if you want to fight Patriarch Sun then you must pass me first!’’

Before Elder Sun did anything, Ouye Qun already moved first. Ouye Qun was an extremely haughty and arrogant individual. Before now, Lin Ming's limelight was far too overwhelming;it had completely suppressed him. Compared to Lin Ming, he was nothing but a tiny star shining near a blazing moon. He simply looked ordinary and not special at all. How could the arrogant him possibly be happy about this?

He had long been wanting to test out Lin Ming's strength.

’’Sword of the Great Dao!’’

Ouye Qun flourished a white long sword from his spatial ring. Sword light surged outwards, stretching endlessly!

He didn't expect that he would be able to obtain the advantage in this battle. But it was enough as long as he didn't lose to Lin Ming. In his opinion, he alone would be able to reluctantly contend with Lin Ming, much less with a divine Sea powerhouse added onto it. This battle was already won. At the end, the only truth that mattered was that Lin Ming would die under his hands.

Sword light soared to the heavens. Ouye Qun ferociously grinned.

’’Screw off!’’

Lin Ming's heart was burning with a raging anger at this moment. Against Ouye Qun's infinite sword light, all he did was simply wave his halberd. With his silver battle spirit and the strength of the Gate of Pain poured into it, the terror of two million jins of strength could be imagined!

With an explosive sound, the sword light was torn apart like paper. Ouye Qun's pupils instantly contracted. He had never imagined this would happen. How could his sword light be so fragile that it would crumble at first contact? He sharply cried out in alarm, but there was no time for him to make an effective response before the halberd light smashed into his chest. Ouye Qun's body suddenly shook as all of his ribs shattered and his organs burst apart. His body flew backwards, plopping onto the ground like a bag of mushy meat.

In just a single strike, Ouye Qun had been injured to the brink of death, completely unable to resist!


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