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Martial World - Chapter 882


Chapter 882 - divine Tree






The five surviving Asura Ghost Slaves emitted cacophonic cries as they wildly hurtled towards Lin Ming. Although this sort of Asura Ghost Slave only had the strength of a quasi Emperor, their bodies were as solid as divine iron. Killing them was several times more difficult than killing a normal quasi Emperor.

Although Lin Ming had killed an Asura Ghost Slave, the web of his palm had shaken to the point that it nearly tore apart. If he wanted to kill these five ghost slaves then he might have to trade his right hand in the process.

In the current situation, it was absolutely a bad idea to injure himself.

As he saw the five ghost slaves surround him, he loudly shouted out and the highly compressed power of thunder and fire within the Heretical God Sprout erupted. The Burning Star Flame and the Nine Heavens Thunder Soul joined together!

Penetrating Rainbow!


In that moment, a brilliant divine light lit up the dark and hazy skies. Lin Ming became one with his halberd, turning into a ray of light as he cut across the infinite skies!


With a sound of crackling thunder, a ghost slave was struck in the chest by Lin Ming's halberd. The forceful impact and energy waves blew it away like a piece of flimsy straw!

The ghost slave's ribs shattered. Lin Ming felt an intense pain in both of his arms as blood spurted from his palms!

His speed suddenly slowed. At this time, he could feel a deep killing intent erupt from behind him. Lin Ming didn't need to turn his head to know that four thick chains were already shooting towards him! Lin Ming didn't even have time to receive his weapon and meet this new barrage of attacks.

Concept of Time!

At this critical moment, an invisible energy field erupted from Lin Ming, covering those four chains. For a brief period, the chains seemed as if they had fallen into a swamp, their speed drastically plummeting.

Golden Roc Shattering the Void!

Lin Ming didn't even look back. Space shrank beneath his feet. With the Gate of Wonder opened, his speed reached the extreme. With the Gate of Wonder combined with Golden Roc Shattering the Void, even an early divine Sea powerhouse would lose to Lin Ming in speed!

By the time the four chains struck his location, Lin Ming had already appeared dozens of miles away, instantly leaving their encirclement.

And at this time, in the high skies, Old Man Good Fortune's battle with the strange demon youth was reaching a burning crescendo!

In terms of true essence magnitude, Old Man Good Fortune was actually inferior to the strange demon youth. But by relying on his elusive Time Laws, he was able to force the battle into a reluctant tie. This caused the strange demon youth to seethe with anger. Although the strange demon youth had used a secret technique to escape the Sea of Miracles and reach the Sky Spill Continent, causing his strength to greatly weaken, it angered him to be halted here by a pathetic old man who couldn't even handle the divine Realm.

’’Just die already!’’

A purple tattoo on the back of the strange demon youth lit up with a bright purple light. The true essence currents behind him condensed into the phantom of a giant hydra!

’’So you were part of the Hydra Clan!’’ Old Man Good Fortune sucked in a deep breath. The Hydra Clan clansmen of the divine Realm had the bloodline of the Hydra flowing within them. This could also be called one of the so-called divine bodies of the Sky Spill Continent. The Hydra Clan could be considered a large influence within the divine Realm. Their clansmen were valiant and battle-skilled, with an inborn affinity to the power of stars.

Of course, this didn't mean that the strange demon youth in front of him was from the divine Realm. The Hydra Clan was the same as the Ancient Phoenix Clan. Because they continued to grow and blossom through the endless years, producing countless children, they had many disciples go to worlds in the lower realms to form minor collateral branches.

’’To force me to use the power of my bloodline, I have actually underestimated you!’’ The strange demon youth had already been weakened by leaving the Sea of Miracles. Using the power of his bloodline at this time would put a tremendous burden on his body. He hadn't wanted to do this, but now that the battle had dragged on until now and he still couldn't overcome Old Man Good Fortune, his temper had finally exploded.

’’Snake Swallows the Universe!’’

The strange demon youth lifted his lance high up into the air and the hydra phantom behind him emitted an earth-shattering roar. At this time, Old Man Good Fortune grimaced. He didn't use his sword. Instead, he took out a pale white bead from his spatial ring.

Old Man Good Fortune bit down on the tip of his tongue and sprayed a fine mist of blood on this white bead. With a hissing sound, the blood was absorbed by the white bead!

’’This is...’’ The strange demon youth's eyes immediately widened, ’’A heaven perishing bead, you actually have a heaven perishing bead!?’’

A heaven perishing bead was able to massacre a divine Sea master and all martial artists below that. Even a divine Realm genius that had reached the divine Sea might perish if they were not careful. And if one used their blood essence to reinforce it, the might was that much greater!

A sense of fear and crisis suddenly rose within the demon youth's heart. ’’This damned old fellow!’’

He suddenly drew backwards, but at this time the heaven perishing bead exploded!


A flash of blazing white light swept through the skies, encapsulating everything in explosive shockwaves...


Ho - !

Lin Ming broke through several dimensional realms in a single breath. As he reached this new dimensional realm, he had no idea where he was.

’’They aren't chasing me...’’

Lin Ming's speed was too fast. It wasn't a surprise that the Asura Ghost Slaves hadn't been able to catch him, but could he have just escaped the tracking of the strange demon youth like this?

Lin Ming felt this was a bit incredible. For a powerhouse of this level, especially one with such a powerful divine sense, it was possible that they had a method to search him out. It was only because he was fighting Old Man Good Fortune at this time, so he couldn't divert attention to these matters.

’’I must hurry and leave this Temple of Marvels!’’

The strength of the powerhouses in the Temple of Marvels had far surpassed his imagination. If he stayed, there was nothing he could do against them. He wouldn't even be able to raise the smallest of waves. Although he desired to know the secret of the Sea of Miracles, ensuring he survived here was the most important thing. As for whatever secret there was, he could wait until he was powerful enough and then return in the future.

’’I can only return backwards following the road in my memories. If the arrangement of space here hasn't changed then I can leave, but if it has then I'll be in danger.’’

Lin Ming grit his teeth, chose the best direction, restrained his energy, and then quickly shuttled through the many dimensional arrays.

One world after another passed before him. Although they seemed similar, they formed a three dimensional map in Lin Ming's mind, neatly ordered together.

’’After I pass through here, I should reach the dark forest I traveled through before.’’

As Lin Ming thought this, he stepped into a new world. As he saw the scene before him, his complexion changed. In this new world, the skies were gloomy and overcast, with thunder rolling in between them. The ground underneath him was an endless black swamp, and at the farthest distance he could see, there was a great divine tree that pierced through the heavens. The crown of this tree was wreathed in endless arcs of purple electricity. This world simply had no relationship at all with the world he had been in before!

This was the first time that Lin Ming had entered into this world.

’’Did I remember incorrectly? Or was I forcefully led to this world by someone else? Or perhaps the arrangement of worlds within the Temple of Marvels was constantly shifting to begin with?’’

Lin Ming's mind raced with all these thoughts, his expression solemn. With his memory, it was highly unlikely that he had remembered incorrectly, leaving only the latter two options. Regardless, either situation was bad for him, particularly if someone led him here with sinister intentions in mind. If so then he was already a mouse in their cage;there would be no way for him to escape!

Lin Ming grit his teeth and flew forwards. This current world was similar to the 8000 Mile Black Swamp. Although he had a faint foreboding feeling in his heart, he wouldn't just sit here and wait for death to reach him.

’’What a tall and massive tree. It soars straight into the skies and galvanizes the power of thunder within the highest heavens. How mysterious is that...’’ As Lin Ming looked at this great tree, it seemed to connect the heavens and earth. The Sea of Miracles was also named the Ocean of Endless Storms, so it was reasonable to assume that a mammoth amount of power of thunder also flooded the Temple of Marvels. But, he never imagined that this would be able to breed such a divine tree.


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