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Martial World - Chapter 878


Chapter 878 - The Link Between the Sea of Miracles and the Eternal Demon Abyss




After hearing Lin Ming ask such a question, Old Man Good Fortune congenially laughed and traced his white beard. ’’Little Friend Lin, the truth is that old me comes from the divine Realm. I am the warden for the Sky Spill Continent's world, and am responsible for watching over the martial artists on both of the continents on this planet. Because this planet has been blocked off by some mysterious power, martial artists from the divine Realm that are above the divine Sea realm cannot descend here. At least, it is impossible for them to arrive with their true forms;they can only send a projection. And for the divine Sea martial artists of this world, wanting to use their martial path to pierce the void is nearly impossible. They will need to leave through a special space channel, thus I am the one to recommend them.’’

Lin Ming was shocked by Old Man Good Fortune's few words. He couldn't believe that Old Man Good Fortune had such a status.

He came from the divine Realm and was also the warden of this planet!

And listening to his words, he obviously knew of the existence of the Holy Demon Continent. This world had a total of two continents, the Sky Spill Continent and the Holy Demon Continent!

However, the more Lin Ming thought over this, the more reasonable it was. Old Man Good Fortune seemed as if he had come out from nowhere, and had an extremely mystical history within the Sky Spill Continent. Even the Nine Furnace Highest divine Emperor and the others didn't know his true name or status, only the moniker that he went by.

Moreover, Old Man Good Fortune had extremely high achievements in the Concept of Space and the Concept of Time. This also explained why he was able to have these in the Sky Spill Continent, where there were basically no inheritances of Space and Time Concepts.

If Old Man Good Fortune came from the divine Realm and was simultaneously responsible for being the warden and also instructing and receiving certain individuals to ascend, then he wouldn't necessarily worry or care about Lin Ming threatening his current status once he became highest under the heavens. On the contrary, he might even help train him. If Old Man Good Fortune could help deliver a top talent to the divine Realm, then the influence backing him might grant him certain resources.

Thinking about it, when Emperor Shakya ascended into the divine Realm 3000 years ago, that was also the time when Old Man Good Fortune and the Nine Furnace Highest divine Emperor had once fought, resulting in a tie. Afterwards, Old Man Good Fortune had become increasingly old. His strength should have declined since then, but he instead managed to make a breakthrough, improving his abilities once again. There was a chance that this was because Emperor Shakya was simply far too talented an individual and thus the divine Realm influence had given him very rich rewards in return, allowing him to make another breakthrough in his old age and also likely being the reason for extending his life.

In that flash, Lin Ming immediately understood everything that had happened. No wonder Old Man Good Fortune said he couldn't teach him or be his master. It was likely that Old Man Good Fortune had come to a deep understanding of him and even knew of his dual body and essence cultivation.

’’So you're saying that Emperor Shakya, the Demon Emperor, and others didn't rely on their own strength to break through the void with their martial path and ascend, but rather had other similar wardens that delivered them upwards?’’

’’That's right.’’ Old Man Good Fortune wryly laughed and said with a bit of helplessness, ’’Old me is simply too stupid and untalented. I was stranded at the middle divine Sea realm for 500 years and had no hopes for further breakthroughs. In the divine Realm, the competition between martial artists is too intense, and I was tired of being far weaker than everyone else. Thus I took the initiative to apply for the lower realms, where I would be able to live freely and grandly!’’

Lin Ming felt this was a bit ironic. He was someone from the divine Realm that wanted to descend, but the people from the lower realms wished to ascend. Those old fellows of the Sky Spill Continent all desperately desired to soar into the divine Realm, but their talent was no more than that of Old Man Good Fortune. Old Man Good Fortune had likely broken through the middle divine Sea realm before 500 years of age. The only martial artists of the Sky Spill Continent that could accomplish something similar were top level characters like Situ Haotian.

Old fellows like the Nine Furnace Highest divine Emperor all wished to enter the divine Realm, thinking that massive lucky chances were just waiting for them everywhere. But now it seemed that if they really went, they would probably get beaten up badly wherever they went, or perhaps just directly die.

Only such magnificent and glorious individuals like the Demon Emperor and Emperor Shakya were able to go to the divine Realm to seek greater lucky chances in hopes that they would be able to surpass the divine Sea realm.

’’Senior said just now that the Sky Spill Continent's world is blocked by some mysterious strength?’’

’’Yes! This strength comes from the Sea of Miracles. Every martial artist above the divine Sea is unable to step into the Sky Spill Continent.’’ Old Man Good Fortune shook his head. If it weren't for this reason, then him having applied to be the warden of this planet with his middle divine Sea cultivation would have been far too embarrassing.

’’Then what about the Eternal Demon Abyss?’’ Lin Ming suddenly asked.

Old Man Good Fortune was slightly startled. ’’You know about the Holy Demon Continent and the Eternal Demon Abyss?’’

’’Mm... this junior accidently stumbled upon an opportunity and obtained the inheritance of Senior Demon Emperor. I managed to reach the Holy Demon Continent through the transmission array at the Demon God Imperial Palace, and also experienced the Eternal Demon Abyss during my time there. This junior would like to know, just how are the Eternal Demon Abyss and the Sea of Miracles related?’’

Lin Ming didn't conceal anything, nor did he need to. He could now see that Old Man Good Fortune was someone that didn't have great ambitions, otherwise he wouldn't have come down to become the warden of this world. Moreover, there was little within the Demon God Imperial Palace that he would like.

’’Eternal Demon Abyss... Sea of Miracles...’’ Old Man Good Fortune revealed a trace of reverence and awe as he heard these two names. ’’I don't know the specifics as to what happened at those two places, but I do have some speculations...’’

’’Mm? Senior, please speak them!’’

’’Little Friend Lin, I'm not sure whether you know this, but the Sky Spill Continent and the Holy Demon Continent are in fact located on a celestial body, and the shape of this celestial body is that of a sphere, similar to the sun in the skies.’’

’’Sphere?’’ Lin Ming was stunned. Although he obtained some knowledge about celestial bodies from the divine Realm Supreme Elders' memories, it was a bit strange and magical to suddenly realize that the earth underneath his feet was in the shape of a sphere.

’’The Eternal Demon Abyss and the Sea of Miracles are directly 'underneath' each other. Does this form any associations in your mind?’’

’’This is...’’ Lin Ming's mind began to race. Old Man Good Fortune's meaning was that the Eternal Demon Abyss and the Sea of Miracles were on exact opposites of this spherical planet, each of them both above and below the other. This sort of wondrous positioning caused Lin Ming to feel as if he could faintly understand something, but he couldn't yet put it into words.

Old Man Good Fortune took a deep breath and then, with a hint of fear glinting in his eyes, he slowly said, ’’If I'm not wrong, the Eternal Demon Abyss and the Sea of Miracles pass directly through each other, connecting through an unfathomable abyss that runes between them. And, the reason for this abyss being formed is likely because a divine Realm Supreme Elder pierced through this planet, thus leaving this path! The Sea of Miracles is much larger than the Eternal Demon Abyss, so my guess is that the Sea of Miracles is the point of initial impact. As for the Eternal Demon Abyss, that should be the exit point of that attack that was left over after it pierced directly through this planet.’’

’’...What?’’ As Lin Ming heard Old Man Good Fortune's words, his eyes went perfectly round, his mind boggled!

Just how great was the planet that the Sky Spill Continent was on? It was unimaginable... he feared that it was over 100 million miles wide in diameter!

To pierce through such a massive planet, just what kind of strength was needed for this!? This was incomprehensible. Was this done by a legendary Empyrean from the divine Realm?

Old Man Good Fortune said, ’’The divine Realm is far too vast, with countless worlds. Those Supreme Elders of the divine Realm can simply wave their hands to destroy the heavens, collapse moons, and sink stars. To them, piercing through a planet with a single strike isn't much at all...’’


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