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Martial World - Chapter 868


Chapter 868 - Unapproachable




Everyone thought that because Old Man Good Fortune was reaching the end of his life, if he truly fought with divine Emperor Haotian then it was unknown just who would emerge victorious. None of them imagined that Old Man Good Fortune would send divine Emperor Haotian hurtling backwards with just a single strike. They were simply on completely different levels.

’’How could this be...?’’ On a spirit boat, Shang Yuetian was speechless for a long time. It was within his expectations that Situ Haotian would have obtained the Ancient Giant Blood bloodline and grown sharply stronger. As a noble divine Kingdom Emperor, his strength was surely ranked in the top five of the Sky Spill Continent, so there must be some cards he managed to keep hidden up until now. But that Situ Haotian actually didn't even have the strength to resist Old Man Good Fortune's attack!

'Could the Nine Furnace Highest divine Emperor and the Sublime Smelting Imperial Grand Uncle have this strength? Is this the strength of a powerhouse close to being the highest under the heavens?'

All of the martial artists present couldn't help but think this. It was said that thousands of years ago, Old Man Good Fortune had once fought the Nine Furnace Highest divine Emperor and forced him into a draw. Although this was only a rumor, smoke always meant there was fire. There had to be some kernel of truth to it. To everyone, this meant that Old Man Good Fortune and the Nine Furnace Highest divine Emperor stood on equal ground.

Now that thousands of years had passed, Old Man Good Fortune should have become weaker than the Nine Furnace Highest divine Emperor. After all, he was much older than him to begin with. But, how could this be the result?

’’Maybe... Old Man Good Fortune had a breakthrough in these last few thousands of years! If the Nine Furnace Highest divine Emperor and Sublime Smelting Imperial Grand Uncle haven't grown in strength, then they might not be Old Man Good Fortune's match anymore...’’ Shang Yuetian quietly mumbled.

This was an explanation anyone would find hard to accept. According to all common sense, the easiest time for a martial artist to grow was when they were young. This was the time that their fires of life were at their most exuberant. The longer the lifespan that a martial artist had, the more time they would stay in their youthful phase. For instance, a Life Destruction martial artist would still be considered young before they reached 100 years of age, so if they didn't break through to the divine Sea by the time they reached that age point then they could only count on external help and lucky chances.

Once a martial artist reached maturity, their cultivation would only grow at a snail's pace. But, this was also the time that a martial artist's combat strength was at its peak. For instance, Situ Haotian's current combat strength had reached the highest point in his life, it was just that it was extremely difficult for him to increase his cultivation. Otherwise, if he were able to take another step forwards then he would become a character on the same rank as the Nine Furnace Highest divine Emperor.

After that would be old age. This was a period where their combat strength and cultivation would almost never increase. An old divine Sea Supreme Elder would at most be able to make some minor breakthroughs in the aspects of will and soul. But as for everything else, they would begin to decline over the years.

So how could Old Man Good Fortune have made such progress?

’’He must have some secret on his body!’’ While Shang Yuetian believed that the Laws of Time were able to extend a martial artist's life, he didn't believe it was as exaggerated as 4000-5000 years!

What he found even more unbelievable was that the Time Laws were able to temporarily reverse a martial artist's age for long enough that they could make another breakthrough.

Thus, this left only two possibilities.

The first was that Old Man Good Fortune had come across some massive lucky chance that he couldn't imagine.

And the second was that Old Man Good Fortune had surpassed the Nine Furnace Highest divine Emperor from the start, but he had been hiding his strength until now.

The chances of the second possibility being true weren't too great. Although Old Man Good Fortune had lived hidden from the world these past few thousands of years, in the past he too had been a glorious character of the continent. There was just no reason for him to have hidden such strength until now.

The first possibility was much more likely. Where could Old Man Good Fortune have found such a lucky chance? Was it the Sea of Miracles?

As Shang Yuetian thought of this, his heart stirred. Just how would it be if he himself were able to obtain such a lucky chance?


The distant great mountain exploded and Situ Haotian rushed out from the collapsing chaos of stone. Although he had been struck backwards and was left extremely embarrassed and flustered, he hadn't suffered too much damage. His bloodstained arms were rapidly regenerating, leaving nothing behind but some light scars now. This was the most powerful characteristic of the Giant Demon bloodline - recovery ability.

According to legends, the Ancient Giant Demons had an immortal body, able to regrow their limbs at will. In terms of recovery ability, the Giant Demon bloodline exceeded the Gate of Healing. However, regenerating wounds required a massive amount of true essence, thus, the Giant Demon bloodline was far, far inferior to the Gate of Healing in terms of endurance.

As Situ Haotian looked at Old Man Good Fortune, his face was filled with fear and dismay.

Although he still had a third, stronger move, he knew it was impossible for him to match that strike from Old Man Good Fortune just now.

Perhaps Old Man Good Fortune might be worse than Emperor Shakya of the past, but in this era there was no one who could rival him. Even the Nine Furnace Highest divine Emperor and the Sublime Smelting Imperial Grand Uncle were most likely not his match.

Just where had this old geezer come across his lucky chance?

He did not believe that Old Man Good Fortune was able to make another breakthrough while temporarily reversing his age. Moreover, the Time Laws he had displayed far surpassed the understanding of the Sky Spill Continent. No matter how talented Old Man Good Fortune was in the Laws of Time and Space, it was impossible for him to reach this point with no previous inheritance!

Situ Haotian glared at Old Man Good Fortune for a long period of time and then bit out two words.

’’I concede!’’

’’Yaoyue will stay in the Forsaken God Clan for three years, and everything that I owe Lin Lanjian will be delivered here within the month. Of the Great Desolate Blood Halberd and the Demon God Heartguard Mirror, Lin Lanjian can choose either one he likes!’’

Situ Haotian looked to Lin Ming. At this point, his body still resembled that of a Giant Demon. Just a glance was enough to cause one's mind shake with fear.

’’What do you want!?!?’’

Lin Ming thought for a moment and then said without hesitation, ’’The Great Desolate Blood Halberd!’’

The Demon God Heartguard Mirror was undoubtedly a tempting option, but Lin Ming always believed that the best defense was a good offense. The nameless long spear in his hands was only a standard issue spear from Timeworn Phoenix City. Although it was extremely durable, the power was a bit lacking.

If he had the Great Desolate Blood Halberd, then even though he might not use the 'Great Desolate Halberd Art', but with his one million jins of strength, his true essence, as well as his silver battle spirit all being poured into that halberd, then one could imagine the terrifying might if he smashed it down at someone!

With the Great Desolate Blood Halberd, Lin Ming's comprehensive combat strength would rise yet again. As for the Demon God Heartguard Mirror, even if his defensive power rose again, he would still die if he was bumped by a divine Sea powerhouse, much less be able to contend with them.

’’Good! Then I hope you aren't cursed to death!’’ Situ Haotian coldly snorted, his heart twitching all the while. Within the entire Asura divine Kingdom, that was the only true Saint artifact. The remaining two were only quasi-Saint artifacts.

As for relying on the curse of the Great Desolate Blood Halberd to kill Lin Ming, Situ Haotian didn't have much hope for that to happen. Lin Ming's life was extremely tenacious. His destiny had been repeatedly accumulated from defeating similar top talents of his era as well as passing through numerous life or death situations. It would be extremely difficult to shatter his destiny.

In the future, Lin Ming was likely to become a character that surpassed even the Demon Emperor. Wanting to rely on the curse of the Demon Emperor's war halberd to kill him was useless.

Om -

The Great Desolate Blood Halberd issued a long keening sound as it shot out from the chaos and flew into Lin Ming's hand. For a brief moment, Lin Ming felt as if he were holding up an entire mountain range and his feet sank into the ground. If he didn't use the power of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates then he actually wouldn't be able to lift it!

'This is at least 700,000-800,000 jins heavy. A martial artist normally has to use a tremendous amount of true essence to galvanize its movement. It won't be easy for me to move it with just my physical strength.'

Lin Ming had to use his flying ability to stop himself from sinking into the ground. Then, he grasped the Great Desolate Blood Halberd and flew into the air. This was truly a weapon worthy of being called the world's most ominous halberd.

’’I thank Senior for this great graciousness!’’

Lin Ming cupped a fist across his chest as he bowed towards Old Man Good Fortune and carved this favor in his mind.

Old Man Good Fortune faintly smiled. At some unknown time he had already restored his looks to his original elderly appearance. Although he appeared wise and extraordinary, there was actually a faint flavor of someone that had reached the end of his life.

But now, no one thought that. The events that occurred just now were simply too shocking.

’’Little Friend Lin Lanjian does not need to be so polite. Old me will stay in this dimensional realm for several more days. We'll have to speak more in detail.’’

Speak more in detail?

Upon hearing this, all of the present martial artists were stunned. Just what did Old Man Good Fortune plan on discussing with Lin Ming?

’’Senior Good Fortune, do you really plan on accepting him as a disciple?’’

Fairy Snow Gale asked with a true essence sound transmission. Old Man Good Fortune had no enmity or grudge with the Asura divine Kingdom and there simply wasn't any reason for him to aim at Situ Haotian. Yet he had shown his hand to defeat Situ Haotian in order to help Lin Ming. If this were to win over Lin Ming, there simply wasn't a need for that because Old Man Good Fortune had always freely roamed the world like a wild crane and didn't belong to any influence. His strength had most likely surpassed the Nine Furnace Highest divine Emperor's, so there was simply no need for him to do so.

Then for him to do this, the only possibility was that his heart had been moved to accept a disciple!

’’Haha, Little Snow, I already said that old me cannot teach Little Friend Lin Lanjian anything. As for accepting him as a disciple, I might not be able to afford that.’’

This was already the second time that Old Man Good Fortune had said something similar. He wasn't being humble, but really did think he couldn't teach Lin Ming much.

’’Then why would you do all this today...’’ Fairy Snow Gale couldn't help but ask.

’’Haha...’’ Old Man Good Fortune smiled but didn't respond. He obviously didn't wish to say much more. Fairy Snow Gale could only suppress the burning questions that lingered in her mind.

The martial artists of the Asura divine Kingdom left, leaving behind only Situ Yaoyue. They would soon send over a divine Sea powerhouse to protect her. Situ Haotian didn't dare to leave behind Situ Yaoxi - who knew just what sort of catastrophe she would stir up.

But the other heroes of the Sky Spill Continent's central region didn't leave. Instead, they remained within the dimensional realm even as it seemed that more and more people were gathering.

This was because of... Lin Ming.

The present Lin Ming could be called unapproachable, commanding utter respect!

After defeating Situ Yaoyue, Lin Ming had overcome his greatest crisis. His future was now bright and glorious.

Even if it were hopeless to win over Lin Ming, everyone still wished to form some good relations with him.

For a time, Lin Ming's residence was bustling. All the influences came to greet him and Lin Ming accepted all without rejection. There were even many great influences, for instance the Sublime Melting divine Kingdom's Shang Family and the Nine Furnace divine Kingdom's White Clan.

There were even many divine Sea powerhouses like Shang Yuetian and Fairy Snow Gale who personally made a visit. Lin Ming greeted all of them with Shibai.

When these major influences visited, they also brought along many meeting gifts for Lin Ming. Most of these gifts were heavenly materials and rare pills. Added together it was at least three or four million spirit essence stones. Just Yang Yun himself gifted Lin Ming 800,000 spirit essence stones. In addition to the two God Transforming Pills from before, that was a gift of over one million spirit essence stones.

’’Yang Yun...’’ Lin Ming looked at the many treasures in front of him and thought for a moment. Yang Yun favored him by a ridiculous amount, but Lin Ming always felt that it wasn't as simple as forming good relations with him. Did Yang Yun think he would join the Nine Furnace divine Kingdom?


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