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Martial World - Chapter 867


Chapter 867 - The Miracle of Time Laws




’’So that's what it is, the Ancient Giant Demon bloodline. It seems that divine Emperor Haotian has obtained many lucky chances from the Giant Demon dimensional realm...’’ Old Man Good Fortune didn't mind. The Asura divine Kingdom had a dimensional realm on their borders that had many secrets of the Ancient Giant Demon race sealed within. It wasn't surprising for him to have obtained some lucky chances.

’’Senior does not need to worry about this Emperor's lucky chances. Instead, think about how you'll block this Emperor's second attack!’’ Situ Haotian shouted out. His voice carried with it a metal energy, making it seem as if his words were ringing out from a great bell, sonorous and deafening.

After completing his transformation, Situ Haotian had full confidence in himself!

Old Man Good Fortune faintly smiled, ’’It looks like old me really has to work today. Really, for the young to continue being so stubborn isn't always good...’’

As Old Man Good Fortune spoke, he slowly stood up from his green ox without the slightest hint of dismay.

All of the surrounding martial artists suddenly felt something wrong. ’’Huh? Did Old Man Good Fortune's voice change?’’

’’Yes... it's changed. He doesn't sound as old as he did before.’’

As everyone was confused, a completely unexpected and bewildering scene occurred. As Old man Good Fortune stepped down from his green ox, his body suddenly began to grow. His back was no longer bent and his white hair turned to black, dangling over his shoulders like a waterfall of ink. His body had turned into that of a 20-30 year old youth. His once muddy eyes became clear, and his eyebrows straightened, pointing up and slanting towards his temples.

In just a few breaths of time, Old Man Good Fortune had transformed from an old man at the end of his life into a handsome youth with jade-like features. His long blue clothes still loosely draped over him as before, but the peach walking stick was no longer in his hands. Rather, that peach walking stick had transformed into a sword. This sword was four feet long and shone like burnished silver. The sword hilt was made of jade and the blade was carved with faint patterns.

This was a true Saint artifact!

No one saw when Old Man Good Fortune had drawn this sword. It was as if he had never been carrying a peach walking stick, but had always been carrying this silver sword instead!

This sudden change left everyone utterly shocked!

After crossing Life Destruction, a martial artist's body would be reborn. The only way they could restore their youthful appearance was if they displayed a supernatural power that defied the will of the heavens. But, this young appearance would only be a façade. Their lifespan would not change and their fires of life would continue to weaken with time.

Rather, maintaining a youthful appearance would cause a martial artist's cultivation to lessen. The price simply wasn't worth the benefits. Thus, unless it was a woman who valued their beauty and only cared about their looks, a general martial artist simply wouldn't waste their efforts on such things.

And now, Old Man Good Fortune had suddenly restored his youth in the middle of battle. And this was not an illusion. This was because everyone present could clearly feel his vibrant fires of life burning like the fires of heaven, vast and limitless.

’’This... how is this possible!?’’ Situ Haotian's complexion completely changed. He had just finished his body transformation and he had believed with his swollen pride and arrogance that no one could defeat him. However, as he felt Old Man Good Fortune's suddenly vibrant fires of life, all of his momentum instantly vanished!

The disparity was just too great!

Old Man Good Fortune faintly smiled and said in a soft voice, ’’In the presence of Laws, there is nothing that is impossible, unless your wish is to violate the Laws themselves. And... reversing time is only a single aspect of the Time Laws;it isn't considered too advanced. The reason that I am able to live for so long is also because of my understanding of the Laws of Time. Although this isn't the orthodox way of going about things, being able to linger on with my last breath for another 4000-5000 years isn't a problem at all.’’

’’4000-5000 years!?’’

Old Man Good Fortune's words nearly caused Situ Haotian to vomit blood. Situ Haotian didn't know if he could still live for another 4000-5000 years. He could only laugh at himself for thinking that his fires of life were more potent than those of Old Man Good Fortune and that he could suppress him. Now it seemed that his remaining lifespan wasn't even as long as Old Man Good Fortune's!

Moreover, Old Man Good Fortune's choice of words caused Situ Haotian to wish he could slam his face into his halberd.

'It isn't considered too advanced' and 'linger on with my last breath'...

A power of Laws that he had never heard of before, the ability to reverse time and restore his combat strength to its peak, this technique that defied the heavens was actually considered not too advanced to Old Man Good Fortune!

Just what kind of abnormal monster was Old Man Good Fortune? And this freak was still able to live on for another 4000-5000 years...?

Then what could Situ Haotian be considered? A clown? Was he worse than a pig or dog?

All of Old Man Good Fortune's words fell into the ears of the martial artists present, leaving all of them floored, their minds fiercely shocked.

The Laws of Time were actually so heaven-defying!

Since ancient times, in the domain of Laws, it was said that Space was the king and Time was the emperor. Although these were clearly biased, this was enough to explain just how terrifying the might of these two types of Concepts and Laws were.

But because these two different Concepts were mysterious and elusive, there were far too few people capable of comprehending these kinds of Laws. And even if they did, they would only have a brief superficial knowledge of it. It would be extremely difficult for them to ever improve.

Especially the Laws of Time that were even more mysterious than the Laws of Space. Since ancient times, there had been very, very few inheritances that had ever been left behind. No one imagined that under Old Man Good Fortune's control, the Laws of Time were actually able to display such a dreadful power.

’’It's a miracle...’’ Lin Ming muttered to himself. The Laws of Time had the supernatural and unstoppable ability to decay all of existence. This was the so-called entropy that the Concepts of the five main elements were unable to achieve. Because a martial artist defied the heavens, their lifespan was almost decided by their cultivation. Although there were some heavenly materials that were able to extend a martial artist's lifespan, that was only unearthing their undeveloped life potential - it was by no means a way to extend their life that defied the heavens.

The only method of truly extending one's life was to go against the will of the heavens and walk further down the road of martial arts. But now, it seemed that the Laws of Time could achieve a similar effect to a certain extent!

'Such matters would likely arouse the jealousy of many divine Sea masters. But what a pity. If they aren't talented in this aspect then it doesn't matter how jealous they become!'

As Lin Ming was thinking this, in the skies, Old Man Good Fortune had already raised his silver sword high in the air. Situ Haotian's expression was grim and solemn. Facing Old Man Good Fortune in his peak state, he felt an incomparably terrifying pressure. This opponent of his might even surpass the Nine Furnace Highest divine Emperor!

’’A sword. Let's see whether or not you can resist it.’’ Old Man Good Fortune gently said, as if this were the trial of a god.

When he finished speaking, he slashed down with that silver sword in his hands.


With a light sound, space collapsed as if it were as fragile as ice.

A silver sword energy cut out, appearing in the shape of a perfect crescent moon.

No... this was not just mere sword energy. This was a substantialized space fragment!

Old Man Good Fortune had used space itself as his weapon. By pouring his unrivalled supernatural power into this attack, it had become an earth-shaking strike!

Situ Haotian's pupils shrank and he recklessly poured of all of his energy into his halberd without reservation. The one he faced was someone close to being the highest under the heavens, or even an existence equal to the highest under the heavens!

If he could not resist this attack then he would die right here!


Situ Haotian shouted out loud. A massive Giant Demon phantom hundreds of feet high appeared behind him. This phantom wielded a divine halberd, and together with Situ Haotian, both of them cut downwards.


In that moment, the world seemed to lose all color. A terrifying corona of energy swallowed up all the stars in the sky, making it seem as if everyone were in a completely different land.

Situ Haotian's halberd was struck from his hand. All the meridians of his two arms tore apart and he vomited a great mouthful of blood as he was sent flying back. His body shot backwards like a falling meteor before he crashed into a mountain peak.

Rumble rumble rumble!

Giant shelves of rock fell down, causing great clouds of dust and smoke to fill the skies. In that collision, half of that massive mountain had directly collapsed.

As everyone looked at that half gone mountain, all of them were speechless with shock. If just Situ Haotian crashing into that mountain peak had caused such a result, then just how terrifying had the true collision of energy been?


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