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Martial World - Chapter 864


Chapter 864 - The Side of Morality and Principle




’’You little beast, what did you say!?’’

Situ Yaoxi was so angry she nearly fainted. She had already given Lin Ming an offer of 1.5 million spirit essence stones, but Lin Ming had actually opened his mouth wide like a lion and demanded the Demon God Heartguard Mirror and the Great Desolate Blood Halberd, two top treasures! Their value was impossible to estimate!

Lin Ming looked at Situ Yaoxi with faint indifference and then laughed, ’’This is a life or death struggle to begin with. Since I defeated Situ Yaoyue, I can also take her life and naturally everything on her would be mine. These are the established customs of the Sky Spill Continent. Do you that you can use a saber to try to kill me, and then when your plan fails I somehow should give that saber back to you!?’’

Lin Ming didn't fear Situ Yaoxi. In any case, he simply wasn't able to do anything else. It's not like he had been planning to kill Situ Yaoyue anyway;killing her was of no benefit to him. If so, then he might as well make a deal with the Asura divine Kingdom.

But Situ Yaoxi had been so arrogant that she had actually started out with an offer of 1.5 million spirit essence stones. That was simply a disgraceful offer.

’’You little bastard...’’ Situ Yaoxi gnashed out these three words and then turned to look at Situ Haotian. ’’Haotian, this little beast cannot be allowed to live. The three of us will fight together. Emperor Uncle and I will stop Shibai and that masked old man while you kill that boy. With your strength you should have at least a 70-80% assurance!’’

After a life or death struggle that was intended to resolve their differences, Situ Yaoxi had actually disregarded the results and launched a vicious attack. Since she had already torn off any face she had left, she simply didn't care about how the rest of the martial world looked at her.

Situ Haotian took a deep breath and calmly said, ’’The Forsaken God Clan's third divine Sea powerhouse has already caught up. He's hiding in the distorted space around Lin Lanjian. With Lin Lanjian under the protection of a divine Sea powerhouse skilled in Space Laws, do you really think that I have a 70-80% chance of killing him?’’

As Situ Yaoxi heard Situ Haotian's words, she was stunned. She opened her mouth as if she wanted to speak, but finally didn't say anything.

Situ Haotian pondered for a moment. Although he should be stronger than that third divine Sea Elder, wanting to suppress him within a few moves was not realistic. Even if he disregarded how the world's martial artists saw him and attacked Lin Lanjian publicly, he still had to do so in a situation where he would be able to instantly and successfully kill him.

The atmosphere had fallen into an impasse. The three divine Sea powerhouses of the Forsaken God Clan faced off against the three divine Sea powerhouses of the Asura divine Kingdom. Although Situ Haotian's previous words had been filled with bravado, the truth was that he really didn't wish to fight here. He might not fear anyone, but with so many masters present, one of them might take advantage of the chaos and launch a sneak attack against Situ Yaoyue. If that happened, it was obvious what would happen to her.

In the end, Situ Haotian had simply brought too few top powerhouses here today. The Asura divine Kingdom had over a dozen divine Sea Supreme Elders. Three of them were old Emperor Uncles that had either gone into seclusion, were travelling the world, or were adventuring for their own lucky chances. It was impossible for him to request those three Emperor Uncles to escort Situ Yaoyue for a single battle.

As for the rest of the divine Sea Supreme Elders, they had to be left behind to defend the Asura divine Kingdom. Thus, the Asura divine Kingdom didn't have many masters they were able to bring today.

In such a dreadful stalemate, a long ringing bell suddenly rang out. An extraordinary and wizened blue-clothed old man came riding forwards on the back of a green ox, a peach staff in his hand. That ringing sound had come from the copper bell around the green ox's neck.

This blue-clothed old man was Old Man Good Fortune.

’’Everyone, please calm down and be patient.’’

Old Man Good Fortune only spoke a few casual words, but these words seemed to contain an invisible magic. The tense atmosphere immediately eased by a great deal.

As Situ Haotian saw Old Man Good Fortune, his pupils suddenly shrank. This old fellow was rumored to have lived for 8000 years! In the Sky Spill Continent, he was the oldest human alive. Situ Haotian naturally feared and dreaded him.

'So he was the one who warned me of that sneak attack...' When Situ Bonan had sneak attacked him, Lin Ming had heard an old voice filled with the vicissitudes of life, reminding him to watch his back. That voice was the same as Old Man Good Fortune's.

Lin Ming had already been in a poor condition at the time. If Old Man Good Fortune hadn't warned him, then he might have been struck by Situ Bonan. At the least, he would have been hit by the energy shockwaves. In this tense situation, if he had been severely wounded and lost his combat efficiency, then that would undoubtedly have put him in an extremely dangerous position.

Thus, Lin Ming felt very grateful to Old Man Good Fortune.

’’divine Emperor Haotian, how about listening to the words of an old man?’’

In a confrontation of two sides, Old Man Good Fortune had suddenly appeared, adding a number of complex variables to the mix. All of the martial artists present suddenly rose to attention, waiting to see just what would happen.

This was related to the national destiny of the Asura divine Kingdom and the fate of the future highest under the heavens. It naturally attracted the attention of everyone present.

Situ Haotian knit his eyebrows together. When it came to the interests of the Asura divine Kingdom, he simply didn't wish for outsiders to intervene. This was because for today's matters, no matter what happened, it was the Asura divine Kingdom that was in the wrong.

As long as this Old Man Good Fortune decided to reason with rationale and principle, then whatever remarks he said would be extremely unfavorable towards the Asura divine Kingdom. How could Situ Haotian possibly be willing to allow this to happen?

However, Old Man Good Fortune's status and seniority that could crush him into the dirt actually left him no choice but to endure this. He reluctantly said, ’’Senior Good Fortune, please speak.’’

Old Man Good Fortune nodded. He looked at Shibai and Lin Ming, wanting to know what they thought of this.

Lin Ming cupped his fists together and said, ’’Senior Good Fortune, please speak. This junior will listen with rapt attention.’’

Old Man Good Fortune faintly smiled, ’’Since you two are willing to give old me some face, then I shall act as peacemaker this time. Little Friend Lin Lanjian, according to what I know, today is the day you first met Situ Yaoyue. You do not have any grudges or injustice with her. Although this is a life or death struggle, to show mercy and forgiveness is what men should do. So, how about we let her off for today?’’

As Old Man Good Fortune spoke, Shibai slightly pressed his eyebrows together. Although he knew that Old Man Good Fortune wasn't finished speaking and he should have some conditions aimed at the Asura divine Kingdom, if they agreed now then it would be impossible for them to go back on this promise. They would have lost all capital for bargaining and would only be able to listen to Old Man Good Fortune's request.

However, Lin Ming actually agreed without any hesitation. Not to mention that Old Man Good Fortune hadn't finished speaking, but just the kindness of warning him of danger was enough for Lin Ming to agree to this condition.

’’Good. Then, divine Emperor Haotian, for today's matter, your Asura divine Kingdom was the first to act and even decided on the life or death battle for today. This battle was supposed to resolve all enmity between you, however... after this battle ended, two of your Asura divine Kingdom's divine Sea powerhouses actually attacked a mere first stage Life Destruction junior. One of them even launched a sneak attack on him! I fear that no matter where you go in the world, there is no way you can convince anyone that what you say is right!’’

As Old Man Good Fortune spoke to here, Situ Yaoxi and Situ Bonan both had extremely ugly expressions. Old Man Good Fortune was obviously helping Lin Ming. Or rather, it could be said he was standing on the side of 'principle and morality'.

If it weren't for Old Man Good Fortune's status and strength, they would have already flipped these peace talks upside down.

Situ Haotian narrowed his eyes a bit. He had expected this would happen. Since Old Man Good Fortune appeared, if he didn't stand on the side of principles and morality then he would certainly be criticized by everyone. In other words, he had come today to help Lin Ming.

’’Senior Good Fortune, just what do you want?’’


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