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Martial World - Chapter 863


Chapter 863 - All Parties Involved




As Shibai watched Lin Ming nearly die to Situ Bonan's sneak attack because he had been distracted, a furious rage burnt in his heart.

Everything had happened so suddenly that he had been forced to resist Situ Yaoxi and Situ Haotian in a hurry. Especially that Situ Haotian! His strength was unfathomable, to the point that even Shibai feared him. If Situ Haotian had been the one to sneak attack Lin Ming, then perhaps Lin Ming really would have died here.

’’Situ Yaoxi! Situ Bonan!’’ The corners of Shibai's lips twitched as he spoke, a thick killing intent sparkling in his eyes. ’’I never thought you would be so shameless. Today, with all the martial artists of the world as witnesses, you actually dared to do something so pathetic! In terms of being cheap little shits, you are truly invincible!’’

Shibai flashed several times before arriving at Lin Ming's side, protecting him with the masked old man on the other side. Only then was he slightly relieved and able to ruthlessly mock the Asura divine Kingdom.

The Asura divine Kingdom's actions had truly left many of the martial artists present dumbfounded. For them to publicly attempt to kill Lin Ming... they really didn't care about face at all!

But at this time, face was useless.

’’Humph, Shibai, do you think that as long as your Forsaken God Clan turtles up in this dimensional realm, I really won't dare to move against you? Be careful that your fellow clansmen don't mysteriously go missing when they leave to go adventuring!’’

As those from the Forsaken God Clan rose in cultivation, the power of their curse would become increasingly strong. This made it difficult for anyone who reached the Revolving Core realm to leave the Forsaken God Clan. But, those Xiantian and Houtian realm martial artists would still go out to gain experience and adventure. There was no small number of fellow clansmen that had gone missing because of this.

In front of so many heroes, Situ Yaoxi had actually spoken merciless words targeting juniors. She could only be described as insane.

Shibai's complexion completely sunk, a true anger beginning to burn in his heart. ’’You can try! My Forsaken God Clan has never feared any threats!’’

’’Humph, you think I don't dare!?’’ Situ Yaoxi sharply said in complete opposition. For a divine Sea Supreme Elder to target the juniors of someone else, she was no different from a rabid dog!


At this time, a cold shout sounded out. Situ Haotian suddenly stepped forwards, every step crashing down like an avalanche. He looked like a volcano that was ready to erupt at any moment.

His eyes shined as he glared at Lin Ming. ’’Lin Lanjian, put forward your conditions. I want this battle to stop here!’’

Situ Yaoxi and Situ Bonan both didn't have much longer to live. They were old and paranoid, eccentric to the point where they had now become crazed. But, Situ Haotian had to remember the honor and dignity of the Asura divine Emperor. In this situation, he at least had to give Lin Ming the chance to state his conditions.

Of course, this was because he was trying to protect Situ Yaoyue's life. Otherwise, today he would have sundered this dimensional realm even if it cost him his life.

’’Heh!’’ Lin Ming had already expected this result. At this time, a true essence sound transmission sounded out in his hears.

’’Hehe, boy, don't be scared by that old idiot Situ's words. This old man will support you. As long as you insist on killing that Situ Yaoyue, I will give you 10 million spirit essence stones!’’

This true essence sound transmission came from somewhere in the world, forcefully suppressing Lin Ming's words in his throat.


Lin Ming turned around. He guessed that the true essence sound transmission had come from one of those high level figures on the several spirit boats in the sky. Otherwise, there was no way they would have promised such a sky high price like 10 million spirit essence stones. It was highly likely that they were a divine Sea Supreme Elder. Chances are they were related to one of the other three divine Kingdoms, and didn't wish to see someone like Situ Yaoyue remain living.

They had let Situ Luosha off because they didn't care much for him. In the future, if he reached the divine Sea, that would mean the Asura divine Kingdom would gain another powerhouse. But this didn't matter much, because a divine Kingdom's ultimate combat strength was decided by the peak powerhouse of that divine Kingdom. A late divine Sea Supreme Elder would definitely be able to instantly kill a weak divine Sea powerhouse who relied on lucky chances to enhance their cultivation to that point.

And Situ Yaoyue had a slight chance of reaching the late divine Sea. Her value was incomparable with that of Situ Luosha.

'The bunch of old foxes.' Lin Ming cursed in his heart. This other person only used a true essence sound transmission and didn't actually come forwards. It was obvious that the old fellow who sent the true essence sound transmission didn't have the courage to face Situ Haotian. This also proved just how powerful Situ Haotian was.

'Are you saying that you'll support me? Support your ass!' The three divine Sea masters of the Asura divine Kingdom present were all standing around Situ Yaoyue. Just how could he possibly kill her at this point?

If he really insisted on killing Situ Yaoyue then he would have to wage absolute war here!

Lin Ming estimated that Situ Haotian was more or less a middle divine Sea powerhouse, and one of the top characters of his level. He was only inferior to a first class existence like the Nine Furnace Highest divine Emperor, otherwise he would never have been able to become a divine Emperor. If they really fought, then without the support of the Realmheart Great Hall and the strongest array formation there, the Forsaken God Clan wouldn't have the advantage anymore.

Moreover, the Forsaken God Clan would not fight with Situ Haotian over some minor benefits for killing Situ Yaoyue.

’’Haotian, this little bastard doesn't know what death or danger are. Why are you even bothering with him? If we want to take away Yaoyue, just what can he do!?’’ Situ Yaoxi fiercely said. The Asura divine Kingdom had already bled a tremendous amount today. After losing the battle, they would have to pay Lin Ming the materials they promised as well as the 1.5 million spirit essence stones for Situ Luosha's life. This was already more than 10 million spirit essence stones. And that didn't even include the slaughter puppets that had died. Paying such a great price was really the same as slicing off their flesh.

’’Just shut your mouth!’’ Situ Haotian angrily responded with a true essence sound transmission. Right now his mood was extremely poor. He simply didn't want to speak nonsense with Situ Yaoxi anymore.

After Situ Yaoxi was scolded by her younger brother, she was naturally unhappy. She could only vent her anger onto Lin Ming and say with a true essence sound transmission, ’’You little beast, consider yourself lucky today. 1.5 million spirit essence stones! Demand this price in front of everyone and I will agree to it. Otherwise, we will simply use force to take away Yaoyue and also not honor any of our previous agreements! We will make it so that you don't even obtain a single spirit essence stone from us!’’

As Lin Ming heard Situ Yaoxi's words, he was enraged. He hated this damnable old witch to the extreme.

Even if she didn't care about honor, she still recognized that the Forsaken God Clan wouldn't be able to do anything to the Asura divine Kingdom. If they really waged war with each other, then the Forsaken God Clan would still be able to struggle against them in this dimensional realm. But if they left this dimensional realm then the Forsaken God Clan would be in a miserable state. They wouldn't even need the Asura divine Kingdom to do anything. Just the power of the curse would be enough to destroy them.

In other words, if the Asura divine Kingdom didn't care about face and ignored their gamble, refusing to pay anything at all, there was nothing Lin Ming would be able to do about it.

This was the result of not having enough strength. If Lin Ming were currently the highest under the heavens, then he could kill Situ Yaoxi in front of everyone and Situ Haotian wouldn't even dare to fart.

'When I become an Emperor, the first one I'll kill will be you!' Lin Ming had already sentenced Situ Yaoxi to death in his heart.

’’You little beast, I'll give you three breaths of time to make your decision, otherwise you won't obtain anything at all!’’ Situ Yaoxi shouted once more.

Lin Ming sneered. Then, he slowly said, ’’You disgusting old witch, a divine Sea Supreme Elder just sent me a sound transmission saying that as long as I kill Situ Yaoyue, they will pay me 10 million spirit essence stones. Compared to the 1.5 million spirit essence stones you offer, they are far more generous.

’’If you want to fight then say it out loud and fight yourself. Otherwise, I'll really be made a fool. That old fellow who sent the sound transmission likely didn't have good intentions to begin with, and I have no idea who he is anyway. Perhaps he might even have offered that number of spirit essence stones in order to stir up a fight between the Forsaken God Clan and the Asura divine Kingdom.’’

Although Lin Ming didn't speak too loudly, his words were fused with true essence. His words spread to every corner within a hundred miles, where every martial artist could clearly hear him.

All of the heroic young elites present sucked in a cold breath. They already had a feeling that today's events wouldn't be able to end peacefully. Someone was aiming at the Asura divine Kingdom and had offered a sky high price of 10 million spirit essence stones. They had no idea just what Situ Haotian and Lin Ming would do in this situation!

’’10 million... hehehaha...!’’ Situ Haotian sneered. It was already well within his expectations that Lin Ming would be offered this.

Situ Haotian suddenly looked up, his eyes sweeping over all the high level spirit boats. ’’This fellow martial arts cultivator is so generous! How about you stand out so this Emperor can experience such grandiosity!’’

10 million spirit essence stones was not a minor number. It was likely that the one who offered that amount was a divine Sea Supreme Elder. For instance, someone like Shang Yuetian, Fairy Snow Gale, Yang Yun, and the others. There was no need to mention Yang Yun's motivations - he was the Nine Furnace divine Kingdom Crown Prince. As for Shang Yuetian and the others, they also had divine Kingdoms that they followed, meaning they had no need to have their family clans pay this price. The other three divine Kingdoms would love to see Situ Yaoyue die. Let alone 10 million, they might even pay a higher price.

’’Humph, no one is willing to step forwards?’’ Situ Haotian sneered.

This scene caused Lin Ming to reevaluate Situ Haotian's strength. Since he dared to bring Situ Yaoyue into this dimension realm, he naturally had faith in his own strength.

'This group of old foxes is indeed unreliable...' Lin Ming frowned. He had planned to pull them in to help him out, but that now looked impossible. These people simply had no intention of tearing apart all face and engaging in a violent battle in this dimensional realm. At that time, even if Situ Yaoyue was killed, one or two divine Sea powerhouses might perish here under Situ Haotian's hands.

’’You little bastard, if you have a request then spit it out!’’ Situ Bonan coldly shouted. At this time, everyone's eyes focused on Lin Ming. In this sort of situation, every word he spoke would be under pressure. Because he lacked strength, there was simply no energy to back his words.

Lin Ming thought for a moment and then calmly said, ’’I will not kill Situ Yaoyue, nor do I need spirit essence stones.’’

’’Mm?’’ Situ Yaoxi and Situ Bonan absolutely didn't expect that Lin Ming would say such words. Situ Yaoxi sneered in her heart, coming to the conclusion that her threat had been effective.

’’You little beast, I guess you do know your limitations after all! Let's go!’’ Situ Yaoxi coldly coughed as she spoke and then turned, planning on carrying off Situ Yaoyue.

Lin Ming shook his head. ’’Hold up. Although I said that I won't kill Situ Yaoyue, we shall still defer to customary rules. After a life or death battle, everything on Situ Yaoyue's body is now my spoils of battle.’’


As Lin Ming spoke, the entire audience was shocked. Situ Yaoxi cried out in alarm like a cat whose tail had been stepped on. It had to be said that Situ Yaoyue had two great treasures on her, the Demon God Heartguard Mirror and the Great Desolate Blood Halberd!

The value of these two treasures was impossible to estimate!


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