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Martial World - Chapter 860


Chapter 860 - Great Desolate Blood Halberd




The so-called thunder spirit body, fire spirit body and water spirit body, those were in truth not special physiques, but rather what some geniuses were called when they had an extremely high talent in one of the five main elements. In terms of physicality, they weren't that different from someone ordinary.

As for the Ancient Phoenix Saint Body, that was completely different. That was a divine body that had once existed in the Sky Spill Continent during ancient times.

Although the history of the Sky Spill Continent from 100,000 years ago and further back was missing, there were still some glorious family clans with a long legacy that had managed to obtain some ruined jade slips or carved stones from ancient times, and had thus obtained minor understandings of the situation back then.

According to the available records, in the Sky Spill Continent of 100,000 years ago, that was when warlords and rivals all rose up together, with countless peerless heroes filling the land. The so-called Ancient Phoenix Saint Body was a physique that came from a special family clan. In terms of comprehending the Fire Laws, they excelled far more than everyone else on the continent. They could also summon a flame phoenix phantom and other such miracles that Lin Ming was performing right now.

Of course, no one could tell if these stories were true or false, and only a minor number of those present had heard these legends. There was simply no one that was able to confirm that Lin Ming's physique was the Ancient Phoenix Saint Body.

But without a doubt, there was definitely something special about Lin Ming's physique, otherwise it would have been impossible for him to display such a terrifying energy.

Originally no one thought that Lin Ming had a divine body or divine bloodline, and he would always be handicapped because of this. But now it seemed that not only did Lin Ming have a divine body, but this special physique was even superior to the Extreme Violet Dantian! Otherwise, since Lin Ming and Situ Yaoyue's cultivations were separated by so many small boundaries, how could her Cage of Darkness have been shattered by Lin Ming?

This was the embodiment of physique disparity.

All of the other heroic young elites couldn't help but be emotionally affected. A monstrous talent, lucky changes that defied the heavens, and now he even had a divine body!

How could any other hero of this era still call themselves a talent in front of him?


Lava tumbled and splashed into the skies. Within the lake of lava, there were still some rocks that hadn't completely melted yet. These rocks contained certain types of minerals that made them have a much higher melting temperature.

Lin Ming stood on one of these flame-scorched rocks, supporting himself with his spear. Because he had burnt the blood of the Ancient Phoenix just now, he had consumed an enormous amount of energy. Even with his endurance and energy, he still felt it a bit difficult to withstand.


Five miles in front of Lin Ming, the lake of lava suddenly exploded. Situ Yaoyue rushed out, looking like a mess. In that confrontation just now, she had directly faced the flame phoenix phantom that had rushed out from Lin Ming's body, and had to expend some of her blood essence to use her strongest attack - Demon Moon Extreme Heaven. Even so, she had been shaken and injured by the energy shockwaves. When this was coupled with her Cage of Darkness being shattered by the great torrential waves of flame, this had caused her to suffer a serious backlash, and now her injuries had become far worse. When she had fallen into the lava now, her protective true essence was like a candle in the wind, nearly fading away. Her hair and clothing had been ignited by the lava and burnt away. If she hadn't used the Concept of Darkness to form new clothes for herself then she feared half of her body would have been publicly exposed by now.

’’Lin Lanjian!’’ Situ Yaoyue stared at Lin Ming, her eyes brilliant and shining. Since she was born, she had never experienced such a difficult battle before. The Extreme Violet Domain and Cage of Darkness had both been broken and she had been seriously injured.

In terms of battle spirit and speed she was inferior to begin with. What she was proud of was her understanding into the Concept of Darkness as well as her Extreme Violet Dantian.

But when compared with Lin Ming, her Concept of Darkness was broken by Lin Ming's Concept of Fire, and her Extreme Violet Domain was inferior to Lin Ming's two force fields. Although she had a dantian variation, Lin Ming had an even more formidable divine body.

There was no need to compare their other aspects.

Every single domain she excelled in had been defeated one by one under Lin Ming's hand. Her once haughty arrogance had already lost all of its support.

Situ Yaoyue grit her teeth and pointed her spear right towards Lin Ming's forehead. Since the fight had reached this point, she could no longer back down. She had also seen that Lin Ming had consumed a massive amount of energy just now when he used that secret divine body technique. If they continued to fight, it was still uncertain just who would win and who would lose!


Suddenly, a violent and wild blood light shot into the skies. All of the flowing lava underneath Situ Yaoyue's feet froze, turning into black volcanic rock.

A strong infernal energy dissipated into the air, causing all of the martial artists present to feel their heartbeats quicken with fear. There were even some that found it hard to breathe. Just now it was like Situ Yaoyue had opened up an ancient sealed demon box, releasing an ancient demonic spirit!

’’That is...’’

Lin Ming's pupils shrank.

In Situ Yaoyue's hands, there was actually a blood red war halberd!

This halberd was 10 feet long and the shaft was as thick as an arm. Countless symbols were inscribed upon it. On the foot long halberd edge, there was a cruel demon engraving. Its expression was fierce and hideous, lifelike to the point where it seemed it would jump out. All those that looked at it couldn't help but feel their souls trembling in fear.

With Situ Yaoyue's delicate body holding this massive and thick halberd, it left an immense visual impact on everyone present.

'That is...' Lin Ming's eyes widened. 'That is the Great Desolate Blood Halberd! That is the weapon the Demon Emperor once used!'

It was unexpectedly held by the Asura divine Kingdom! Lin Ming sucked in a deep breath. Thinking of it, this wasn't too surprising. The Asura divine Kingdom was a super Holy Land with a 10,000 year inheritance. Their background was immeasurably deep. Since they had the Demon God Heartguard Mirror, it was also natural that they might have been able to obtain the Great Desolate Blood Halberd.

Lin Ming was extremely familiar with the Great Desolate Blood Halberd. Back at Revered Master Tianguang's birthday banquet, Lin Ming had fought Lei Mubai, and the weapon he used had been a replica of the Great Desolate Blood Halberd. Afterwards, Lei Mubai had perished under Lin Ming's hands, and that replica became Lin Ming's possession.

Then Lin Ming had gone to the South Sea battlefield in order to practice the 'Great Desolate Halberd Art' and had used this halberd for a very long time. This was also the reason why he tried to walk on the slaughter path. But afterwards, he discovered that he didn't have much talent in the slaughter path, thus he no longer used the halberd and switched back to his spear.

The halberd and spear were similar pole-type weapons. Lin Ming had practiced martial arts for many years and naturally had a deep understanding into those two types of weapons. As he looked at the Great Desolate Blood Halberd in Situ Yaoyue's hands, he could sense an evil demonic energy coming from it. That was truly an unlucky and ominous weapon!

'Saint rank artifact... also the halberd has an evil demon energy on it that causes it to rise above a normal Saint artifact!' Lin Ming instantly judged.

The Great Desolate Blood Halberd was obviously the final card Situ Yaoyue had hidden.

’’In the end... she still had to use it...’’

On the Godspeed Boat, Situ Haotian began to slowly shake his head. When he had given the Great Desolate Blood Halberd to Situ Yaoyue, he had urged her again and again to never use it until she was forced to bring out her last resort. And now, the time had come for her to bring out that halberd.

The Great Desolate Blood Halberd was a dangerous and unlucky treasure. After the Demon Emperor flew into the Realm of the Gods tens of thousands of years ago, the Great Desolate Blood Halberd had changed hands several times. With it, one could be called an earth-shaking character that awed the world.

However, written in the ancient records, it showed that Emperor level powerhouses that wielded the Great Desolate Blood Halberd had died horrible, unnatural deaths. Even divine Sea Supreme Elders were the same. They could be said to have insufficient destiny, and thus were killed by the unlucky curse that existed on the blood halberd.

There was even a case a thousand years ago of this occurring. The Netherworld Great Emperor had also obtained the Great Desolate Blood Halberd, and he had eventually died a miserable death when several Emperor level powerhouses joined forces to exterminate him.

At the time, Situ Haotian had participated in the siege of Silent Demon Emperor City, and the Great Desolate Blood Halberd had thus been obtained by the Asura divine Kingdom. For this blood halberd, the Asura divine Kingdom had to give up many other things.

After Situ Haotian obtained the Great Desolate Blood Halberd, he didn't use it. Instead, he sealed it up and suppressed it deep within the Asura divine Kingdom's dimensional realm. The Great Desolate Blood Halberd's ominous and unlucky history was well documented;even a powerhouse that was close to being the highest under the heavens like the Netherworld Great Emperor had still died because of its curse. Situ Haotian certainly didn't think he was stronger than the Netherworld Great Emperor, thus he hadn't used this weapon for the entire thousand years.

Even when he gave this halberd to Situ Yaoyue, he still sealed away the majority of the Great Desolate Blood Halberd's strength. That was merely how things were. Situ Haotian had told her again and again only to use this weapon as a final resort, fearing that she wouldn't be able to withstand the curse of the blood halberd.

’’So it was the Great Desolate Blood Halberd. The Asura divine Kingdom is really holding nothing back!’’

’’Hehe, Situ Haotian isn't a brash idiot. He's always been extremely careful;the majority of this unlucky halberd's strength should have been sealed away. Situ Yaoyue should still be able to withstand it. Even so, although this girl won't die to the curse, her destiny will certainly be affected. This is not a blessing for her.’’

On a spirit boat, two divine Sea Supreme Elders were casually talking with each other.

The Great Desolate Blood Halberd was extremely famous. Many of those famed sect Elders present certainly recognized this ominous halberd. For these past tens of thousands of years it had drunk countless amounts of blood, including even that of divine Sea Supreme Elders!

Legends said that this ominous halberd only needed to be casually dropped to be able to crush a mountain. It wasn't an exaggeration to say that this was the world's greatest ominous weapon!

’’To think that it's the Great Desolate Blood Halberd. This battle between the strongest Life Destruction powerhouses is truly full of winding paths and changes, with startling events happening again and again. I thought that Lin Lanjian had the advantage, but now that Situ Yaoyue has brought out the Great Desolate Blood Halberd, I have no idea just what will happen!’’

’’Lin Lanjian is in danger. That ominous halberd is as heavy as a mountain. A mere scratch or bump would be enough to crush someone to death. If that fell from her hands, it would shatter mountains, let alone when it is moved by energy. I wonder just how Lin Lanjian will block it?’’

’’He might be able to evade it and win through speed. Lin Lanjian's speed is called the highest below the divine Sea. He can still fight.’’ A sect Elder thoughtfully said.

Situ Yaoyue grasped the Great Desolate Blood Halberd and stood proud and arrogant above her island in the lava sea. ’’Lin Lanjian, this is the world's greatest ominous weapon. Today, I shall sacrifice your blood to it!’’

As she spoke, she rushed forwards. She wielded the desolate halberd downwards like a falling avalanche!

Lin Ming's face was decisive and cold. He evenly lifted his long spear and sneered, ’’The Great Desolate Blood Halberd may be called the greatest ominous weapon in the world, but just how much of its strength could you possibly display?’’

’’Humph! Then come and try it out! Meet my move!’’ Situ Yaoyue said as she smashed the halberd down at Lin Ming. The Great Desolate Blood Halberd was incomparably heavy. Situ Yaoyue had to expend all of her true essence in order to move it, without having any left over to use martial skills.

But, none of this mattered. Absolute power could break apart all techniques. Just wielding the Great Desolate Blood Halberd could be said to be her strongest martial skill!

This simple attack smashed onto Lin Ming. At this moment, it was like a mountain was falling down on him!

Lin Ming's pupils shrank. The Eight Inner Gates opened, the Heretical God Force erupted!

He spread his feet wide and sank his waist down, transmitting strength through his spine. With the support of the Gate of Limit, 1.5 million jins of strength erupted with his red spear!

To meet spear with halberd, all of the martial artists present stared with wide eyes, dumbfounded at what they were seeing. Even the divine Sea Supreme Elders were startled.

He wanted to directly resist the Great Desolate Blood Halberd!?


Spear and halberd crossed. An explosive ringing sound burst through the clouds and cracked stones, sounding like a thunderclap in everyone's ears and making their hearts feel faint. The red rock underneath Lin Ming's feet instantly shattered and a massive shockwave caused the lava beneath him to surge into the air, forming a tsunami of lava that was hundreds of feet high, directly impacting into the horizon!

Lin Ming held his spear with both hands. Because of the immense pressure, the spear shaft had curved like a crescent moon.

However, he had truly been able to frontally block the Great Desolate Blood Halberd's attack!

On the other side of the blood halberd, Situ Yaoyue's beautiful face was twisted, her eyes wide with utterly incredulous disbelief!


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