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Martial World - Chapter 859


Chapter 859 - Ancient Phoenix Saint Body




The Cage of Darkness covered all space for 100 miles. In the skies, endless waves of pale golden thunder still danced in the air, lingering on, a memory of that electric sword strike that seemed as if it could split apart the dome of heaven.

Everyone felt as if they were lost in a dream, waking up with nothing but hints of purple light and shadow within their pupils.

’’The Sword of Judgment, he actually did it...’’

Although Shibai had already expected this, he still felt it to be unbelievable. In just two months, both the Sword of Judgment and the Thunder Battleform, the two unique martial skills that the Eightfall Thunder Emperor had relied on to walk unrivalled within the world, had actually been learnt by Lin Ming.

This could no longer be described with just the word 'talent'.

Not just that, but there was no hitch in Lin Ming's control of these two unique skills. He was able to perfectly utilize the Concept of Thunder, skillfully manipulating the power of life and the power of death.

If Lin Ming had Situ Yaoyue's cultivation, then even a divine Sea Supreme Elder would perish under his hands.

Unfortunately, he was only at the peak of the first stage of Life Destruction, and the result of this was that he was being tightly suppressed be Situ Yaoyue. In that Cage of Darkness that was able to hinder speed, Lin Ming's velocity had plummeted. Every movement, every action he took required over double the normal amount of true essence. If he was unable to break through this cage, then it was only a matter of time until he was defeated.

In the Cage of Darkness, Situ Yaoyue had already turned into a wisp of black smoke. Her so-called 'slow' speed was only in comparison to a beast like Lin Ming. When compared to a normal Life Destruction martial artist, her movements were simply untraceable like a ghost!

’’Lin Lanjian, I want to see just how you'll break my Cage of Darkness! Go die!’’ Situ Yaoyue circled behind Lin Ming and stabbed out her long spear. Because she had the advantage of speed, Situ Yaoyue didn't have to use any fierce martial skills. Her superiority was that with Lin Ming's current speed being weighed down, it was impossible for him to block her fast moves.


Lin Ming flew backwards, his protective true essence surging around him.

Situ Yaoyue chased him. She took a step forwards and arrived in front of him, thrusting her spear out nearly three times simultaneously!

Lin Ming blocked the first two spear lights, but the third spear light actually scratched his right arm, causing blood to shoot into the wind.

’’This boy, his body's defensive power is like a dragon's!’’

Situ Yaoyue was dumbfounded. Although she was currently sacrificing striking power for attack speed, every spear strike of hers was still equal to the all-out attack of a top 100 ranked Destiny Decree master.

Even so, Lin Ming only had a minor flesh wound after receiving such a strike, as if his entire body was forged from profound metal.

’’Who cares how great your defensive power is, let's see just how many spear strikes you can take!’’

Situ Yaoyue rushed out once more, clearly wanting to use her superiority in speed to defeat Lin Ming. This method of fighting didn't seem honorable, but any winning tactic was a good tactic.

’’The Concept of Darkness can actually be used like this! Situ Yaoyue is truly a genius!’’

A martial artist commented. He had an understanding of the Concept of Darkness, but that had only stopped at the Laws of Devouring;he hadn't even heard about the second level Concept of slowing space.

’’It isn't just Lin Lanjian, but even if it were someone like Situ Yaoyue, who has a dantian variation, or if it were some monstrous genius with an inborn divine body or divine bloodline, they would also perish if caught in this Cage of Darkness!’’ To the martial artists present, the formidable and awe-inspiring majesty of a divine body, divine blood, or dantian variation had already been deeply rooted in their psyches. Thus, they used them as an example.

A blood red spear light stretched into a rainbow. This was Situ Yaoyue's third spear strike. Just as she was stabbing towards lin Ming's throat, a feeling of impending danger burst within her mind!

'This is bad!'

Situ Yaoyue's beautiful face paled. Just as her spear was thrust halfway, she forcefully retrieved it and stormed backwards. However, it was already too late!

Suddenly, a resonant and glorious phoenix cry resounded from within Lin Ming's body. The Ancient Phoenix mark between his eyebrows began to blaze with a fiery gold divine light. That golden light turned into a brilliant rainbow, seeming as if it had turned into countless golden swords that pierced the heavens!

In that instant, Lin Ming had completely burnt all of the Ancient Phoenix blood within himself!

At that moment, all of the divine Sea powerhouses present felt a formidable pressure pushing down on them, as if a true God Beast had descended upon the world. All of them revealed a trace of surprise. Even the normally calm Yang Yun revealed an expression of amazement.

Yang Yun was stricken. This feeling was...

100 drops of Ancient Phoenix blood combusted within him, forcibly summoning the majesty of the Ancient Phoenix God Beast that dwelled within his body!

Before reaching the Revolving Core realm, Lin Ming had often used the ability of burning the Ancient Phoenix blood within him. However, ever since he returned from Timeworn Phoenix City where he had absorbed 100 drops of Ancient Phoenix blood, this was his first time thoroughly burning it all.

Normally, a martial artist would burn their blood essence in exchange for a far higher combat strength. However, once that blood essence was burned it would disappear.

But the blood of the Ancient Phoenix was different.

The Ancient Phoenix was a God Beast of the heavens and earth, an existence that possessed an immortal body. Its bloodline was also the same. It could bathe within the hot fires of nirvana and be reborn. Thus, even if its blood was combusted, it would not reduce in the least.

Lin Ming had 100 drops of Ancient Phoenix blood within his body. If he completely burnt all of this then it could release a terrifying energy. Before Lin Ming had attained the body of a Life Destruction powerhouse, this massive amount of energy could have easily scorched his meridians. But now, after every cell within his body had been tempered and transformed by energy, his entire body could transmit energy without needing to pass it through his meridians. This was one of the greatest benefits of Life Destruction.

With this, Lin Ming unscrupulously burnt all the Ancient Phoenix blood within his body. A vast and titanic power of fire erupted, and the strength of the Ancient Phoenix blood poured into Lin Ming's bloodline, causing his blood to boil over.

In that moment, Lin Ming's entire body was lit aflame. The heaven-step Burning Star Flame howled as it rushed out, manifesting into a giant phoenix with a thousand foot wingspan that flew into the skies, directly impacting into the heavens!

The conflagration of flames was monstrous, earth-shattering! All of the fire origin energy within a radius of several hundred miles was stirred up by this massive phoenix, completely rushing towards the center. A red storm covered the skies as if a crimson tsunami had appeared in the heavens, enveloping the world!

At this time, space itself was scorched by the power of fire. A crimson sun seemed to slowly rise from within Lin Ming's body, glorious and magnificent!

Lin Ming's entire body was bathed in an inferno of flames. He bit down on the tip of his tongue. Then, the totem mark on the Heretical God Sprout that symbolized the Fire Source Laws suddenly emitted a flaming golden light.

Lin Ming's blood fused into the Heretical God Sprout, and a small golden phoenix slowly bud out from the leaves of the Heretical God Sprout. The small phoenix slowly flapped its wings as it flew into the air.

This small phoenix was countless times smaller than the one formed by the Burning star Flame. However, it emitted a divine light that blinded all eyes, with a far more terrifying energy roiling within it. This was the power born from the fusion of Lin Ming's blood essence and the Laws carved onto the Heretical God Sprout!

The small golden phoenix flew into the skies, melting into that red Burning Star Flame phoenix. As they touched, it was like a shining sun had suddenly appeared in the skies. The entire dimensional realm was completely covered in endless golden light, sparkling with a divine radiance.


Lin Ming coldly said as he flourished his spear. If this Cage of Darkness was immune to physical attacks, then he would use the burning light of source flames as his sword and cut away the darkness!

Kree - !

The golden red flame phoenix let out a keening cry. It rushed out towards Situ Yaoyue, bringing with it great billowing waves of flame as if it had emerged from the center of a star!

Ka ka ka!

Wherever the fire passed, space would melt and break away, causing a massive amount of chaotic power of space to overflow into the world and form a massive space storm. The wind caused the fires to become even more intense, howling with an even fiercer madness.

Situ Yaoyue paled. The thick darkness around her rapidly melted like snow underneath these roaring flames. Even the Extreme Violet Domain shook as if it would collapse at any moment.

'What is this? How can he contain such a terrifying power of fire within his body!?'

Situ Yaoyue was alarmed, panic filling her mind. She had thought Lin Ming was a thunder-attribute martial artist because of the various phenomena that occurred when he crossed Life Destruction. At that time, his entire body had been tempered by thunder, giving him affinity to Thunder Laws that no one could reach.

But she never imagined that his ability to control fire even far surpassed his ability to control thunder. It was like there was a blazing sun within his body!


The Cage of Darkness shattered. Situ Yaoyue violently trembled as she spat out a mouthful of blood. This Cage of Darkness was connected to her life. Once it was broken she would suffer a serious backlash.

And by now, the flame phoenix had appeared in front of her.

’’Demon Moon Extreme Heaven!’’

Situ Yaoyue bit down on her cherry red lips and spat out blood essence onto her spear. She grasped her spear with both hands and then slashed it downwards!

A crimson demon moon even brighter than the last one emerged out of thin air. It spun as it flew towards the flame phoenix, cutting into its chest with an unimaginable speed.


Energy broke out. The world seemed to lose all color as a massive fireball enveloped the entire world. The ruined mountain was completely melted in a 100 mile range!

Rumble rumble!

Rock melted, turning into rivers of surging lava. Red waves of flames washed over the land, causing the earth to tremble.

All of the surrounding martial artists were greatly shocked. The vast energy and tremendous pressure of a God Beast caused the Xiantian martial artists to not even be able to escape. Luckily, these juniors had masters to protect them. These masters grabbed onto the Xiantian juniors as they hurriedly retreated.

After retreating dozens of miles, they then turned around to see that the mountain had completely vanished. In its place was a gargantuan pit that was filled with hot red lava. The entire arena stage had already become a sea of flames. Lava splashed into the air, causing sweltering heat waves to spread out.

’’This power is... too terrifying!’’

It wasn't strange for a Life Destruction martial artist to have the ability to destroy a mountain. But, for them to completely turn a 100 mile radius of a mountain into a sea of lava, that was actually shocking!

’’Who is this Lin Lanjian!? I don't believe that an ordinary person can contain such a horrifying energy within themselves. This has nothing to do with talent, this is an issue of his body! Does he have a divine body?’’

’’I've never heard of a divine body like this.’’

Talent mainly manifested in martial arts talent, perception, battle spirit, understanding of Concepts of Laws, and other similar aspects. But no matter how much one excelled in these aspects, the amount of energy they could contain within their bodies was still limited. No matter how solid their foundation was, if they didn't have a dantian variation or a special physique that allowed them hold four or five times more true essence, then how could they contain such a terrifying fire energy within them?

And Lin Ming was only at the first stage of Life Destruction!

’’Such a compatibility with fire, this can't be achieved by just the so-called fire spirit body. In the ancient texts, there are simply no records of divine bodies. That is, unless you consider the ancient carved stones from 100,000 years ago. These are records that cannot be verified, for instance, the Ancient Phoenix Saint Body that once ruled the world...’’

On a spirit boat, a divine Sea Supreme Elder from an ancient Holy Land family clan silently muttered, his expression unsure.


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