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Martial World - Chapter 858


Chapter 858 - Cage of Darkness





As Situ Yaoxi saw Situ Yaoyue's shoulder covered in blood, she instantly felt her heart tighten. The talent Situ Yaoyue displayed was rarely seen in a thousand years in the Asura divine Kingdom. She was their greatest hope to lead and nurture the next generation! More importantly, she was a direct descendant of the Situ Family Clan, not like Situ Luosha whose main bloodline came from the Ancient Profound Hawk Clan, and whose only relation with the Situ Family Clan was his last name.

It wasn't an exaggeration to say that Situ Yaoyue's value to the Asura divine Kingdom far surpassed 2-3 divine Sea Supreme Elders. To Situ Yaoxi, Situ Yaoyue was her lifeblood.

’’That little beast actually dared to harm Yaoyue! Once he falls into my hands I'll tear out his bones and slice his tendons!’’

Situ Yaoxi's words trembled with anger as she continued to viciously curse Lin Ming. This was the only way to vent the anger in her heart.

She was also very nervous now. Once Situ Yaoyue lost, the consequences would be disastrous!

’’No, it's impossible, absolutely impossible! After Yaoyue's Extreme Violet Domain is broken she can release it again. But that little beast Lin Lanjian should have paid a deep price to do so;his injuries must be greater than Yaoyue's!’’ Situ Yaoxi said to comfort herself. Then her eyes flashed over to Lin Ming. Although the Extreme Violet Domain had been shattered, the true essence storm had greatly weakened Lin Ming's attack, and with the addition of the Demon God Heartguard Mirror's protection, it had reduced the lethality of Lin Ming's attack to its lowest point.

On the other hand, Lin Ming had to fully withstand Situ Yaoyue's attack! Although both were wounded, there had to be differences in the severity of their wounds.

Situ Yaoyue greatly hoped that she would see Lin Ming's entire body covered with wounds and looking like a dying man on his last breath. However, as she glanced over her face froze. Her complexion became increasingly ugly until it became red like pig liver.

She saw Lin Ming cough out a mouthful of blood, and then stand up from the ruins of that shattered mountain. He grasped the spear in his hands and slanted it towards the ground.

Energy slowly burned within Lin Ming's body once more. The dual Death God and Asura Force Fields were released together once more!


The force fields' energy erupted like a tide, spreading in all directions. It was actually no weaker than it was before!

Situ Yaoxi gnashed her teeth and uttered a string of curses, ’’Lin Lanjian, you damned little beast!’’


Lin Ming felt a searing pain on his back as if he had been scorched by fire. Luckily he had the Demon Emperor Armor protecting his body, otherwise that attack would have shattered his organs.

Situ Yaoyue's strength surpassed his expectations. He secretly revolved the power of the Gate of Healing, allowing the energy to circulate through his meridians. A trace of pleasant coldness followed, subtly revitalizing his damaged meridians and making him much more comfortable.

As the surrounding martial artists saw Lin Ming release his dual force fields again, all of them were left dumbfounded. He was severely wounded to the point of spitting out blood, so how could his aura still be this strong?

’’He forcefully resisted Situ Yaoyue's attack and yet he's still alright...’’

’’His aura hasn't diminished at all. Is his body made from profound metal or something?’’

’’He is simply a vicious beast in human form!’’

Situ Yaoyue looked at Lin Ming, a dignified light in her red eyes. Lin Ming's defensive power far surpassed her own.

Superior endurance, faster extreme speed, and there wasn't even the need to mention battle spirits. Situ Yaoyue discovered that besides cultivation, there was nothing in which she surpassed Lin Ming.

Lin Ming wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth. He glanced at Situ Yaoyue's left chest where there was a metal mirror that was faintly sparkling with black light.

’’Demon God Heartguard Mirror..’’

This was the final and most important battle, and Situ Yaoyue was also the most exceptional junior of the Asura divine Kingdom. It was also reasonable that Situ Haotian had given her the Demon God Heartguard Mirror.

This mere foot long black mirror could not be underestimated, because in terms of pure defensive ability, it surpassed even the main armor pece!

The Demon God Heartguard Mirror had to be activated by the Concept of Darkness in order for it to display its greatest strength. That just happened to be the Concept Situ Yoayue excelled at.

’’This is going to be a bit tricky,’’ Lin Ming thought aloud. That move just now was almost his strongest attack, but he could still only wound Situ Yaoyue. It simply wasn't enough to establish his victory.

Situ Yaoyue summoned true essence to support the injury that tumbled in her chest. Because her clothing had been torn apart, the snow white skin of her right chest was exposed. Situ Yaoyue casually touched it and caused the thick darkness around her to condense on her shoulder, turning into a solid black veil.

’’Lin Lanjian, if it weren't for the Demon God Heartguard Mirror then I might have lost just now. Don't think I'll give you the chance to do that again!’’

Situ Yaoyue's eyes turned cold and her killing intent reached the peak.

She found it unimaginable that she was pushed to this degree by a mere peak first stage Life Destruction junior.

Situ Yaoyue gave a loud shot;the Extreme Violet Domain opened once more!

At this time, a crazy Concept of Darkness gathered up like a tide, sweeping out in all directions. The glowing purple God Burying Sea drowned out all space within a hundred miles!

’’This is...’’

The martial artists' dozens of miles away all paled as they were surrounded by this purple sea. Even though they were only a little affected by these tides, they still found their breath stop in their throat and their heartbeats turn heavy. They had no choice but to retreat again and again!

It was obvious that the current Extreme Violet Domain's power and majesty had gone up by another level!

’’This is the Concept of Darkness! A darkness that covered a hundred mile radius! Situ Yaoyue's achievements in the Laws of Darkness already caught up to a divine Sea Supreme Elder!’’

Not only did Situ Yaoyue have the Extreme Violet Domain but she also had extremely high attainments in the Concept of Space!

A peak Emperor level always had one aspect in which they excelled, but their other qualities weren't bad either. While Situ Yaoyue was ordinary in strength, speed, soul force, and blood vitality, there was still one aspect in which she surpassed all other martial artists of her level. This was in her understanding of the Concepts and Laws. In this alone, she had reached an extremely high level.

The Nine Furnace Crown Prince Yang Yun stood above his golden divine carriage, watching all of this happen from a distance. He wasn't surprised that the Asura divine Kingdom would send out Situ Yaoyue for the last battle.

For a divine Kingdom to carefully and secretly raise a first class heroic young elite with a chance to hopefully become a figure like the Nine Furnace Highest divine Emperor, that wasn't strange at all.

He softly said to himself, ’’A once in a millennium Extreme Purple Dantian, this Extreme Purple Domain itself can't be considered much at all. Only if several sorts of dantian variations, divine bodies, and bloodlines are gathered together would that be able to be the opening prelude to the golden age I desire...’’


Situ Yaoyue slanted her spear and rushed forwards, her figure fading into countless black shades in the void.

’’Situ Yaoyue wants to compare with speed?’’

As the heroic young elites saw Situ Yaoyue's form fade away, all of them were bewildered.

In terms of speed alone, if Lin Ming opened the Gate of Wonder and also used 'Golden Roc Shattering the Void', he would easily be considered the man with the highest max velocity underneath the divine Sea. No one was able to challenge his position in this regard. Situ Yaoyue was strong, but wasn't she making a mistake to compare speed?

’’Mm? Something's wrong! After the Extreme Violet Domain fused with the Concept of Darkness, it's as if space has become sticky!’’

Just like the Concept of Fire had nine levels of Laws, the Concept of Darkness also had more than a single Law. The first Law was to devour true essence, and the second Law was to turn space viscous!

Darkness was similar to chaos. Once darkness became thick enough, even space would become viscous. This stickiness would make all motions slower. When Lin Ming was at the King's Cage in Polaris Tower, he had gone through the Cage of Chaos, and this current viscous black darkness that suppressed all feeling brought back vivid memories of that.

Ho - !

A hundred miles of darkness came shrouding down with overwhelming might;it was unavoidable!

Lin Ming felt as if he had fallen into a black swamp. His breathing was slightly blocked, and even moving consumed more true essence. Moreover, his speed was less than 30% of its usual standard. Even his attacks were greatly weakened because of the lowered speed.

’’What a mysterious Concept of Darkness!'

The Concept of Darkness was a Concept that surpassed the five elements. It could even stand shoulder to shoulder with the Concept of Space and Time, the Concept of Annihilation, and the Concept of Eternity.

Thus, the Concept of Darkness naturally had its own advantages!

Prior to this, Lin Ming's understanding of the Concept of Darkness was next to nothing. The Demon Emperor had a very deep understanding into the Concept of Darkness and the Demon Emperor Armor also needed the Concept of Darkness in order to activate. Unfortunately, the soul fragments of the Demon Emperor that Lin Ming swallowed had been incomplete and they lacked information on this aspect.

’’Lin Lanjian, now that you've entered my Extreme Violet Domain and my Cage of Darkness, your loss has already been decided!’’

The Cage of Darkness was able to contain Lin Ming's attack speed and movement speed. Situ Yaoyue could use this method to gain the advantage in movement and attack Lin Ming with absolute speed.

’’Demon Moon Seal!’’

The blood red demon moon rushed out of Situ Yaoyue's spear once more, howling into the void!

Lin Ming had just fallen into the Cage of Darkness and wasn't yet able to determine the characteristics of the Laws of Darkness. At this time, he saw the crimson demon moon cutting straight towards him!

The void shattered. The whistling sound thrust straight into his ears!

Lin Ming's pupils shrank. He opened the Gate of Wonder.

Golden Roc Shattering the Void!

He tread on space. Normally, he would be able to easily pass 10 miles with a single step, but now he could only cross several hundred feet at a time.

The Demon Moon Seal only flashed as it chased after him!

’’This is bad!’’

Although he was mentally prepared for this, Lin Ming never thought that the Cage of Darkness would be able to limit his movements to such a degree.

Moreover, the faster he moved, the greater the resistance became!

The crimson moon cut straight towards him. At this critical moment, Lin Ming gave a loud shout. The Thunder Battleform scaled thunder armor suddenly exploded, condensing into a divine sword of purple thunder in his hand!

This was the second martial skill that the Eightfall Thunder Emperor had relied on to roam unrivalled throughout the world.

The Sword of Judgment!

Now that it was displayed with Lin Ming's peak first stage Life Destruction cultivation, although it was far, far inferior to the Eightfall Thunder Emperor's power, it was still able to split apart a mountain!

’’Chop!’’ Lin Ming shouted out loud. He brought his hand down, the sword diving downwards, splitting apart the endless skies!

He would chop apart the Demon Moon Seal along with this Cage of Darkness!


The sword of thunder clashed together with the Demon Moon Seal. An explosive sound burst out as a brilliant beam of crackling thunder directly impacted the skies. A wild and rampaging energy surged in all directions. The Demon Moon Seal had broken apart, but although the Cage of Darkness was also cut open, it immediately closed up!

’’Hahahahaha! Stop wasting your strength! How can you possibly cut apart the darkness? It is impossible for you to break my cage!’’ Situ Yaoyue slowly said as she saw Lin Ming's strike ineffective against the darkness. In this force field where the Cage of Darkness and Extreme Violet Domain superimposed on each other, she was the master! She controlled everything here!

’’I see. So that's how it is. Darkness is invisible and intangible, immune to all physical attacks...’’

In his first time facing an opponent who was so skilled in the Concept of Darkness, Lin Ming had suffered a loss because he simply didn't understand it. But now he had gained a rough understanding of just what it was.

He looked at Situ Yaoyue and calmly said, ’’Since you say that your Cage of Darkness cannot be broken, then let me show you just how I'll shatter it.’’


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