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Martial World - Chapter 857


Chapter 857 - A Bitter Fight




Behind Lin Ming, the golden python had clearly dimmed down, and its golden pupils were looking at that black sea with a hint of fear.

’’If you cannot break my Extreme Violet Domain, then all of your moves will be swallowed by my God Burying Sea!’’ Situ Yaoyue was already smirking as if she had won. The Extreme Violet Domain was the ability she was the most proud of within her repertoire. ’’This time it's my turn to attack!’’

Situ Yaoyue raised her high-grade heaven-step spear high in the air. A blood red light directly impacted into the sky, like a column that supported the heavens. The bright red demon moon above the God Burying Sea became even brighter, incandescent, as if it had been lit on fire. Energy surged into Situ Yaoyue's entire body as if she had become one with the sea behind her. Her aura was like a surging like a tsunami, boundlessly majestic like a great mountain!

Demon Moon Seal!

The blood moon suddenly dropped down, appearing right behind Situ Yaoyue. Her clothes dance in the air and her black hair fluttered like 3000 threads of silk, making her appear like a moon goddess. However, this beautiful scene was unable to stir up even the slightest appreciation from the crowd. This was because Situ Yaoyue's dominant killing intent was nearly sharp enough to cut off one's fires of life.

Situ Yaoyue slashed out with her spear. With a surge of energy, that round blood moon shot towards Lin Ming. As it flew forwards, it was like the sky split apart in its awake. The array formation that supported the mountain peak was split apart like tofu, rumbling and crumbling to the ground.

Facing this strike, Lin Ming revolved his energy to the limit. The Heretical God Sprout fiercely trembled as the Thunder Battleform crept over his entire body.


Lin Ming thrust towards the blood moon with all his strength.


Bloody waves surged into the heavens, blotting out the skies. Lin Ming was completely submerged within this raging tide.

’’He was swallowed up?’’

’’He'll die!’’

The stormy energy and choppy blood waves completely cut off all of the watching martial artists' perception. They simply did not know what Lin Ming's present situation was.

’’Even a powerful ancient vicious beast would die horribly if they were submerged in such a terrifying energy!’’ This sort of energy caused chills to crawl up everyone's backs, even though they were dozens of miles away. This was simply like a blood pond had been raised from the depths of hell.

Bloody waves tumbled as before. But with a harsh piercing sound, a silver white divine blade thrust into the skies.

This was Lin Ming's silver battle spirit.

The silver battle spirit cut the blood moon in half! An azure spear light shot out from the choppy waves. It compressed together, shooting towards Situ Yaoyue!

Puff puff!

A spear light pierced through the God Burying Sea. The intense collision formed a violently spinning storm that spread out for several miles. However, it was still inevitably being swallowed up. By the time that spear light reached Situ Yaoyue, it only had half of its strength left. Situ Yaoyue merely chopped down with her spear, easily blocking Lin Ming's spear light.

Lin Ming stood in the distance. His clothes had been melted by that blood energy just now and great portions of them were in tatters. For a martial artist, their clothes were next to their skin, within their bodily protective true essence. If clothes were damaged, then that was proof that Lin Ming's protective true essence had ruptured just now!

’’That boy was submerged in those blood waves, and even though his protective true essence shattered, his true body was actually unharmed? That defensive power is horrifying!’’

’’It doesn't matter how horrifying it is;everything is useless against Situ Yaoyue. An Extreme Violet Domain that can project into the world, fused with the Darkness Laws, it can devour all energy. Even Lin Lanjian's attack is weakened by 50%!’’

’’Situ Yaoyue is invincible within the Extreme Violet Domain, and her attacks are also powerful, even more so than Lin Lanjian's! If he can't break through the Extreme Violet Domain then he will lose here!’’

Situ Yaoyue had the blood demon moon behind her for attacks and the Extreme Violet Domain for defense. Without a doubt, Situ Yaoyue was worthy of being called the number one junior of the Asura divine Kingdom.

Above the Godspeed Boat, Situ Bonan was watching the fight with glee and excitement in his ruddy old eyes. ’’Good, very good! I haven't seen her for several years but Yaoyue's strength has exceeded my expectations. That little beast will definitely lose here!’’

Beside Situ Bonan, Situ Haotian's tight face also relaxed a bit. However, he still couldn't lay down the worries in his heart. Although they had the advantage right now, he would not feel at ease until they finally achieved victory.


’’An offensive and defensive ability...’’

Lin Ming took a deep breath. He had met many such similar opponents in the past, for instance, the Seven Profound Valleys' Puppet Faction's Mugu Buyu also had an offensive and defensive three-dimensional fighting system. Such an opponent was extremely difficult because they simply didn't have a weakness. In order to break such a system, one could only attack it with absolute force and tear it apart!

Ho - !

Lin Ming released his aura to the limit. Energy revolved within his body and his force fields erupted!

The Asura Force Field and the Death God Force Field, these dual force fields were released together. Power surged out in all directions, setting off a terrifying storm.

The Death God Force Field was able to extinguish life vitality.

The Asura Force Field was able to suppress a martial artist's strength and soul.

These two force fields superimposed on each other and fiercely collided with the Extreme Violet Domain.

Chi chi chi!

Situ Yaoyue could clearly hear her own force field being torn apart.

Domains and force fields were extremely rare classes of skills. Lin Ming had two high level force fields, however, when compared to the Extreme Violet Domain, they actually seemed somewhat inferior.

When Situ Yaoyue released her own force field she had been able to form a perfect defensive system and suppress Lin Ming's attacks to a great degree. In comparison, Lin Ming's force fields didn't seem as if they gave him any advantage.

In truth, this didn't meant that Lin Ming's two force fields were inferior to the Extreme Violet Domain. It was actually just the opposite. If Lin Ming combined his two force fields, it was far, far more powerful than just the Extreme Violet Domain. Unfortunately, Lin Ming was jumping ranks to fight. As a peak first stage Life Destruction martial artist going against a seventh stage Life Destruction martial artist, it wasn't just his force fields, but all of his abilities - including his Thunder Soul, battle spirit, self-created martial skills - all of it was suppressed through the absolute disparity in their boundaries.

If Lin Ming faced a martial artist at the same level, then by opening the Death God Force Field and the Asura Force Field, he could easily disintegrate their bodies and cut off their lives. He wouldn't even need to lift a finger to kill them.

The Thunder Battleform was also the same. If it were the Eightfall Thunder Emperor that were to use the Thunder Battleform, then with his incomparably thick true essence as a foundation, once he displayed that renowned ability of his, if he saw a Buddha then he would kill a Buddha! If he saw a god then he would kill a god!

In the end, one's cultivation was the most essential factor in one's combat strength. This was because it directly correlated to how much true essence a martial artist held within them.

’’This Lin Lanjian isn't human! A force field is such a rare skill and yet he just released two of them at once!’’ The martial artists watching noticed that a pale red energy field had formed around Lin Ming, directly contending with the Extreme Violet Domain. At the point where the two energy fields touched, constant sizzling sounds emitted into the air.

For such a person like Lin Ming, not even a ghost would believe that he didn't experience massive lucky chances in the past. It was far too normal for a genius to have encountered lucky chances. However, those martial artists that were jealous of Lin Ming's lucky chances now had to rethink whether or not they were qualified to obtain them. Even the dignified Asura divine Kingdom and its 10,000 year inheritance was forced to this stage by Lin Ming. The other influences here naturally didn't dare to covet anything from Lin Ming.

’’This fellow simply doesn't have a weakness. Since ancient times, those heroic young elites that excelled in a single aspect could proclaim themselves an Emperor level talent. And those that excelled in several aspects could be called the future highest under the heavens! And this Lin Lanjian is actually excellent in every single facet! I can't imagine just what boundary he will reach in the future!’’

’’Future? You still think he'll have a future? It doesn't matter if he excels in all aspects, because what he is facing is the Extreme Violet Dantian and the seventh stage Life Destruction Situ Yaoyue - she is also a peak Emperor level talent that might become someone close to the highest under the heavens! Once he dies in this battle then everything he's ever done will be nothing but a fading dream.’’


’’Interesting! You also have a force field domain, and even more than one!’’ Situ Yaoyue calmly said. But, the truth was that she was secretly stupefied. Compared to Lin Ming's talent, she was far from being able to compare with him. She was only average in the aspect of will;she had not yet been able to comprehend her own battle spirit.

As for Lin Ming's battle spirit, that had already surpassed the level of a divine Sea Supreme Elder's. As for speed, endurance, and the solidity of foundation, there was even less to say there. Now she had no choice but to resort to the Extreme Violet Domain that she was so proud of. Even so, Lin Ming had unexpectedly opened up two force fields in his battle with her, and the rank of these force fields were even superior to her own!

Facing this unrivalled talent whose only weakness was his lower cultivation, Situ Yaoyue felt an immense pressure on herself.

She gripped her long spear, drawing a crescent moon in the air. Without expression she said, ’’Although I may not defeat your martial path today, I will still kill you here and use you to pave my road to becoming an Emperor!’’

Lin Ming lightly chuckled, ’’It's like you think you've already won.’’

’’Words are useless. I will prove this with the truth!’’

’’Then make your move. Let me see just how difficult it is to break your Extreme Violet Domain!’’

As his voice fell, Lin Ming's aura rose even higher, becoming boundless and majestic. The force field collision became even more intense, as if the skies themselves were about to collapse!

Situ Yaoyue rose up, a rich blood energy swirling around her. She lifted her spear high in the air and a bloody light pierced through the sky. The round demon moon appeared behind her once more.

’’Bury the Heavens!’’

The Darkness Laws fused with the 'Great Desolate Halberd Art' and then also combined with Situ Yaoyue's slaughter path. With a thrust of her spear, a vast and limitless darkness covered the heavens.

This was the potential of the true Bury the Heavens!

Lin Ming's pupils shrank. In the face of such a powerful Situ Yaoyue, he naturally wouldn't hold back. He raised his long spear. The Heretical God Sprout howled and a crazy amount of potent fire energy poured into his spear.


Space around Lin Ming's spearpoint seemed to shatter like glass. The power of space wildly rushed out, merging together with the flames on the spear. A space storm howled, and the space winds fueled the raging fires. The power of fire and the power of space erupted, creating a demonic flame that burnt down the void!

’’Bury the Heavens!’’

What Lin Ming and Situ Yaoyue used were the same move. However, these two Bury the Heavens had been transformed. By combining the Concepts that they excelled at, they were completely different from the Bury the Heavens inspired by the 'Great Desolate Halberd Arts'.

Lin Ming's Bury the Heavens used the Concept of Space to break apart the void, destroying the skies. And Situ Yaoyue's Bury the Heavens used the Concept of Darkness to swallow the skies. Both of them were different, but the power was similarly formidable!


Lin Ming became one with his spear. Like a fiery rainbow stretching to infinity, the spear light cut through the Extreme Violet Domain, with even the God Burying Sea split in half!

The two spears shot through the void like meteors before smashing into each other. The 100 mile mountain arena underneath them finally collapsed, turning into a massive avalanche that tumbled to the ground.

The ruined mountain was completely shredded apart by the explosive shockwaves!


Situ Yaoyue's expression greatly changed. Her Extreme Violet Domain had actually been torn apart!?

’’Darkness Laws, Storm of Annihilation!’’

Bang bang bang!

Countless waves of energy rushed out from the God Burying Sea, all of them attacking Lin Ming's stunning spear light. Both of them struck together, forming a terrifying explosion that recklessly spread out. Her Extreme Violet Domain nearly collapsed to nothing with this intense impact.


Lin Ming was sent flying backwards by the explosive shockwaves. A spear light bent around him like a whip before striking his back. His protective true essence was only able to offset a small portion of the power before breaking! The clothing on Lin Ming's back was torn apart as he spat out a mouthful of blood!

In that moment, he felt as if his spine itself would break. Luckily, the Demon Emperor Armor was able to offset much of the power. Combined with the Gate of Limit having tempered his spine, he forcefully withstood this blow without serious injury.


Seeing her strike succeed, Situ Yaoyue's gloomy expression from seeing her Extreme Violet Domain torn to pieces eased a bit. She was well aware of that attack just now. Even a slight rub would instantly kill a sixth stage Life Destruction martial artist! Even if Lin Ming managed to defend against it, he would still be severely wounded!

However, she hadn't been able to smile before her lips froze. She watched helplessly on as the space storm in front of her carried an azure spear light that stabbed out at her. It contained the power of a silver battle spirit, thrusting straight towards her chest!

The speed was just too fast. Moreover, Situ Yaoyue had exhausted her true essence with those two consecutive moves and hadn't yet been able to summon new energy. She had no chance of resisting this attack!

This strike might pierce through her chest!


At this critical moment, the Demon God Heartguard Mirror hidden within Situ Yaoyue's chest shined out with a black and glorious light, forcefully diverting the azure spear light by a small amount.

The spear light turned away from her heart and towards her collarbone.

Situ Yaoyue's protective true essence was unable to stop it even a little bit. Blood shot into the wind. Situ Yaoyue lightly coughed as the clothing on her beautiful shoulder was torn apart, exposing torn flesh and fresh blood!

She was left heavily panting for breath, her milky white chest heaving up and down. Because her clothes had been torn, the Demon God Heartguard Mirror was completely revealed, with faint and mysterious runes still swirling around it.

Just what kind of terrifying attack was this? After breaking through the Extreme Violet Domain, it also passed through the horrifying space storm, and even with just a wisp of spear light left, it was still enough to heavily attack Situ Yaoyue!

If it weren't for Situ Haotian lending her the Demon God Heartguard Mirror ahead of time, then even though that one strike would not have been fatal, it would still have reduced her combat strength by half. At that time, the results could be imagined!

’’Situ Yaoyue was injured!’’

’’That spear strike just now was too terrifying. It didn't even melt away after passing through that horrifying space storm. Is this the might of a silver battle spirit?’’

No one expected that Situ Yaoyue, who had held the advantage the entire time, would suddenly be injured. This was because her seventh stage Life Destruction cultivation and Extreme Violet Domain were far too intimidating;there was nearly no one that believed Lin Ming would win. From the very start of the fight, Lin Ming had fallen into the inferior position. But now, after all the twists and turns of life, Lin Ming's spear had actually wounded Situ Yaoyue! Even with the Demon God Heartguard Mirror protecting her, Situ Yaoyue was still heavily injured.

In truth, the reason that Lin Ming was able to accomplish this was not just because the silver battle spirit was attached to his spear;that was still not enough to make up for the difference in total true essence. But, Lin Ming's true essence had a special attribute of endlessness to it. It could continuously grow, giving it a tenacity that far outstripped all other types of true essence at his level.


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