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Martial World - Chapter 856


Chapter 856 - Extreme Violet Domain, Demon Moon Illuminating the Sky




In the 100 mile wide area, Lin Ming and Situ Yaoyue were only standing 200 feet apart in the air. To a top master, this distance wouldn't even take the blink of an eye to cross.

Once the two fought, this would absolutely be an earthshaking event!

’’Back away, everyone back away! Retreat several dozen miles or else you might be affected!’’ A sect Elder began to direct the young elites of his sect to withdraw.

Although they all hoped to be closer, the martial artists present knew just how serious the gravity of the situation was, and they all retreated together, not stopping until they were over 20 miles away. They stood there, breath abated, their sight completely concentrated on the movements of the two as they anticipated the violent and raging fight that could erupt at any moment.

This battle was simply too exciting. It would be the greatest battle in the Sky Spill Continent for the last 1000 years, a soul stirring, blood boiling battle that was more breathtaking than a duel between divine Sea Supreme Elders.


With the ring of the great bell, Lin Ming and Situ Yaoyue still didn't move. They kept their distance of 200 feet, both of them looking down on the other.

Situ Yaoyue's armor was covered with extremely fine patterns. Lin Ming, who had an extremely high understanding of inscription symbols and arrays, could see that this armor was actually a high-grade heaven-step treasure.

A defensive high-grade heaven-step treasure was several times more precious than an offensive treasure. There were even many divine Sea Supreme Elders that didn't have one. Yet, Situ Yaoyue was able to wear this. From this alone it could be seen just how deep the inheritance of the Asura divine Kingdom was.

The two people faced each other for several dozen breaths of time. Then, Situ Yaoyue smiled, a brilliance that could cause nations to tumble. She said with a low and strong voice, ’’My name is Situ Yaoyue, remember it well!’’

As she smiled, the myriad stars seemed to dim down, as if they had all been eclipsed by her smile.

'The starlight was swallowed?'

Lin Ming looked towards the sky, a trace of interest flashing over his face. A mere smile had been able to dim the starlight. Was this the Law of Darkness?

’’How could the sky have turned dark...?’’

All of the martial artists present had been completely concentrated on Lin Ming and Situ Yaoyue. They didn't even know when, but at some point the bright moon in the sky began to pale, until the moon and stars completely vanished. A thick cover of darkness slowly enveloped the world, as if some invisible ancient vicious beast had devoured the heavens!

’’What is going on?’’

All of the martial artists present paled. Their vision hadn't been affected by this darkness, but the sudden fall of gloom had caused all of them to feel a trace of fear.

’’Look behind that woman!’’

A martial artist suddenly cried out in alarm. Everyone followed his eyes, and saw that behind Situ Yaoyue, all of the darkness seemed to gather together, forming a pure sea of black chaos.

The sea surged, mighty waves of pitch black tumbling about. Deep within that sea, a blood red demon moon slowly began to rise. All around that crimson demon moon, a sparkling purple light shone!

This strange scene shocked everyone present!

’’What is that? Is that an illusionary attack used by that woman?’’

’’It's not an illusion...’’ A Life Destruction old man from a Holy Land family clan took a deep breath as he saw the sparkling purple light in that sea of black chaos. ’’That is the Extreme Violet Dantian... the Extreme Violet Dantian can become a sea of purple. It is a special inherent trait that one is born with. The dantian does not need to form a Revolving Core in order to store a massive amount of true essence. As for the demon moon phenomenon behind that woman, that is the projection of the Extreme Violet Dantian into the world. That is a sort of domain!

’’Extreme Violet Dantian? Domain?’’

That was a dantian variation that many Supreme Elders of ancient times had. It was said that 20,000-30,000 thousand years ago, the highest under the heavens at that time also possessed the Extreme Violet Dantian!

When an ordinary martial artist trained their dantian, besides the immediate area outside of the Revolving Core crystal nucleus, the other regions of their dantian were mostly empty. At most, there would be some true essence mist floating about. But for an Extreme Violet Dantian martial artist, these regions were filled by the so-called 'purple sea'. The purple sea was in truth liquefied energy. In other words, an Extreme Violet Dantian martial artist had a total true essence quantity several times that of an ordinary marital artist!

’’So that's the Extreme Violet Dantian... no wonder that woman can step into the seventh stage of Life Destruction!’’ The heroic young elites all had complex emotions crossing their faces. Some were jealous, some were resentful, and some were awed.

Normally, a martial artist that could step into the seventh stage of Life Destruction had to have some sort of special characteristic. For instance, the Nine Furnace Highest divine Emperor had an inborn combat spirit divine body, and the Sublime Smelting Imperial Grand Uncle had a king dragon vein.

But just by having a single outstanding aspect, it was unlikely for one to become the highest under the heavens. One had to have at least several areas in which they surpassed all others.

After all, someone who could be the highest under the heavens was only born every 8000-9000 years!

’’The Asura divine Kingdom indeed cannot be underestimated. Without any sign or smoke, they've managed to cultivate a peerless talent with an Extreme Violent Dantian, and they've also managed to keep her out until the last moment on stage. I wonder just how Lin Lanjian will be able to stop her.’’

Near the Sublime Smelting divine Kingdom's side, Ouye Qingfeng's expression was quite peculiar. Although he was vaguely aware that the Asura divine Kingdom had a number of Ascetics they kept hidden around, he wasn't sure just how powerful Situ Yaoyue was. If she could maintain her talent then she had a chance of becoming someone close to the highest under the heavens. At that time, she would be able to lead the Asura divine Kingdom so that they could stand on equal footing with the Sublime Smelting divine Kingdom.

This was certainly not good news to the Sublime Smelting divine Kingdom.

’’Lin Lanjian is in danger. Besides his foundation being extremely solid, he doesn't seem to have a special divine body...’’

To many martial artists, Lin Ming was undoubtedly a freak of nature. Whether it was strength, endurance, battle spirit, speed, or comprehension of Concepts, he far surpassed all other martial artists at his level.

But Lin Ming seemed as if he was missing a little something 'special', such as a divine body, divine bloodline, or variation dantian. This was because back in ancient times, there were many Supreme Elders that had similar divine bodies or variation dantians that they used to rule the Sky Spill Continent. As long one had a divine body or a variation dantian, they had the justification and public belief that they could have incredible achievements.

On the contrary, without these things, then just talking about solid foundation, moves, cultivation methods, or comprehension of Concepts, all of that would seem pale and weak.

This would cause people to not help but wonder just what Lin Ming would rely on to advance into the top three of the Destiny Decree as a first stage Life Destruction martial artist. With his foundation, perception, or battle spirit?

’’Lin Lanjian, you have killed 21 of my Asura divine Kingdom's people before this, and now, I shall be the one to collect their blood debt. Let me see just how you'll block my attack!’’

As Situ Yaoyue spoke, she withdrew a nine foot long spear from her spatial ring. The spear shaft was black and the spear blade was red. This was also a high-grade heaven-step treasure!

Nearly every martial artist of the Asura divine Kingdom used a spear;Situ Yaoyue was no exception.

A peerlessly exquisite woman, who seemed as if she were only 18-19 years old and had a slender body with a beauty that could cause kingdoms to fall, she actually wielded the spear, the weapon known as the king of weapons. This sort of scene left a great visual impact that caused others to exclaim in awe.

Lin Ming also raised his spear. Thunder wildly danced off of the spear edge.

On one side was a graceful beauty and on the other was a handsome chosen pride of heaven. These two individuals battled with spears;this was a struggle between kings!

At this time, Lin Ming directly summoned the Nine Heavens Thunder Soul, causing arcs of pale gold electricity to writhe on his spear.

Seeing Lin Ming summon this thunder once more, Situ Yaoyue laughed out loud, ’’Is this your Thunder Dominion attack? What a pity, your Thunder Dominion is useless against me!’’

’’Words are useless, come and test it out yourself!’’

Lin Ming took a sudden step forwards and the power of thunder burst out from his spear. The entire sky began to be covered with a faint pale gold Thunder Dominion. Arcs of lightning crashed down like electric snakes, annihilating all!

Chasing Thunder!

With a thrust of his spear, a ten mile wide Thunder Dominion enveloped the skies;it was unavoidable!

Situ Yaoyue's lips curved up in a tempting smile. She lifted both her hands and the sea of black chaos behind her suddenly exploded into the heavens. The blood red demon moon began to shine even brighter!

Extreme Violet Domain, God Burying Sea!

Sparkling purple seawater gushed out, forming a tide that reached into the vault of the heavens, vast and endless. Situ Yaoyue stood above those tumbling tides as if she were a mythical siren.


The purple sea and the pale gold Thunder Dominion collided with each other. In that moment, the sky separated into two obvious sides. Lin Ming's side was a brilliant gold flaming divine light, as if a sun itself were rising on his side. As for Situ Yaoyue's side, it was a thick and sticky darkness that was only accentuated by the crimson light from that blood red demon moon on the purple sea tides.

One light one dark, the struggle of these two terrifying energies seemed as if it would split apart the skies!

’’This is terrifying... I can't believe that this is a only battle between Life Destruction powerhouses.’’ All of the other martial artists present paled. The Extreme Violet Dantian truly lived up to its reputation. But, what was more mysterious was Lin Lanjian. He was actually able to overcome such a great disparity in cultivation boundaries and fight with her!

’’Nine Heavens Thunder Soul!’’

Lin Ming stretched out a hand, and the top grade heaven-step Thunder Soul hiding within the Heretical God Sprout suddenly burst out. Its form was that of a golden python. As the golden python manifested in the world it broke into the purple sea, turning over and over, wanting to tear that sea apart!

Situ Yaoyue's expression was cold as she suddenly thrust her spear outwards.

Law of Darkness, Storm of Annihilation!

Along with this spear, dozens of black water columns shot up from that purple sea, forming a terrifying black storm in the air. The Nine Heavens Thunder Soul miserably cried out again and again as it collided with this black storm. Lin Ming was surprised. This black storm actually had the ability to swallow the energy of a top grade heaven-step Thunder Soul?


Lin Ming recalled the Nine Heavens Thunder Soul with a wave of his hand, retreating backwards in the meantime.


The Thunder Dominion was completely crushed, all the golden light swallowed by darkness. The purple sea rolled backwards, flowing back behind Situ Yaoyue.

’’I already said that your Thunder Dominion is useless against me.’’

Situ Yaoyue's lips curved up in a taunting smile. Her Extreme Violet Domain was a sort of force field with the effect of swallowing all. It could even weaken and swallow an energy attack. With Situ Yaoyue also fusing the Law of Darkness into it, its devouring attribute reached the limit.

Unfortunately, Situ Yaoyue could not utilize this swallowed energy. This was because the property of this energy did not match her own. Swallowing this energy into her body would cause her own energy to becoming impure, just like swallowing pills.

’’Lin Lanjian is a bit worse. Although this is just a probing strike, that was enough to separate who was better and who was worse. This is a life or death struggle, Lin Lanjian is in danger...’’

’’Awesome! The Extreme Violet Dantian lives up to its reputation!’’

The martial artists present held their collective breath, staring unblinkingly at the two figures in the skies for fear that they would miss a wonderful scene.


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