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Martial World - Chapter 853


Chapter 853 - The Glory of Thunder




The Thunder Battleform was a lucky chance the Eightfall Thunder Emperor found within the Sea of Miracles. It was a thunder-attribute cultivation method found from ancient ruins that no one else had been capable of entering.

Following the Eightfall Thunder Emperor, there were a quite a few thunder-attribute martial artists that came from the Forsaken God Clan. Some of them even had a thunder-attribute Support Sphere. However, they were only able to obtain a very small amount of harvests from meditating on the Thunder Concept jade slips that the Eightfall Thunder Emperor left behind. They found it exceedingly difficult to practice even the intermediate thunder-attribute martial skills, let alone the Thunder Battleform.

Two months ago, Shibai lent the complete set of thunder-attribute jade slips the Eightfall Thunder Emperor left behind to Lin Ming, adding it to the Thunder Concept jade slips that Lin Ming already had. His intention had been to let Lin Ming grasp some of the basic techniques to control thunder as soon as possible in order to increase his own strength.

He never imagined that Lin Ming would focus most of his energy on the two strongest cultivation methods of the Eightfall Thunder Emperor - Thunder Battleform and Sword of Judgment. He worried that Li Ming had been to ambitious, but he never even dreamed Lin Ming would successfully practice the Thunder Battleform.

If he had successfully practiced the Thunder Battleform, did that mean he was also capable of using Sword of Judgment?

This was a cultivation method no one in the entire Forsaken God Clan had been able to successfully learn in the last several tens of thousands of years. Yet Lin Ming had only needed two months in order to learn it.

Just what kind of talent and perception was this...?

Shibai found this impossible to understand. Lin Ming's talent in thunder-attribute cultivation methods surpassed the scope of his imagination.


With a bursting sound, purple gold arcs of thunder crawled on the edge of the red spear. This was the Nine Heavens Thunder Soul. Until now, Lin Ming had never used this top grade heaven-step Thunder Soul.

As the thunder-attribute martial artists in the audience saw the Thunder Soul on the tip of Lin Ming's spear, their eyes began to shine. That was a heaven-step Thunder Soul! Not just that, but it was an extraordinary existence amongst all heaven-step Thunder Souls!

Such a grade of Thunder Soul could probably only be possessed by a thunder-attribute divine Sea powerhouse!

Lin Ming stepped on the void, instantly appearing in front of Situ Luosha. At such a close distance and by using the ghostly speed of 'Golden Roc Shattering the Void', Situ Luosha simply didn't have any ability to dodge.

Thunder Battleform combined with the attack of a top grade heaven-step Thunder Soul.

Chasing Thunder!

A blazing electric light shook the heavens and earth. Lin Ming's strike seemed to stir the power of the world, causing it to envelop Situ Luosha!

After crossing the threshold of Life Destruction, now that Lin Ming used Chasing Thunder with a top grade heaven-step Thunder Soul, the entire space ten miles around him seemed to have become a hell of thunder! Raging waves of purple electricity howled, drowning all of existence!

All of the martial artists present paled. This thunder seemed as if it was pulled down from the Thunder Dominion that was above the skies of the 8000 Mile Black Swamp. It was truly world shaking!

If these dozens of famed fifth-grade sect Elders were to be submerged in this sea of thunder, they would instantly perish and burn to ash!

In the face of this overwhelming sea of thunder that covered the heavens, Situ Luosha erupted forth with a loud shout. All of the feathers on his body stood on end. At this moment, a high pitched screech rushed out from his body, piercing through clouds and stones and spreading out for a hundred miles!

The two red wings behind Situ Luosha began to spin. A massive black hawk phantom thousands of feet long appeared behind him. This black hawk had four massive claws. It screeched out before soaring into the skies, spreading its broadsword like wings as it threw itself into the sea of thunder!

Bang bang bang!

A radiant purple light shined out for 100,000 feet, gorgeous and charming. Countless thunderclaps sounded out before melting into a single endless explosion. Many martial artists couldn't help but forcefully revolve their bodily protective true essence to block the terrifying sound waves. They were still shaken to the core, their ears in extreme pain with some of them even bleeding from their eardrums.

That black jaw shadow twisted and twirled inside that sea of thunder. In the moment before it was extinguished to nothing, it forcefully broke through the sea of thunder!

’’He blocked it?’’

’’Awesome! How powerful! That is truly worthy of a top ranked Destiny Decree master!’’

The scene of Situ Luosha and Lin Ming's battle was too shocking. The entire mountain was filled with deep crevices and the aftershock energy waves from their collisions spread out dozens of miles.

’’Situ Luosha may be surnamed Situ, but the truth is that his identity is greatly related to the Ancient Profound Hawk Clan. This Ancient Profound Hawk was otherwise known as the Black-Winged Roc. 100,000 years ago, it was an astounding ancient desolate vicious beast! A mature Ancient Profound Hawk could easily hunt down a divine Sea Supreme Elder! And Situ Luosha has perfectly inherited the bloodline of the Ancient Profound Hawk Clan!’’

’’Easily hunt down a divine Sea Supreme Elder? How is that even possible?!’’ All of the present martial artists found this unbelievable. A divine Sea Supreme Elder represented the peak strength of the entire Sky Spill Continent to them. So how could they be easily hunted down?

’’It's true. Legends say that 100,000 years ago, the Laws of the world were different from the present. Afterwards, the heavens and earth changed and those ancient desolate vicious beasts were never able to appear again. The so-called Saint Beasts we give now are just flattering titles touted by the ignorant. Perhaps they only carry a tiny trace of the ancient desolate vicious beast bloodlines.’’

The Sky Spill Continent's central region had many ancient family clans that had an inheritance that continued for tens of thousands of years. In these family clans there were some ancient texts that vaguely described the world of the Sky Spill Continent from 100,000 years ago. By combining this information together, one could speculate a number of things. These several sect Elders were only casually discussing and yet they disclosed such shocking secrets.

Many young disciples had never heard of the strange matters of 100,000 years ago and were greatly interested. They wanted to ask more questions, when a terrifying sound of thunder resounded in the skies. This sound seemed as if it could shatter the skies and lift the seas.

These young disciples paled;they hurriedly revolved their true essence to forcefully resist the sound.

As they looked up, they saw that a nearly 10,000 feet long golden python had appeared behind Lin Ming!

As this golden python twisted in the air, it resembled a living mountain ridge!

’’This is...’’

As the martial artists present saw this golden python, all of them felt their scalps tingle with dread. In particular the thunder-attribute martial artists;they were completely floored.

Li Ming had finally released the main form of the top grade heaven-step Thunder Soul he had absorbed in the skies above the 8000 Mile Black Swamp. When Lin Ming was in the 90 mile range of the Thunder Dominion this was the appearance that the top grade heaven-step Thunder Soul had taken! Before crossing Life Destruction, Lin Ming was only able to rely on the Heretical God Sprout to suppress that Thunder Soul;it was itself difficult to control.

Now that Lin Ming's entire body was tempered by the power of thunder and he was reborn, it wasn't difficult for him to control and galvanize the top grade heaven-step Thunder Soul.

Lin Ming evenly lifted the long spear in his hands. With rumbling sound, the 10 mile wide sea of thunder appeared once again!

But this time, the sea of thunder was not purple but a pale gold!

The pale gold divine thunder seemed to contain an aura even more terrifying than the purple thunder before, as if it were capable of annihilating everything!

All of the surrounding martial artists were dumbstruck. That localized Thunder Dominion had just been destroyed and now a new one was already formed! Moreover, this Thunder Dominion was even more terrifying than the last one!

With Lin Ming's strength, he was still unable to reproduce that pale gold lightning from the 90 mile range of the Thunder Dominion. But by using the top grade heaven-step Thunder Soul as a foundation, it was possible to reproduce a minor trace of the annihilating pale gold lightning within the purple sea of thunder.

Chasing Thunder!

It was the same move, but the power had more than doubled from the previous time!

Situ Luosha's expression was grim. After an intense exchange, he now had to confront an even more terrifying attack. Even he found this somewhat difficult to withstand.

A severe light flashed in his eyes. He bit the tip of his tongue and spat out blood essence. This was the source blood essence of the Ancient Profound Hawk Clan. Blood essence quickly burnt up in the air. Soon after, over 20% of the Blood Drinking Seals on Situ Luosha's black wings disintegrated. His entire body shined with a blood light and the faint cry of a hawk seemed to emerge from his body. This sound was even more terrifying than before and an even more solid Ancient Profound Hawk phantom grew out from his body!

This Ancient Profound Hawk phantom completely embezzled Situ Luosha in its center. In other words, Situ Luosha had himself manifested into an Ancient Profound Hawk as he soared into that sea of golden thunder.

Chi chi chi!

The Ancient Profound Hawk's feathers were divine swords that chopped apart the power of thunder. But at this time, with a terrifying roar, the massive golden python behind Lin Ming also dove into the sea of thunder, wrestling together with the Ancient Profound Hawk in a brutal brawl!

Situ Luosha had consumed the blood essence as the price to summon a greater and more powerful Ancient Profound Hawk. The Ancient Profound Hawk forcefully tore apart the sea of golden thunder, colliding with the golden python transformed from the Nine Heavens Thunder Soul, causing it to retreat again and again!

’’An eagle preying on a python, this is far too shocking! It's hard to imagine that this is a battle between Life Destruction martial artists!’’ The surrounding martial artist's kept their eyes glued to the action. Even if they couldn't understand what was happening in such a high level battle, it could still expand their horizons.


The golden python was gripped by the Ancient Profound Hawk's claws;it was about to be torn in half!

Lin Ming moved at this moment. The Nine Heavens Thunder Soul was only a part of Lin Ming's combat strength. How could he allow things to end like this?

With a step forwards, he instantly crossed thousands of feet. Lin Ming instantly appeared in the sea of thunder as he thrust out the red spear in his hands. But at this time, the spear point was burning with a blood red fire!

Chasing Sun!

In the last 20 some fights, Lin Ming had only ever used the Concept of Thunder and had never used the Concept of Fire. But now the alarming flames combined with the sea of thunder, creating a titanic detonation.

Lin Ming's spear carried a vast and explosive true essence force. It smashed into the back of the Ancient Profound Hawk.


The Ancient Profound Hawk issued a sad and mournful screech, It flew backwards and smashed into a mountain. A side of the mountain collapsed in a rumbling avalanche. Giant stone boulders the size of a palace broke off and were tossed into the air.

Situ Luosha knelt on the ground, propping himself on one knee with his long spear as he vomited blood on the ground;his face was pale like paper.

One of the black wings on his back was broken, half of it collapsed and dangled at a strange angle. This was the result of Lin Ming attacking the back of the Ancient Profound Hawk!

’’Is it over?’’

The martial artists present held their breath. The battle between the two had changed too quickly. Situ Luosha was prevailing, but in the twinkling of an eye, Lin Ming's spear of fire had stabbed out and completely changed the situation. The Ancient Profound Hawk phantom that Situ Luosha summoned had shattered, leaving Situ Luosha with a broken wing and blood flowing from his mouth.

Above the great jade ship, Old Man Good Fortune saw the battle play out before him and sighed. ’’Lin Lanjian decomposed his body with thunder, turning it into the most basic tiny units. These tiny units were then tempered with thunder before being reformed. He has already long fused the power of thunder into his body, and his compatibility with it has reached a terrifyingly high degree. Even the Eightfall Thunder Emperor's famous unique techniques were successfully and easily learnt by him. To display a part of the Nine Heavens Thunder Dominion's glory is impressive enough, but I never thought he would also have a similarly deep understanding into the Concept of Fire. It's just incredible!’’


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