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Martial World - Chapter 851


Chapter 851 - Luosha's Determination




As Situ Bai saw Situ Luosha volunteer, he suddenly let out a deep breath of relief, nearly collapsing to the floor.

Sometimes, when a martial artist faced a life or death situation, their attitude might veer towards one of two extremes. One would be a desperado, not fearing death nor danger. They would mostly come from poorer backgrounds and rely on this sort of character to grasp lucky chances, finally arriving at a higher boundary.

And then there were those that treasured their own life. These types of people would often come from large sects and would have enjoyed endless resources since childhood. They had already developed an inherent sense of superiority so how would they be willing to die?

Situ Bai was the latter. As a martial artist at his level, he had a life that would be several thousand years long. For as long as he wanted he could enjoy a life more luxurious than that of any mortal king of this world, enough to satisfy for a hundred lifetimes. Thus, he cherished his life, and this was also the reason that he found Situ Haotian's eyes so unbearable.


Situ Haotian's cold cough fell like thunder in Situ Bai's ears. Situ Bai shook and he was nearly knocked to the floor.

Situ Bai would rather be called garbage by Situ Haotian or disappoint him than to die. As he recalled the bragging talk three months ago when he said he could pinch Lin Ming to death even after he crossed Life Destruction, he wanted to tear his own mouth out.

In the end, Situ Haotian didn't send Situ Bai onstage. Situ Bai was worth far more than the red-clothed little boy was. Situ Bai was just over 70 years old, not that much older than Situ Yaoyue. He had a small chance of reaching the divine Sea in the future. However, because of today's mental attack, his chances of reaching the divine Sea had become that much slimmer.

Moreover, the most important point was that even though Situ Bai was more powerful than the red-clothed little boy, he wasn't that much stronger. If the red-clothed little boy could support himself up to Lin Ming's second attack, then Situ Bai would at most be able to withstand five attacks. The result would still be the same;Lin Ming's combat strength wouldn't be affected too much.

As a divine Sea powerhouse, Situ Haotian was not an idiot. According to his original plan, even if Lin Ming and Situ Yaoyue were similar in strength, or perhaps Lin Ming was even a bit stronger, his physical condition would suffer after having to continue through 20-30 fights. Small wounds or injuries would accumulate in his body - this was inevitable. He had prepared 20-30 slaughter puppets for the explicit purpose of wearing down Lin Ming at all costs. No one was able to fight like a mechanical puppet, never knowing exhaustion.

However, after observing over 20 matches, Situ Haotian was able to confirm that Lin Ming had a terrifying ability. And that was - self recovery!

With Situ Haotian's vision, he shouldn't have discovered this so late. But, Lin Ming's restorative ability came from the Gate of Healing;it was from a cultivation system beyond Situ Haotian's understanding. Even now he was only able to generally speculate about this ability of Lin Ming's;he simply wasn't able to identify just why Lin Ming's regenerative abilities were so strong.

Lin Ming's total energy within his body far surpassed that of a normal martial artist. Not just that, but he could also rapidly absorb heaven and earth origin energy from his surroundings, quickly supplementing any energy he consumed. This caused his endurance to reach a terrifying degree!

Also, Lin Ming's physical defense and blood vitality were extraordinary, and he wore the Demon Emperor Armor. Even if he was affected by an attack from those slaughter puppets, over half of those effects would have been melted away anyway. He would have only received a minor shock wound. If an ordinary martial artist were to continue this for 20 or more fights, these tiny shock wounds would accumulate and cause the blood energy within their body to be unstable, making their true essence chaotic.

But, Lin Ming's blood vitality was vibrant and exuberant. With the support of the Gate of Healing, his restorative ability was completely abnormal. Even minor wounds healed at ridiculous speeds. In other words, those 20 fights that Lin Ming had fought in before only had minimal effects on him!

Even if Lin Ming consumed a bit of his energy, he was still constantly accumulating momentum. After so many battles in which he slayed his enemies, he had become like an ancient and wild vicious beast, ominous and dire, his momentum seeming as if it had merged with the world itself. These battles had caused him to reach the peak in yet another state!

’’This damned boy!’’

Situ Haotian grimaced. He didn't blame himself for his stupidity, he was always careful. This method of using a revolving battle to wear down Lin Ming was reasonable and indisputable, but the one factor he never expected was that Lin Ming was actually such an abnormal freak.

’’Get out!’’

Situ Haotian shouted at the insufferable Situ Bai. After obtaining this pardon, Situ Bai scurried away with his tail between his legs, absolutely scared out of his wits. At this moment, even facing Situ Haotian was a form of suffering. He only hated that he couldn't grow another pair of legs and run away even faster.

Situ Haotian's sharp and brutal eyes swept over all the remaining martial artists. Even the several remaining slaughter puppets were frightened. Although they already came here prepared to die, none of them wished to face that vicious beast in human form, Lin Ming. The pressure that Lin Ming put out was simply too great;no one could see the slightest hope of themselves winning.

This was like when a death sentenced prisoner faced the guillotine, and their legs would finally tremble. It was because the cold shine of that guillotine blade was far too oppressive.

This was the fear born from killing intent!

’’A group of garbage!’’ Situ didn't intend to send these remaining slaughter puppets out. The strongest of them was only a bit better than the red-clothed little boy. He didn't want to uselessly send them off and allow Lin Ming to accumulate even more momentum.

The Great Demon Envoy actually didn't lower his head. Instead, he looked back at Situ Haotian with confidence in his eyes. From his eyes, Situ Haotian could not sense any fear at all, but instead a trace of determination. The Great Demon Envoy was not like these slaughter puppets. He was just over 70 years old and had a small chance of reaching the divine Sea. In the face of certain death, it was extremely rare for him to maintain his calm composure.

’’Demon One, you seem as if you intend to step onstage?’’ Situ Haotian asked.

The Great Demon Envoy cupped his hands together. ’’If Your Majesty needs, then this official shall go to battle.’’

’’Oh? You aren't afraid of death?’’

’’This official has repeatedly failed against Lin Lanjian. Although I fear death, I also fear that my determination and confidence will be ruined.’’

’’Good!’’ Situ Haotian showed an appreciative look. A martial artist that wanted to reach greater heights would first have to have a firm heart of martial arts. If they were someone like Situ Bai or the red-clothed little boy who trembled and faltered when facing a powerful match, then they could simply forget about ever reaching a higher boundary. Even if Situ Bai's talent surpassed that of the Great Demon Envoy, when he attempted to break into the divine Sea, he would encounter a heart demon that was birthed from his innermost fear of Lin Ming. A heart demon that was shaped like Lin Ming would have unbelievable power and control. It was likely that Situ Bai would be defeated by this heart demon and fall into obsession.

In order to step onto the peak of martial arts, one had to strengthen their determination and their own beliefs. This was because when climbing upwards to the peak of martial arts, they would have to encounter endless difficulties to begin with.

Situ Haotian didn't intend on sending the Great Demon Envoy to a battle he would certainly lose and die in. His eyes shifted to Situ Luosha, and he saw on him a similar determination.

As Situ Luosha saw Situ Haotian glance at him a second time, he pleaded once more, ’’Your Majesty, please allow Luosha to go to battle!’’

Situ Luosha was different from the others. Although he appeared solemn, he truly did have the confidence to defeat Lin Ming. This match would by no means be certain death for him. Out of all the people present, he was one of the peerless proud sons of heaven that the Asura divine Kingdom was raising. There was no business of the divine Kingdom that he had to handle - his only mission was to cultivate. As long as he remained focused, he had a great chance of reaching the divine Sea realm within 20 years!

’’This is truly destined retribution...’’ Situ Haotian let out a deep breath. Situ Luosha was one of his outstanding Ascetics;his value was even near that of a divine Sea Supreme Elder. If he died, it would be a significant loss to the Asura divine Kingdom!

Situ Haotian looked to the heavens and sighed. If he knew that this would happen then he would never have become enemies with Lin Ming. But now the Asura divine Kingdom was already riding the tiger;they were no longer able to back down!

As a divine Sea powerhouse and a dignified Asura divine Emperor, it would be incomparably ridiculous or him to beg for mercy from a Life Destruction realm junior. But, if this could solve the Asura divine Kingdom's predicament then Situ Haotian would disregard all shame to do this. But now, the problem was that attempting to ease their enmity had no meaning at all!

Apologizing now was in truth the same as admitting defeat and the same as saying that the Asura divine Kingdom couldn't fight Lin Ming even if they disregarded all costs to do so. Losing their national prestige was one matter, but the key question was: could Lin Ming truly lay down this past animosity?

If he were to become the highest under the heavens, would he not retaliate against the Asura divine Kingdom?

The Asura divine Kingdom had tried to push Lin Ming into a dead end several times. Thinking about it, if Situ Haotian were in Lin Ming's position then he wouldn't let this go either!


’’What's going on? How come the Asura divine Kingdom isn't sending out the next match?’’ After the red-clothed little boy was defeated by Lin Ming, an entire quarter hour passed without any reaction from the Asura divine Kingdom's Godspeed Boat. There hadn't been anyone coming out to battle...

’’Send send send your head! That red little boy was one of the Asura divine Kingdom's Imperial Scholars! Now even an Imperial Scholar has died. He was killed in just two moves by Lin Lanjian;he wasn't even able to support himself for five breaths of time! That boy is simply a monster! Anyone who goes up against him dies! If I think about it, those Life Destruction masters of the Asura divine Kingdom are probably scared out of their wits. They might just pack their bags and go home in a bit so that they can cry themselves to sleep tonight!’’

The one who spoke was a Sublime Smelting divine Kingdom Prince. His talent was ordinary and his words were like a scoundrel's. But, by relying on his Sublime Smelting divine Kingdom's background, he didn't fear that his words would offend the Asura divine Kingdom.

’’That's possible, otherwise how could they delay for a quarter hour. You know, the longer this goes on, the more beneficial it is for Lin Lanjian. They are just giving him more time to restore himself to his peak condition!’’

’’Are you just blathering on like an idiot because you can? What do you mean the longer this goes on the more beneficial it is for Lin Lanjian? Haven't you discovered that in these 21 matches, Lin Lanjian doesn't even seem as if he has consumed any energy? Instead, his killing intent force field is accumulating more and more! One comes up then one dies, two come up then two die!’’

All of the martial artists present were elite heroes of the continent. Even if their cultivation was low, they were still unrivalled peers of their sects' generations. Their eyesight was naturally better than an ordinary martial artist's.

Someone less than 30 years old who had just broken through to the first stage of Life Destruction had actually caused all the Life Destruction masters of the Asura divine Kingdom to not even dare to fight him! Just what kind of boldness was this?! Not just that, but this was a revolving battle and the worst of these martial artists could be ranked 160-170 on the Destiny Decree, and the stronger of them could reach the top 50 ranks of the Destiny Decree!

Even so, all of them had been completely killed off by Lin Ming. Not just that, but Lin Ming didn't seem to have consumed any energy. Instead, his killing intent only accumulated, every death superimposing on the last until it soared into the sky, seeming as if it was changing the world itself!

Now facing this Lin Ming onstage, even the famed Elders of fifth-grade sects felt frightened, their scalps tingling in horror.


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