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Martial World - Chapter 850


Chapter 850 - An Aura to Wash Away the Clouds




’’Your Majesty, I...’’ The red-clothed little boy's strength was ranked 42 on the Destiny Decree. Although he was much stronger than those slaughter puppets that had gone onstage so far, he still lacked the courage to face Lin Ming head on.

Even an idiot could see that Lin Ming hadn't used everything he had so far. He went back and forth with the same three moves and was already on a rampage right now. The red-clothed little boy didn't think he had a snowball's chance in hell of winning. And, in a life or death battle, the red-clothed little boy didn't expect that Lin Ming would show him any mercy at all.

He and Lin Ming had a particularly high number of grudges.

’’What? You don't want to fight?’’ Situ Haotian frowned, a faint killing intent exuding from him.

’’I...’’ The red-clothed little boy gulped before falling to his knees. ’’Your Majesty, please show mercy. It isn't that this official won't fight, but this official simply isn't that Lin Lanjian's match! I beg Your Majesty to spare my life. This official has always faithfully served and worked for the Asura divine Kingdom's best interests, please allow me to continue doing so!’’

Situ Haotian sneered, ’’Humph, I am now giving you your chance to faithfully serve. Have you forgotten just who it was that started this battle?’’

As Situ Haotian spoke, the red-clothed little boy paled until there wasn't a drop of blood left in his face. When Lin Ming had proposed a revolving battle, that had been done to reduce the pressure on the Forsaken God Clan. And, the turning point for that had been the red-clothed little boy. He had taken advantage of his superior strength at the time to bully Lin Ming and declare the battle against him. He had even said that he would lose if he couldn't defeat Lin Ming within 10 moves.

Finally, the result was that Lin Ming didn't dodge the battle. Once he crossed Life Destruction he would challenge every Life Destruction master of the Asura divine Kingdom. In a sense, the reason that this battle even happened was related to the red-clothed little boy. Now that the battle had become much more difficult than they had imagined and the losses were mounting, it was natural for Situ Haotian to vent his anger on him!

The red-clothed little boy's forehead was wet with sweat. He regretted his previous decision so much that his guts turned blue. How could he have spoken words so cheaply? This was really what they meant by careless talk causes trouble.

He wanted to say that the one who finally agreed to this battle was Situ Haotian himself, but he didn't have this courage. He feared that saying such words would cause Situ Haotian to kill him right here with a single palm.

It wasn't just the red-clothed little boy who was soaked in a cold sweat, but Situ Haotian's elder disciple Situ Bai also felt his palms sweat. He was ranked 26 on the Destiny Decree. There was a chance he could defeat Lin Ming, but it was more likely he would suffer a ruinous fate. When he had been at the Forsaken God Clan's Realmheart Great Hall and Lin Ming had declared he would battle all the Life Destruction masters of the Asura divine Kingdom, he too had participated in that with several cheap words he now bitterly regretted.

He had even said that he wouldn't need anyone to deal with Lin Ming after he crossed Life Destruction. Situ Bai had said he could single-handedly defeat Lin Ming.

Now that he thought back to those words, he really wanted to smash his head into a wall.

Once the red-clothed little boy lost, wouldn't he be next on the list to enter the stage?

’’Will you fight or not?’’ Situ Haotian glared at the red-clothed little boy. The red-clothed little boy wasn't part of the Situ Family Clan and had lived for over 1500 years already. His chances of breaking through to the divine Sea were near zero. If he died then he died;it wouldn't too great a loss.

’’I... I will fight.’’

The red-clothed little boy grit his teeth. Compared to being directly executed here by Situ Haotian, he might as well challenge Lin Ming.

Perhaps he might have a slim chance of survival.

Moreover, if he died in battle then his family clan would at least obtain the shelter of the Asura divine Kingdom. If they were executed because of him then that would really be an injustice.

The red-clothed little boy took a deep breath and flew off of the Godspeed Boat.

’’It's you...’’ Lin Ming said with a faintly interested smile. He and the red-clothed little boy who was an Asura Imperial Scholar could be said to have a very deep enmity. He had been chased by this little boy into the 8000 Mile Black Swamp and had also been challenged by him in the Forsaken God Clan's Realmheart Great Hall.

’’You challenged me three months ago and we set a date, but I never thought you would actually come.’’ Although Lin Ming was smiling, his killing intent didn't diminish in the least.

’’Cut the crap. Don't think that you will definitely defeat me!’’ The red-clothed little boy placed all of his hatred onto Lin Ming. Ever since he met Lin Ming, that was when his unlucky fate began.

He gave a loud shout and his body blew up like a balloon, his muscles sticking out. He grasped a thick lance in his hands.

The only problem was that he still had the appearance of a little boy;it made it very awkward looking at him.

’’Samsara Devil Arts!’’

A six-armed demon phantom appeared behind the red-clothed little boy. Each of the six arms held a magic tool, its face pallid and cruel. It looked like an immortal underworld king from the totems of the demonic path.

The red-clothed little boy was ranked in the top 50 of the Destiny Decree. After using the Samsara Devil Arts, his aura suddenly shot up. Every martial artist in a 10 mile radius could suddenly feel a tremendous pressure pushing down on them.

’’That is one of the Asura divine Kingdom's three great Imperial Scholars, Imperial Scholar Xuan! A fierce character finally came out! This match should be worth watching.’’

’’That's right. Although Imperial Scholar Xuan shouldn't be Lin Lanjian's match, he should still be able to support himself for some time. Either that or he'll be instantly killed. Now that would be truly frightening!’’

The red-clothed little boy grasped the lance with both hands, a viscous chaotic and demonic energy revolving around the lance shaft. Just looking at this demonic energy made one feel as if their soul was falling for eternity.

’’Concept of Darkness?’’ Lin Ming was slightly surprised. The Concept of Darkness had the attribute of devouring all energy. Its degree of mystery surpassed the Concepts of the five elements and neared that of the Concepts of Space and Time. For this red-clothed little boy to be able to comprehend this Concept to such a degree, he really wasn't an ordinary martial artist. This was also the reason that he was able to stand out amongst all the sixth stage Life Destruction martial artists and rank in the top 50 of the Destiny Decree!

Myriad Demons Samsara!

The red-clothed little boy split into six forms, each one of them carrying a thick lance that curved like a snake. A deep and sticky darkness came shrouding down from the sky, swallowing up all the sunlight.

It was like the entire dimensional realm had fallen into darkness. The immortal underworld king appeared high in the sky, its six magic tools smashing down at Lin Ming.

This was the red-clothed little boy's strongest martial skill. He didn't dare to hold back against Lin Ming, otherwise he wouldn't have a chance in the future.

Facing this massive blow, Lin Ming was calm as usual. He held his spear with a single hand and drew a crescent moon in the air. The space around the spear edge began to quietly collapse.

Law of Annihilation, Chain of Stars!

Ka ka ka!

Countless cracks began to appear throughout the entire shroud of darkness, like a black mirror that was being broken apart!

Back when he was in the Timeworn Phoenix City's God Transforming Mirror, Lin Ming had already comprehended the Space Laws to the point where he was able to rip apart the void. And at that time, the space there had been even more stable than now.

The broken space fragments shot out, following Lin Ming's red spear around as he thrust it outwards!


Space continued to collapse. At the same time, that immortal underworld king phantom was being torn apart by the space fragments. A fierce and grim light flashed over the red-clothed little boy's face as the six lance-wielding shadows around him thrust at Lin Ming's dantian!

Puff! Puff!

Space fragments cut into the red-clothed little boy and blood shot into the air. However, he had already held onto the determination to die. He was completely unaware of all the damage being inflicted to him. His every thought was locked onto Lin Ming;he would rather die than miss this lance strike!

’’Mm? The Concept of Darkness can actually make the void sticky and limit my movements?’’ Lin Ming was about to back away, but he discovered that the space around him had turned into something like a swamp. His movements were hindered, causing him to be slightly surprised.

However he was only surprised. From the moment that he started this battle until now, he may have instantly killed his enemies so far, but in order to save his strength and also hide his cards he had only been using 40-50% of his energy.

After Life Destruction transformed his body, every cell within him had undergone a baptism of energy and he had thoroughly formed his spirit body. Combined with his body transformation cultivation, his strength far surpassed that of an ordinary Life Destruction martial artist to a nearly impossible degree.

His peak strength had never been revealed.

He flourished his long spear and opened the Heretical God Force to the limit as well as galvanizing the power of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates. All of the cells within his body began to breathe in unison. The energy that belonged to a Life Destruction martial artist burst out. At the same time, his silver battle spirit howled out and formed a silver white divine spear on the outside of his own red spear.

Lin Ming took a sudden step back and grasped the spear's end with both hands. He lowered himself, concentrating the power of his waist. With the support of the Gate of Limit, his spine tightened along his shoulder, gathering more and more power. His spear was like a red dragon about to leap out from the sea.

And then, Lin Ming shot forwards.

The void was torn apart like paper as the cold spear edge drew a scintillating brilliance through the darkness.


With a light sound, a dazzling flash of silver white light shot into the sky as a divine spear directly impacted through the nine heavens. Billowing purple thunder and waves of surging flames followed, as if the entire world were falling apart!

In that instant, the divine spear disappeared. The raging power of thunder and fire swept through the world, invincible and unstoppable!

Ka ka ka!

A crack several miles long appeared in the sheared off mountain peak. The red-clothed little boy's expression was dull and listless as he stood suspended in the air. Behind him, the immortal underworld king phantom also appeared bleak as it floated in the air.


The immortal underworld king phantom blew apart and the red-clothed little boy's lance split in half. From the lance edge to the lance shaft, the lance was cleanly cut open. This crack spread to the red-clothed little boy's body, forming a grim crimson line of blood that continued up his arm, cut through his dantian, stomach, chest, neck, mouth, nose... finally arriving at his forehead. Then, that bloody line continued around his spine until it formed a complete circle.

Next, underneath the eyes of everyone watching, the red-clothed little boy and his lance split in half, blood spraying into the air as his body and weapon dropped to the ground.

As the audience saw the red-clothed little boy that was split in half as well as that heaven-step lance that was also the same, all of them were shocked speechless. They had guessed that Lin Ming was hiding his strength, but none of them imagined that his true strength would be so horrifying. That medium-grade heaven-step lance had been split apart from edge to shaft as if it were a radish!

Lin Ming was like a juggernaut as he tore his way through all the matches so far without equal. Although everyone thought that the red-clothed little boy wasn't Lin Ming's opponent, they still believed he could last for a while. But, although he had managed to last until the second move, he was still instantly killed right afterwards!

So now it seemed that the reason Lin Ming threw his spear against those slaughter puppets was because he was hiding his ability and saving his strength. Otherwise, he could simply have used an extraordinarily powerful attack like this. Who cared if it was a suicidal attack? Both attack and person would have been completely torn apart by his spear!

He was simply a monster!

As Situ Haotian saw the red-clothed little boy's miserable death, the corners of his lips began twitching. His eyes swept over and he saw that Situ Bai's forehead was dripping with sweat, and his knuckles were gripped so tightly that they were white.

Situ Bai thought he would have had a chance against Lin Ming, but now it seemed that fighting him was certain death!

’’Garbage!’’ Situ Haotian spat out this word.

Situ Bai was frightened so much that he fell to his knees, his entire body trembling. He didn't want to die!

At this time, Situ Luosha stepped forwards and then kneeled on one knee, ’’Your Majesty, please allow me to fight!’’


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