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Martial World - Chapter 849


Chapter 849 - Without Equal




Hu - !

Five Poison King quickly laid down his array. In the blink of an eye, a purple fog emerged from the ground and completely enveloped him. This purple fog was Five Poison King's special defensive array formation that contained his particular poisonous true essence. If a martial artist broke through this array formation, then even if they had bodily protective true essence, as long as they were touched by this purple fog then the poison would sneak into their body and injure them.

’’You also don't seem afraid of death?’’

Lin Ming walked forwards, one step at a time.

Five Poison King quickly laid down a second array formation and another layer of purple fog appeared, making the defense even tighter. He said without emotion, ’’We are already dead. As long as we can wound you, that is enough to bring luck to our descendants.’’

’’So that's how it is...’’

As his voice fell, a shimmer of cold light suddenly burst out from Lin Ming's eyes. It looked as if he took a single casual step forwards, but several miles disappeared underneath his feet, making it seem as if he had teleported past the poison arrays. The two poisonous gas array formations that Five Poison King laid down weren't able to hinder him in the least.

With Lin Ming's current understanding into the Concept of Space, if an array formation didn't have the Space Laws integrated into it then it was simply useless in front of him.

Chi chi chi!

Purple thunder poured into his red long spear. The top grade heaven-step Nine Heavens Thunder Soul burst out in all its radiant glory!

Chasing Thunder!

A spear thrust out, quick as lightning, simply not giving Five Poison King the least bit of space to respond.

In that instant, all the poisonous fog was covered by a net of crackling purple lightning. Five Poison King issued a roar and threw out the array disc in his hand. The array disc rapidly spun in the air, ready to explode at any moment. However, Lin Ming's speed was far too quick. Space distorted and he vanished in in a twinkling light.

A spear thrust through Five Poison King's body. Sizzling thunder charred his entire body black.

And at this time, Five Poison King's body blew up without any indication. All sorts of poisonous blood and venom rained down in all directions!

Lin Ming's pupils shrank as he instantly drew back.


Five Poison King blew up with his poison arrays. A terrifyingly potent poison shout out in all directions, causing a large hole to appear even in the array formation-supported mountain,

Lin Ming had already retreated five miles away. His bodily true essence fiercely vibrated with a sizzling sound. This was the sound of his protective true essence colliding with the poison.

’’What a strange poison. It can even pollute true essence.’’

Lin Ming didn't have any expression. The silver battle spirit stirred and a spear of will chopped out, instantly extinguishing the poison.

The special characteristic of a battle spirit was that it could be attached to any object and could cut apart all. This included material objects, souls, force fields, energy, heart demons, true essence, and so on.

Defeating Five Poison King in a single move hadn't exceeded the expectations of the martial artists present.

’’He also killed him in a single move, how fierce!’’

’’But... Lin Lanjian was touched by the poison. I don't know if this will be a problem for him.’’

’’Doesn't look like there's an issue.’’

’’I don't know...’’

The poison arts of the demonic path were extremely strange. Sometimes, after being poisoned, it wouldn't seem as if there was a problem, but the poison would suddenly manifest after a period of time, turning a martial artist's body into bloody pus.

Of course, to the surrounding martial artists, someone with Lin Ming's strength certainly wouldn't be reduced to that sort of situation. However, coming under a slight influence was still likely. This was a revolving battle. As long as these minor influences accumulated they would ultimately become fatal.

’’This little beast, even the Five Poison King's explosion wasn't able to harm him!’’

’’Humph! And so what? Every battle will consume some of his strength. I want to see just how long he can last. White Bone King, go out! As long as you can wound him then I will release your family clan from slavery!’’

Throughout the centuries, the Asura divine Kingdom had fought wars in all directions in order to conquer anyone who dared to challenge their authority. And the top powerhouses of these conquered influences would have a slave seal planted within them and then be turned into a slaughter puppet.

White Bone King was one of those powerhouses. His family clan had been a fifth-grade family clan, but the patron of his family clan had been enemies with the Asura divine Kingdom. Afterwards, their patron collapsed and the White Bone King's family clan was implicated in the ensuing mess.

White Bone King was tall and broad. He wore an armor of bones, and as he walked the pieces struck and grinded against each other, emitting 'ka ka ka' sounds.

Because he had been transformed with all sorts of secret techniques and he also had a slave seal planted in him, White Bone King didn't have any intelligence in his eyes. But, Situ Bonan's promise seemed to stir a strange compulsion in his mind, awakening the memories deep within his heart.


White Bone King bit out this word. With 'chi chi chi' sounds, countless bone spurs appeared from all over his body. He rushed towards Lin Ming like a cannonball!

Lin Ming's eyes flashed with an interested light. The bone armor of this White Bone King in front of him wasn't forged from the bones of others, but rather came from his own skeleton.

A bone transforming specialist martial artist was really unusual.

However, this was far from being able to make up the absolute disparity in strength.


With the sound of a collision, White Bone King's frontal bone spurs all shattered. In the next moment, the long spear turned around and smashed into White Bone King's head!

White Bone King's bone armor burst apart like shattered porcelain. His spine cracked and his neck twisted off. His head flew a thousand feet away, crashing into the floor with both eyeballs burst apart.

Lin Ming's figure appeared a thousand feet away, a slightly numb feeling in his right hand. These bones were much harder than he had imagined.

This was already the third match. Situ Haotian's eyes were cold. He vowed to disregard all cost to bring this revolving battle to its ultimate end. ’’Crimson Blood Demon, your turn!’’


A red demon covered in blood rushed onto the arena stage. These demonic path martial artists practiced all sorts of evil and dark mystical cultivation methods. Many times it was impossible to tell whether they were a man or ghost.

However, regardless of what shape Lin Ming's enemy took, the gap in absolute strength could not be surpassed. The Crimson Blood Demon rushed forward in a suicidal manner, wanting to bring Lin Ming down with him. But Lin Ming shot his silver battle spirit-imbued red spear forwards and with the sound of rolling thunder it pierced through the Crimson Blood Demon's body like an arrow!

The Crimson Blood Demon exploded in a shower of bloody rain. The long spear smashed into the arena ground hundreds of feet away, ripping a large crumbling hole into the array formation-protected arena ground.

The Crimson Blood Demon's cause of death was nearly the same as Yaksha King's.

’’The fifth match, Nightmare King!’’

Situ Bonan's eyes were red with raging anger. He immediately sent out another master.


Nightmare King's soul illusion attack was directly torn apart by Lin Ming's battle spirit.

With a whistling sound, Lin Ming's long spear shot forwards. Nightmare King wanted to dodge it, but the Concept of Space and the Concept of Time within the spear made it unpredictable and unblockable.

Nightmare King forcibly avoided having his heart pierced through, but nearly half of his body was ripped off by the spear.

Nightmare King flew backwards but Lin Ming stepped forwards, crossing through space and instantly appearing in front of him. A fist punched out.

Body Tearing Bone Shattering Fist!


The half-torn Nightmare King was simply unable to dodge this sudden attack. He instantly burst into a rain of blood.

After Lin Ming crossed the first stage of Life Destruction, all of the cells in his body were transformed, activated by energy and now able to all breath in unison. The power of Flow like Silk had risen by a great boundary. With a single punch, even a 100 foot tall boulder would be completely smashed into powder.

The fifth match, victory again.

So far, none of the martial artists that entered the arena stage had been Lin Ming's match!

’’Sixth match, Earth Bowing Monster!’’


’’Seventh match, Black Iron Demon!’’


’’Eighth match, Soul Eater!’’


’’Ninth match, Green Hair Corpse Puppet!’’


Every new match was sounded with a new bell ring. Because the matches were too fast, before the first ring faded away, the next ring already began to sound out.

Back and forth, this vibrant ringing bell sound echoed through the world, shocking everyone's minds again and again.

This was simply a bloody massacre. No matter what strange demonic path techniques these slaughter puppets used, Lin Ming would finish the fight within three breaths of time.

During this time, it was inevitable that Lin Ming would have frontal collisions with these powerhouses. According to all reasoning, although these collisions might not result in Lin Ming being wounded, they should at least create disorder in his true essence or cause his aura to be unstable. But Lin Ming continued fighting as if he didn't even know what exhaustion was.

At least it was impossible to tell if there was something wrong with him from his exterior appearance.

11th match...

12th match...

13th match...


18th match!!

The Lin Ming on the arena stage had turned vicious and ruthless. At this time, he was like a True Dragon that had awoken from a deep slumber. His powerful body seemed invincible to all attacks. All enemies that appeared before him were torn to pieces, completely swept away without any ability to resist!

All of the surrounding martial artists were bewildered. These martial artists that died under Lin Ming's hands weren't some random cabbages. The lowest of them were at the peak fifth stage of Life Destruction, and there were even sixth stage Life Destruction masters. A thousand or two thousand years ago they were characters that ruled the Destiny Decree of their eras. Some of them might have even been ranked in the top 100 of the Destiny Decree!

And these people were chopped apart by Lin Ming as if they were vegetables and then tossed to the side, over and over again. Lin Ming only used several moves, but these moves, no one was able to dodge them!

Every single one of these attacks contained a powerful strength;the consumption of energy shouldn't be minor. If a general martial artist was strong, they would still find themselves short of breath after using these moves several times. They would have no choice but to supplement themselves with medicines. But, no matter how good these medicines were, the supplemented true essence would have differences with their own true essence. Eating up enough of these pills would cause the energy within their bodies to turn impure, causing their combat strength to plummet.

But Lin Ming hadn't even taken a single pill yet. And looking at his appearance, he didn't even have the least bit of disorder in his breath. Was he even human?

20th match...


The demonic path slaughter puppet that stepped onstage had his head burst apart by Lin Ming's spear. Red and white brain mass sprayed onto the ground before immediately being charred by the power of thunder in the air. That demonic path martial artist's headless corpse plopped to the ground.

There was a cold gasp of air from outside the arena stage. It had come from a slaughter puppet that knew it would only be dying by entering the stage. If he were just a normal person then he wouldn't have dared to go onstage. Even walking into the jaws of death shouldn't be done in such a miserable manner.

In fact, even the rest of the slaughter puppets were frightened by Lin Ming. After killing 20 people, Lin Ming's aura made him seem as if he were a wild vicious beast from ancient times. The accumulated killing intent had formed an invisible energy field around him. Just by approaching him one would feel pressured and find it difficult to breathe.

Even Situ Haotian was a bit deterred and made weak-hearted by Lin Ming's dominating aura. Every slaughter puppet that he sent onstage was a massive pile of spirit essence stones!

Had the slaughter puppets he sent out even been able to exhaust Lin Ming's strength?

As he looked at the perfectly calm Lin Ming onstage, Situ Haotian lacked the assurance to continue like this. His eyes turned and his vision locked onto a red-clothed little boy.

’’Imperial Scholar Xuan, it's your turn next.’’

’’Huh?’’ The red-clothed little boy's heart shrank, a cold sweat suddenly streaming down his entire body.


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