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Martial World - Chapter 847


Chapter 847 - A World Stunning Spear




The terror of a slaughter puppet was not only their lack of fear in the face of death, but also their powerful physical defensive power. They had gone through all sorts of transformations to eliminate their ability to sense pain and could burn their life potential at any moment, giving them a high endurance.

In a sense, they resembled corpse devils that did not feel pain nor know exhaustion. Even if one was stronger than them, it would require a massive amount of energy to kill them, possibly being injured in the process.

’’Yaksha King, go and have some fun with that little beast!’’

Situ Bonan ruthlessly smiled. Although he didn't expect Yaksha King to defeat Lin Ming, it was still enough to consume his strength and wipe that snotty and insufferably arrogant smirk off of his face.

This type of slaughter puppet would not need to block attacks, only exchanging attacks head on in the cruelest manner possible. If Lin Ming were to confront this slaughter puppet head on then his fate could be imagined.

Although Yaksha King was a puppet, he still had his own mind and thoughts. He looked towards Lin Ming like a beast towards his prey, his eyes filled with a greedy and brutish light.

He had been sealed up until now, so he had no idea what sort of person Lin Ming was or how strong he was. Yaksha King only knew that this youth in front of him was his opponent. Although Situ Bonan had warned him about just how fierce Lin Ming was, it was impossible for him to take a first stage Life Destruction youth seriously.

’’Hehe, brat, your luck is so shit. You're only at the first stage of Life Destruction. Killing you would be as easy as ripping apart paper. As for me, I really hit the jackpot this time. Do you know how valuable your life is? As long as I can kill you I will be rewarded with a 10,000 Year Peach Pith. That is enough to nourish the fires of my life so that I may live for another 200 years!’’

These slaughter puppets' life vitality had already come to an end. Even a 10,000 Year Peach Pith couldn't bring them back to life. But, continuing their existence for another 200 years, where they could recklessly play and enjoy their glory, was more than enough. This time was equal to three mortal lifespans. It was an extremely great temptation to them.

Yaksha Kling flourished his trident and stepped onstage. This area was not built from stone. It had been a several tens of thousand feet high mountain peak that had been forcibly sheared off by the great powers of the Asura divine Kingdom, leaving behind nothing but a flat foundation that was as smooth as if it were butter sliced through with a saber. Of course, an array formation was built in to support it.

On the plateau of this sheared off mountain peak, the arena itself was hundreds of miles wide. Even if tens of thousands of people were to stand here, it still wouldn't seem crowded.

Dang -

A large bronze bell was rung. The ringing sound spread out for several hundred miles before fading away.

The battle begins!

Lin Ming held his red spear and took a sudden step forward, the rock exploding beneath his feet. With the void twisting beneath his feet, space seemed to lose meaning. He opened the Heretical God Force, his entire body revolving with true essence. After breaking through to Life Destruction, all of Lin Ming's cells had been reformed from energy, becoming able to store true essence. By adjusting himself with Flow like Silk, it was like his entire body was breathing in unison. As he stepped forwards, it was like an erupting volcano!

After crossing through Life Destruction, not only was his endurance several times what it was when he was at the late Revolving Core, but his explosive force had also increased! This sort of full and hearty feeling left Lin Ming addicted. But now, only a cold killing intent shined in Lin Ming's eyes. This was not the time to hide his abilities, but to win this battle quickly like a flash of lightning.

’’Chasing Thunder!’’

The Heretical God Sprout howled. On top of Lin Ming's long spear, arcs of purple gold lightning electricity sizzled. This thunder was like a purple divine blade that instantly passed through ten miles of space. And on the outside of the long spear, there was impressively a silver white shadow. This was the silver battle spirit. Once a battle spirit broke into the silver level it could manifest into reality!


Yaksha King's pupils shrank. With his own strength, he could reach rank 200 on the Destiny Decree. If he disregarded all costs to use a special demonic path transformation ability, then he could even have a combat strength equal to rank 170-180.

As a master, he was naturally able to discern the power behind moves. The reason he had been rampant before was because he had been a martial artist who had crossed through fire and waters, surviving through countless dangers. Facing a young little boy who was four small boundaries below him, his rampant arrogance had been a natural response. Even though Situ Bonan had warned him, he still hadn't thought Lin Ming had a chance of winning.

But now as he saw the power and potential within Lin Ming's spear, he immediately felt a fatal crisis approaching!

His opponent was absolutely a top master that could not be judged by cultivation!

’’Demon King Trident!’’

Yaksha King erupted in a roar. He simply didn't think of blocking this spear. He gripped his trident and poured his true essence into it, stabbing out at Lin Ming!

On the dark and bleak trident, countless demonic phantoms began condensing. Each one was incomparably hideous and fierce, biting out at everything before them!

Roar roar roar!

All of the demonic phantoms converged into a massive demon that bit down at Lin Ming's chest!

This was a purely offensive attack with no intention of blocking, all aimed at Lin Ming. As long as Lin Ming thrust out his spear, then even if he killed Yaksha King he would still be injured!

Lin Ming could use his absolute speed and Concept of Space to attack Yaksha King first, but Yaksha King had already sent out his move. Because of how close they were, Lin Ming would still be struck by the shockwaves after the energy exploded. Under such a close range strike, Lin Ming would suffer some minor wounds even with the Demon Emperor Armor to protect him.

Lin Ming had a tough physical body. A shockwave injury certainly wouldn't affect his combat strength, but if many of these light wounds accumulated over time, it would actually become extremely dangerous. The Asura divine Kingdom had an untold number of powerhouses they still hadn't sent out, and the more powerful enemies were still behind!

He had to maintain his peak condition before fighting the final master in this battle.

This was the overwhelming advantage of a slaughter puppet. They could forcefully meet all attacks but Lin Ming couldn't. Yaksha King knew this point and was trying to force Lin Ming to change the direction of his attack before he gathered enough potential.

Once Lin Ming changed his attack then he would consume even more energy and also create chaos in his body's true essence.

’’You little beast, I want to see just what you'll do!’’

Situ Bonan's vulture-like eyes erupted with a thick killing intent. His face was full of a brutal and savage happiness.

This move was to hit him where it hurt and to cause a loss to Lin Ming. No matter how much stronger Lin Ming was than Yaksha King, so what? In this situation where he was trying to use the least amount of energy, defeating Yaksha King, who didn't care about any damage he took, would be extremely difficult!

When everyone thought Lin Ming would change his attack, at this moment, Lin Ming's eyes flashed with a sharp purple electric light. All of his muscles suddenly bulged and strength reached into his legs and waist, his spine bending like a divine bow!

Lin Ming had opened the second of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates, the Gate of Limit. This gate was located in the spine and was responsible for coordination, balance, and explosive power. Compared to the obvious functions of speed and endurance from the Gate of Wonder and the Gate of Healing, the uses of the Gate of Limit were much more inconspicuous. But at this time, with an eruption of energy from the Gate of Limit, Lin Ming's spine burst out with an unrivalled strength!

Lin Ming's physical body strength was originally equal to one million jins. With the specialized support of the Gate of Limit, it now reached 1.5 million jins!

With 1.5 million jins as the basis, Lin Ming threw out the long spear in his hand. It flashed out like a bolt of flaming lighting. This was a divine arrow that Lin Ming had shot out with his spine as a bow. It brought with it the sound of rumbling thunder as it howled through the void!

This scene left all martial artists present dumbfounded!

In an exchange between masters, they would rarely throw weapons. This was because essence gathering system martial artists relied on true essence to attack, not their physical strength.

True essence came from the body, from the dantian. Only by holding a weapon in their hand would they be able to continuously pour true essence into it to display its strongest might. The so-called grades of treasure judged not the sharpness of a weapon, but their hardness and how much they could enhance true essence.

Once a treasure weapon left the hand, no matter how high of a grade it was, the amount of true essence that could be poured into it was limited. If a treasure attack were to be shot out by a martial artist using their physical strength, just how could it compare to an enemy's complete strength? How much impact force would still be remaining in the thrown weapon?

Not only that, but after a treasure was released, it could only fly in a single trajectory, becoming extremely easy to dodge. In addition to the loss of the weapon itself, this was an extremely dangerous thing to do. A martial artist that didn't have a treasure weapon would lose the sharp penetrative power in their attacks, causing their combat efficiency to drop by over half.

This could even be called a very stupid act.


The long spear broke through space, causing the air to tremble and issue out a terrifying sonic boom. On the other side, the demon phantom that Yaksha King summoned snarled, stretching out a giant demon claw and maniacally plunging down at Lin Ming's spear.

’’Once I separate you from your treasure, you'll just be nothing but weeds. With your strength limited, you won't be able to block my all-out attack even if you're stronger than me!’’


The demon claw collided with the red spear. But then, a mind boggling scene occurred. Yaksha King's demon claw was actually burst apart by that red spear! Just how terrifying was it if a 1.5 million jin boulder were dropped from the air? And if all of this strength was poured into a spear, the might would only be doubled!

The long spear passed through without slowing, piercing straight towards the Demon King phantom's front!

Just what was this physical strength!?

In that split second, Yaksha King simply didn't have time to think about this. He thrust out his hands and the Demon King phantom spat out a mass of black fog that enveloped the purple electric long spear. This black fog was able to corrode true essence. The power in that long spear was limited. As long as more true essence was melted away, it would exhaust itself in the end.

But at this time, a silver light suddenly flashed out. In the next moment, the Demon King phantom was directly stabbed through! This was the glory of a battle spirit. While Lin Ming had used 1.5 million jins of strength to shoot out this long spear, he had simultaneously poured his silver battle spirit into it!

With both of these factors added together, the power of this strike was hard to imagine. Compared to this, attacks with thunder-attribute true essence poured into them were nothing at all!


The Demon King phantom completely exploded. Yaksha King's eyes turned blood red. He couldn't even believe this was true. This was the power of a silver battle spirit! Although Situ Bonan had repeatedly warned him, he only knew of its terror after personally experiencing it!

Energy erupted in his legs. He wanted to dodge this red spear, but in that moment, Yaksha King felt as if all of his movements had slowed down. Although it was only a little bit slower, in the face of that incomparably fast long spear, it was far more than enough. In the next instant the long spear had stabbed into Yaksha King!


His protective true essence was torn apart like paper. The long spear with 1.5 million jins of strength penetrated through Yaksha King's chest, shattering his ribcage and turning all of his organs to mush!

The spear was unstoppable. With a rain of blood it shot out the other side! In that moment, Yaksha King was like a small chicken that had been shot by a massive crossbow. The powerful impact force sent him flying backwards several miles before landing on the floor, bouncing and tumbling over and over for hundreds of feet before finally lying still on the ground like a dead dog. There was a keg-sized hole in his chest;his entire body had nearly been split in half!

But the long spear's velocity still didn't stop. It instantly passed through a hundred miles and pierced through a distant mountain peak as if it were made from tofu. The spear shot through the middle of the mountain, forming a large hole 10 feet wide within it!

Pu pu pu!

A tremendous amount of stone powder flew out from this hole. This stone powder was as fine as dust. With a slight breeze in the wind, the stone powder was blown into the air, turning the entire sky a hazy gray.


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