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Martial World - Chapter 841


Chapter 841 - Successfully Leaving Seclusion, Achieving Life Destruction




The Purple Lion Thunder Source howled, using all of its strength to break free of that silver white spear of will. A massive hole had been torn through the right side of its body as its entire right leg had been cut off!

Chi chi chi!

The severed right leg of the Purple Lion Thunder Source immediately turned into a pure arc of electricity, imprisoned by the Laws of Thunder that were fused onto Lin Ming's spear. It was instantly absorbed and thrust into the Sky Lock Array.

A Thunder Source was known as immortal and indestructible. However, that immortal and indestructible part was only the crystal nucleus of the Thunder Source. For instance, the crystal nucleus of the Purple Lion Thunder Source was located in the head, and the rest of its 'body' was only a condensed form of energy. If it were destroyed, then it could be formed from energy once more, although it would require a long time to do so.

The Purple Lion Thunder Source howled in utter sorrow. Its hatred towards Lin Ming reached the limits of possibility. However, it was also extremely afraid of the Thunder Laws contained within that spear of will.

As the Purple Lion Thunder Source saw that silver white spear of will once again tremble and hum, a sliver of fear finally enveloped its heart. It turned around and escaped to the north!

The Purple Lion Thunder Source fled. With its speed, if it decided to run away, then there was nothing Lin Ming could do about it. Moreover, the silver battle spirit was far from being able to seal it.

The endless lightning that filled the skies began to recede. A massive amount of lightning light was captured by that silver white spear, and transformed into energy that was absorbed into the Sky Lock Array.

The Heaven and earth origin energy, the power of thunder, as well as the infinite starlight in this dimensional realm flushed towards the sea of energy that Lin Ming was within, causing the energy around him to wildly surge.

A moment later, all of the thunder in the sky vanished, and the night sky became calm once again. The moon was bright against the dark clouds, and the night wind still blew as gently as before. All that remained were the shades of lightning in everyone's pupils to remind them of what had just occurred.

It was like everything just now had been a fleeting dream!

A silver rank battle spirit that surpassed a divine Sea Supreme Elder had appeared, as well as a seemingly peak heaven-step Thunder Soul from the Sea of Miracles. The battle between these two existences had left everyone dumbfounded. In the end, that Thunder Soul from the Sea of Miracles had actually been defeated by Lin Lanjian!

Too many shocking scenes had happened tonight. This had surpassed their scope of understanding.

’’Mm? What is that sound?’’

A martial artist's mind stirred. He could hear a faint drumming sound in the air.

As he said this, the other martial artists present also pricked up their ears.

Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng!

That sound was just like a great beating drum. However, the sound was faint and lingering, as if it came from the distance horizon.

’’What is that sound?’’

’’Are those footsteps?’’

Every time this powerful and rhythmic beat sounded out, it left a great impact in everyone's heart. Although it wasn't as majestic as the heavenly notes that contained a bit of the Great Dao's charm, every single beat caused the surrounding heaven and earth origin energy to surge, as if they contained some sort of unspeakable power of Laws.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

The beating sound became increasingly loud until it rang out like thunderclaps in the ears.

A deep red mass of light began gathering within the Sky Lock Array. Every time this beat rang out, a brilliant burst of light came from within the red mass of light.

’’Look at the Sky Lock Array! It's that red light!’’

’’Is that a heart? Lin Lanjian is finally reforming his body!’’

Martial artists shouted out, horrified. After a martial artists body was decomposed and began the process of forming the spirit body, it would all start with the heart! That heavy rhythmic drum had been the sound of Lin Ming's heartbeat!

In the legends, when a powerhouse neared the peak of martial arts, they could rip their heart out, and it would still beat for several hundred thousand years without end. This was because their heart would spur the Laws of the world.

Although Lin Ming's heart still couldn't reach such a boundary, he still had the ability to quicken the heaven and earth origin energy.

’’He's finally began to form his spirit body. All of those calamities just now have all been overcome by him! He's simply not human!’’

’’Why are there so many fantastical phenomena appearing as Lin Lanjian is crossing Life Destruction? Can it only be because his foundation is so solid?’’ Everyone couldn't help but wonder this in their heart. All of these things that occurred around Lin Ming ran counter to everything they knew about martial arts.

’’Perhaps he has an inborn divine body, like the Extreme Violet Dantian, or maybe he has something like an inborn Thunder Soul. It's hard to explain just what is happening.’’ There were far too many strange secrets on Lin Ming's body. Although it wasn't uncommon for a genius to have secrets, Lin Ming's secrets were just far too mystical.

Although a first stage Life Destruction martial artist was said to be required in order to decompose every part of their body and reform a spirit one, nobody could be reborn so thoroughly as Lin Ming had been. Even his brain and skeleton had reformed! This could truly be referred to as life after destruction.

After the heart formed, next were the blood vessels.

The cells that had been floating around in the thunder energy began being pulled together by some supernatural power. These cells had all undergone transformation through energy, which thoroughly changed from their most fundamental basis.

As the blood vessels began to form, it first appeared like translucent crystal, so clear to the point that one could see the energy circulating within. The shining energy finally converged into blood, looking like pale gold mercury, both viscous and profound.

This was new blood. It did not seem like blood, but rather flowing liquid energy.

After the blood appeared, sections of bones began to form. These bones looked as if they were carved from exquisite glass, shining with a radiant crystalline light.

Not only had Lin Ming inherited the tough and indestructible qualities of a body transformation martial artist, he also inherited the true essence containing characteristics of a Life Destruction martial artist. It wasn't an exaggeration to say that if someone took one of Lin Ming's bones and polished them a bit, they wouldn't need to be refined too much before they turned into a low-grade heaven step treasure.

After the skeleton formed, the surrounding flesh and organs began to form. After the physical form was transformed by energy, every ounce of flesh looked like blood red jade without the slightest hint of impurities. After being transformed and condensed through the essence energy of the world, every inch of flesh could hold a massive amount of energy within it.

Chi chi chi!

Golden thunder came shooting down from Lin Ming's head and wrapped around his body, forming a tight net of thunder that looked light a thick cocoon.

Lin Ming was within this cocoon. He was like a butterfly, undergoing the final phase of his transformation.

Strips of muscles, layers of skin, all of it slowly gathered on until the eyes, facial features, and limbs formed.

Finally, his long black hair and lashes reformed, shining with a glorious energy.

Lin Ming's entire body was naked. His knees were pressured up against his chest, wrapped by his arms, as if he were a newborn baby curled up in a cocoon of lightning.

His eyes were closed, and his expression was light, as if he was asleep. Although he had a heartbeat, he didn't breathe. In this form, his body was naturally able to absorb the heaven and earth origin energy from the liquid energy that surrounded him.

His looks became more handsome and perfect, his face more edged and strong. His straight eyebrows slanted towards his temples, and his skin seemed as if it were a work of art carved from the most precious jade. His back was tall and broad, and his legs were long and slender. His heels were solid and powerful. Every subtle line of his muscles was filled with a powerful and dominant beauty. At this time, his entire body could be called perfection.

He was in a deep sleep for 8-10 hours as he completed this final phase of his transformation. None of the surrounding martial artists left, all of them staying to bear witness to this momentous event. Slowly, the first ray of sunlight rose from the east, piercing through the morning mist and illuminating the land in a deep purple luster.

’’Purple air comes from the east, an auspicious sign for a lucky day...’’ Yang Yun looked up towards the slowly rising eastern sun, an incomprehensible smile on his face.

’’A new golden era is arriving. I truly anticipate what the future really holds. However, I fear that the world that awaits you isn't as happy as you think it may be..’’ Yang Yun said to himself, smiling as he watched the distant thunder cocoon that Lin Ming was within. Then, he said with a faint whisper, ’’Perhaps you might have the become the key to this golden era...’’


After the sun rose, it arced towards the west. By the afternoon, more than half of the second day had passed. To a martial artist that had lived for over a thousand years, this was only the time it took for meditation.

For many martial artists crossing Life Destruction, forming their spirit body was an extremely long process. Some might even use an entire month of time. Last night, Lin Ming had used a mere quarter hour to form his body. However, the subtle facets of the transformation actually required a much greater amount of time.

In the evening, the Sky Lock Array suddenly trembled. All off the scattered rich heaven and earth origin energy began to rush back towards the Sky Lock Array like a surging tide!

Chi chi chi!

Lightning sparked. Heaven and earth origin energy formed a violent and wild whirlpool.

After a martial artist successfully crossed Life Destruction, the excessive energy in their dantian would spread throughout their body, then becoming empty of energy.

And after the human body transformed into a spirit body that could contain true essence, their body would also have an energy deficit. This would cause them to crazily absorb heaven and earth origin energy from them surroundings, filling them with an energy several times that of before. This was also a reason why a first stage Life Destruction martial artist was so much stronger than a late Revolving Core martial artist.

Normally, a martial artist required several days to absorb energy. For Lin Ming, even though the surrounding heaven and earth origin energy around him was already as rich as it could be, his foundation was extremely solid, and thus he needed far more energy.

Lin Ming's body was like a bottomless pit. A massive cyclone of energy appeared in the sky, forming a funnel at the center that stretched down into the Sky Lock Array, and constantly gathering heaven and earth origin energy at that point.

Lin Ming greedily absorbed all of this energy from his cocoon of thunder. After a quarter hour passed, the surrounding heaven and earth energy was nearly completely absorbed. At this moment, that cocoon of thunder also burst out with a myriad brilliance. A faint echo of the heavens sounded out again, and the breath of the Great Dao seemed to blow through the world, mystical and cast as if a divine dragon were being born.

Everyone's eyes were locked onto the cocoon. The cocoon turned into countless arcs of thunder that scattered away. With the glorious sunset fading behind him, Lin Ming appeared floating high in the air, wrapped in a untouched white robe.

Handsome and beautiful, his temperament was ethereal and sublime, as if he weren't of the world. His steps were calm. As he walked on the wind, his black hair danced in the wind, whipped up by the frenzied heaven and earth origin energy. His eyes were as deep as the stars, and as one looked into them, it was as if one could see the mysteries of the heavens within, making one easy to be lost within his gaze.

At that moment, Lin Ming was soaked in the rays of the setting sun. A peerless talent with a divine appearance, this image branded itself into the hearts of the watching martial artists forever.

’’This is really... incredible.’’ The Sublime Smelting divine Kingdom Princess Ouye Qingyun said. She couldn't help but acknowledge that at this moment, Lin Ming was filled with an infinitely alluring charm.

Beside her, Ouye Qingfeng faintly smiled, ’’He truly is a peerless genius of this era. If we can somehow win him over to our Sublime Smelting divine Kingdom, our benefits will be endless.’’

As he spoke to here, he turned to his beautiful younger sister, his bright smile widening.


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