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Martial World - Chapter 840


Chapter 840 - Forming the Spirit Body




Even a ranked 250 Destiny Decree master wasn't a worthy opponent. This monster was far too strong!

Could a heaven-step Thunder Soul be powerful to this degree?

As the surrounding low level martial artists saw the purple lion clawing and raving in the sky, they had already fled far away. They feared that they would be affected by this power of thunder and scorched into ash.

A Sovereign from a superior fifth-grade sect looked up at the Purple Lion Thunder Source in the sky, a pensive expression on his face.

’’It came from the north... did it come from the Sea of Miracles?’’

’’What? The Sea of Miracles?’’

As soon as these words were mentioned, many martial artists were shaken to the core!

That was right! Looking at the entire Sky Spill Continent, the area with the strongest thunder was only a single place. That was the Sea of Miracles, also known as the Ocean of Endless Storms!

The skies above the Sea of Miracles were always covered in dark clouds with countless flashes of lightning illuminating them. There, it wouldn't be strange to find a heaven-step Thunder Soul at all. But in other areas, heaven-step Thunder Souls had nearly all vanished.

Currently, this purple lion in front of them was obviously an extraordinary heaven-step Thunder Soul amongst its rank. There was a very high chance that it had been bred within the Sea of Miracles!

Moreover, the direction it had come from had verified this!

Why would a super heaven-step Thunder Soul come here from the Sea of Miracles?

As the martial artists thought of this, all of them paled. To them, the Sea of Miracles was a land of demons and ghosts - all who entered who died without exception. Even a peerless genius, even the highest under the heavens was the same!

Any sort of existence that originated from that horrifying land would frighten everyone, no matter what it was!

Had it come for Lin Lanjian?

The Asura divine Emperor looked at all of this from a distance, his lips curving in a smile. Although he didn't know why Lin Lanjian's crossing of Life Destruction would draw in an existence from the Sea of Miracles, there was something that was clear to him. That was that the purple lion spelled disaster for Lin Lanjian!


Purple golden thunder violently raged as it fell from the skies, forming a massive wave of purple thunder. The Elders Palace was covered in endless purple lightning, instantly disintegrating it into ashes!

After a brief moment, all that was left over in the area was the Sky Lock Array that Lin Ming was within.

The Sky Lock Array trembled as it was covered in that thunderstorm. Although it didn't shatter, the rampaging power of thunder managed to penetrate the array formation and rush into that sea of golden energy.

Chi chi chi!

Lightning flashed in that sea of energy, a brilliant burst of light emanating from it once more!

And Lin Ming was within this sea of thunder. With his being dispersed into a body of energy, he directly faced a baptism of this purple thunder.

If it were an ordinary Life Destruction martial artist then they would have perished here. But Lin Ming's true form was unharmed. His fires of life still blazed as vigorously as before!

Shibai was startled but he didn't take action.

He was completely focused on maintaining the Sky Lock Array. Without any emotion in his voice he said, ’’Increase the energy input and stabilize the Sky Lock Array.’’

With three great divine Sea powerhouses managing the Sky Lock Array, Shibai was fully confident in the firmness of the array protections. As for the lightning that the Purple Lion Thunder Source released, it hadn't harmed Lin Ming at all. Shibai was able to clearly sense this through his contact with the array formation.

’’This Thunder Soul from the Sea of Miracles must have some grudge with Lin Lanjian...’’

This situation had gone beyond his imagination. But as he thought about it, it was also reasonable. When Lin Ming had entered the Sea of Miracles and obtained the legacy of Ancestor Emperor Argent, he didn't know why, but Lin Ming must have offended this purple lion Thunder Soul somehow.


Before the first attack ended, the Purple Lion Thunder Source issued out another savage roar. This roar had just caused a rank 250 Destiny Decree master to bleed from the head and be seriously wounded. However, through the protection of this large array, this roar became nothing but a gentle breeze, unable to cause any damage at all.

The thunder became increasingly violent. The Purple Lion Thunder Source's expression became grim and fierce. Its body turned into countless bolts of lightning that assimilated into the dark clouds!

It had turned its form to pure thunder!

Bang bang bang!

Everything between the heavens and earth was already bathed in a rich purple gold light. Lightning blazed beyond comparison, breaking through all. As for Lin Ming, he remained inside the Sky Lock Array, withstanding this terrifying baptism alone!

From afar, it was as if he stood alone, facing the world with just his power!

The grandeur and potency of this power was terrifying. No one could imagine just what sort of calamity Lin Ming was experiencing within the Sky Lock Array!

’’This is too horrible. Even with the protection of the array formation he still has to directly withstand the might of this thunder. Without the protection of his physical form, his soul and will are all exposed to this thunder!’’

’’How can anyone possibly live in this kind of environment!?’’ A martial artist dozens of miles away gulped. From then until now, he still didn't understand one thing.

Was Lin Ming dead or alive?

At the start it seemed as if he had died. Afterwards, with the beating sound that came from the heavens it seemed that he was still alive. And now, with countless arcs of purple gold lightning crashing down on him, no one could say with confidence whether he was dead or alive.

’’He absolutely must have perished here. Only a divine Sea Supreme Elder could possibly withstand this sort of environment. And Lin Ming was at the most critical moment of crossing Life Destruction. He does not have true essence to protect himself, or even a physical form to withstand the might of thunder. If he can survive through this then I... I will eat my own sword.’’

A fifth-grade sect genius lifted the sword in his hand as he swore this oath.

However, just as he made this oath, a white-clothed youth turned his head and faintly smiled at him, causing him to feel faint.

’’What're you looking at me for?’’

The white-clothed youth snickered and said, ’’I'm seeing how tough your teeth look.’’


The fifth-grade sect genius became angry from shame. But at this time, there was a loud cracking sound as if the world was breaking. This resonant blast broke through the skies, as if a great dragon were roaring out loud, shattering mountains and rivers!

At this time, a brilliant light burst out from the Sky Lock Array. Then, a shocking scene occurred. From the Sky Lock Array, a bolt of silver white light shot upwards, like an unrivalled divine spear that split apart the endless sky!

’’What is that!?’’

Everyone turned their eyes to the silver white divine light that broke into the heavens. For a time, everyone thought that their minds had fallen into an illusion!

’’That is a spear of will formed from a battle spirit! This silver white majesty... silver battle spirit!?’’

A bronze battle spirit was grayish green in color and a silver battle spirit was silver white in color. Then, this scene in front of them had to be the truth.

Silver battle spirit?

The martial artists present didn't have time to ask just what a so-called silver battle spirit meant, because at this moment, that unrivalled divine spear suddenly came chopping down from the skies.

It was like a pillar of heaven that was being wielded by a giant!


The thick and dark thunder clouds in the sky were split in half!


The Purple Lion Thunder Source issued a maniacal roar. It transformed back into its main body, plunging towards that silver white divine light and smashing into it!

Bang bang bang!

The sound of 10,000 thunderclaps filled the air. The entire world was lit up with a boundless purple light. The stars and moon lost their color, and the void itself seemed to nearly shatter under the pressure!


The Purple Lion Thunder Source let out a miserable cry as it tumbled backwards like it was wounded.

As an indestructible and immortal energy body, the Purple Lion Thunder Source did not fear any powerhouse that could not control the power of thunder, no matter how high their cultivation was. Even a divine Sea Supreme Elder couldn't harm it. This was because if it dissipated into thunder, it would disappear without a trace, being simultaneously immune to both material and soul attacks.

What it most feared were martial artists skilled in Laws of Thunder. Their cultivation did not necessarily need to be high. They only needed to use their understanding of the Thunder Laws to capture and imprison it.

Before, the Argent White Sword had relied on the residual thunder will of the Eightfall Thunder Emperor in order to command the power of thunder. The Argent White Sword had been able to galvanize the power of Laws to twist thunder, causing the Purple Lion Thunder Source to be injured.

And now, this had been repeated once more. Lin Ming had depended on his silver battle spirit that contained a will of thunder to stab into the Purple Lion Thunder Source.

The Purple Lion Thunder Source let out a roar of anger and loathing. It began to attract all of the surrounding power of thunder, like a whale drawing in water, all of this energy entering into its body. At this time, the Purple Lion Thunder Source's body expanded to hundreds of feet in size. Its domineering aura rose to unprecedented height as it faced the silver white battle spirit and rushed out at it once more!

Peng peng peng!

In the night skies, a purple lion was wildly struggling with a white dragon. Purple gold light and golden red lightning filled every inch of the world. The entire night sky was completely swallowed by thunder!

This was a battle that made the heart race!

The surrounding sect Elders and Princes were all dumbstruck. They had repeatedly confirmed that the silver white spear of divine light was in truth a silver battle spirit!

’’It really is a silver battle spirit... a silver battle spirit that even a divine Sea Supreme Elder cannot comprehend... just how did he do it?’’

Within the Sky Spill Continent, a silver battle spirit was simply a legendary existence. Of the current existing divine Sea powerhouses, none of them had a silver battle spirit. Even a perfect bronze battle spirit was extremely rare!

And Lin Ming somehow had a silver battle spirit?

Above the Sublime Smelting divine Kingdom's spirit boat, Ouye Qingfeng sucked in a deep breath of cold air. He could faintly feel Lin Ming's fires of life that blazed like an inferno within the Sky Lock Array, his control over the spear of will, as well as the exalted glory as if he were facing the world alone.

The more violently the thunder came crashing down, the more exuberant Lin Ming's fires of life became. Although Ouye Qingfeng was certainly a proud son of heaven in his generation, when he compared himself to Lin Ming, a feeling that he would never catch up to him was born in his heart.

In the direction of the Asura divine Kingdom, Situ Yaoyue was bathed in the bright lightning light, no color reflected in her inky black pupils. ’’A body melted into an energy form, merging into one with the power of thunder. Not only did that purple lion's attack not harm him, but it instead tempered his body once more. Now, his body has become thunder. With his battle spirit as his spear and fused with the Concept of Thunder, he is unstoppable! This is a fight that I am looking forwards to more and more!’’

Situ Yaoyue stroked the shaft of her spear, her fighting spirit soaring high.

Only the Nine Furnace divine Kingdom's Yang Yun was calmly standing atop his golden divine carriage. He remained completely unmoved as he was before, without any hint of what he was thinking crossing his face.


In the skies, the Purple Lion Thunder Source once again let out a miserable cry. Its body was actually stabbed through by Lin Ming's spear of will again!

As an energy lifeform, there was no problem for the Purple Lion Thunder Source to have its body pierced. However, this time was different. Lin Ming's battle spirit contained the Laws of Thunder. After the spear pierced through the Purple Lion Thunder Source, the pure power of thunder within the purple lion broke out like a burst dam, flooding into the battle spirit spear and being continuously sucked into the Sky Lock Array!

The Purple Lion Thunder Source was shocked. It cried out in agony again and again.

But within the Sky Lock Array, after being flooded with the Purple Lion Thunder Source's energy, Lin Ming's disintegrated body finally began to slowly assemble itself!

After the physical body was destroyed, reform the spirit body!


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