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Martial World - Chapter 837


Chapter 837 - Golden Lighting Piercing the Sky




More people arrived throughout the day, none of them leaving. Underneath so many expectations, the pall of night finally fell...

The night was destined to no longer be calm. The atmosphere of the entire dimensional realm was extremely contained. All around the Elders Palace there were many heroes grouped, but very few of them were actually making a noise. One could even hear the gentle night wind whistling in the air.

The Elders Palace was still peaceful as before. Besides the occasional true essence vortex in the sky, there was no difference.

A metal spirit boat cut through the sky. On the side of this spirit boat was carved a long sword;this was the symbol of the Sublime Smelting divine Kingdom.

A young man and woman in their twenties stood on the spirit boat, both of them looking down at the world with a extraordinary heroic spirit.

’’That is the twin prince and princess of the Sublime Smelting divine Kingdom, Ouye Qingfeng and Ouye Qingyun!’’

’’This is truly an event that has captivated the world. Ouye Qingfeng and Ouye Qingyun are both astounding characters in the Sublime Smelting divine Kingdom. For just Lin Lanjian crossing Life Destruction, over 20 Princes have already arrived!’’

Besides Yang Yun, who had arrived earlier, all of the other Princes had come at night, staying high in the skies where the other famed Elders of the large sects were. Although there was plenty of room in the skies, the common martial artists simply didn't dare to stand side by side with these people. The pressure was simply too great.

’’There are so many people watching! If Lin Lanjian fails to cross Life Destruction then that would truly be a joke!’’ No one had thought that an eternally unrivalled talent like Lin Ming would have any problems crossing Life Destruction. But someone had heard about the matter of the God Transforming Pills and had made a number of reasonable speculations from that. From that point on, some people began to suspect that Lin Ming wouldn't be able to successfully cross Life Destruction.

’’I also feel that Lin Lanjian is in a bit of a dangerous situation. If he tries to forcefully break through even though his cultivation isn't sufficient, then his body might be obliterated and he would die.’’

’’Don't be an idiot. Lin Lanjian is known as the number one eternally rare talent of the Sky Spill Continent. If he really perished while trying to break through the first stage of Life Destruction then that would just be too ridiculous. But after breaking through Life Destruction, his foundation might be unstable. Using the God Transforming Pills to forcefully enhance himself will definitely leave behind side effects.’’

When a top talent crossed Life Destruction in a perfect manner, they simply wouldn't need to use medicines. Those who needed to borrow the power of these medicines to cross Life Destruction were normally ordinary powerhouses, such as Xuan Wuji when he was crossing the fourth stage of Life Destruction.

As some of the martial artists were whispering to each other, a 10,000 foot beam of divine light suddenly shot out from the Elders Palace. It was like a keen sword that split the skies, causing the stars themselves to lose their luster.

An incomparable blood vitality lingered in the skies above the Elders Palace, merging with the 10,000 foot beam of golden light. Its brilliance was eye-catching and everyone who saw it was shocked. Could a mortal's blood vitality truly be rich to such a degree?

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A faint rumbling sound came out from the Elders palace. It was a low and bass sound, deep enough to shake the earth. Deep within the Elders Palace, it was like a True Dragon was slowly waking up from a long sleep...

’’That is...’’

’’He's finally shattered his mortal form. Is he about to create his spirit body?’’

’’What a terrifying aura... who said that his cultivation was lacking and he needed three God Transforming Pills to forcefully cross Life Destruction? Could someone with an insufficient cultivation really have such an aura, as if the Laws of the world are being affected?’’


Deep within the Elders Palace, Shibai and the two Great Elders were dripping with sweat, their concentration completely focused. Lin Ming had finished the sea serpent crystals and now the green heaven-step Demon God Bone was grasped in his hands.

At this time, all of Lin Ming's meridians were bulging like balloons, the blood vessels sticking out from all over his body. His entire body was filled to the limit;he could detonate at any time!

Even though Lin Ming had entered into the ethereal martial intent state, he could still feel an unbelievably agonizing pain from the energy tearing through his body.

This still wasn't enough!

Lin Ming grit his teeth and crumbled the heaven-step Demon God Bone in his hands!

A vast energy erupted, stirring up a storm of true essence within the seclusion chamber!

In such a terrifying storm of energy, the pressure within Lin Ming's dantian could be imagined. The first Revolving Core had already reached its limits, unable to change any more. Only the second Revolving Core could change. From the size of a walnut it compressed to the size of a quail egg and then the size of a fingertip before finally compressing to the size of a little yellow bean.

The second Revolving Core became increasingly deep in color until it appeared inky black. The amount of energy compressed energy within it was not much worse than the Black Hole Revolving Core's!

Lin Ming wasn't able to control the second Revolving Core very well, thus he couldn't compress it himself. But by relying on external forces, it had been forcefully squeezed into an existence near to that of a Black Hole Revolving Core.

At this moment, Lin Ming controlled his first Black Hole Revolving Core and forced it to smash into the second Revolving Core!


In that split second, Lin Ming's dantian finally exploded!

He vomited a mouthful of blood. Near his dantian, all of his meridians began to rupture and blood rained out into the air, turning into a fog of blood within the incomparably pure sea of heaven and earth origin energy!

Lin Ming's body finally began to crack. But detonating his dantian was still not enough to completely disintegrate his tough physical form. It blew up large chunks of flesh and blood, but was still unable to thoroughly decompose his body.

With a decisive thought, Lin Ming then discharged the highly compressed golden red lightning within the Heretical God Sprout!

In a flash, a golden sun seemed to rise within the seclusion chamber.

Shibai's eyes flashed with a sharp light. Before this, Lin Ming had already informed him that there was a power of thunder within him capable of turning even a divine Sea Supreme Elder into ash. Once it detonated, everything around him and within the great array formation would be burnt to ash!

’’We're withdrawing!’’

Shibai stretched out his hands to grab the two Great Elders, revolving his movement technique to the limit and then stormed away!


A golden divine thunder broke through the dome of the Elders Palace, directly impacting into the night sky. The deep night sky was lit up bright by this divine thunder as if it were morning. As everyone turned to look at this lightning, they felt a stabbing pain in their eyes as if they were turning blind!

This was truly a world shocking scene. The countless arcs of divine thunder in the air were like peerless immortal soldiers of a divine god. They blazed with an incandescent light, leaving a reflection in the eyes that turned into an eternal phantom, making it so that one would never forget!

’’Is this really crossing Life Destruction!?’’

’’What a terrifying power of thunder, even though it's so far away it can still make me shiver with fear!’’

All of the surrounding martial artists stared at the shining golden thunder in the sky with blank eyes, as if they were watching something from a dream. This fantastical and incredible power that could change even the heavens and earth, perhaps this wouldn't even appear if someone else were to break through to the divine Sea!

Ka ka ka ka!

Not too far away, a great palace shook and then began to collapse, raising a storm of dust!

The palaces of the Forsaken God Clan naturally had array formations supporting their internal structures. Even so, they were still being shattered by this terrifying energy!

Yang Yun stood high above his divine carriage, looking on from a far distance, an unspeakable expression on his face. He gently traced his spatial ring and spoke to himself, ’’A new golden era is coming...’’

The seclusion chamber had already turned into a sea of golden energy, with thunder manically howling within. Submerged in this sea of energy, Lin Ming's body constantly exploded, again and again and again!

From fist-sized lumps of flesh to egg-sized lumps of flesh and then to bean-sized lumps of flesh... they constantly decomposed, until they were as small as dust!

If it were other martial artists, even dual body and law geniuses from the Realm of the Gods, then without their bodies being tempered by thunder and without the Heretical God Sprout to control this power of thunder, if they were to be submerged in this sea of brutal and overbearing energy then they would be turned into nothing but ash, instead of decomposing to their tiniest units like Lin Ming.

Bang bang bang!

The thunder did not end;instead, it became increasingly fierce. It was like the Nine Heavens Thunder Dominion of the Sea of Miracles had reappeared within the Forsaken God Clan's dimensional realm.

Within the highest level of the Asura divine Kingdom's tower, Situ Yaoyue was watching all of this from a distance. Her lips curved up, revealing beautiful white teeth.

’’I never imagined that Lin Lanjian could contain such a terrifying power of thunder within his body...’’

Situ Yaoyue muttered to herself. Her limpid eyes flashed with a clear fighting spirit, her mind undeterred by the phenomenon occurring in the skies.

She had trained since childhood and had bitterly cultivated all this time. She had been through countless dangerous situations, and had even broken through to the seventh stage of Life Destruction. Now, facing a mere first stage Life Destruction martial artist, it was impossible for her to say that she didn't feel some contempt for him. After all, Lin Lanjian was a genius, but wasn't she a genius too?

Yet now she finally began to find the meaning in all this. At least this wouldn't be a senseless fight that bored her.

’’Lin Lanjian has the life of an Emperor. He has most likely inherited some unrivalled lucky chance. Yaoyue, if you can kill him, everything he has will be yours. In the future you might even become the highest under the heavens!’’ Situ Haotian's voice suddenly resounded in her ears.

The highest under the heavens was the title used to describe an unrivalled, undefeatable divine Sea powerhouse. Ever since Emperor Shakya broke through his martial path and ascended, no one else had filled that position. These years, there were some extraordinary powerhouses that had come close to being the highest under the heavens, but they did not far surpass all martial artists of the world. They could only be called one of the top powerhouses of the Sky Spill Continent. For instance, the Highest divine Emperor of the Nine Furnace divine Kingdom, the Imperial Grand Uncle of the Sublime Smelting divine Kingdom, or even the Netherworld Great Emperor from 3000 years ago that had died in the South Sea.

Although Situ Yaoyue was talented, she was far from becoming the highest under the heavens. Her only chance was if she could cross the eighth stage of Life Destruction. However, the eighth stage of Life Destruction was not simple to cross at all. Looking over the last 100,000 years of history in the Sky Spill Continent, the number of divine Emperors that had crossed eight stages of Life Destruction could be counted on a single hand.

’’The highest under the heavens?’’ Yaoyue's slender eyes narrowed, her vision becoming increasingly firm. She gripped her fists, ’’I will!’’


With the raging destruction of energy, even the Sky Lock Array began to tremble. Two God Transforming Pills, a heaven-step Demon God Bone, a top quality spirit essence stone, all of their energy was released into the raging sea around Lin Ming. And as Lin Ming's body was submerged in this sea of energy, it decomposed into its most basic tiny units, fully absorbing the surrounding energy and undergoing a most fundamental change.

The essence of Life Destruction was to use energy to transform the body and then reform into a spirit body that could hold true essence throughout.

And during this process of transformation, not only did Lin Ming undergo a baptism of energy, but he was also being tempered by thunder!

Every cell within Lin Ming's body twinkled with the glory of thunder. Under the control of the Heretical God Sprout, the power of thunder penetrated deep into every single cell.

Thunder was the power of destruction but also the power of life. When a vicious beast underwent their tribulation, their body would be tempered by thunder, making their physical form even more formidable. And now, Lin Ming was undergoing a similar transformation, having equally wonderful results from different methods!


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