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Martial World - Chapter 836


Chapter 836 - Purple Air Comes From the East




Time slowly passed. From morning to evening, from evening to morning.

The palaces of the Forsaken God Clan were bathed under a gentle light, resplendent in shining gold and jade. Underneath the spells that blanketed the land, all sorts of beautiful flowers and rare trees grew, bringing a peaceful atmosphere to the land. But, this was only the outer appearance. In truth, all members of the Forsaken God Clan were on high alert in order to prevent a possible accident from occurring.

Especially the two Great Elders and Patriarch Shibai, they were completely concentrated on their task and were in no way more relaxed than Lin Ming.

The three Support Spheres had continued for a day and a half already. Even though the three of them had a deep cultivation, they still needed to occasionally stop and supplement their energy.

Peng! Peng!

The two God Transforming Pills in Lin Ming's hand lost their lust, breaking into medicinal powder. Lin Ming didn't directly swallow up the God Transforming Pills and instead used the acupoints of his hands to absorb them. Although this would waste a great deal of the God Transforming Pills' efficacy, the advantage of this was that Lin Ming wouldn't take in the pill toxins. At the critical period of Life Destruction, any impure energy he absorbed would be an unknown factor. Lin Ming wasn't greedy enough to take such a risk just for a little more power.

After 40 hours, all of the two God Transforming Pills' energy was compressed into Lin Ming's dantian. Lin Ming's dantian was now full to an extent beyond imagination. Even the second Revolving Core within him had become the size of a walnut.

Such a compressed energy would create an extremely high pressure. If a general Revolving Core martial artist held so much true essence within themselves, their dantian would have already exploded!

But Lin Ming, because he had opened three of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates, his body was nearing that of a low-grade heaven-step treasure. Such a degree of energy was still far from enough!!

With a thought, that small piece of top grade spirit essence stone flew up and affixed itself to Lin Ming's forehead. Pure energy of the endless world began to endlessly surge into Lin Ming.

The various seals and patterns on the top grade spirit essence stone began to constantly flow on its surface, as if it had come to life. This was an energy source that contained a trace of the world's Laws. This was the most distilled essence of a spirit essence stone mine! It represented the strongest energy that could be naturally bred within the earth of the Sky Spill Continent.

Shibai and the two Great Elders kept guard on the side, their hearts gripped as they saw this scene. This young fellow was the same as a monster! The dantian in his body was like an endless ocean, able to contain limitless amounts of energy!

Shibai looked at the two jade boxes in front of Lin Ming. One was opened wide, containing a pigeon egg-sized glass bead that held an energy even greater than a complete top grade spirit essence stone.

But the last jade box, because it was sealed, Shibai didn't know just what was inside. But he had a feeling its contents were absolutely more valuable than the green glass bead.

Shibai sucked in a deep breath of cold air. 'Is this boy really human? The potential he needs for breaking into Life Destruction is greater than what I needed to break into the divine sea!'

Shibai just couldn't imagine it. What would happen once Lin Ming's dantian was filled with up with the energy from those last two jade boxes?

The night passed in peace. At the break of dawn, with a loud 'ka' sound, the top grade spirit essence stone at Lin Ming's forehead split in half...


The sun rose from the east, followed by a faint purple glow that gathered above the vast mountain ranges. The sunlight shined through the light mist of the dimensional realm, illuminating the world.

The Laws of a dimensional realm were similar to those of the boundless universe. It didn't lack starlight or sunlight.

Yang Yun looked at the purple sun rising in the east and muttered, ’’Purple air comes from the east. This is an auspicious omen from the heavens. Lin Lanjian has already reached the final stretch. Perhaps tonight, he will begin to disintegrate his mortal form and truly attack Life Destruction, forming his spirit body. I look forwards to just what the result of that will be.’’

He stretched out his hand, and two flood dragons began pulling a golden divine carriage into the skies. Yang Yun slowly drifted upwards, his clothes fluttering in the wind as he stepped on the void, silently falling onto the divine carriage like an immortal descending from the heavens.

’’I surely cannot miss such prosperous times...’’

Meanwhile, at the highest level of the Asura divine Kingdom's floating tower, the black-robed Asura divine Emperor was standing at the window, his face contemplative as he looked towards the Elders Palace and the auspicious purple light that hung above it, washing the entire land in endless sunlight.

Standing not too far away from him was a purple-clothed girl. This girl was extremely tall, standing just a few inches lower than the towering Asura divine Emperor. In particular her legs. Both of them were straight and slender, nearly twice the length of her body. Her white ankles were exposed underneath the hem of her purple dress, making her seem filled with a sense of beauty and power.

The Asura divine Emperor stood here for a full half hour. The purple-clothed girl was also quiet during this time. Her skin seemed condensed from the cream of pearls, and her nose and features were perfectly proportioned, giving her a near flawless appearance. Her bright red lips had a flavor of wickedness to them, making it seem as if she were out of reach.

At this point, the Asura divine Emperor suddenly said, ’’Yaoyue, Lin Lanjian will begin forming his spirit body tonight. For you, he will be the first battle since you've been revealed as well as the most important battle you have ever faced! It might be a bit premature for you, but that also means this is a great opportunity and challenge for you also!’’

’’Yes, Your Majesty Haotian.’’ The purple-clothed girl's voice was faint and elusive, as if her voice was a clear melody from the distant horizon, bringing with it not even the least bit of emotion.

She was Situ Yaoyue, the hidden genius of the Asura divine Kingdom.

Situ Yaoyue had been born with an Extreme Violet Dantian. Her capacity to carry true essence was several times that of a normal martial artist, and it even had a special quality to it!

This sort of dantian was also known as the Purple Sea. Because of its existence as well as Situ Yaoyue's background as a direct descendent of the Emperor's clan, this was an extremely rare combination of circumstances. The Asura divine Emperor's clan had placed Situ Yaoyue in the highest order of importance. The events leading up to her birth were strictly protected, and afterwards it was even declared to the world that she had died in childbirth. Instead, they had secretly transferred her to the Asura Mystic realm where she had been received as the last disciple of a High Prince in that hidden world.

After reaching the Xiantian realm, Situ Yaoyue had gone out adventuring. Although she had powerhouses trailing her in secret, she had been unaware of all of this. By passing through many dangers and trials, her strength and will now far surpassed that of a martial artist at her same level.

Situ Yaoyue was at the seventh stage of Life Destruction, and her cultivation was only rising. It had already been secretly decided that she would be the next candidate for the throne of the divine Emperor. However, it was only that this news was kept secret, resulting in the many Princes like Situ Chuan remaining in the dark, continuing their meaningless struggle to become the Crown Prince. None of them were aware that Situ Yaoyue had long ago nabbed the position of successor.

’’You are the greatest talent that my Asura divine Kingdom has seen in the last 1000 years as well as the only junior to have reached the seventh stage of Life Destruction. Unfortunately, after breaking through to the seventh stage of Life Destruction, I had to stop your seclusion early and pull you out before your cultivation could stabilize. This will likely delay you entering the divine Sea by another year or two. But... this doesn't matter. Lin Lanjian is an existence with a great destiny on his body. He is a true proud son of heaven. Defeat him, inherit his destiny, and this gain will be immeasurably greater than any losses you will ever have!’’

’’Yes, Your Majesty!’’ Situ Yaoyue succinctly said. She looked towards the direction of the Elders Palace, calmly and firmly saying, ’’I will win!’’

’’Good! When I agreed to Lin Lanjian's battle, I had already decided to reveal you. Only your inborn Extreme Violet Dantian will be able to restrain his destiny of an Emperor. Not only must you win, but you must win with overwhelming power and grace so that you can pave your own road of a peerless Emperor!’’

The Asura divine Emperor looked at Situ Yaoyue with a complex light in his eyes. Only through a baptism of blood and battle could one truly rule over the world!

Time passed. More and more martial artists became aware that tonight would be when Lin Ming finally began forming his spirit body!

Although the Forsaken God Clan didn't wish to disclose this news, this type of matter couldn't be concealed either. This was because when a martial artist attacked Life Destruction they would need to absorb a massive amount of heaven and earth origin energy. When that happened, all sorts of large and small heaven and earth origin energy vortexes would begin appearing in the skies above the Elders Palace.

And while the Sky Lock Array was both a defensive and offensive array, it still wouldn't stop pure heaven and earth origin energy from passing through.

This matter would be known by everyone sooner or later.

It was just that some masters discovered this much earlier than others. Quickly, news that Lin Ming would be forming his spirit body spread out like wildfire. From one to 10, from 10 to a hundred, more and more droves of heroes began gathering around the Elders Palace.

From the skies, it appeared as if the entire Elders Palace was surrounded by a massive mob.

’’I heard that the Nine Furnace Crown Prince also came to personally watch Lin Lanjian cross Life Destruction. I heard he even gifted him two God Transforming Pills. I have no idea if that is true or not though.’’

’’What nonsense, of course it's true! That matter isn't a secret anymore. It's two God Transforming Pills! Isn't that just a waste of heaven's treasures? And it is just for attacking the first stage of Life Destruction. I wonder just what he will need to break through to the divine Sea!’’

A fifth-grade sect Life Destruction martial artist said, a bit sour. He could be considered a key talent that was being raised in his fifth-grade sect, but to him, a God Transforming Pill was nothing but a legend.

This sort of pill had a value over 300,000 spirit essence stones. To an ordinary Life Destruction powerhouse, that was a luxury forever out of their reach. Even a top 200 ranked Destiny Decree master would find themselves pained to afford a God Transforming Pill.

Now Lin Ming had actually used two in order to attack Life Destruction. Of course this martial artist was jealous. In his eyes, this was just wasteful.

’’Hehe, maybe Lin Lanjian's cultivation is lacking and he needs to depend on those God Transforming Pills to forcefully increase the energy in his dantian until it is enough to disintegrate his body. Otherwise, no matter how rich Lin Lanjian is, he still wouldn't waste such treasures. Of those top talents that naturally cultivated to the point of breaking into Life Destruction, which one of them didn't do so easily? As for using a God Transforming Pill to forcefully do so when their cultivation isn't sufficient, that can only harm them, there simply aren't any benefits to it. If Lin Lanjian has to use two God Transforming Pills, there definitely has to be some other reason for him doing so!’’

’’Mm... I also think it's strange. I remember that Lanjian already stole away a God Transforming Pill from the Asura divine Kingdom but hasn't even used it yet, because his cultivation hasn't increased. I estimate that Lin Ming is being forced by the Asura divine Kingdom, and since he doesn't believe in his chances too much, he will use three God Transforming Pills altogether in order to forcefully break through Life Destruction! Don't forget that Lin Lanjian isn't that old, he can't have reached late Revolving Core that long ago. Even a genius can't cross over from Revolving Core to Life Destruction so quickly.’’

’’Impossible! If his cultivation is lacking and he wants to depend on external forces to attack Life Destruction, then not only is that extremely risky but it will cause his foundation to be unstable. That is the greatest nightmare for a top talent!’’

’’Humph, having an unstable foundation is still better than losing his life. Otherwise, what capital will Lin Lanjian have to fight against all the Life Destruction powerhouses of the Asura divine Kingdom?’’


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