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Martial World - Chapter 829


Chapter 829 - Confrontation




’’Realmheart Great Hall?’’ The Asura divine Emperor Situ Haotian frowned as he noticed where the meeting place was. The heart of a dimensional realm was the cornerstone of that entire world;it was indestructible.

An array formation was engraved in the Realmheart Great Hall. The array heart was fused as one with the Realmheart. If one wished to forcefully break the array, they would have to destroy the Realmheart. But, this was simply impossible.

If this array formation was driven by a divine Sea Supreme Elder, then its power could be imagined.

In other words, once they entered into this great hall in front of them, they would immediately be at a disadvantage. If a fight were to start then they would be in a perilous situation!

’’Please!’’ The leading guard gestured in invitation, a trace of a smile on his face.

If they entered the Realmheart Great Hall then they would have lost the initiative. But if they didn't then they would weaken their momentum;how would they then be able to force out Lin Ming?

Situ Haotian sneered and lifted his foot to walk inside.

’’Your Majesty, you cannot!’’ As the Great Demon Envoy saw Situ Haotian about to enter the Realmheart Great Hall, he immediately cried out to stop him.

Situ Haotian coldly snorted. ’’I am the noble Asura divine Kingdom's divine Emperor. How can I not enter a mere great hall! My Asura divine Kingdom is close to a sixth-grade Holy Land, why should I fear a mere fifth-grade Holy Land like the Forsaken God Clan?’’

A fifth-grade sect and a sixth-grade sect were separated by a massive gulf. A sixth-grade sect took divine Sea Supreme Elders as their ordinary Elders and the highest man under the heavens as their sect master. Besides ancient powers like the Demon God Imperial Palace and a few other great powers that had fallen throughout history, there hadn't yet been another sixth-grade sect that appeared. Even the Nine Furnace divine Kingdom could only be considered a quasi sixth-grade sect.

But, a fifth-grade sect took Life Destruction martial artists as Elders. There were far too many of this type of sect and there were massive differences in total strength between them.

For instance, the South Sea Demon Region took first stage Life Destruction martial artists as their Elders and an ordinary third or fourth stage Life Destruction martial artist as their sect master. This was comparable to the lowest of fifth grade sects. Above this, there were sects that had one or two Destiny Decree masters as their sect master;these could be considered superior fifth-grade sects.

If a sect could have an Emperor powerhouse as their sect leader then that was a peak fifth-grade sect, also called a Holy Land. The Forsaken God Clan could be considered a slightly formidable Holy Land, but compared to the Asura divine Kingdom that had over a dozen divine Sea powerhouses guarding it, there was still a very large disparity between them.

Situ Haotian strode into the Realmheart Great Hall. At this time, in the great hall, Shibai was all smiles as he sat in the head seat. There were seven or eight people beside him.

As Shibai saw Situ Haotian come in, he quickly welcomed him, ’’divine Emperor Haotian, it's been a long time!’’

Although he looked genteel and delighted on the outside, his true innermost feelings were that of utter bewilderment. Even though he knew that Lin Ming had provoked a calamity on himself, he still didn't think that the Asura divine Kingdom would send out two divine Sea powerhouses, including even the Asura divine Emperor. For two divine Sea powerhouses to come after a little Revolving Core realm youth, this was simply unprecedented since ancient times! He doubted there would be another scene like this in the future too!

Situ Haotian laughed, ’’Patriarch Shibai, it's been a thousand years since our last meeting!’’

Although the Forsaken God Clan was mysterious, they still did occasionally interact with the outside world.

Situ Haotian's eyes were as sharp as a flash of lightning. He glanced over everyone before instantly locking onto a black-clothed youth wearing a wood spirit jade mask.

This youth was...

Lin Lanjian!?!

He was actually sitting out here in the open!

It wasn't just Situ Haotian, but the other Asura divine Kingdom powerhouses had also discovered Lin Ming.

’’You little beast, you actually dare to appear here!?’’ Situ Yaoxi glared daggers at Lin Ming. She had originally been thinking of negotiating with the Forsaken God Clan Patriarch. With sufficient threat of force as well as enough benefits, they would be able to force Shibai to hand Lin Ming over to them. But she never imagined Lin Ming would simply be standing there, appearing calm as if he didn't even care about what was happening.

If she wasn't able to recognize the curse energy coming from his body, she simply wouldn't believe that he was Lin Ming.

This was simply too audacious! Did he think their Asura divine Kingdom was empty air? He didn't even bother avoiding them?

As Situ Yaoxi spoke, the Asura divine Kingdom's martial artists all looked towards Lin Ming. The two that were defeated at the Nine Flower Banquet, Situ Chuan and Situ Feng, also glared at him, their eyes red with hatred.

’’Aunty! Quickly capture that little beast!’’

Situ Chuan glowered at Lin Ming with naked resentment in his eyes, but also some greed. He wanted to immediately grab Lin Ming and perform a complete soul search on him, taking everything that he had for himself. He wanted to steal away his destiny and become the number one divine Sea master in the future.


Shibai coldly coughed. The sound echoed like a loud thunderclap in Situ Chuan's ears. Situ Chuan's body shook and his blood and energy tumbled within him, nearly causing him to vomit blood.


Situ Chuan angrily looked over at Shibai.


Hearing another cold shout, Situ Chuan's complexion became even uglier.

The one who spoke was actually Situ Haotian. His voice was full of anger and energy, exploding throughout the entire meeting hall. Although he was outwardly speaking to Situ Chuan, this also secretly included Shibai and Lin Ming.

His Asura divine Kingdom was on a completely different level of strength from the Forsaken God Clan. How could he allow such an insult?

’’Father... I...’’ After being scolded by Situ Haotian, Situ Chuan felt very wronged.

’’Sit down! It is not your turn to speak!’’ Situ Haotian icily said.

’’Yes...’’ Situ Chuan's heart itched with bitter loathing. He sat down and continued to glare at Lin Ming with open hostility.

Situ Haotian's eyes burned as he sized up Lin Ming. Then he suddenly smiled and said, ’’Good! Good! Very good! Heroes have always come from the young, I never imagined that you would dare to appear and face me directly. How brave of you!’’

These words contained an invisible momentum. Although he didn't deliberately summon his aura, the unintentionally-released imposing aura of a strong divine Sea Supreme Elder was still enough to cause an ordinary Life Destruction powerhouse to ooze with a cold sweat!

Lin Ming's expression remained calm. He faintly smiled and replied, ’’If I didn't appear here, would Your Majesty the divine Emperor know that I am not hiding in the Forsaken God Clan? If so, then I wouldn't freely appear in front of Your Majesty as if I loathed living for too long.’’

Lin Ming's tone of voice was respectful but contained an inherent edge and dauntless courage. Situ Haotian's eyebrows shot up. For a Revolving Core powerhouse to be able to remain calm even under just a little bit of the pressure he released, this was startling!

This was truly worthy of the title of number one eternally rare talent in the Sky Spill Continent.

If this youth had only been his son then that would have been wonderful indeed.

Unfortunately, as things stood, the more powerful Lin Ming became, the more he must try to destroy him. This was because the conflicts of interest and enmity between them had already become irreconcilable!

Situ Haotian glanced over at Shibai as well as the ordinary-looking masked old man in the corner of the hall. The old man was clearly sitting under the lights, but he gave off a very hazy and vague feeling, as if it were extremely easy to ignore and forget him.

'Shibai, Zushan... two of the Forsaken God Clan's divine Sea masters. That old man Zushan looks inconspicuous but he is actually stronger than Shibai... in the Forsaken God Clan where the youths tend to die young because of their curse, he has lived through the pain for 2000 years. This itself is extremely terrifying. And besides these two, the Forsaken God Clan should also have a third divine Sea powerhouse. Since he hasn't appeared then he must be secretly controlling the Realmheart array.'

Situ Haotian silently calculated in his mind. Once a fight started here then they would undoubtedly die. But, if he and the Royal Princess used all of their hidden cards from the very start then they would be able to escape this Realmheart Great Hall. For them to die here was actually not possible. The three divine Sea masters of the Forsaken God Clan could also be considered chump change to the Asura divine Kingdom's higher number of divine Sea masters. If the Asura divine Kingdom was willing to disregard all costs and wage war with the Forsaken God Clan, then they would inevitably massacre them, even if they were hidden inside this highly defensible dimensional realm.

But, as long as the Forsaken God Clan didn't go crazy, they would never engage in such suicidal behavior.

As Situ Haotian thought of this, he slyly smiled, his eyes gradually filling with a cold light. ’’Patriarch Shibai, I wonder if you know of the grudge between my Asura divine Kingdom and Lin Lanjian? He stole away the inheritance of my Asura divine Kingdom as well as the main piece of the Demon Emperor Armor. Not just that, but he caused a bloodbath in one of my Asura divine Kingdom Branch divisions, killing the leader there as well as three famed Elders from fifth-grade sects. Afterwards, he conspired and killed my Asura divine Kingdom's three Demon Envoys and an Imperial Scholar. Now that Patriarch Shibai has come forward with Lan Lanjian, could this mean that you wish to shelter him in the future?’’

Shibai looked at Situ Haotian. He smiled and said, ’’divine Emperor Haotian, Lin Lanjian here only has a cultivation at the late Revolving Core. You said that he stole away your Asura divine Kingdom's inheritances and also the main piece of the Demon Emperor Armor? How could he have possibly done something like that?’’

’’Humph, Patriarch Shibai, let us stop beating around the bush. Everyone knows that my Asura divine Kingdom is the true successor to the great Demon Emperor. As for the Demon Emperor Armor being lost 10,000 years ago, that is a matter well known throughout the entire martial world. My Asura divine Kingdom has the Demon God Heartguard Mirror left behind by the Demon Emperor. Certainly Lin Lanjian didn't steal these things, but this was through the actions of his ancestors. These things should originally belong to my clan to begin with. In consideration of his ignorance, I was willing to forgive him as long as he handed over what belonged to us. But, not only did he refuse to return our legacies but he also repeatedly killed the powerhouses of my Asura divine Kingdom, plotting against the officials of my court!’’

As Situ Haotian spoke to here, Lin Ming actually sneered and said, ’’The Demon Emperor was originally a Giant Demon and you are a human. You don't have the least bit relationship of with the Giant Demon race, and yet you said that the Asura divine Kingdom is the chosen successor of all the Demon Emperor's inheritances? Don't make me laugh! The inheritances that the Demon Emperor left behind all have no master;it is up to fate whether or not one can obtain them! I can also say that your Demon God Heartguard Mirror is something that was stolen from me!’’


Situ Haotian's eyes suddenly became sharp as all of his aura erupted at once. This was different from that slight momentum he had been releasing before. This aura was being driven with all of Situ Haotian's strength! An overwhelming aura that belonged to a divine Sea powerhouse came crashing down on Lin Ming!

If a normal Life Destruction powerhouse were to be covered in this aura, they would explode to death!

Lin Ming's eyes widened. He had already been prepared for this. He opened the Heretical God Force to the limit as well as simultaneously utilizing the strength of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates.

The Asura Force Field and the Death God Force Field opened together. The Samsara martial intent protected his spiritual sea. True essence poured into his battle spirit, causing it to rapidly spin around.


The chair that Lin Ming sat on was immediately blasted to pieces. His body shook and he used a hand to support himself on the table before him.

In the instant that Lin Ming's palm touched the obsidian table, even though the table was reinforced by an array formation, cracks still began to appear on its surface. Dust and smoke began to waft out from the table, but Lin Ming still stood tall and upright, only looking slightly paler.


The moment that Lin Ming let go of the table, it immediately scattered into broken pieces and dust!

’’Situ Haotian!’’

Shibai stood up, his right hand already tracing his spatial ring! He looked at Lin Ming with surprise. A martial artist's aura was a similar type of energy to a force field or domain. Once it erupted it could instantly reach out. Even he didn't have enough time to prevent Lin Ming from being harmed. He thought Lin Ming would be injured, but never expected that he would simply resist this aura.

This was truly worthy of a peerless monstrous talent that had managed to provoke the Asura divine Kingdom to this degree.


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