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Martial World - Chapter 828


Chapter 828 - That is Not the Key Point




’’Three Demon Envoys... one Imperial Scholar... and you also massacred a branch division... this was all done by you?’’ Shibai found this hard to imagine. This youth in front of him only had a late Revolving Core cultivation. How could he possibly kill people like the Demon Envoys who were all highly ranked on the Destiny Decree?

If Shibai didn't know that Lin Ming lying at this point would only make matters worse, then he would have found it incredulous.

’’They didn't directly die under my hands. In the 8000 Mile Black Swamp they had already been severely injured. I borrowed the power of some special abilities, including the Argent White Sword, and was only then able to kill them.’’

’’So it's like this...’’

Shibai found this a bit more reasonable after listening to Lin Ming's explanation. Still... this was far too shocking. The dangers that existed in the 8000 Black Swamp should also affect Lin Ming. Lin Ming was only at the late Revolving Core realm yet he had managed to avoid these dangers, instead borrowing their strength to kill four highly ranked Destiny Decree masters. Anyone would find this situation hard to believe.

’’But... besides killing these people, there is also another matter...’’ Lin Ming hesitated before deciding to reveal everything that happened. Since the Asura divine Kingdom had come here to look for him, he could only depend on the support of the Forsaken God Clan to resist them. He naturally had to reveal all the pertinent facts and remove any contradictions so that Shibai was mentally prepared.

Otherwise, if the Asura divine Kingdom denounced him and Shibai was completely unaware of all this, then that wouldn't be good.

’’What? There's something else?’’ Shibai gasped, speechless.

’’Mm... it's like this. When I massacred the Asura divine Kingdom Branch division, there were also three superior fifth-grade sects present. Because of some conflicts during that time, I killed the man in charge of the Asura divine Kingdom Branch division as well as three Sovereigns and Highest Elders of the three great fifth-grade sects, for a total of four famous Elders. But, this isn't the key point...’’

As Lin Ming spoke to here, Shibai was already completely dumbfounded. That still wasn't the key point!?

Three great superior fifth-grade sects, their famed Elders must be at the fifth or sixth stage of Life Destruction;it was even possible that they were Destiny Decree masters. Lin Ming was only at the late Revolving Core realm and yet he had managed to kill four of these people!?!?

How had he done this? The Asura divine Kingdom Branch division was not near the 8000 Mile Black Swamp so there was no potential for him to borrow from. And, there were even the various array formations of the Asura divine Kingdom Branch division!

In a situation where there was the support of array formations and also numerous disciples and subordinates, such a powerful strength had been completely butchered by Lin Ming?

Shibai didn't think that the four famed Elders were killed one at a time by Lin Ming. They must have fought against him together. Four against one, and yet they had died instead? Was that even possible?

If they couldn't fight, couldn't they still run?

And even if their speed was inferior to Lin Ming's, could they have been idiots? Why didn't they run away separately?

’’You said that you killed four famed Elders in an Asura divine Kingdom Branch division!?’’ Shibai sucked in a breath of cold air. Even though he knew that Lin Ming wouldn't do something so insane such as boasting about this sort of matter at this time, he still found this unbelievable.

’’Yes... just me.’’ Lin Ming admitted.

Shibai ruefully smiled. ’’Good, you said that this wasn't the key point, then what is the key point? Don't tell me that you killed one of the Asura divine Kingdom's top 10 ranked Destiny Decree masters...’’

Shibai didn't know what expression to have at this time. He really didn't think that Lin Ming could kill a top 10 ranked Destiny Decree master;he was only saying this because he felt this whole situation was too ridiculous, so he also asked a ridiculous question. The meaning behind this was that Lin Ming couldn't possibly say anything more absurd.

’’No, the truth is... there was a divine Sea powerhouse who called himself the Asura divine Kingdom's Emperor Uncle...’’

As Lin Ming spoke to here, Shibai nearly vomited a mouthful of blood. Luckily, Lin Ming promptly followed that up, ’’He was just a wisp of will attached to a spear. He used a battle spirit projection to appear and then possessed the body of one of those dying famed Elders. He wanted to kill me, but the result was... he was instead exterminated by me.’’

Lin Ming described the whole process in simple terms, but Shibai felt his throat spasming the entire time.

Lin Ming took out an aquamarine green hairpin-like treasure from his spatial ring. Although this treasure looked like this, it was in truth a long spear. As long as one poured true essence into it, it would reform into its true form. This was the weapon that Situ Bonan had used.

’’The Wishful Green Spear!’’ Shibai's eyes widened until they were mostly white. ’’Situ Bonan!?!?’’

’’Yes...’’ Lin Ming nodded.

Shibai was floored. Situ Bonan's life was coming to an end. For the last few millennia he had been constantly tempering his will. It was said that his battle spirit had reached a very high level. Even if it were just a battle spirit projection, that was still a terrifying opponent!

And that terrifying battle spirit projection was actually... completely destroyed by Lin Ming?

’’He desired to kill me, but... he was instead annihilated by me.’’

Shibai didn't know whether to laugh or cry with these few words. Just who was this boy!?

At this time, as Shibai looked at Lin Ming, his vision was the same as if he were looking at a monster. Lin Ming was also in a hapless state. If it wasn't for the Asura divine Kingdom coming here and forcing his hand, he certainly wouldn't speak of these matters. Every time he revealed something strange about himself it made his situation a bit more dangerous.

After a while, Shibai thoroughly digested all of this information. This wasn't the time to ask Lin Ming just how he had managed to accomplish all this. The Asura divine Kingdom had already rushed their way in. He needed to understand the original reason for their enmity with Lin Ming.

’’Why did they form such a powerful lineup of individuals to deal with you?’’

Shibai couldn't help but ask. Three Demon Envoys and an Imperial Scholar. All of them were people with extremely high status in the Asura divine Kingdom, and the 8000 Mile Black Swamp was known as the greatest life forbidden zone in the Sky Spill Continent. Anyone below a divine Sea powerhouse would only find near certain death within. Even so, they had still taken the massive risk and entered. It could be said that the Asura divine Kingdom had spared no price in order to hunt down Lin Ming. To chase after a late Revolving Core boy in such a ruthless and reckless fashion, that was simply defying all common sense.

’’The reason that they are hunting me down is... I once entered into the ruins of an ancient Great Emperor at the edge of the mainland. But, the Asura divine Kingdom doesn't know about this...’’

Lin Ming stated the reason for the Asura divine Kingdom's hatred with him from beginning to end.

The struggle for the Demon Emperor's legacy had begun with the South Sea Demon Region. Originally, the South Sea Demon Region could be said to be a legacy remnant of the Netherworld Great Emperor. Compared to the Demon Emperor of 60,000-70,000 years ago that had founded the sixth-grade Holy Land Demon God Imperial Palace with his own hands, and whose strength was known to by unrivalled in the world, the Netherworld Great Emperor that had died 3000 years ago and had only created a fifth-grade Holy Land was in truth not much to speak of at all.

The Netherworld Great Emperor could at most be considered a fierce divine Emperor-like character. The 'Netherworld Devil Arts' that he created was not worth any jealously from the Asura divine Kingdom. The four divine Kingdoms had far too many cultivations methods of that level.

Moreover, when Silent Demon Emperor City was destroyed, most of the truly priceless treasures had already been stolen away by the four divine Kingdoms, leaving only a few dregs behind. The Netherworld Great Emperor's underlings had run away like miserable dogs to the South Sea, where they founded the South Sea Demon Region.

In the eyes of the four divine Kingdoms, the South Sea Demon Region was only a tiny fish that simply wasn't worth wasting time on.

Afterwards, Xuan Wuji had accidently obtained the personal letter of the Demon Emperor. Within this letter he had discovered information pertaining to the Demon God Imperial Palace. With this jade slip letter in his hand, he had resorted to every means possible to start a war throughout the entire South Sea, using that as a blood sacrifice to break open the seal of the ancient battlefield and open the pathway to the broken world of the Demon God Imperial Palace.

And until this secret Demon God Imperial Palace was opened, only Xuan Wuji and a minority of the South Sea Demon Region's high level figures were aware of it. Finally, Xuan Wuji's perfectly laid out plan failed and nearly all of the benefits fell into Lin Ming's hands.

The Demon God Imperial Palace was a dimensional realm that had lost its pillar of support and had also been sealed up afterwards. It was hidden and isolated from the outer world, and was only accessible from the surrounding several fragmented microrealms around it. After Lin Ming had left, there wasn't any more value in exploring it.

’’I see... I understand now. I will go and negotiate with those from the Asura divine Kingdom. Follow me along.’’ Shibai finally calmed down, restoring his previous confidence.

Follow him?

Lin Ming paused. But in truth, following or not didn't matter at all. If the Asura divine Kingdom managed to track him here all the way from the 8000 Mile Black Swamp, then they certainly had some method to deduce his position. There was no longer any meaning in hiding.

Shibai placed his mask back on and lit two sound transmitting talismans before walking towards the end of the Elders Palace.

Lin Ming followed, his mood soon returning to normal. As things stood, worrying wouldn't help him.

Shibai could feel Lin Ming's calm aura. He couldn't help but glance back at him. This young man simply appeared as if nothing had happened at all. Just who was he? For a late Revolving Core martial artist to be surprised in this matter was truly unimaginable.

Shibai led Lin Ming into a temple that was paved all over with black.

This temple was only 300 feet high. It looked simple and ordinary. But as Lin Ming walked inside, he could feel abnormal fluctuations of energy.

’’Mm? This great hall is...’’

’’Can you feel it?’’ Shibai looked at Lin Ming with an appreciative glance. ’’This temple was built within the 'heart' of this dimensional realm. Every dimensional realm has a world heart that supports the entire world. This is the cornerstone of the world. The degree of its toughness is singular and unthinkable. Even if the top powerhouse of the Sky Spill Continent were to come here, they could give up any thoughts of destroying it.’’

Shibai said with absolute confidence in his voice. This black temple was the area within the entire Forsaken God Clan with the greatest power. Not only was this temple built atop the heart of this world, but there were also unimaginably powerful and immense array formations laid down here. Once they were opened and guided by someone's hands, the might of them was hard to imagine!

Lin Ming followed Shibai into the main hall. It was only the that he discovered there was an old man wearing a silver mask waiting here. This gray-haired old man was only casually standing there, but it was impossible to feel his anything from him. And, what puzzled Lin Ming was that even though his eyes clearly saw this old man, if he investigated with his perception, the area that the old man was standing in was actually empty!

'This mysterious masked old man and Shibai are both the same. They are unfathomable individuals. I have no way of seeing through his cultivation.'

It wasn't that this old man was hiding his cultivation, but that Lin Ming simply wasn't able to understand his boundary. Without a doubt, this old man was also a divine Sea powerhouse!

The Forsaken God Clan unexpectedly had two divine Sea powerhouses! Such a force, disregarding the four divine Kingdoms, could be considered a first class Holy Land!

As Lin Ming entered, the masked old man nodded his head towards him, a faint smile and recognition in his eyes. It was obvious that he had learnt about Lin Ming's situation from the sound transmitting talisman.

The Forsaken God Clan had suddenly gathered two divine Sea powerhouses and also chose the heart of this dimensional realm as the meeting point. This was undoubtedly to demonstrate their might to the Asura divine Kingdom.


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