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Martial World - Chapter 827


Chapter 827 - Shibai




’’He actually entered the Forsaken God Clan....’’ The Asura divine Emperor was thoughtful for a moment.

If it wasn't for the fact that Situ Chuan had seen Lin Ming's true face at the Nine Flowers Banquet, and that he was able to confirm that there was no bloodline curse seal on his face, then the Asura divine Emperor would have believed that Lin Ming had originated from the Forsaken God Clan. The Forsaken God Clan had an extremely mystical background, and it was highly possible that they could raise a heroic young elite like Lin Ming who defied all common sense. The Forsaken God Clan had existed for countless years and had produced far too many top talents.

At this moment, a guard of the Forsaken God Clan greeted them. ’’Who are you?’’

’’We are from the Asura divine Kingdom, here to visit the Forsaken God Clan Patriarch. Have him come meet us quickly!’’

There was no need for the Asura divine Emperor to speak, as Situ Chuan had already taken the initiative to reply. With his status as an Asura Prince, he was simply disinclined to bother with these lowly Xiantian realm guards. He began emitting the aura of a Life Destruction powerhouse. The Forsaken God Clan guard was only a Xiantian martial artist, so he felt tremendous pressure in the face of this overwhelming aura.

Asura divine Kingdom?

The Asura divine Kingdom was one of the four great powers. Even a Holy Land level power wouldn't dare to be rash in front of them.

Against the oppressive momentum of the Asura divine Kingdom, it was impossible to say that the Xiantian level guards weren't pressured. However, they didn't seem weakened either. The deputy commander who was temporarily leading the guard squad said, ’’The Patriarch is meeting with a guest right now. Please wait for a moment.’’

The Forsake God Clan was hidden within its own dimensional realm throughout the years. It simply didn't know much of the current events happening in the outside world, much less of the matter where the Asura divine Kingdom chased down Lin Ming. Even if they did know, they wouldn't know that this matter had even brought these high level characters of the Asura divine Kingdom knocking on their door.


The Asura divine Emperor's eyebrows shot up as he glanced at Situ Yaoxi. It was likely that this guest was Lin Ming. As long as Lin Ming entered this dimensional realm, then he was no different than a dead pigeon. It would be impossible for Lin Ming to escape from his palm.


The masked, middle-aged man held onto the spatial ring that Lin Ming had passed to him, scanning it with his soul force. Suddenly, he felt a vast and ancient will press down onto him.

This was....

The middle-aged man's heart shook. This blazing purple lightning, this chilling sword edge...this was Emperor Argent's Saber, the Argent White Sword that was recorded down in the annals of their clan!

The Argent White Sword was the holy sword handed down within their Forsaken God Clan. It was a Saint level artifact weapon passed down from their ancestors! This sword had a history of over 100,000 years, and was a testament to the Forsaken God Clan's immeasurable history! It was the symbol of their family clan's glory and pride!

This sword blade contained an immortal sword intent that would never weaken, even after 10,000 years. This was the ultimate pursuit of a swordsman.

40,000 years ago, the Forsaken God Clan's greatest ancestor had achieved the title of the highest under the heavens, and was then granted this divine sword. Because of this sword, he changed his name to Argent. Since he was also renowned as an Emperor, he was called Emperor Argent from then on.

The Argent White Sword had been infused with the will of Ancestor Emperor Argent, and had also been tempered within the Nine Heavens Thunder Dominion. It could be called the transcendent sword of this world! When it had been lost in the Sea of Miracles, this had caused countless jealous Supreme Elders, who had been frothing with desire over this sword, to ignore any danger and rush into the Sea of Miracles to search for its whereabouts. Not only was the sword powerful, but the sword intent contained within could inspire a swordsman, allowing their swordsmanship to reach even higher levels!

But...the Argent White Sword seemed as if it had vanished from the world. No matter how those sword wielding Supreme Elders searched for it, none of them could even find a trace of its whereabouts. Instead, they all perished from the skies, with over 90% of them dying on their fruitless quest.

The masked middle-aged man never thought for a moment that one day, this divine sword would be returned to their Forsaken God Clan!

His body shivered with joy. As he held this spatial ring in his hands, he felt as if it were a 10,000 jin weight, nearly causing him to lose his balance and fall onto the floor.

’’Patriarch....’’ As the woman behind the masked middle-aged man saw his excited expression, she couldn't help but comment.

’’I'm fine...’’ This masked middle-aged man was the Patriarch of the Forsaken God Clan. The Patriarch took off his mask, revealing his true appearance and causing Lin Ming to be very surprised.

How could this be?

The masked middle-aged man had been tall, and exuded a noble aura. Therefore, his face should also be similarly dignified! However, as Lin Ming looked at his face, it seemed as if he were staring at him through a pale, translucent cloth. All of the middle-aged man's features were completely blurred underneath. It was as if his face was gradually disappearing, leaving behind only a pair of eyes that seemed as peaceful and bright as the stars in the night sky.

The curse seal on his face was over three times larger than that of an ordinary Forsaken God Clan member. It nearly covered his entire face.

The Patriarch of the Forsaken God Clan walked towards the entrance of the grand hall where the row of statues was lined up. He knelt on both knees, his hands shivering as he held the spatial ring and drew out the Argent White Sword. The four foot purple treasure sword was as straight as a ruler, shining with an upright and earnest brilliance.

The sword blade was still exuding the a firm and unbending martial arts will. This was the battle spirit that the Eightfall Thunder Emperor had left in the sword blade.

’’The Argent White Sword....has finally returned to my people! I have not shamed my ancestors any further!’’

As the Patriarch of the Forsaken God Clan knelt on the floor, the man and woman behind him also knelt to the floor. This sword was not merely a weapon to the Forsaken God Clan. It was the symbol of the glory and magnificent history of their Forsaken God Clan, and held an incomparably deep significance to them.

It had to be known Forsaken God Clan had already lost their ancient history to the endlessly winding river of time. If they also lost the Argent White Sword that had been passed down from their ancestors, generation through generation, then they truly didn't have any inheritance.

’’Little Brother, I am the 39th Patriarch of the Forsaken God Clan. My name is Shibai, and this graciousness will be carved onto my heart and onto the hearts of the entire Forsaken God Clan!’’

Although Shibai had a strange appearance that could even be called ferocious, his eyes now showed a sincere gratitude and gratefulness. The Forsaken God Clan had once promised generous rewards to anyone who could recover the Argent White Sword, and then had even sent out their own clansmen into the Sea of Miracles. However, none of them had ever returned.

The Forsaken God Clan had paid an immense price for the Argent White Sword. Although they never gave up their search for countless generations, their quests had always been futile, and they would be forced to give up halfway. Now that Lin Ming had brought back this sword to their clan, this graciousness was as heavy as a mountain to the Forsaken God Clan.

’’Sir Patriarch is too serious. At that time, I had mistakenly entered into the 8000 Mile Black Swamp and luckily obtained a great deal of help from the martial arts will left behind by Senior Emperor Argent. Otherwise, I fear I might have never managed to make my way here.’’

Lin Ming had repeatedly encountered dangerous situations in the 8000 Mile Black Swamp, and the Argent White Sword had greatly helped him during these times. Not to mention the other times, but solely based on the time he encountered the Purple Lion Thunder Source in the 90 mile region of the Thunder Dominion, if it weren't for the Argent White Sword protecting him, then he probably would have been eaten up by that Thunder Source.

’’Little Brother, there is no need to speak anymore. My Forsaken God Clan will remember this graciousness. If Little Brother has any requests, please speak freely.’’ Shibai decisively said.

The graciousness of a divine Sea powerhouse and the Holy Land behind him was undoubtedly precious. Lin Ming didn't continue to decline. For his current self, having the protection of great power was ideal.

Shibai carefully put away the Argent White Sword and looked at the other items in the spatial ring. These were the personal jade slips that Emperor Argent had left behind.

As Shibai held these jade slips in his hands and sifted through them, he found it more and more difficult to maintain his calm. On each of these jade slips were various experiences and notes on the Forsaken God Clan's heritage. Most importantly, there were even recorded experiences from Emperor Argent when he tried to break through the curse seal, and his process in doing so. To the Forsaken God Clan, this was extremely valuable information!

This spatial ring that Lin Ming had brought back to the Forsaken God Clan was simply a priceless treasure!

Shibai took a few breaths to calm himself. Then, as he quietly put away the jade slips and was about to speak to Lin Ming, a voice rang out from the other side of the door. ’’Sir Patriarch, there are guests here to visit.’’

’’Who are they? Have them wait outside.’’ Shibai casually waved his hands. At this time, there was no guest as important as Lin Ming.

’’They are people from the Asura divine Kingdom. The guards have already informed them to wait, but they did not wish to do so. The guards were unable to stop their advance.’’

Asura divine Kingdom?

Shibai twisted his eyebrows together. The Forsaken God Clan didn't cross paths with the four divine Kingdoms. Because they lived a secluded life in their own dimensional realm, they had very few visitors. Normally, only the nearby hidden family clans would occasionally come to visit them.

While Shibai had some suspicions, Lin Ming actually felt as if an earthquake and passed through him.

The Asura divine Kingdom!?

Damn! How did they know he was here!?!?

He didn't think that it was a mere coincidence for the Asura divine Kingdom to come visit the Forsaken God Clan. They must have used some unknown method to track his location!

As a top master, Shibai was naturally sensitive to the chances around him. He noticed Lin Ming's shocked expression and said, ’’Little Brother, do you have enmity with the Asura divine Kingdom?’’

Lin Ming let out a long breath. At this time, there was nothing more he could conceal from Shibai. After their last defeat, the Asura divine Kingdom had surely sent out a stronger lineup of people. Additionally, they also had some unknown tracking method that he had no knowledge of. There was just no way for him to hide from them anymore!

After thinking about it, Lin Ming realized he only he once choice left, which was to believe in the Forsaken God Clan and believe that they would protect him. After coming here, the Forsaken God Clan's background had far surpassed his imagination. At this point he could only hope that they would honor their commitment and repay the graciousness they owed.

Facing Shibai's question, Lin Ming wryly smiled and said, ’’I won't hide the truth from Senior. The reason that this I risked my life and entered the 8000 Mile Black Swamp was because I was being chased down by the Asura divine Kingdom's troops.’’

’’Mm?’’ Shibai had thought it was strange that Lin Ming, with his mere late Revolving Core cultivation, would actually enter the Sea of Miracles and discover Ancestor Emperor Argent's relics. Now, it appeared that he had been forced to do so by others. However, for him to come out alive, that was because of skills and a destiny that Shibai found hard to understand.

Shibai said, ’’You became enemies with the Asura divine Kingdom, and were forced into the Sea of Miracles. Even so, you managed to find the Ancestor Emperor Argent's relics, which countless masters had failed to seek out. With your late Revolving Core cultivation, you managed to leave that land safely too. This in itself is proof that an unbelievably great destiny lies on your shoulders, and that you and my clan were fated to meet. Come with me, and I shall help you absolve the hatred between you and the Asura divine Kingdom.’’

Shibai didn't think that Lin Ming, a late Revolving Core realm martial artist, would be able to form any enmity with the Asura divine Kingdom that could not be resolved. His Forsaken God Clan had its own considerable background, and it shouldn't be too hard for them to mollify the enmity that the Asura divine Kingdom had with a late Revolving Core martial artist. Even if Lin Ming killed an Asura divine Kingdom Prince, that would still be manageable. With the position of absolute strength here as the foundation, and in addition to paying a high enough price, this matter could be considered finished. However, with Lin Ming's cultivation, it would be rather difficult for him to kill an Asura Prince. Moreover, there were several hundred Asura divine Kingdom Princes, and with the sons of the High Prince added along, that meant there were even more.

As for the stronger Demon Envoys, Imperial Scholars, and divine Sea powerhouses, Shibai didn't believe that Lin Ming would have the qualifications to even offend them.

Lin Ming forced out a smile as he heard Shibai say these words. ’’This might not be able to be resolved.’’


’’I may have directly or indirectly killed three Demon Envoys of the Asura divine Kingdom, as well as an Imperial Scholar. In addition, I massacred a branch division of the Asura divine Kingdom, thus....’’ Lin Ming helplessly said.

In front of him, Shibai was left open mouthed and dumbfounded. He simply couldn't believe what he had heard.

’’W-what did you say?’’


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