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Martial World - Chapter 826


Chapter 826 - Forsaken God Clan, Dimensional Realm




’’According to the letter left behind by the Eightfall Thunder Emperor, this mountain peak is where the entrance to the Forsaken God Clan is.’’

Lin Ming thought out loud, looking at the massive mountain peak in front of him that looked like an ox head.

A dimensional realm was different from a minor dimension. A dimensional realm could be dozens, hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of miles in length. The power of space within was also very stable. Once a dimensional realm was born, then it could exist for hundreds of thousands or even millions of years without collapsing.

The broken world the Demon God Imperial Palace was in could be considered a small dimensional realm.

The martial artists of the Sky Spill Continent simply didn't have the ability to split apart the void and create their own dimensional realm. These worlds were all formed naturally due to a variety of reasons. Because a dimensional realm was located in a hidden world, it was easy to defend from attacks. Every discovery of a new dimensional realm would cause intense struggle amongst all the major powers. The four divine Kingdoms each had their own dimensional realms. For a sect to be able to lay down a base in a dimensional realm, that was in itself a manifestation and representation of their strength.

The ox-head-like mountain peak was covered in a light fog. The mountain peak was 70,000 feet high and had smooth cliffs that sloped down, as if they had been hewn by a giant axe.

Lin Ming raised his true essence and shot up like a rocket.

A height of 70,000 feet already entered into the Primal Chaos Heavens. Here, the heaven and earth origin energy was in chaos. The mountain peak was covered by 10,000 years of powder white snow and ice. Looking at it from afar, it was truly a magnificent sight to behold.

’’Who goes there, halt!’’

As Lin Ming approached the entrance to the dimensional realm, he was blocked by a squad of guards. These guards all had mystical tattoo seals on their faces, as if it were a tribal totem of their clan. Although these guard's cultivation was only at the Xiantian realm, there was a sharp edge to them. None of them gave way or showed weakness to Lin Ming and his late Revolving Core Realm cultivation.

Lin Ming knew that the tattoo seal on these guard's faces was the symbol of the Forsaken God Clan's bloodline curse.

This was an extremely mysterious family clan. Because the truth was buried in the endless river of time, no one in the clan knew why they were born with such a vicious curse.

But they didn't feel depressed, they did not give up, and they did not curse the heavens for being unfair.

They stoically withstood the pain of the curse, continuing to live on with their own strength for hundreds of thousands of years! Moreover, there were even lofty and imperious existences like the Eightfall Thunder Emperor that was born within their ranks!

An outstanding and close-knit family clan would often carry the mark and spirit of their clan in their bones. The Forsaken God Clan, their innermost feelings were that of defiance. They continued to tread forwards, never giving up a battle, fighting the heavens, fighting their fate!

Lin Ming could only harbor respect for this once glorious clan that withstood generations of immense pain. In particular that goddess that had died 100,000 years ago and that Great Emperor's heart that still beat within her chest after 100,000 years. All of this shocked Lin Ming to his core.

It was highly likely that the Forsaken God Clan was the descendant of these two great powerhouses.

Through inheriting the bloodline of these unrivalled powerhouses, even if their family clan's history was lost to time and even if their glorious days had passed, that lofty, unyielding, and proud character was still engraved in the bones of the Forsaken God Clan. It continued to stubbornly continue, following their bloodline curse and growing endlessly!

The reason Lin Ming would take the risk of returning to the Eightfall Thunder Emperor's relics was because he respected the achievements of the Thunder Emperor, and he respected the spirit of the Forsaken God Clan as well as their ancestors.

He cupped his fists together and said, ’’I have found a senior's relics from an ancient ruin. These relics are very important to his people. I believe that the final wish of this senior would be for me to return these relics to his people.’’

’’Senior? Which senior?’’ The guard captain asked.

’’The Eightfall Thunder Emperor, Senior Emperor Argent.’’

’’Ancestor Emperor Argent?’’ The guard captain suddenly trembled as he heard Lin Ming's words. Emperor Argent was one of the greatest talents of his Forsaken God Clan. At 21 years of age he had broken through to the Xiantian realm and then stepped into the Revolving Core at 28 years of age. This speed could be considered very slow amongst the heroic young elites, and it would be very difficult to become an Emperor level powerhouse at this rate of development.

But, Emperor Argent relied on his powerful will and perseverance. He slowly tread on his own road of martial arts, comprehending a battle spirit as well as three martial intents, managing to form his own Thunder Force Field in the meantime. After he crossed Life Destruction he became invincible within his realm. After he crossed the eighth stage of Life Destruction and reached the divine Sea, he showed disdain for all rivals and heroes. After a thousand years of being undefeated, he gained the title of highest under the heavens!

Unfortunately, even such a gallant and mighty genius had fallen like a meteor. He finally died in the Sea of Miracles and not even his bones were recovered. The only reason people knew of his death was because of his lifesoul jade slip. As for the reason why he died, no one knew.

The Eightfall Thunder Emperor's death added another layer of terror to the Sea of Miracles.

’’Young Hero, do you have any evidence of this?’’ The guard captain unsuccessfully tried to restrain the growing excitement in his heart. The relics of the Eightfall Thunder Emperor were far too meaningful to the Forsaken God Clan. If what this youth said was true, then this was truly an accidental massive lucky chance for the Forsaken God Clan!

Although the guard captain was thrilled, that didn't mean he would blindly believe anything Lin Ming said. To allow someone into the home of his clan, especially someone that wore a wood spirit jade mask, it was possible that there was some problem with this person.

’’This is a token Senior Emperor Argent once used.’’

As Lin Ming spoke, he fished out Emperor Argent's token from his spatial ring. This was a plain bronze token and on the back of it was a bird totem similar to the jade pendant. The front of the token was engraved with the word 'Argent.'

Although it was old, and the Clan Elder tokens had undergone several changes in style, the guard captain was still able to confirm that this was undoubtedly the token the Eightfall Thunder Emperor used in the past.

This ancient atmosphere that carried the flavor of years, as well as the will of thunder contained within the token, this was truly impossible to fake!

’’Young Hero, please follow. I shall take you to see our Elder!’’ The guard captain's tone became increasingly respectful. The Eightfall Thunder Emperor's relics were priceless. For this youth to not keep them all for himself after finding them and even return them to the Forsaken God Clan, this alone was worthy of respect.

With the guard captain guiding the way, Lin Ming followed behind him. They passed through a space entrance that shimmered like mercury. As the entered into this dimensional realm where the Forsaken God Clan resided, they flew high in the sky. Along the way they passed various marvelous looking trees and flowers that dotted the land. Although these couldn't be regarded as top heavenly treasures, it was still enough to make a third-grade or fourth-grade sect go mad with jealousy.

’’What a rich heaven and earth origin energy here. The grade of the spirit vein should be less than six, but not too far off.’’

Lin Ming was more and more surprised. For the Forsaken God Clan to occupy such prosperous land, their legacy must be far more formidable than he had imagined. But if this were true, how could Jue have ended up with such a miserable fate?

’’Not only is the spiritual aura here rich and pure, but there are a multitude of unimaginably powerful grand array formations laid down in this dimensional realm. Even if someone manages to break through the entrance and invade this realm, they would have to pay a great price in order to pass these array formations.

As Lin Ming slowly moved forwards, he secretly assessed his surroundings. This Forsaken God Clan was truly low key. If he hadn't managed to meet Jue by chance, then he would never have imagined that such a family clan would be hidden away at the edge of the four divine Kingdoms.

’’In front of us is the Elders' Palace. I shall lead Young Hero to see our Patriarch.’’

The guard captain quickly lit a sound transmitting talisman and relayed the entire series of events. He soon received a summon.

’’Young Hero, please come with me.’’

The guard captain flew into the Elders' Palace, passing through corridors without touching the ground until they arrived at a great hall.

This great hall was shaped like a square and was over 300 feet wide. There were several statues arranged at the entrance to this hall, and every statue was built to real size. There were men as well as women, and all of them looked lifelike, as if they were people frozen in time. Looking carefully, one could even see the curse seals on the statues' faces. These were undoubtedly ancestors of the Forsaken God Clan.

At the center of the great hall, three people were already waiting. Two men and a woman. They didn't seem too old.

The middle-aged man that seemed to be leading them was the same as Lin Ming, both of them wearing a mask. The man and woman behind him were both wearing long red robes, and also had the unique curse seal of the Forsaken God Clan on their faces. The two of them were impressively at the sixth stage of Life Destruction!

’’Sixth stage of Life Destruction, Destiny Decree masters...’’

Lin Ming could feel that the foundations of these two individuals were extremely solid. Their comprehensive strength most likely far surpassed the Asura divine Kingdom's second Demon Envoy. Such people should be ranked around the top 50-80 of the Destiny Decree.

However, as Lin Ming recalled the name of the masters listed on the Destiny Decree, he realized there was no record of any of the Forsaken God Clan's masters. Obviously, such a mysterious and hidden family clan wouldn't be included in the Destiny Decree. Destiny Grasp had a formidable intelligence gathering network, but that doesn't mean they would be able to probe the situation of the Forsaken God Clan that was hidden away in their own dimensional realm.

Lin Ming's eyes turned to the middle-aged man in front. This person's aura was as deep as the sea;it was impossible to see his cultivation. When this person locked his eyes on him, Lin Ming could feel a deep sense of awe and trepidation growing in him, as if this person were an unreachable mountain peak!

Was this... a divine Sea powerhouse?

Lin Ming didn't dare to confirm this. But for the Forsaken God Clan to be able to occupy such a magnificent treasure trove of a realm, it stood to reason that there must be a divine Sea powerhouse here!

Lin Ming took a deep breath. This was his first time facing a true divine Sea powerhouse. Although he could feel a great pressure, he still remained as calm as before. After all, when he had been in Timeworn Phoenix City he had encountered Fairy Feng, someone whose boundary was impossible to guess. She already far surpassed the divine Sea realm.

’’So it's you. Are you the one that found Ancestor Emperor Argent's relics?’’ The middle-aged man's eyes flashed like thunder. He didn't wait for Lin Ming to speak before suddenly appearing in front of Lin Ming. He swept his eyes past Lin Ming's dantian and was able to feel that Lin Ming's foundation already reached the peak of solidity. This caused him to be exceptionally surprised. For this young boy to cultivate to this point, he certainly wasn't some nameless nobody.


He had already decided to hand over Emperor Argent's relics. Lin Ming didn't bother with small talk. He pulled out a spatial ring he had prepared in advance and passed it to the middle-aged man, only leaving behind the Eightfall Thunder Emperor's recorded Thunder Concept jade slip as well as the Twinlife Thunder Crystal that could temper one's will. Both of those treasure were placed into the Cosmic Melting Furnace and then back into his dantian were no one could find them.

But as for the Eightfall Thunder Emperor's recorded experiences about the Forsaken God Clan's inherited cultivation methods as well as his experiences about how to resist the curse, all of that was returned to the Forsaken God Clan. Even the Argent White Sword was returned to them.

Although the Argent White Sword was a Saint artifact weapon, it didn't suit the spear wielding Lin Ming. Moreover, it was impossible for him to be recognized as the master of the Argent White Sword, so the might of the weapon would be greatly reduced in his hands. As it was, the weapon itself could only be considered as an unexpected surprise card in his hands. Lin Ming had confidence he would be able to cross Life Destruction in the future and would then have no need to rely on this card. It was better to simply return it to the Forsaken God Clan.


As Lin Ming entered the Elders Palace, outside of the Forsaken God Clan's dimensional realm, another Godspeed Boat arrived. This Godspeed Boat was several times larger than Lin Ming's own Godspeed Boat.

’’It's here?’’ The Asura divine Emperor looked at the ox head shaped mountain peak and frowned. ’’Are you positive he's within the Forsaken God Clan?’’

’’Yes!’’ Situ Yaoxi nodded. ’’He should have entered into the Forsaken God Clan's territory no more than an hour ago.’’


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