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Martial World - Chapter 824


Chapter 824 - Death Reaper Curse




The energy of the black seal became increasingly strong, soon enveloping all the nearby space.

The second Demon Envoy was clearly aware of just how mighty this Saint artifact level divine sword's energy was. Wanting to place his own spirit mark on it was easier said than done, especially since he was in a life or death battle with Lin Ming at the moment. If he separated a spirit mark to control this divine sword and a problem occurred, then it was likely Lin Ming would take the chance to end his life instead.

The safest method was to first seal away this divine sword and then place it into his spatial ring. He would be able to slowly deal with it in the future.

In front of such an unbelievably rare treasure, there were far too few people that could restrain their greedy nature.

Pointing his spear, the black seal whistled towards the Argent White Sword placing a heavy layer of pressure on it!

At the moment the seal touched the sword blade -


A resounding sword cry impacted into the endless skies, as if a deeply slumbering Azure Dragon had been awakened!

A vast purple energy rushed out from the sword and instantly crushed the black seal to nothing. The black seal was connected to the second Demon Envoy's soul force. The second Demon Envoy only felt as if someone had taken a 10,000 jin sledgehammer and smashed it into his head. His spiritual sea violently shook, nearly collapsing in on itself!

Blood began leaking from the corners of the second Demon Envoy's eyes, running down his ears and dripping from his nose. The Argent White Sword was marked with the martial arts will of the Eightfall Thunder Emperor. Tens of thousands of years ago, the Eightfall Thunder Emperor had been the highest man under the heavens and he was particularly extraordinary in the aspect of martial arts will. At the middle Revolving Core realm he had formed his own battle spirit, and by the time he reached the divine Sea his battle spirit had reached the silver boundary and even fused together with the thunder attribute because of his Thunder Force Field.

This martial arts will was supremely formidable to begin with. And after being tempered in the Thunder Dominion for tens of thousands of years, how could a martial artist on the level of the second Demon Envoy even hope of violating it?

This was the fury of the divine sword.

This was the rage of the Eightfall Thunder Emperor's martial arts will!

At the moment when the second Demon Envoy's soul suffered a backlash, Lin Ming had already been patiently waiting for this chance. He grasped his red spear and burst forwards!

Space shrank underneath his feet. Lin Ming appeared in front of the second Demon Envoy in just the blink of an eye.

His soul force touched upon the Heretical God Sprout, forcefully pulling out a thin wisp of golden red lighting. He poured this lightning into his red spear and smashed down at the second Demon Envoy's head.


The second Demon Envoy was so angered that his eyes nearly popped out. He utilized the Concept of Space, distorting space to break and avoid this fatal spear.

However, just as the second Demon Envoy's figure blinked several hundred feet away, he suddenly paled upon reappearing. This was because Lin Ming had also appeared in front of him, the cold spear in his hands just three feet from his head!

In terms of understanding the Concept of Space, Lin Ming had experienced several fortuitous encounters in his adventures and had even cultivated 'Golden Roc Shattering the Void', thus he was far superior to the second Demon Envoy. How could Lin Ming give the second Demon Envoy a chance to dodge?


The second Demon Envoy hurriedly lifted his spear to meet the strike.

This time Lin Ming didn't decide to engage the second Demon Envoy in a suicidal strike, trading a severe wound for his life. After all, Lin Ming was in an extremely poor condition right now - he didn't want to sustain another serious injury. This 8000 Mile Black Swamp was simply too dangerous for him in that state.

He slightly changed the trajectory of his spear and smashed it into the area where the Demon Envoy's spear shaft connected with the spearhead. This was the weakest point of a spear.


The two spears slammed into each other. Although Lin Ming had taken the initiative and suppressed the second Demon Envoy's spear, he still wasn't able to injure him. This was the disparity brought about by the difference in their absolute strengths.

But at this moment, the golden red lightning hiding in the spear suddenly erupted outwards! It was like a sun rising in the deep night skies!


With a pitiful cry, the second Demon Envoy's hands that he used to grasp his spear were charred to cinders. Now both his arms and both his legs and been completely ruined. Lin Ming didn't give him a chance to catch his breath. His soul force touched on the Heretical God Sprout again, drawing out a second wisp of golden red lightning!

Although this lightning wasn't too fast, the distance between him and the second Demon Envoy was small, and the second Demon Envoy's entire body was also paralyzed.

The arc of lightning penetrated through the second Demon Envoy's dantian!


The second Demon Envoy's lower stomach was turned to ash. A giant burnt black hole tunneled through his body.

’’Lin Lanjian...’’

Bitter hatred flashed through the second Demon Envoy's eyes. He spat a mouthful of blood onto Lin Ming and grabbed his spear, a trace of malicious pleasure touching his lips.

’’Death Reaper Curse... I curse you... in 100 days... you will die.’’

As the second Demon Envoy spoke these last words, his body suddenly ignited with a blazing black flame. Lin Ming felt a sudden pain in his chest, a deep burning sensation as if someone had pressed a heated iron there.

He looked down at his chest to see that the area where the second Demon Envoy's blood had splashed had left a black curse seal. The curse seal burned like hot iron, causing the surrounding skin to twist and turn black and red.

’’This is...’’

Demonshine suddenly spoke up, ’’This is the Death Reaper Curse! It as an extremely sinister and malevolent demonic path curse and the curse method is also similarly dire. Before the point of death, completely burn away your life force, including your soul and blood essence, taking all of that as a sacrifice to the Death Reaper, and beseeching the Death Reaper to slay your enemy. This curse... if you can't undo this curse with your own strength then you will surely die in 100 days!’’

’’This...’’ Lin Ming's mind turned cold. Humans certainly had a soul. But, after humans died, it was still a riddle whether or not they would be reincarnated. When a martial artist died their soul returned to the boundless universe. They always held a hope that they would reincarnate in a new life, but if their soul was destroyed after their death then that was truly the most miserable way to die.

Only some demonic path martial artists like Bi Ruyu would study such macabre cultivation methods that involved pulling someone's soul and refining it, making a martial artist experience pain worse than death.

And now, in order to curse him, the second Demon Envoy had burnt away even his soul, turning into nothing but nihility. This was truly a depraved obsession. The stronger a martial artist's will was, the stronger their obsessions were. And, the second Demon Envoy's greatest obsession before he died was to kill Lin Ming.

’’Can you break this curse?’’ Lin Ming asked Demonshine.

Demonshine helplessly spread out his paws, ’’I'm just a wisp of a remnant soul. I don't even have a flesh and blood body or any true essence. The only energy I can move now is my soul force. When you were at the Xiantian realm I could still help you, but now... I'm a bit powerless.’’

Demonshine poignantly said. Lin Ming's growth was simply too fast. He could mostly only impart some of his experiences and knowledge to help Lin Ming now.

Lin Ming also felt sympathetic towards Demonshine. Demonshine had once been a Three-headed divine Demon Hound, but all that was left over was a single head. Moreover, his divine soul had been seriously injured to begin with, and he still wasn't even close to fully recovering.

All Lin Ming could do was wait until he was strong enough and then help Demonshine reform his divine soul and physical body.

’’Then how can I break the curse?’’ Lin Ming said with a calm tone. He didn't really think that he would die under this Death Reaper Curse.

’’Easy. As long as you are strong enough - a lot stronger than the one who cursed you - then you can break it.’’

’’Got it.’’

The Death Reaper Curse seemed mysterious, but in the end it was simply an energy-based final killing move. In order to break it all he would need was an even stronger energy.

’’A hundred days. I should be able to break through Life Destruction before then. As long as I can successfully cross Life Destruction, undoing this curse seal shouldn't be a problem.’’

During this adventure in the 8000 Mile Black Swamp, Lin Ming had made a significant harvest. With the support of the golden red lightning, he was confident he would be able to cross Life Destruction within a hundred days.


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