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Martial World - Chapter 821


Chapter 821 - Leaving the Thunder Dominion, Battling the Imperial Scholar




The second half of Emperor Argent's letter recorded what he experienced in the last thousand years of his life. He had recorded all sorts of shocking details in his attempts to overcome his cursed fate with his strength. Without a doubt, this would be extremely valuable information to the God Forsaken Clan.

The last portion of this letter only contained a few sentences.

’’Year 31,200 of the Sky Spill Calendar. In battle with Emperor Evil, I received severe wounds. The eighth bloodline curse calamity approaches. I will go to the Thunder Dominion to attempt my last crossing in seclusion.’’

As Lin Ming read this he was stunned. Who was Emperor Evil?

After the Eightfall Thunder Emperor reached the divine Sea, his strength far surpassed everyone else in the world. He had been a true peerless powerhouse for that time. From when he first started recording on this jade slip his cultivation must have taken another step upwards. And yet this Emperor Evil was actually able to severely wound him?

Why was there no record about him in the history of the Sky Spill Continent? Could it be that this Emperor Evil didn't even come from the Sky Spill Continent's planet?

After the battle with the Eightfall Thunder Emperor did this Emperor Evil die or live?

Lin Ming's mind was filled with all sorts of confused questions. It was too bad that there were no follow ups to Emperor Argent's letter. Without doubt, the Eightfall Thunder Emperor must have perished here after entering into closed door seclusion.

While being severely wounded he also had to deal with the eighth calamity of his bloodline curse. The danger of closed door seclusion at this time could be imagined.

Lin Ming continued to search Emperor Argent's spatial ring for other relics. Although this spatial ring had passed through tens of thousands of years, the spirit mark on it was still incomparably clear as well as carrying with it a grand thunder attribute. This caused Lin Ming to sigh yet again. With Emperor Argent's unbelievable strength of will, it was likely he had achieved a silver battle spirit.

A silver battle spirit that also had the thunder attribute. After staying in the Thunder Dominion for tens of thousands of years, not only had his will not weakened but it was instead nourished in the power of thunder.

’’I find it a bit strange... since the Eightfall Thunder Emperor already obtained this Twinlife Thunder Crystal, why didn't he use it to temper his battle spirit? Wouldn't he want to bring his battle spirit to an even higher level?’’

Lin Ming mumbled to himself. Then, Demonshine said, ’’If I'm not wrong, the Eightfall Thunder Emperor had originally caught the Purple Lion Thunder Source and imprisoned it in his cave mansion. He wanted to absorb it, but his cultivation was lacking at the time so he temporarily sealed it here.’’

’’And the Twinlife Thunder Crystal, as a heavenly treasure that was born together with the Purple Lion Thunder Source, was naturally the best vessel to seal the Thunder Source within. Unfortunately, the Eightfall Thunder Emperor perished before he reached a high enough boundary to absorb the Purple Lion Thunder Source. After his death, the power of the seal weakened every year until the Purple Lion Thunder Source was finally able to escape. Afterwards, the Purple Lion Thunder Source wanted to retake its Twinlife Thunder Crystal that was held in this cave, but the Eightfall Thunder Emperor's sword has continued to fight it up until the present.’’

Lin Ming nodded. What Demonshine said was most likely true. The Argent White Sword was in itself a metal Saint artifact;it simply had no need to fear any thunder. And the sword soul had fused together with the Eightfall Thunder Emperor's thunder attribute will so it had no need to fear thunder-based attacks. Because of this, the Purple Lion Thunder Source had nothing it could do.

Lin Ming looked further in the Eightfall Thunder Emperor's spatial ring, finding some bottles of pills, jade slips, treasures, as well as several thousand spirit essence stones.

The Eightfall Thunder Emperor wasn't as wealthy as Lin Ming imagined he would be. It could even be said that he was dirt poor.

Besides the Saint artifact level sword and the Twinlife Thunder Crystal, there unexpectedly weren't any other priceless treasures. This was too inconsistent with his status as highest under the heavens.

’’The top pills were likely used up by the Eightfall Thunder Emperor in his final battle. As for the jade slips, they are inherited cultivation methods of the Forsaken God Clan as well as some records of the Eightfall Thunder Emperor's own experiences in training. These would actually be very important to the Forsaken God Clan... but to me it would only serve as an ordinary reference... mm? This is... a detailed explanation of the Concept of Thunder!’’

Lin Ming's heart stirred as he looked over a purple jade slip. At this moment, he was extremely lacking in his comprehension of the Concept of Thunder. Although he had a very high compatibility with thunder origin energy, that wasn't too helpful in comprehending the Concept of Thunder. However, this jade slip would be of great help to him.

With the Eightfall Thunder Emperor's boundary, his understanding of the Concept of Thunder must have been surpassingly profound.

Lin Ming finished organizing the Eightfall Thunder Emperor's relics and then inadvertently glanced at some descriptions of where the Forsaken God Clan lived.

And what incomparably surprised Lin Ming was that the Forsaken God Clan lived in a sealed off dimensional realm.

’’The Forsaken God Clan lives in a dimensional realm?’’

Lin Ming was amazed. There were very few dimensional realms attached to the Sky Spill Continent. This was because a dimensional realm was much more stable than a minor dimension;the Laws there were not much different than those of the boundless universe and it was also easy to defend. Thus, many powerful influences were willing to fight for these types of lands, especially for those dimensional realms that had spiritual veins. For the Forsaken God Clan to be able to occupy their own dimensional realm, this meant that their strength far surpassed what Lin Ming had originally thought it to be.

But this was strange... if the Forsaken God Clan was so powerful, how come Jue had been captured by the Northwest Great Desert?

’’The entrance to the Forsaken God Clan's dimensional realm is located 300,000 miles southwest of the Seven Star divine Kingdom. I should go there and return some of the Eightfall Thunder Emperor's relics to his Forsaken God Clan.’’

Lin Ming took the Concept jade slip as well as the most precious Twinlife Thunder Crystal that the Eightfall Thunder Emperor had left behind. As for everything else, especially the recorded experiences of the Forsaken God Clan's cultivation methods and the Eightfall Thunder Emperor's attempts to resist the curse, these sorts of things were far too valuable to the Forsaken God Clan. Lin Ming thought that returning all of this was natural. The Eightfall Thunder Emperor's skeleton and sword should also be returned to his homeland.

Even if Lin Ming did all these things, it was far from being able to repay the debt of gratitude. The value of the Twinlife Thunder Crystal was simply immeasurable.

Lin Ming estimated the time. He had already been inside the Thunder Dominion for over two hours. The 8000 Mile Black Swamp had a sealed force field and the power of space here was bizarre;anyone who entered would find it very difficult to leave. But even so, Lin Ming didn't dare to stay in the Thunder Dominion for too long. Who knew whether or not the Asura divine Kingdom would turn crazy and decide to send seven or eight divine Sea Supreme Elders after him. If that happened, when those divine Sea Supreme Elders joined forces, and in addition to the Asura divine Kingdom's accumulated inheritance after all these years, they might be able to find him through some means. Even hiding away in the Thunder Dominion wouldn't be safe.

Lin Ming resisted his desire to stay here and practice his Concept of Thunder and also temper his battle spirit with the Twinlife Thunder Crystal. He gathered everything up and prepared to leave.

As he saw the Eightfall Thunder Emperor's skeleton, he bowed once again before receiving it into his spatial ring. Then, he hesitated for a moment and picked up the Argent White Sword. The long sword was intelligent but it didn't resist. It allowed Lin Ming to place it in his spatial ring.

Lin Ming displayed his movement technique and launched himself out of the Thunder Emperor's cave mansion. Lin Ming wasn't in too great a hurry to run out of the Thunder Dominion;he still had a very important task to matter to do, and this was to allow the Heretical God Sprout to swallow up all the thunder energy it could so that he could use it to cross Life Destruction in the future.

The Heretical God Sprout had already absorbed a massive amount of purple gold thunder in the 80 mile region of the Thunder Dominion. Lin Ming didn't want this 'low level thunder' and released all of it, deciding to trade it for the more powerful golden red lightning.

Even though Lin Ming's body had been tempered with lightning, it was still hard for him to withstand this sort of lightning. He grit his teeth and persisted, slowly filling the Heretical God Sprout until it was full of golden red lightning.

After a quarter hour passed, Lin Ming's entire body was dripping with sweat, but the Heretical God Seed had finally absorbed enough lightning. At this time, the entire sprout was shining with a golden red light.


Lin Ming let out a long breath. It was impossible for most divine Sea Supreme Elders to arrive at the 90 mile region of the Thunder Dominion. Although the lightning he took from here was only an insignificant drop in an endless ocean, it was still the highest golden red lightning that he could absorb. There should be enough for him to cross Life Destruction.

Once everything was ready, Lin Ming took out the red spear from his spatial ring. The Concept of Thunder and Fire flooded into it as he thrust it out!


Space trembled. Lin Ming broke through the distorted force field of the Thunder Dominion's 90 mile region and flew straight to the 80 mile region.

’’Break again!’’

With a second spear thrust Lin Ming smoothly arrived at the 70 mile region.

Again and again, Lin Ming was unstoppable as he pierced through all the distorted force fields.

Then, after several dozen breaths of time, Lin Ming had finally reached the outermost layer of the Thunder Dominion.

’’I wonder if that old witch hag is still waiting for me outside. It's fine if she died to those existences in the 8000 Mile Black Swamp, but if she didn't... heh, that's even better!’’ Lin Ming's eyes blazed with a brilliant fighting spirit. As he thought about being chased down by Bi Ruyu and the Demon Envoys like some rabbit to be hunted, and also of the extreme dangers he had to stumble through in order to escape, a vengeful fire had already lit inside his heart.

And now that he had encountered a fortuitous turn of events in the Thunder Dominion, it would only be unfair to himself if he didn't find Bi Ruyu and demand her to pay back the interest for his suffering in blood!

Moreover, Lin Ming was not afraid of fighting Bi Ruyu at all. The Thunder Dominion was his ultimate base camp. He could freely flit in and out, but Bi Ruyu was limited to the 50 mile region.


Lin Ming grasped his red spear and flushed out of the Thunder Dominion. He didn't see Bi Ruyu or the other Demon Envoys at all. Still, he kept on full alert of his surroundings, always keeping within 100 feet of the Thunder Dominion's clouds to ensure that he could withdraw at any time.

’’Have they left? Or did they stay? Well, if that's the case then I'll leave the 8000 Mile Black Swamp first.’’

Although Lin Ming wished to fight Bi Ruyu, if she wasn't here then he wouldn't be so crazy as to seek her out. That was the same as using his own life as a joke. Moreover, if time dragged on then the Asura divine Kingdom's divine Sea Supreme Elders might be able to use some extraordinary method to find him.

Lin Ming was just about to rush out of the 8000 Mile Black Swamp, when at this time a brilliant red light flashed out. With a harsh scream, a large red net covered the clouds even as it fell down on him, completely enveloping him from above.

’’You little beast. I have already waited for you for a long time here! I want to see just where you'll escape to now!’’

Bi Ruyu's maniacal voice sounded out. She had used a secret technique to conceal her whereabouts, all in order to set this trap for Lin Ming.

At this time, her hair was disheveled, her clothes were tattered, and her withered face was wet with blood. She was missing her right eye, leaving nothing there but a gaping deep eye socket. Her shoulder had also been bitten by something. The flesh there was mangled and dripped with blood.

It was obvious that Bi Ruyu had experienced a perilous and wretched battle just now. She looked like a demon that was crawling up from the abyss of hell.

A normal woman martial artist would consume some of their cultivation after reaching Life Destruction in order to maintain their youthful appearance. Even if the fires of their life were fading away they would still be like Mu Fengxian, aging rapidly but gracefully.

But for a martial artist like Bi Ruyu who practiced arcane body transformation techniques, that would only intensify the aging process, making it seem as if they were a dried corpse that crawled out of a coffin.

’’In order to wait for your return I have become like this! Today I must flay your skin and pull out your tendons!’’


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