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Martial World - Chapter 818


Chapter 818 - Lightning Tempered Body




Lin Ming had no idea how deep the Thunder Dominion was. As he flew from 50 miles to 80 miles, the color of the thunder changed two times.

From a red gold to blue gold, and then from a blue gold to a purple gold.

The power of this purple gold thunder made Lin Ming's heartbeat inexplicably quicken. Every arc of purple gold thunder was like a vicious beast, ready to bite down on anyone nearby. Even if Lin Ming had the Heretical God Sprout to protect himself, he still didn't dare to willfully absorb it. Instead, he searched for the smallest wisps of purple gold thunder and slowly and carefully introduced them into his body, letting it gather into the Heretical God Sprout.

Purple gold thunder flowed through Lin Ming's meridians like magma. Wherever it went, Lin Ming could feel a severe pain emanate from his meridians as if his flesh and blood were igniting into a blaze.

However, in these past seven years, Lin Ming had already experienced bouts of agonizing pain far worse than this. Thus, he was able to withstand the ache and completely concentrate on gathering the power of thunder into the Heretical God Sprout.

Chi chi chi!

The purple gold thunder wrapped around the Heretical God Sprout. The Heretical God Sprout that had stopped growing at the 50-60 mile zone began to grow once more.

The two leaves stretched out and veins became even clearer. The Heretical God Sprout lengthened at an extremely slow speed.

This growth continued for several quarter hours before finally stopping. It seemed it wouldn't grow anymore, no matter how much power of purple gold thunder it absorbed.

The extra power of the purple gold thunder was stored within the Heretical God Sprout. This power couldn't be transformed into energy for the Heretical God Sprout to grow, nor could it be refined by Lin Ming.

As soon as Lin Ming discovered that the Heretical God Sprout could store the excess power of thunder, his mind suddenly stirred.

’’Demonshine, do you think there is a chance that when I'm trying to cross Life Destruction, I can detonate the saved up power of thunder from within the Heretical God Sprout? If I add in the energy from heavenly materials and completely disintegrate my body, would that be enough for me to smoothly cross Life Destruction?’’

Demonshine was stunned for a moment as he heard Lin Ming's question. It was an extremely risky process to cross Life Destruction. A martial artist would be above and beyond careful for fear that there would be any problems during the breakthrough. Yet, Lin Ming had suggested a crazy idea.

Demonshine thought for some time and then began to slowly say, ’’About that... I can't say I really know. All I know is that I've heard that Realm of the Gods martial artists who dual cultivated in body and law had to depend upon the massive amount of energy inherent in heavenly materials to decompose their bodies and cross Life Destruction. That could be considered a type of external force. If you store the power of thunder within you and detonate it, the principle should also be the same. My only worry is that if your attempt this, you might lose control over the power of thunder at that time...’’

Lin Ming shook his head, ’’It doesn't matter. I have belief in myself.’’ Lin Ming looked at the Heretical God Sprout within him. The sprout was already two inches high. This thunder would become his greatest dependence in crossing Life Destruction.

In order to make it even more dependable, Lin Ming decided to rush even deeper into the Thunder Dominion. Although the purple gold thunder in the 80 mile range was powerful, it had only allowed the Heretical God Sprout to grow by a little bit. It hadn't yet reached the limits of the Heretical God Sprout.

As Lin Ming continued his way deeper within, he flew at a very slow speed. Even Demonshine felt his heart rapidly beating in Lin Ming's spiritual sea. After all, Demonshine only had his divine soul form. If Lin Ming had an accident then he would also be burnt to ashes.

’’Boy, you best be careful and not let any more thunder enter your spiritual sea. My tiny body won't be able to handle it!’’

’’I got it.’’ Lin Ming fully focused his mind, his speed becoming increasingly slow.

85 miles...

88 miles...

90 miles...

After reaching this depth, not only did the color of thunder change, but even the shape changed.

Before 80 miles, the thunder within the Thunder Dominion still had the shape of arcs, with both thick and thin. But after reaching 90 miles deep, the thunder had turned into fantastical dreamlike ephemeral light.

This surreal light appeared mostly purple white, but occasionally there were flashes of deep purple and golden red. It was like a sunset had lit up the world, glorious and majestic.

As he listened carefully he discovered that this lightning did not release any sound. It seemed incomparably quiet and peaceful, as if this area wasn't the Thunder Dominion but a purple fairyland of immortals and dreams.

However, Lin Ming could feel that lying beneath this tranquil and fascinating exterior, there was actually an incomparably terrifying power of thunder hiding beneath it all!

It was impossible for anyone below the divine Sea to survive here!

Even though Lin Ming had the Heretical God Sprout protecting him, in the face of such lightning he was still aghast and alarmed.

’’I'm at the very edge of the 90 mile Thunder Dominion zone. If I go any further, I won't be able to withstand the might of the thunder anymore.’’ Lin Ming decided to temper the Heretical God Sprout at the edge of this lightning zone by occasionally catching the wisps of lightning that drifted toward him. If he were to directly bathe in that purple white and golden red lightning, he feared he would immediately be vaporized to ash.


A wisp of purple white lightning deviated from the 90 mile range of the Thunder Dominion. Lin Ming's heart skipped a beat and he suddenly moved. He wrapped his hands with true essence and directly grabbed that approaching lightning wisp.


There was a faint sizzling sound as Lin Ming felt as if he had caught a red hot iron with bare hands. His hands were in severe pain as a stream of burning gas wafted upwards;his hands had been scorched black!

Lin Ming ate the pain, not releasing his hands. He transferred true essence to protect all the meridians in his body and then forcefully absorbed this wisp of lightning.

This was only a tiny wisp of lightning, but as it entered Lin Ming's body it seemed as if it turned to countless knives that cut into him, desiring to tear apart his body from within!

And tremendous pain tore through his body. Lin Ming was frightened but happy at the same time. He felt more and more that this power of thunder could really guarantee his chances of crossing Life Destruction.

Not just any sort of devastatingly destructive energy could help a martial artist cross Life Destruction. The premise to use this sort of energy was that the martial artist himself was able to control it, otherwise they would truly be eradicated by the energy, without even ashes left.

But, dangerously destructive energy wasn't easy to control. In addition, when a martial artist was in the process of crossing Life Destruction, their body would disintegrate and their strength would drop to the lowest point. At this time, for a martial artist to wish to control the tyrannical energy flooding their body was easier said than done.

Lin Ming carefully circulated the lightning through his meridians. Wherever it visited it brought with it a nearly unbearable pain. The Heretical God Sprout seemed to sense this brutal power of thunder and began to issues cries of excitement.

The lightning flowed even faster.

After several breaths of time, the lightning was swallowed up by the Heretical God Sprout. The delicate leaves of the sprout became even more crystal clear and luscious.

Just a wisp of lighting wouldn't be too useful. Lin Ming attempted to approach the 90 mile Thunder Dominion zone again to absorb more lightning.

However, he was careful to avoid the deep purple and golden red lightning that occasionally appeared. Lin Ming could feel an even more fearful strength exuding from these two types of lightning. He didn't want to take such an unnecessary and great risk.

More lightning converged into his meridians. Without a doubt this was even more painful. But in order to save time, this was all that Lin Ming could do. He didn't want to stay in the 8000 Mile Black Swamp for too long. There had been far too many masters that had perished here and Lin Ming's strength could only be placed in the middle of those fallen masters.


With every revolution of energy, the Heretical God Sprout grew taller and its young leaves became that much more crystalline and succulent.

Throughout the process, Lin Ming was constantly bruised and damaged. He had no choice but to stop periodically and swallow healing pills. Fortunately, Lin Ming's body had been tempered for a long time and had become extremely tough. If a normal essence gathering system martial artist were to try this, then they would be fired into cinders even with the support of the Heretical God Sprout.

After an hour passed, Lin Ming introduced more and more purple white lightning into his body. There were even times where he would bring several wisps of deep purple lightning in, but he still didn't show any signs that he was nearing his limit of resistance.

This originally agonizing pain slowly transformed into a sense of numbness. And after that, even that sense of numbness made one feel a tinge of elation!

Lin Ming's mind stirred. His eyes locked onto a wisp of golden red lightning. His feet moved, stepping onto Golden Roc Shattering the Void as he reached out and grabbed it within his hands.


Lin Ming's hands were scorched. But, he stubbornly forced that lightning into his body and forcefully suppressed it with the Heretical God Force and shoving it into the Heretical God Sprout.

As the Heretical God Sprout absorbed this golden red lightning, it grew increasingly vivacious. It was as if this wisp of golden red lightning was more effective than several dozen wisps of purple white lightning.

This changed surprised Lin Ming.

’’It seems that since my body was baptized by thunder several times, I've gradually adapted to the power of thunder.’’

Lin Ming thought out loud. At this time Demonshine spoke up, saying, ’’You're about half right. There's another reason, and that is that after your body is tempered by lightning it has become increasingly pure and tough! This is like those ghostly martial artists that cross thunder tribulation. It is difficult to cross the thunder tribulation, but once one does, it can actually temper their body, making them that much more formidable. This is a rare chance!’’

’’Oh?’’ Lin Ming was alarmed before immediately feeling relieved. Indeed, this was true. Thunder was not only the power of destruction but also the power of creation!

In the legends, during the most ancient times, infinitely far back, when universe was still chaos and the heavens and mountains were forming, at that time there was no life in the world. There was only primordial air, sea, magma, and endless amounts of thunder.

In this lifeless environment, lightning had struck the ocean, causing changes in the composition of air and giving birth to the most primitive forms of life.

This was a miracle belonging to lightning.

Lightning was not just vital in the creation of life, but it was important even now. Even in the human body it was an essential force. In all the infinitesimally small cells of the human body there were always countless arcs of electricity flowing through.

The existences of lightning and life were closely linked. If one could master lightning then that was similar to mastering the power of life. This would make their bodies far more powerful!

However, even if Lin Ming occasionally introduced golden red lightning into his body, the Heretical God Sprout stopped growing, as if it had reached a bottleneck in its growth. It was unable to depend on absorbing this power of thunder to make another breakthrough in its growth.

The Heretical God Sprout still absorbed the power of thunder in the 90 mile zone and stored it. Lin Ming hesitated for a moment and then flew several miles deeper in the Thunder Dominion until he saw the 100 mile zone border.

In the 100 mile Thunder Dominion zone, the appearance of the lightning changed once again!

At this time, even though Lin Ming had just tempered his body with thunder, he was also very clear that he could no longer move forwards any more.

At the 100 mile Thunder Dominion zone, the thunder was completely still, having condensed into individual thunder balls that quietly floated in the air. It looked tranquil, but upon closer observation Lin Ming actually discovered that these thunder balls all formed a closed off force field around themselves, sealing the entire thunder ball within.

This was because the energy of the thunder was far too strong. It tore apart space, thus forming this phenomenon!

For the power of thunder to twist apart space, it was hard to imagine just how powerful it actually was.

But, what Lin Ming could imagine was his fate if he were to touch any of these thunder balls.


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