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Martial World - Chapter 816


Chapter 816 - Heretical God Sprout




The Heretical God Force was an arcane technique left behind by an ancient Evil God. It had been the greatest stroke of luck for the Realm of the Gods Supreme Elder who found this cultivation method, but he had died before having the time to fully comprehend it.

Actually, as for what secrets the Heretical God Force had and just what would happen once he practiced it to higher levels, he actually had no idea where to even begin finding out. He could only blaze his way forwards and find out by practicing it.

He didn't think that after withstanding the impact of a top grade heaven-step Thunder Soul as well as the near-infinite amount of golden thunder in a 10 mile radius, the Heretical God Seed would actually sprout!

The Heretical God Seed was in truth a theoretical object condensed from energy;it was not a real seed. Lin Ming had never imagined that the Heretical God Seed would develop like a real seed and actually bud.

After being flooded with energy for so long, had it finally obtained true life?

It was said that if a martial artist poured enough of their will and energy into a weapon, that weapon would slowly obtain its own life, giving birth to sword spirits or spear souls - this wasn't unusual at all.

As Lin Ming was having all sorts of thoughts, at this moment, the Heretical God Seed let out a resonant cry. Two golden lights appeared on the surface of the seed;they were the eyes of that golden python.

The golden python fiercely struggled as it tried to break free from the Heretical God Seed. However, it was covered by an invisible barrier of energy. No matter how intensely it endeavored, it still couldn't break free from the shackles of the Heretical God Seed.

Following its movements, the thunder origin energy in the surrounding area began to move restlessly once again, becoming increasingly manic. The golden thunder that had been sucked dry was appearing once again.

This was because of the top grade Thunder Soul!

Lin Ming looked within at the Heretical God Seed. The newly sprouted Heretical God Seed was waging a fierce battle with the uninvited top grade heaven-step Thunder Soul.

The top-grade Thunder Soul wished to swallow the Heretical God Seed, but the Heretical God Seed desired to absorb the Thunder Soul.

Zi zi zi!

The endless gold electric light in the surrounding area was attracted by both of them, everything flowing into Lin Ming's body. At this time, Lin Ming didn't even have the slightest bit of strength left. That last strike had completely overdrawn every last bit of energy he had left.

Seeing the endless golden thunder rushing towards him, Lin Ming bit his teeth and closed his eyes. At this point he could only entrust his fate to the Heretical God Seed.


Lightning baptized Lin Ming's body. Every pore, every length of his meridians, every inch of flesh underwent a baptism of golden thunder. Lin Ming's entire body was flooded in a raging sea of thunder yet he actually didn't feel much pain.

Although he was still numb like before, this sort of feeling was quite comfortable.

This surprised Lin Ming. It was as if his body had completely transformed into the body of the Thunder Soul.

The energy became increasingly powerful. The golden thunder howled and thunderclaps billowed in the winds. A normal martial artist would have long since turned to ashes in this situation. Even a powerhouse like Bi Ruyu, who had deformed her body for greater strength and also had a stronger resistance to the power of thunder, still wouldn't be able to withstand this!

’’Is this the effect of the Heretical God Seed sprouting? My affinity with thunder and perhaps even my affinity with fire has greatly increased!’’

Lin Ming was euphoric over such a change.

Since the golden thunder wasn't injuring him, he continued to pour the energy into the Heretical God Seed, helping it to subdue the top grade heaven-step Thunder Soul.

However, Lin Ming quickly discovered that in truth, the growing Heretical God Seed didn't need his help. Of all of the surrounding golden thunder that was ruthlessly and violently surging into Lin Ming's body, over 95% of it was being absorbed by the Heretical God Seed!

After germinating, the Heretical God Seed had become ravenous. It ate as much thunder energy as it could!

On top of the Heretical God Seed's bud, a layer of brilliant purple light completely enveloped it. This purple light formed floating iridescent rings, all of them circling the Heretical God Seed and emitting a marvelous light.

In such a magnificent and glorious light, the Heretical God Seed slowly grew. With great difficulty, but steadily!

The power of thunder continuously rolled up around Lin Ming, forming a massive golden vortex.

A titanic amount of energy converged into the Heretical God Seed, completely vanishing without hope of return. The growing Heretical God Seed was like a bottomless abyss.

The top grade heaven-step Thunder Soul was completely suppressed by the Heretical God Seed. At this time it was nothing more than a tiny snake underneath the claw of a great eagle: it simply wasn't able to resist.

Nearly all of the gathering golden power was absorbed by the Heretical God Seed. Even the energy essence within the Thunder Soul was being stolen away by the Heretical God Seed!

The top grade heaven-step Thunder Soul twisted in panic, its face full of fear and horror. But no matter how much it struggled or how violent it became, it could not escape the imprisonment of the Heretical God Seed.

Slowly, the Heretical God Seed's bud grew an inch and two tender young stems stretched outwards. On top of these two stems, two leaves curled upwards. One leaf was red and the other was gold.

These leaves slowly began to grow. Not only were their colors different but they were also different shapes. The red leaf was shaped like a heart and the gold leaf was long and narrow, as if it were forming a small sword.

As Lin Ming looked at these two leaves, his heart shook. On top of that succulent red leaf, there was a golden red totem mark;that was the flame totem seal that Lin Ming had comprehended at Timeworn Phoenix City which had then engraved itself onto the surface of the Heretical God Seed. Now, that engraving had appeared on top of this red leaf.

That mark symbolized the Law of Fire, intertwined with the Concept of Fire and its principles.

Soon after, a tiny mass of fiery red lights appeared upon that luscious red leaf. That was the Burning Star Flame Flame Essence.

The entire leaf began to blaze with a brilliant fire. However, that tender leaf didn't seem afraid of the fire at all. Instead, it became increasingly vibrant.

As time passed, the Heretical God Seed's bud became longer and larger. But in comparison, the heaven-step Thunder Soul was becoming increasingly weak. The golden python had shrunk to a tiny size and it seemed entirely crestfallen. Its eyes revealed a pleading light as it surrendered;the Thunder Soul realized that it was simply impossible for it to contend with the power of the Heretical God Seed.

After another dozen breaths of time, that top grade heaven-step Thunder Soul crawled onto the Heretical God Seed's other leaf on its own initiative. It turned into an arc of thunder that surrounded the leaf, turning the entire leaf a vivid gold, sparkling with faint electric sparks.

Thus, the Heretical God Sprout already had two different kinds of heaven-step energies within it. The first was the Burning Star Flame and the other was the tiny golden thunder snake.

At this time, there was a stabbing pain in his mind. Demonshine let out a horrified scream!

Lin Ming was alarmed. He looked towards his spiritual sea and saw that because he had overdrawn his soul and will and forcefully transferred a massive power of thunder from his body, it had caused scars to appear there.

This led to a portion of the golden thunder leaking in. it raged within his spiritual sea, causing lightning to flash in the skies of his spiritual sea. And the area were Demonshine was hiding had been struck by a bolt of thunder, causing the hair on his tail to light up.

Phantasmal existences like ghosts and divine souls especially feared the power of thunder. In particular, this strange golden thunder. Demonshine was frightened as he saw it. He jumped up and down, shouting out, ’’Lin Ming, hurry up and suppress this lightning! This Saint is about to get shocked to death!’’

Lin Ming quickly transferred energy within his body to suppress the lightning. As he looked at the scar in his spiritual sea, he discovered that it was regenerating as it bathed in endless lightning.

Lin Ming's final strike had forced the Heretical God Seed to take the last step towards evolution. Otherwise, his body would have been swallowed up by the Thunder Soul and the Heretical God Seed would have become a rootless plant. Even though it had the mysterious Laws twined into it, it still wouldn't have been able to exist any longer, much less bud.

Lin Ming had withstood a tremendous pressure in that last strike. Even though his will far surpassed other martial artists', moving around so much energy had caused him to seriously overdraw his soul force.

It was a very difficult process to heal a divine soul scar. Wanting to completely regenerate it would take a very long time.

However, what was strange was that even though such a formidable power of thunder had seeped into his spiritual sea, he didn't feel discomforted at all. He only felt a slight tingling feeling as before.

Instead, as this scar was soaked in lightning, it seemed like it was absorbing the power of thunder to aid in its own regeneration, as if it were ordinary for there to be thunder flashing in the skies above his spiritual sea.

Lin Ming swallowed down a soul recovery pill and began meditating, no longer paying attention to the wound in his divine soul. Wanting to completely cure it would take an extremely long time and also require top heavenly materials - this was obviously impossible here.

Lin Ming thought for a moment and then looked upwards towards the heavens.

The skies were still pitch black, with endless arcs of lightning flashing throughout.

If there was this sort of golden thunder after entering just 50 miles into the Thunder Dominion, then what would it be like if he went deeper in?

The golden thunder was no longer a threat to Lin Ming. As it poured into his body, the tingling was actually sort of comfortable and there was even a certain extent of having his divine soul revitalized.

Without a doubt, these were the aftereffects of the Heretical God Seed sprouting.

If he were to go further and try absorbing an even stronger power of thunder with the Heretical God Seed, would it make it stronger? Could he capture an even more powerful Thunder Soul?

As Lin Ming thought of this, his eyes flashed with excitement. He directly shot forwards, deeper into the Thunder Dominion!


Outside the Nine Heavens Thunder Dominion, under the endless black clouds, Bi Ruyu had already reverted to her true form. She pulled out a black robe from her spatial ring and quickly wrapped it around herself. Her hair was ruined, her body seemed more bent, her eyes were muddy and yellow, her teeth had become loose and hollow, and her black hair had turned white. Through that brief body transformation just now it seemed as if her appearance had aged by 10 years.

She trembled as she took out a small green bottle from her spatial ring. As she opened it, a pale green flame flushed out before being greedily swallowed down by her.

This pale green flame had been refined through the life fires of dozens of young girls. If she didn't have it, then every time she used that body altering cultivation method she would age by dozens of years. It wouldn't be long before she turned into nothing but a pile of bones.

After swallowing down this green flame, she recovered by a great deal. Her eyes became clear again and her hair darkened to its original black. It was only that she couldn't conceal her old age. The wrinkles on her face piled up together, bringing with it a faint flavor of the dying.

After overdrawing her physical strength in that chase, and afterwards having to consume a great deal of energy in order to forcefully escape the distorted space within the Thunder Dominion, this had placed an immeasurable burden on the fires of her life which had already been flickering about like a fading candle in the wind.

Every tiny bit of life force she lost was extremely difficult to restore through the use of medicines.

’’That damned brat, I will definitely pull out his soul and refine it into a pill!’’ Bi Ruyu gnashed her teeth. But at this moment, she suddenly paused, stunned.

She looked at the scene underneath her. ’’This is... what is going on here...?’’


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