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Martial World - Chapter 814


Chapter 814 - Nine Heavens Thunder Dominion





Bi Ruyu's claw smashed into the black swamp's muddy ground, causing a massive amount of the slush to splash into the air. Purple flames burned the earth and countless mourning ghosts seemed to cry out in the flames, their souls seeming to be turned into fuel for the purple flames to burn even brighter.

Bi Ruyu's hair was split apart and her eyes were ferocious. She looked up to see that Lin Ming had flash stepped a thousand feet away. Her strike had completely missed.

Lin Ming looked at the purple flames still burning on the ground, his expression slightly changing.

He simply wasn't able to directly contend with Bi Ruyu at this moment;the disparity in their strength was far too great. He had opened the Gate of Wonder and used Golden Roc Shattering the Void to dodge Bi Ruyu's attack. At this time, his extreme speed was the greatest advantage he could rely on.

’’Brat, don't think that your speed is invincible within Life Destruction. I will show you the power of a true top Life Destruction master!’’

Bi Ruyu screeched, her voice ugly and horrifying like a tortured ghost. She suddenly bit down on her tongue and spat out a mouthful of blood before swallowing her tongue into her belly. In the next moment, her shriveled body emitted crackling sounds as her clothes broke apart and her hair went wildly flying into the air.

Bi Ruyu's body began to grow, becoming larger and taller. Her claws became longer and her two hands nearly stooped down to the ground. Her elbows developed sharp spurs, her body became increasingly bent and a layer of fine fur covered her body. She looked just like the fabled corpse eating ghost ghouls of hell.

’’This cultivation method...’’

Lin Ming's mind chilled. There was a myriad of demonic path cultivations with countless effects. Bi Ruyu had used a body altering cultivation method similar to Corpsemancer's puppet technique. It was a strange cultivation method that changed the body with use of external forces.

Lin Ming would never despise such a technique that desired strength regardless of what cost had to be paid. When Corpsemancer had become ranked on the Destiny Decree he had only been at the fourth stage of Life Destruction, and that was all because of the strangeness of this cultivation method.

And now this Bi Ruyu in front of him didn't have much of her lifespan left, yet she was still able to rank in the top 50 masters of the Destiny Decree. She certainly had to have her extraordinary aspects.

When Bi Ruyu's body changed, the second Demon Envoy also moved. He preferred that Lin Ming hadn't died. He wanted to personally defeat Lin Ming and capture him.

With a loud shout, the second Demon Envoy's body seemed to blaze like an inferno as dozens of Blood Drinking Seals started to revolve around his body. His surname was Situ, and as a branch descendent of the Asura divine Kingdom's Royal Family Situ, what he practiced was the true 'Great Desolate Halberd Art'.


Bi Ruyu let out an earthshaking roar as her body turned into a black line and shot towards Lin Ming. Her speed was no slower than Lin Ming's extreme speed!

And from behind, the second Demon Envoy was closely following her. He grasped a long lance in his hand, the black lance light seeming to cut a hole through the void.

'Great Desolate Halberd Art' - Slaughter Path!

Lin Ming's pupils contracted as he saw two people attacking him at the same time. He had no intention of fighting with Bi Ruyu and the second Demon Envoy - that was akin to suicide. At the same time, escaping from here wasn't an option either.

Bi Ruyu's current speed was no slower than his. It would be impossible to ditch her in a short period of time. Because Bi Ruyu was using this special technique to power up, she had simply lost all reasoning. In this 8000 Mile Black Swamp that was filled with dangers and more dangers, engaging this madwoman in an extreme speed chase was tantamount to suicide!

If they managed to annoy a divine dragon rank existence in this Sea of Miracles like that sea serpent, then a single breath would be able to kill all of them without leaving even a skeleton!

Lin Ming didn't wish to perish here together with this crazy old lady.

He made a split-second judgment. He opened the Gate of Wonder and stepped onto Golden Roc Shattering the Void, rushing away at full speed!

In the skies, the dark clouds hung high in the air like titanic black mountains, completely obscuring the sun. Only the faintly dazzling thunder light illuminated the world.

As for how thick these dark clouds were, only the heavens would know.

Lin Ming was fast. In just several blinks of the eye he had rushed out over a dozen miles. Here, strong heavenly winds roared about like killer razor blades, blowing and slicing away at Lin Ming's protective true essence as if it would break his defenses apart at any moment. If a lower level martial artist were to enter here then just this strong heavenly wind would be enough to slice them into pieces!

Lin Ming clenched his teeth. He opened the Heretical God Force and revolved his energy to the limit.


Lin Ming became one with his spear. He became a stream of light that directly pierced into the heavens. Bi Ruyu and the second Demon Envoy followed right after!

At this time, Bi Ruyu had already gone mad and the second Demon Envoy was also desperately wishing to capture Lin Ming. He had a feeling in his heart: if he could capture Lin Ming and obtain the divine Kingdom's rewards then he would be able to eliminate this heart demon and have high hopes of impacting the divine Sea in the future!

The divine Sea realm was the ultimate temptation to any Life Destruction powerhouse. Even though he had to brave the perilous 8000 Mile Black Swamp, he had still come!


Lin Ming placed his spear before him and pierced through the dark clouds. A powerful impact force twisted apart all of the clouds nearby for miles. For a time, lightning tumbled and loud thunderclaps rang through the world!

Lin Ming was inundated by this infinite heavenly lightning!

Above the Sea of Miracles was the Nine Heavens Thunder Dominion. This was an area with endless thunder. If a general martial artist were to enter they would immediately turn into ash!


The second Demon Envoy was still sane and logical. As he saw Lin Ming submerge into the Thunder Dominion, his heart tightened. When Lin Ming had made it through the black fog without even the slightest of wounds, that had made him feel as if Lin Ming was as tough as a cockroach. Even this lightning might not be able to kill him.

’’When the black fog covered the world I didn't manage to see how you lived through it. But now that you're in front of me, let me see just what methods you have! I don't believe that with my rank 83 Destiny Decree strength, I would still be inferior to a mere Revolving Core child only ranked 280th!’’

The second Demon Envoy grit his teeth. He galvanized his protective true essence to the limit and chased after Lin Ming.

He didn't believe Lin Ming had a higher resistance to the black fog than them. He must have used some crafty method in order to survive!


Thunder twisted into long whips that violently cracked against the second Demon Envoy's protective true essence. His protective true essence began to rapidly melt, and the remaining power of thunder drilled into his body like a viper. The energy spread through him, manically rushing through his meridians and flash. He had no choice but to revolve his true essence further to suppress it, making him slow down and his blood tumble.

As he looked up he saw that Lin Ming didn't even slow in the least. He had already pierced over a dozen miles into the Thunder Dominion!

’’This boy!!’’

The second Demon Envoy's pupils shrank. Was his body made from iron? He didn't even need to slow down upon entering the Thunder Dominion?

Or was he forcefully withstanding the numbing feeling from the thunder in order to maintain his maximum speed to escape?

The second Demon Envoy's speed continued to fall. But in front of him, Bi Ruyu didn't seem to care at all about this surrounding thunder. She was like a psychotic madwoman as she rushed forwards, not even caring if the torrents of thunder that fell upon her wounded her body.

As the chase continued, Bi Ruyu and Lin Ming quickly cast away the second Demon Envoy.

The second Demon Envoy stared with wide eyes. He looked in the direction that Bi Ruyu and Lin Ming vanished off to. There was no need to explain how Bi Ruyu had accomplished this. She was amazingly strong to begin with and her strange cultivation method allowed her to become stronger in exchange for her current freakish appearance.

This strong defensive power that came from necrosis of the nerves gave Bi Ruyu enormous resistance to this thunder.

But what method did Lin Ming use?

The second Demon Envoy stopped, crestfallen. Continuing any further would surpass the limit of his body.

20 miles...

25 miles...

30 miles...!

Lin Ming constantly flew deeper in. The thunder began to change color. It went from blue white and faded into purple white. The power of thunder became even more violent and feverish. The arcs of lightning became as thick as an arm and the thunder light became increasingly savage.

Even with the Heretical God Seed suppressing the power of thunder within him, Lin Ming still felt bursts of paralysis.

The thunder here was too terrifying. The power of thunder that Lin Ming could contain within his body was reaching the limit. His skin was beginning to char and sizzle, his entire body releasing crackling 'chi chi chi' sounds.

He glanced back to see that Bi Ruyu was still closely chasing him in hot pursuit!

’’This damned old hag is still chasing after me!

’’My cultivation is too low. Besides my dantian there is nowhere else in my body that I can store energy. Compared to a Life Destruction powerhouse, my losses are far too great! Even with the heaven-defying Heretical God Seed, there isn't enough time to refine this power of thunder. If I continue to gather the power of thunder into my body then my meridians will explode!’’

Lin Ming grit his teeth and continued to flee forwards, deeper into the Thunder Dominion. At this point, the thunder had become a deep purple. Lightning roared. If the arcs of lightning were like thick whips at the start, they had now become dragons of thunder!

This was a true hell of thunder!

Not only did the thunder attack Lin Ming's body, but also his soul. In the skies above his spiritual sea, thunder swam about like flood dragons, wanting to tear Lin Ming's spiritual sea apart.

The Samsara martial intent and battle spirit began to revolve, sharing in this great pressure.

The power of thunder was easily able to harm one's spiritual sea. If one didn't have a firm will and the power of thunder attacked them then they would easily fall unconscious.

A strong numbing feeling flooded Lin Ming's entire body. Lin Ming desperately pushed his true essence past its limit. The Heretical God Seed violently trembled as it forcefully absorbed the massive amounts of the power of thunder. Still, there was far too much left over that brutally broke into Lin Ming's meridians.

His speed began to fall. But as his soul force locked onto Bi Ruyu, he was thankful that she was obviously reaching her limits.

Her speed had fallen by a great deal. At this time, her hair was split apart and countless areas of her body were scorched black. From time to time, currents of electricity arced on her body, emitting crackling sounds.

Her eyes were like ghosts. There was no pupil in them, only pure purple sclera, burst out with a fearful light that made one shiver.


Lin Ming's heart gave birth to a sense of immense crisis. At the same time, Bi Ruyu moved. She screamed and her body suddenly accelerated. Her right hand turned into a claw, reaching out towards Lin Ming.

As her speed surged her skin and flesh also cracked. On her right arm, a white-robed ghost suddenly appeared, howling towards Lin Ming!

As this ghost appeared, most of it was immediately melted away by the endless power of thunder. However, the excess energy still made Lin Ming's scalp tingle!

There was absolutely no way he could contend with this!

Lin Ming ignored all possible dangers of the Thunder Dominion. He decisively opened the Gate of Wonder to the limit and brought about its highest speed.

Golden Roc Shattering the Void!


Lin Ming twisted the void. A single step brought him 10 miles ahead!

A massive explosive sound blasted out from behind Lin Ming - he had dodged Bi Ruyu's fatal attack. But as he slowed down his complexion suddenly changed. At the position he was in, the arcs of lightning around him had already turned golden. The arcs of golden lightning were only the width of a finger but they contained a horrifying annihilating energy as they crazily swelled up towards Lin Ming!


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