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Martial World - Chapter 813


Chapter 813 - Sea Serpent Gas




Thick black fog solidified in the void, turning everything between the heavens and earth into utter chaos.

A gold alchemy furnace was suspended in the air, slowly rotating. Faint traces of flames flickered from its body, burning away all of the black fog that dared to encroach upon it.

The Cosmic Melting Furnace was a quasi-Saint artifact, and was an astounding defensive treasure. Although it could only play a limited role when used against living, thinking enemies, it was actually the best lifesaving card in this situation.

’’Lin Ming, I know what this is....’’ Within Lin Ming's spiritual sea, Demonshine's echoed out.


’’The Eternal Demon Abyss truly is greatly related to the Sea of Miracles. This isn't fog, but sea serpent gas. When the Demon Emperor was at the Eternal Demon Abyss, he too encountered a sea serpent once.

’’Sea serpent gas...’’ Lin Ming was startled. As he looked through the Demon Emperor's memories about this 'sea serpent', he recalled that it was an ancient vicious beast similar to the great pythons and flood dragons. It lived in the sea, absorbing the essence of the sun and moon, constantly releasing fog.

Mortals would call the light that refracted off of the surface of the sea a 'sea serpent mirage'. This was because they recognized it as the illusion formed from sea serpent gas.

’’In other words, this black fog is released from a single sea serpent?’’ Lin Ming sucked in a breath of cold air. This overwhelming black fog that blotted out the skies was actually the released gas from a single sea serpent dragon. Then, just how big could it be?’’

It might be several hundred miles or even a thousand miles long!

A sea serpent was not a God Beast, but rather a Saint Beast. However, because different regions had different perspectives on things, the truth was that a Saint Beast was only a very general concept. The difference between a powerful Saint Beast and a weak Saint Beast was like the difference between the clouds and the earth below them.

However, now was not the time to be awed by these matters. It was urgent for him to remove the tracing mark in his body, otherwise his situation would become much more dangerous.

The tracing mark had been left on him by the Great Demon Envoy with the help of the Godspeed Boat. It had very strange energy traces within it;wanting to wipe it out would take some time.

As Demonshine saw Lin Ming fraught with anxiety over erasing the tracing mark, he said, ’’Don't worry Lin Ming, this Sea of Miracles 8000 Mile Black Swamp is similar to the Eternal Demon Abyss's 1000 miles forbidden zone. Both of them are areas closed off by a force field, and the inside and outside could be considered as separate world. Even if Situ Bonan were to catch up, he still wouldn't be able to sense you from outside of the 8000 Mile Black Swamp.

’’You might as well take this time to refine some of this sea serpent gas. When the sea serpent dragon sucks in the essence of the sun and moon, it would then release this gas. It is something that surpasses even spirit essence stones in value. It will be greatly beneficial in helping you make a breakthrough!’’

Lin Ming thought for a moment as he heard Demonshine say this. He said, ’’I'll cancel this tracing mark first, as it shouldn't take too much time. After all, Situ Bonan is still a divine Sea powerhouse-it's very difficult to predict just what methods he'll have available to him.

Lin Ming wouldn't underestimate a divine Sea Supreme Elder, even the weakest kind of divine Sea master that had only broken through at the fifth stage of Life Destruction.

After an incense stick of time had passed, Lin Ming finally managed to break through the tracing mark, using his soul force to completely erase it.


’’The tracing mark that the Great Demon Envoy left behind has vanished.’’ Dozens of miles away, the second Demon Envoy sensed the sudden change and his heart sank. If the tracing mark disappeared, then that meant that Lin Ming had most likely died. It would be his life's greatest regret if he couldn't capture Lin Ming himself.

’’It seems that boy has perished here. If even we have so much trouble withstanding to this point, then it's already a miracle that he could last up to this point.’’ Bi Ruyu's were gloomy as she found this fact hard to reconcile with. ’’Humph, it's already benefitting him. Otherwise if I got him in my hands, then he could only beg for death!’’

Bi Ruyu grit her teeth. And at this time, a flow of gray energy smashed into the three of them, severely slamming into their bodily true essence protection.


With another loud ringing noise, the barrier of energy fiercely shook, nearly bursting apart. The third and fourth Demon Envoy coughed up blood at the same time, their faces pale and yellow.

Bi Ruyu found herself short of breath. Her chicken claw like fingers tightly grasped onto her walking stick.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The violent flow of energy became increasingly intense. Every single smash of energy made their barrier of energy tremble like a flickering candle in the wind. Bi Ruyu's expression changed. Just what was this black fog?


All of the blood vessels on the third Demon Envoy's right hand suddenly ruptured. The protective true essence barrier in that area suddenly lost part of its support, a crack appearing on its surface. Black fog began seeping within.


The third Demon Envoy miserably cried out. As his right arm was touched by the black fog, it instantly melted away, becoming nothing but sharp white bones!

’’Damn it all!’’

Bi Ruyu was so angry that her eyes nearly popped out of her head. Not caring about how much true essence she lost, she raised her skinny claw-like hands and pounded her withered chest. It was only after forcefully spitting out her blood essence on the barrier of energy did she manage to forcefully stabilize it. As for that black fog that seeped within the barrier, it was cleared away by her blood essence.

’’I've consumed 70% of my true essence!’’

The second Demon Envoy's forehead was thick with beads of sweat. The third and fourth Demon Envoys had obviously reached their limit. Particularly the third Demon Envoy, as his arm had become nothing but bones, and he had nearly fallen unconscious.

’’Take out your blood essence!’’

Bi Ruyu crazily said. At this time, she could not care about losing blood essence. Surviving through this black fog was the highest priority!

To pull up more and more blood essence as true essence nearly all depleted, this would directly wound one's life force. However, she couldn't care about things like that at this moment!


Dang dang dang!

Lin Ming watched with alarm as the flame walls of the Cosmic Melting Furnace began to melt away with the energy flows of the sea serpent gas smashing into it. This sea serpent gas was so strong that it was even able to somewhat hollow out the flame walls.

However, the Cosmic Melting Furnace was extremely tough, and had a high regenerative capability. Even the depressed flame walls quickly restored themselves to their previous state.

This sort of situation only occurred because Lin Ming's cultivation was too low, and he wasn't able to pour in enough true essence into the Cosmic Melting Furnace. Otherwise, if a true powerhouse were to control a quasi-Saint artifact ranked treasure, then this certainly wouldn't have happened.

At this time, Lin Ming was completely dependent on the Cosmic Melting Furnace to resist this sea serpent gas.

’’This is only a sea serpent dragon from the very edge of the Sea of Miracles, and yet the gas that it unintentionally spewed out is already enough to make me suffer to this degree. Just what sort of scene will play out deep within the Sea of Miracles?’’

Lin Ming sighed with emotion. It was highly likely that there existed a God Beast within both the Sea of Miracles and the Eternal Demon Abyss. A God Beast was in itself an incomparably rare and unimaginable existence in the Realm of the Gods, so why would they appear on such insignificant lands like the Sky Spill Continent and the Holy Demon Continent?

There was also the fact that the Great Emperor's heart had never stopped beating for over 100,000 years, which was truly shocking.

Lin Ming shook his head, no longer bothering with such distant matters. He carefully allowed some sea serpent gas to enter in. He began refine it according to Demonshine's method until only three shiny black crystals were left. These were sea serpent crystals.

In this time, the black fog energy that had previously attacked the Cosmic Melting Furnace without pause began to weaken. The sea serpent gas had finally begun to disperse.


’’We've finally....made it through!’’

The sea serpent gas left just as quickly as it came. From the point that the sea serpent gas began to fade away, it only took several breaths of time before completely disappearing.

Bi Ruyu's entire body was soaked with sweat. She had continuously overdrawn her true essence, causing herself to rapidly age. By her side, the second Demon Envoy was also in dire straits. He had spat out blood essence twice, causing his mind to fall to an anguished state, and his face to become jaundiced.

The one worst off was the third Demon Envoy. He had lost his right hand and was already unconscious.

Bi Ruyu looked up to the sky and saw that the dark clouds floating up there were even heavier, as if they had become much richer with much more thunder light flashing within them. According to the time that passed, it should have been approximately dawn at this time. However, the 8000 Mile Black Swamp didn't have the least bit of sunlight. If it weren't for the intermittent lightning flashing in the skies, then she wouldn't have been able to see even her own fingers in front of her.

In such a place, even the fires of one's life were suppressed.

’’Damn this place!’’ Bi Ruyu became ugly to the extreme. She originally had 400-500 years of life left, but after being tossed about today, she feared that she could only live for 300 more.

But, if she could bring back the Demon Emperor Armor and the Demon Emperor's inheritance, then she should be able to obtain a life extending pill that was even more precious than the Life Bestowing Heaven Pill. At that time, she would be able to instantly make up for all her losses.

As Bi Ruyu thought this she said, ’’I'm guessing that there aren't even ashes of that brat left over. We shall take the Demon Emperor Armor back. That is a holy relic, and shouldn't have been melted by the black fog. I don't know if that 'Great Desolate Halberd Art' jade slip is on that brat's body, but the jade slip that such a cultivation method is engraved on should be an extraordinary treasure. It should still be in good condition if it's there.’’

Bi Ruyu swallowed a true essence recovery pill. The second Demon Envoy also swallowed down some pills and grabbed the third Demon Envoy. With the fourth Demon Envoy, all of them shot towards the last location of the tracing mark.

They were already very close to Lin Ming. At this time, the fog had also dissipated a bit, and they could make out 7-8 miles in front of them. At the very end of their vision, they could see the black-clothed Lin Ming floating in air, perfectly fine. Beside him, a small golden furnace was gently rotating in midair.

For a while, they were stunned, shocked, aghast, horrified, and all sorts of other emotions that quickly flashed across their faces.

Lin Ming was in front of them, without even a single wound on his body! Not only had he not used up any true essence, he even seemed to have nearly restored himself to the peak condition from when they had just started chasing him!

Just what was going on here!?

As the four people saw Lin Ming, Lin Ming also saw them. He instantly put away the Cosmic Melting Furnace that was still refining the sea serpent gas. At such a far distance, and with such a quick glimpse, Lin Ming wasn't worried that they would recognize just what rank of treasure the Cosmic Melting Furnace was.

’’So you fellows are alive....the top 100 ranked Destiny Decree masters truly have extraordinary strength.’’

In the sea serpent gas, even the Cosmic Melting Furnace had developed a few holes in its defenses. Yet, these people were able to live through it.

’’Get him!’’

Bi Ruyu gravely cried out. At this time, she couldn't wonder about why Lin Ming hadn't died. What mattered was capturing him!

It was possible that Lin Ming had some sort of protective treasure on him that far exceeded their imaginations. It seemed as if there were endless valuable treasures on his body. This only caused Bi Ruyu to want to capture Lin Ming alive even more, so she could torture all the secrets out of him.

Netherworld Bone Claws!

Bi Ruyu gave a loud shout and stretched her claws out at Lin Ming, her energy gathering to the limit. A deep purple light burst out from her entire body as a ghostly phantom appeared above her withered right hand. The ghostly phantom opened its mouth, revealing her claws.

Although Bi Ruyu had consumed a great deal of energy and had even injured the source of her life, she was still a top 50 ranked Destiny Decree master. As this claw thrust out, it formed a strong suction force in space, causing all the nearby energy to spin into a vortex. It seemed as if it would devour everything in its path.


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