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Martial World - Chapter 809


Chapter 809 - The Second Revolving Core




In a cave mansion deep under Five Peak Mountain, silently and slowly, Lin Ming was peacefully refining the God Transforming Pill. Like this, a day passed.

It was only that evening when the Whiteart Sect's Highest Elder, Whitewood Chun, finally woke up from his coma.

He immediately realized what had happened to him and his breath stopped in his throat;he didn't even dare to open his eyes. First he restrained his energy and then meditated as he listened to everything around him.

After confirming nothing strange was amiss, he then released his perception. By all appearances, he had just had a bout of dizziness from old age and naturally fainted for a brief period of time.

If Whitewood Chun had to be honest with himself, this was obviously impossible. He wiped the cold sweat streaming down his forehead. From before and now, he was certain that a super master had quietly knocked him out and then left. As for what goal this mysterious master had, he had no idea at all.

If this sort of character ever gave birth to a dark thought then they could kill him the same as pulling weeds from the ground. It wouldn't be difficult at all.

Whitewood Chun really couldn't figure out what a mere third grade sect like his had that could interest such a top master. He was nothing but surprised.

He didn't spread the news of this happening. Towards this level of character, whatever they planned was something he didn't have the qualifications to speculate about.

For several days, Whitewood Chun lived in in seclusion, quietly meditating as he kept full vigilance of his surroundings. However, he never noticed anything strange underneath him.

Like this, two months passed by.

During his close door seclusion, Lin Ming had turned 22 years old. Most of the God Transforming Pill had been absorbed by him. Now, the only part left was the final core.

The core was also the portion of the God Transforming Pill that contained most of its essence. Over 60% of the God Transforming Pill's total energy was centralized within. This was also the key part of refining the God Transforming Pill.

Lin Ming silently revolved his true essence, triggering the energy in the core.

It was similar like adding a spark to a tank of oil;the entire God Transforming Pill began to violently combust.

Energy blazed with incomparable effervescence. Lin Ming could clearly feel a burning pain rush through his meridians. He could only stare on as the energy within his dantian suddenly soared up, as if his dantian would crack apart at any moment.

When a martial artist went from the late Revolving Core realm to Life Destruction, this was when the accumulated true essence in their dantian reached the limit that could be contained. Then, it would naturally detonate and the energy would break out of the dantian, surging through all of the surrounding meridians.

A martial artist's meridians had a fall smaller ability to hold true essence than the dantian. As a result, the meridians would completely shatter and the massive amount of energy would rage out, destroying the body, dismantling the flesh, sending blood flying everywhere!

The meridians and blood vessels would be first and then the flesh and organs.

Finally, all that would be left over was the skeleton and brains.

Common sense dictated that once a person became like this, they were already deader than dead. However, through the power of unknown Laws that governed the universe, even though the body had completely disintegrated into a puddle of meat, their energy would be fused into this puddle and it would be imprisoned into a contained area. This would actually form a primordial life soup that sustained their soul, maintaining the fires of their life.

This primordial life soup was just like the amniotic fluid within a mother's womb. Finally, heaven and earth origin would enter and create new life, a new body.

And in such a new body, because of the energy reformed throughout, this would then condense into a spirit body.

Because the entire process of Life Destruction involved having the body decompose into nothing but the brain and skeleton, this could be called suffering a pain beyond death.

Moreover, a martial artist needed to maintain complete mental clarity throughout this entire process in order to use their energy to create a shield around them that sustained their life, making sure the fires of their life stayed vibrant and their soul didn't scatter.

If a martial artist's mind wavered because of the pain and they lost their concentration, then the cage that confined their primordial life soup would give way. Once that confinement collapsed, then they were beyond dead!

This was why crossing Life Destruction was known as the most dangerous boundary, especially to martial artists that didn't have a solid foundation. Even if one had the support of many heavenly materials that could increase the chances of success for crossing Life Destruction, it was still possible that an accident could occur, causing one to instantly die without any chance for redemption!

Moreover, the higher stages of Life Destruction one progressed the more difficult it would become. Stage after stage after stage, this truly left one in despair!

And the divine Sea realm was even farther away. This made Life Destruction martial artists feel as if a cold phantom saber was always hanging over their heads. Their lives were filled with constant fear and trepidation due to this. Many martial artists that didn't have a solid foundation and wouldn't even dare to cross just the first stage of Life Destruction, clinging to their current realm, wavering in their decision to go further.

And time was the most precious commodity to a martial artist. If they wasted their time, they would have less and less life, the fires of their life would become increasingly weak and their chances of crossing further stages of Life Destruction would become even worse. This was the reason why Old Man Yan, Lian Shiyu, and all those other wizened Elders had gone crazy over the Life Bestowing Heaven Pill.

Life Destruction realm martial artists only had two choices.

They could choose when the fires of their live were at their most vibrant and undertake this trial of life or death, possibly gaining a stronger power and a longer life.

Or they could condemn themselves to mediocrity, letting the fires of their life burn out until they became nothing but dirt.

There was no choice to wait until their life reached its end and gamble on a final bet. This caused many Life Destruction martial artists to live in an abyss of endless mental anguish, making it so that their hope to reach the divine Sea reached manic levels of craziness.

Like this, several more days passed. The core of the God Transforming Pill within Lin Ming's dantian continued to melt.

Lin Ming had already become infinitely close to the peak of the late Revolving Core realm. Now that he absorbed this God Transforming Pill that could even greatly increase the strength of a high stage Life Destruction martial artist, the energy in his dantian had reached absolute saturation. Even his Black Hole Revolving Core couldn't hold any more.

Waves of terrible pain emitted from Lin Ming's stomach. The energy capacity of his dantian had reached its limits.

Lin Ming grit his teeth, persisting through the pain. Beads of sweat dripped down his forehead and blue veins rose like wriggling worms.

When the energy reached the extreme, there was suddenly an explosive noise in his dantian. Lin Ming felt like a thunderclap had sounded out in his ears. The true essence within his dantian had finally detonated due to the high degree of compression.

A raging, tyrannical flow of energy smashed into the barrier of his dantian, crashing into Lin Ming's tough body.


A fierce collision occurred! The wall of meat tore apart and blood shot out. All of the meridians near the dantian were torn to pieces and the explosive energy was also weakened.


Lin Ming spat out a mouthful of blood. This blood shot forth like an arrow, piercing through the rock in front of him.

His body suddenly shook and he slumped to the ground. His face was deathly pale and he trembled all over. His lips were a deep vibrant purple and blood constantly flowed out of his mouth.

His belly and his clothes had been all torn up. He was covered with blood, but this was it;his body didn't continue to break down. His tough physical body had finally managed to cage the erupting true essence. Lin Ming's attempt to cross Life Destruction had completely failed.

As Lin Ming wiped the blood from the corners of his lips, he only felt a deep pain in his stomach. As he looking within himself, he discovered that the God Transforming Pill's energy that had attacked his dantian had abruptly compressed into a solid form after being defeated.

Because the Black Hole Revolving Core had reached its saturation point, that fog of melted energy hadn't been able to latch onto the surface of the Black Hole Revolving Core. So, it slowly condensed, compressing in on itself until it became a bean-sized crystal nucleus that slowly revolved around the spinning Black Hole Revolving Core.

In other words, two Revolving Core crystal nuclei had appeared within Lin Ming's dantian!

’’How could this be...’’

Lin Ming was alarmed. This second crystal nucleus was smaller than the Black Hole crystal nucleus and the energy contained within was also smaller. But, this was a true second crystal nucleus. It was in no way inferior to an ordinary early Revolving Core martial artist's crystal nucleus!

This sort of situation was simply unheard of.

’’Demonshine... this is...’’

’’Uh...’’ Demonshine also stared blankly on, completely dumbfounded. Although he knew it was difficult for body transformation martial artists to cross Life Destruction, he actually didn't know just what degree of difficulty it was. As for what accidents could occur, he wasn't sure about that either. After all, there were far too few dual body and law cultivating martial artists in the Realm of the Gods.

’’Boy, you've really done it this time. This Saint has a feeling that if you really do cross through Life Destruction someday, that will truly be a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering event. Your dantian is the same as a powder keg now;there is far too much energy condensed within. That smaller second crystal nucleus will definitely explode when you cross Life Destruction and it will certainly combine with the true essence already in your dantian, crushing and pulverizing your body until it can't disintegrate any more!’’

Lin Ming thought for a moment. What Demonshine said was highly possible. Although this small crystal nucleus in his dantian could help increase the energy, it was still a dangerous ticking time bomb. If the explosive energies of both crystal nuclei combined together, then the terrifying power produced at that time would be hard to imagine.

Demonshine manifested outside of Lin Ming's spiritual sea. He scratched his doggy chin with his little paws, a look of total concentration on his face as he observed Lin Ming's dantian. After some pondering, he said, ’’The more thoroughly your body breaks down, the better the spirit body you can form afterwards. Perhaps you might even have a chance of crossing the ninth stage of Life Destruction. But, the basis of this is that you can withstand the terrifying impact then. This is the price you will have to pay. If the energy is too potent and it blows you up to death then, well, it's been fun knowing you.’’

For the number one talent of the Sky Spill Continent to die while crossing the first stage of Life Destruction, that would simply be the greatest joke of the heavens.

Lin Ming sucked in a deep breath. He said, ’’Demonshine, let's not consider whether or not I can withstand the impact of energy. What I want to know now is how could I successfully cross through Life Destruction? If swallowing a God Transforming Pill doesn't work, should I go look for other heavenly materials and treasures again?’’

Even though Lin Ming had resolved himself to walk down the road of dual body and law cultivation, he was still left speechless. Not only did the body transformation system require a massive amount of heavenly treasures to advance, even the associated essence gathering system was affected. A God Transforming Pill was enough to raise the cultivation of a high stage Life Destruction Martial artist, but it couldn't even allow him to cross the first stage of Life Destruction.

Demonshine raised up his paws in exasperation, ’’This Saint's knowledge of dual body and law cultivation is limited. But in short, what I do know is that staying here in seclusion definitely won't help you cross Life Destruction. You're just wasting time here. What you need to do is go out and find some lucky chance or spell of fortune or revelation somewhere. That might be of some help.’’

A martial artist would often face bottlenecks during their cultivation. Once they bumped into this bottleneck, no amount of tortuous seclusion could solve this problem. All they could do was go out and adventure through the world, searching for some fortuitous event that could help them make a successful breakthrough.

These fortuitous events came in all sorts of forms. Some were life and death battles, some were comprehending Laws, some were even inspired from the beauty of the world. Once one had a stroke of revelation they could enlighten themselves and make a breakthrough in their cultivation.

Before reaching Life Destruction, Lin Ming had never encountered a bottleneck before.

Houtian, Xiantian, Revolving Core, he had broken through all of those realms in a single attempt.

This was his first time facing a bottleneck.

If this were usual times then going out for some adventuring wouldn't be a problem. But now, the Asura divine Kingdom wished that it could overturn the world to look for him. Going out anywhere at this time was a naturally dangerous affair.

’’Just how can I successfully break through Life Destruction?’’

Lin Ming frowned, his eyebrows wrinkling together. The body transformation technique had become an obstacle in his breakthroughs. But, this was the price of seeking greater strength - there were gains and losses. In any case, he had to quickly break through Life Destruction, otherwise his situation would only become much more dangerous.


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