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Martial World - Chapter 807


Chapter 807 - New Destiny Decree, Title: Death God




’’Great Demon Envoy...’’

Lin Ming recalled the terrifying atmosphere that he had just experienced. It was like he was facing a mountain that couldn't be scaled. That person was absolutely a top master!

’’It looks like the Destiny Decree is much more terrifying than I imagined it to be.’’ Lin Ming's solemnly said. As he completely restrained his aura and energy, he quickly ran low to the ground and entered the vast forests of Jagged Slope Mountain.

Flying was too dangerous right now. He prepared to conceal his energy and ran forwards into the forest. This way, he would be able to minimize the risk of being discovered.

Without knowing just how strong his opponent was, rashly rushing into their base wasn't the wisest decision. In fact, as Lin Ming thought about it, he thought that maybe he had been a bit too crazy in his actions. Luckily for him, only the second, third, and fourth Demon Envoys had been guarding the Jagged Slope Mountain Branch division.

If it had been the Great Demon Envoy, then Lin Ming suspected then that even the speed from the Gate of Wonder wouldn't be enough to flee from him.

’’I underestimated the power of the sixth stage Life Destruction masters. It's impossible for me to reign over the other Life Destruction powerhouses with my speed, even with the Gate of Wonder. It's a pity that my comprehension of the Concept of Wind is too shallow, since if my 'Golden Roc Shattering the Void' were to advance another level, then combined with the Gate of Wonder, it might be able to allow my speed to reach the peak of Life Destruction.

When Lin Ming first discovered that the Heretical God Seed could absorb thunder and fire, he had experimented with the other elements to see if they would respond in the same way. However, there hadn't been any response to those elements from the Heretical God Seed.

Lin Ming arrived at a deeply secluded mountain valley an hour later. He found a river several feet wide and plunged into it as he completely withheld his energy, allowing himself to drift down the water. This sort of escape method was very safe, as the river would wash away any and all traces of his energy. He wouldn't even need to use true essence to travel, lowering the possibility of being discovered to the absolute minimum.

As Lin Ming floated down the icy river waters, he remembered all of the sixth stage Life Destruction masters he had encountered ever since coming to the four divine Kingdoms. The first one was the ancient wood spirit jade carving appraisal grandmaster that Li Yifeng had introduced him to - Guru Blueway.

However, Guru Blueway had less than a hundred years of life remaining, and his current strength was less than half of what it used to be at its peak. Moreover, he had invested all the energy of his later years into appraising wood spirit jade carvings. He had cut off his heart of battle and started to cultivate a peaceful mind and soul, and was thus not too terrifying. Because of this, Lin Ming had never realized the horrifying strength of a sixth stage Life Destruction powerhouse at their peak.

As he thought about it, a sixth stage Life Destruction powerhouse had a slim hope of breaking into the divine Sea realm. While they were young, they were undoubtedly Emperor level talents, and certainly outstanding ones amongst at that. Once these sorts of individuals reached the sixth stage of Life Destruction, it was hard to imagine just how powerful they would be!

’’I wonder what degree of strength a top 10 ranked Destiny Decree powerhouse would reach. What about a top 3 ranked master?’’

As Lin Ming thought this, he felt that his future road was still unbelievably long. Today, by massacring the Jagged Slope Mountain Branch division, he had publicly slapped the Asura divine Kingdom in front of all the major powers of the central Sky Spill Continent. The Asura divine Kingdom would never let him go now.

Lin Ming had also destroyed Situ Bonan's battle spirit projection, completely enraging that 5000-6000 year old monster. If a top ranked Destiny Decree martial artist was already so terrifying, then Lin Ming couldn't imagine just how strong Situ Bonan actually was in reality.

It could be imagined that after this fiasco, the Asura divine Kingdom would not hesitate to put forth any price to search for him.

The Asura divine Kingdom had a glorious and long inheritance. Not only were they powerful and influential, they had more masters than clouds in the skies. If they had over 10 divine Sea Supreme Elders like Situ Bonan, then they were an existence nearing the level of a sixth grade sect.

Such a superpower was far from what Lin Ming could ever hope to contend with.

His biggest priority right now was to increase his cultivation as soon as possible. Otherwise, he could only be at the mercy of others.

If he couldn't increase his cultivation, then it didn't matter how talented he was, or any other advantages he had to make up for the cultivation gap between him and the others. That wasn't the orthodox method of doing things anyways.

Demonshine knew what Lin Ming was thinking. He thought for a moment and said, ’’Boy, you should make sure that you are mentally prepared. If you truly desire to breakthrough to Life Destruction, then I fear it won't be so easy...’’


’’I said....if you want to break through into Life Destruction, then you will have to pay a price several times, or even ten times larger than other martial artists. The road ahead of you is filled with difficulties, but the corresponding rewards are also just as splendid. Of course, this all depends on if you can last until the very end....’’


Time passed. In the blink of an eye, seven days had passed, and Lin Ming had finally slowly and safely made it out of the Jagged Slope Mountain range.

At this time, news of Lin Ming's massacre of the Asura divine Kingdom's Jagged Slope Mountain Branch division and washing the entire grounds with blood had spread like wildfire over the four divine Kingdoms.

Prior to that, the Asura divine Kingdom had already released news that Lin Ming had stolen their Asura divine Kingdom's inheritance and had posted a sky high bounty to capture Lin Ming.

300,000 spirit essence stones, a peak medium-grade heaven-step treasure, and a God Transforming Pill. This sky high bounty had made even the top 100 ranked Destiny Decree masters froth from the mouth in excitement. Many other martial artists had joined in groups just to search for Lin Ming.

The Asura divine Kingdom had used several large branch divisions as their bases of operations and gathered heroes from all around the world. They had planned to establish cooperative relations with the local fifth-grade sects and form a massive intelligence net with their help.

In this sort of situation, with such a widespread and tight intelligence network searching for Lin Ming, everyone thought that Lin Ming would be like a meteor, experiencing a brief period of blazing glory before falling from the sky.

However, seven days after that announcement, an explosive situation that made everyone's eyes pop out had occurred.

With just himself and his spear, Lin Ming had killed his way into the Jagged Slope Mountain Branch division. He had stolen away the bounty rewards that the Asura divine Kingdom had prepared, played the three Demon Envoys like dogs, and then killed several hundred outstanding elite disciples of three great sects and the Asura divine Kingdom. Even four Destiny Decree masters hadn't been spared - all of them had been slaughtered!

While the world hadn't known of Lin Ming's battle with Situ Bonan, just the killing of the four masters was enough to shock everyone. Of the four people, Hall Master Situ and Old Man Sun had been the weaker of the group, barely being able to rank on the Destiny Decree. However, the other two, Old Man Yan and Lian Shiyu, were true Destiny Decree masters. Their rankings were no worse than Corpsemancer's.

Even with the four of them joining forces, they had all been routed and slayed by Lin Ming without a single one escaping!

Such a feat was bewildering! Lin Ming killing his way along into Jagged Slope Mountain and blatantly stealing the bounty reward...such brazen audacity had left everyone dumbfounded.

This was especially true for the surviving minority of young disciples that had escaped from Jagged Slope Mountain. To them, the mere mention of Lin Lanjian's name brought about bouts of nightmares. It could be said that the name of Lin Lanjian had already become a heart demon, infesting within their souls. If they couldn't rid themselves of this, then when they tried to cross Life Destruction in the future, it was highly likely they would suffer a backlash from this heart demon.

The infamous name of Lin Lanjian only took a few days to become well known amongst everyone. This was a hero that only came once every several thousand years! Even the divine Emperors of the four divine Kingdoms wouldn't be able to stand side-by-side with Lin Lanjian when they were his age!

This was because most of them only knew Lin Ming's approximate age. None of them knew just how far into his twenties he was. If they were to discover that Lin Ming was actually less than 22 years old when he washed the Jagged Slope Mountains with blood, and had even destroyed Situ Bonan's battle spirit will projection, then even the description of an eternally rare talent wouldn't be enough to describe Lin Ming.

Lin Ming's talent would even cause the major powers of the Sky Spill Continent to feel unease. This was because according to this rate of growth, it was entirely possible that Lin Ming would become the number one master of the Sky Spill Continent in the future.

He would then be able to influence all matters within the entire Sky Spill Continent using just his strength!

To such a future unrivalled powerhouse with unknown intentions, it was truly difficult for the major powers to decide how to process this matter. If Lin Ming grew, then it was possible that he would pose a threat to them. It was also possible that he could prove beneficial to them.

Winning him over would be the best course of action to take. However, just because they wanted to, didn't meant they would be successful.

If they couldn't win him over and decided to kill him, then it wouldn't be a matter if they did manage to kill him. If they failed to kill Lin Ming and made an enemy instead, however, then that would truly be a nightmare that would never end.

They knew that for such a developing legend like Lin Ming, those sorts of characters often had an inestimably great destiny on their bodies. Wanting to kill someone like that would not be easy at all. Moreover, the other major forces weren't like the Asura divine Kingdom. There were no entangled interests and enmities between them. Unless the ruling decision makers had decided to go insane, no one would want to earn the hatred and become the enemy of a peerless talent with an infinite potential for growth.

Ten days later, a new Destiny Decree was freshly printed.

This was a revised Destiny Decree, undoubtedly published because of Lin Ming.

If Lin Ming had managed to kill four Destiny Decree masters at once, then that meant his strength had recently made enormous progress. What was strange, however, was that his cultivation hadn't grown by much.

This caused Lin Ming to be shrouded in increasing layers of mystery.

The several great information organizations were unable to give a reasonable explanation for this. They could only ambiguously speculate that Lin Ming had encountered some massive lucky chance or cultivated an extremely mighty arcane ability. That extreme, unparalleled speed that Lin Ming had shown when he set off a bloodbath in Jagged Slope Mountain was good proof of this.

The new Destiny Decree was sold out at nearly the same moment it was released. Of those that opened the Destiny Decree, they had no interest at all in those masters whose positions hadn't moved for dozens of years. They turned the pages to search for Lin Ming.

On the 280th page, in scarlet letters written with great flourish was a name - Lin Lanjian.

This red ink was meant for the hottest rising star of the moment. At this time, Lin Ming's name had already been written in red twice. Being on the 280th page meant that Lin Ming's strength was ranked between 280-290, and was also faintly considered to be the strongest of that group.

Less than 30 years old, with a mere late Revolving Core cultivation, he had managed to climb to rank 280 on the Destiny Decree. This could be called unprecedented since ancient times!

And at the lower right corner of the name 'Lin Lanjian', there were also a few small words written in jet black ink. This was...

'Title: Death God'

Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air as they saw these words. The several great intelligence organizations would only confer a title to specific masters. Every master on the Destiny Decree that was able to obtain a title was either extraordinarily strong or possessed unlimited potential.

There were 360 individuals on the Destiny Decree, but only 30% of the martial artists there could obtain a title.

These titles also had special declarations. For instance, 'Saint', 'Life', 'Heroic', 'Sage', and other variations. But, 'God' was the highest one.

On the Destiny Decree, not counting Lin Ming, there were only ten other martial artists that had earned the title of 'God'.

Of these ten, seven were ranked in the top ten of the Destiny Decree, while the other three were ranked in the top twenty. Although these three weren't considered to have strength at the peak of Life Destruction, their potential was simply too great. Without accident, they would one day reach the divine Sea.

There had never been anyone that obtained the title of 'God' below rank 50. Lin Ming had done so while ranked at 280!

Moreover, he was still a Revolving Core martial artist!!!

There were already a few major powers considering whether or not it was necessary and worthwhile to shield and protect Lin Ming, coming into conflict with the Asura divine Kingdom, or perhaps even waging war with them!

They only hated that Lin Ming wasn't their direct descendant or even one of their juniors. For such an extreme never-before-seen talent, it was worth it, even if they had to take the entire world as their enemy!


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