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Martial World - Chapter 806


Chapter 806 - Grind




Most martial artists that formed their own battle spirit did so once they reached the divine Sea realm. And, these divine Sea powerhouses had all been Emperor level talents when they were young;most of them had even been peak Emperor level talents.

After all, the vast majority of Emperor level talents failed to reach the divine Sea in the end for various reasons. As for those existences that could sustain their talent and luck until the end, they were truly extraordinary individuals!

And of the chosen within these chosen prides of heaven, only a tiny minority would ever comprehend their own battle spirit at the Life Destruction realm. There were even some individuals that would only be able to slowly touch upon the threshold of a battle spirit after reaching the divine Sea. They would rely on the long life granted by the divine Sea realm and then slowly cultivate their battle spirit.

Situ Bonan was originally a battle spirit genius. As soon as his battle spirit had taken shape, he had continuously tempered it for 3000 years. From the elementary state to small success, he finally began to reluctantly trace the threshold of large success. As for reaching bronze perfection, he didn't even dare to think of that. That sort of battle spirit simply belonged in the domain of legends.

But now, at such a young age, Lin Ming had already steadily achieved a large success battle spirit. His cultivation was only at the mere late Revolving Core realm!

If Lin Ming managed to cross Life Destruction in the future and then step into the divine Sea... Situ Bonan didn't dare to imagine just how terrifying that battle spirit would become!

’’This is impossible!’’

Situ Bonan couldn't believe this. He even suspected that Lin Ming's body might have been possessed by some strange old monstrous fellow.

Seeing this mountain-like long spear crash down at him, Situ Bonan crazily shouted and stabbed out with his halberd.




With a deafening clamor, four giant vicious beasts poured out from the point of Situ Bonan's halberd. Two of them were huge black pythons that were as thick as a water barrel, their bodies hundreds of feet long. One was a three-headed hell dog with its entire body covered in blood red fur and with claws and teeth as sharp as swords, and the last one was a massive red scorpion, its long red tail like a crimson lance.

The four phantom vicious beasts plunged towards Lin Ming's together.

Lin Mind completely disregarded them;his spear came smashing down as before.


The four vicious beasts completely exploded! The long spear only slowed down for the briefest of moments before continuing to pound down at Situ Bonan's head.

The gap between the force of their wills was simply far too great. Situ Bonan's battle spirit boundary was near large success of the bronze level - this was only a tiny bit lower than Lin Ming's. However, the Situ Bonan here was only a wisp of his battle spirit, a phantom projection that he had sent out. Compared to Lin Ming's main battle spirit here, the two were simply incomparable.


Situ Bonan's Giant Demon-form battle spirit was directly smashed into a pulp by Lin Ming's spear. Its body broke into countless pieces as it pounded deep into the ground.

In the world of battle spirits, the one with the stronger will was king.


Situ Bonan's twisted voice came out from the mash of flesh and blood.

’’Old dog Situ, didn't you want to take out my soul and torture me? Now it seems that I am the one killing you. Although this wisp of battle spirit is only the projection of your will, if I kill it then it will cause serious damage to your battle spirit!’’


Lin Ming's spear came pounding down again. Situ Bonan's wrecked body of will became even more miserable.

’’Lin Lanjian! I will remember the shame of today!’’ Situ Bonan hysterically shouted as his will body attempted to reform again.

’’Why would I care if you remember?’’ Lin Ming jeered. He wielded the spear with one hand and smashed it down again. ’’Old dog Situ, don't you understand the current situation? And you've still made such a laughable threat against me? The Asura divine Kingdom's enmity against me can worsen no more than this;they will never rest until I am dead. Why would you think I care about further offending the Asura divine Kingdom? One day in the future I will make sure to cut you to pieces and feed you to the dogs!’’

Situ Bonan's voice became deformed by the agonizing pain he was experiencing. He coldly cursed, ’’Lin Lanjian, if you dare to destroy my will projection then I will personally execute you in the future! I will take your soul, refine your marrow! I will find your clansmen, your wife, your children! I will use the men to create Blood Drinking Seals and ravage the women for my path of obscenity!’’


Situ Bonan's body of will split up once more.

Lin Ming's complexion darkened.

’’Good! Very good! Then I shall wait for you!’’

Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng!

Lin Ming repeatedly smashed the spear down with ruthless abandon. Situ Bonan's threat had touched upon his reverse scale;the point that could never be touched.

Situ Bonan's flesh and blood scattered everywhere. His body was twisted as if it had been stuffed in a meat grinder. This was simply not a match but a brutal grinding.

After being smashed several dozen times, Situ Bonan attempted to reform every time. But every time he attempted to do so, his body became more ephemeral and unreal than the last try.

’’Old dog Situ, you really are tenacious.’’ Lin Ming faintly smiled.

Situ Bonan was already angry to the point that he was about to burn up. He simply didn't bother talking with Lin Ming. In front of Lin Ming's large success bronze battle spirit, his wisp battle spirit will projection had nowhere to escape.

The desert in the world of will had a massive hole smashed in it. And in the sands above, pieces of meat was scattered everywhere, wriggling about like little meat insects.

’’Burning Star Flame!’’

Lin Ming followed his memories of the Burning Star Flame and recreated its monstrous flames in this world of will. Pillars of fire dropped down from the heavens and raging infernos completely swallowed up Situ Bonan!

The pieces of crushed meat were all burned to ashes. In the whistling flames, one could even make out Situ Bonan's final curse, ’’I will find you someday! I will find your family, your wife, your children! I will use the men for Blood Drinking Seals and savage the women for my path of obscenity!’’


The flames exploded. Situ Bonan had completely turned into ash, fading into the wind.

Lin Ming withdrew from the world of will. Situ Bonan's final death curse echoed in his ears. With the hatred and poison in his voice, Lin Ming didn't doubt that Situ Bonan would abandon everything he had to fulfill that curse if he could.

’’There are no devils in this world. It is only because humanity itself has resentment, hate, fear, greed and evil thoughts - only then do people create illusions in their minds, viewing others as monsters and demons. But what a pity that there are too few people that can make their way out of this cage and see everything for what it truly is...’’

’’Demonshine, inform Yu'er and the others and have them leave the South Sea, finding some other safe destination. Make sure that they keep their whereabouts strictly confidential!’’ Lin Ming's eyebrows twitched. Although he used a fake name and also wore a wood spirit jade mask and there were countless lives and lands within the Sky Spill Continent, he would not underestimate the Asura divine Kingdom's intelligence network. If there was ever a day that someone dug out his background then the consequences would be unimaginable!

Moreover, there was also Li Yifeng. That man clearly knew of his origin and had likely guessed that he was the one known as Lin Lanjian.

’’No problem.’’ Demonshine replied. When Demonshine left the South Horizon Region with Lin Ming, he had split off a wisp of his soul to stay in the Giant Leviathan. That wisp was responsible for controlling the Giant Leviathan as well as conveying messages from him.

The four divine Kingdoms were truly too far from the South Horizon Region. He had no sound transmitting talisman capable of passing through the millions of miles.

’’We shouldn't stay here any longer, let's go!’’

Lin Ming didn't go to search for the wealth of the Jagged Slope Mountain Branch. He had already been delayed here for too long. The wealth of the Jagged Slope Mountain Branch division was likely protected by array formations that would take time to break through. Moreover, the Jagged Slope Branch division wasn't too high ranking of an area;the wealth here was limited. It simply wasn't worth the risk.

His soul force swept through the spatial ring that Hall Master Situ left behind and he clearly saw the God Transforming Pill within. Then, Lin Ming no longer delayed. He grabbed the medium-grade heaven-step long spear that Situ Bonan had left behind and also grabbed Old Man Yan's spatial ring before launching away with Golden Roc Shattering the Void, escaping at full speed. After flying 600-700 miles away, he discovered that there were some disciples of the Asura divine Kingdom rushing in his direction as they flew straight to Jagged Slope Mountain.

Lin Ming's mind turned cold. He quickly dropped down and twisted the space around him, completely disappearing from sight.

With Lin Ming's current understanding into the Concept of Space, he hadn't reached the level of being able to rip apart space and hide in the space crack. Still, he could twist space and allowed the chaotic power of space to hide all of his energy, and even make light curve around him as to create a visual blind spot where martial artists couldn't see him.

’’Eh? That's weird. It felt as if someone was just here, but now it's gone.’’

A middle-aged scholarly-looking martial artist appeared near the area where Lin Ming disappeared. He was surprisingly at the second stage of Life Destruction.

He had brought a squad of martial artists, all of them at the Revolving Core. If just this squad was placed in the South Horizon Region then they would already be able to form a peak fourth-grade sect. But in the four divine Kingdoms, they were only a minor mission squad.

’’Hall Master Zhan, could you have been mistaken?’’ Several surrounding martial artist asked. Because of the great massacre at Jagged Slope Mountain, this squad had been temporarily transferred over. They had still been rushing over to the Jagged Slope Mountain Branch division to receive further orders.

’’Mm, maybe...’’ Hall Master Zhan frowned. Although he wasn't too strong, he was especially talented in perception, thus he had been named Hall Master of the investigative department. Normally, even Life Destruction powerhouses several stages higher than him couldn't hide in front of him.

He investigated the area around himself once more. After not finding anything out of place, he fell into thought for a moment.

At this time, Lin Ming was hiding only 30 feet away from Hall Master Zhan. He curbed all of his energy and even stopped his breath and heartbeat. He traced his spatial ring, ready to attack at any given moment. With his strength, once he desired it he could instantly kill this squad in front of him. But, he was in a very dangerous area right now. It was possible that there was a Supreme Elder form the Asura divine Kingdom on their way here. If they discovered him, it would be disastrous.

Hall Master Zhan still didn't issue the order to leave. It seemed as if he was ready to investigate this area even further. But at this moment, a beam of light cut through the horizon. One could vaguely make out that it was a spirit boat. And, on top of the spirit boat was the engraving of the Asura divine Kingdom's Giant Demon symbol.

’’It's the Great Demon Envoy! The Great Demon Envoy has arrived!’’ Several Revolving Core disciples excitedly said. They had originally been frightened of the potential dangers here, but now that they saw the Great Demon Envoy arrive, all of them were immediately overjoyed.

The Asura divine Kingdom had a total of six Demon Envoys, of which the first was also the strongest. Compared to the other five Demon Envoys he was on another level altogether. Rumors had said that the first Great Demon Envoy could block the combined attacks of the other five.

’’Let's hurry up and make our report.’’


As Hall Master Zhan didn't find anything strange, he gathered his squad and left.

After half an incense stick of time, space suddenly fluctuated like ripples in water. Once Lin Ming confirmed that everyone had left, it was only then that he appeared from the distorted space...


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