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Martial World - Chapter 803


Chapter 803 - Killing the Elders




Lian Shiyu certainly wouldn't think that he was faster than Lin Ming. But relatively speaking, chasing him would be the most strenuous and tasking choice. If he were Lin Ming then he would prioritize killing those other three old men, otherwise he would waste too much time and give those three the chance to escape.

As long as Lin Ming decided not to chase him then after some more time passed, the three Demon Envoys would definitely arrive. Then he would be safe.

This was his only chance of survival.

As Lian Shiyu thought this, he pushed himself to the limit to escape. But at this time, he suddenly heard the whistling of true essence blasting out from behind him.

A thick and overwhelming killing intent shrouded down on him.


Lian Shiyu's heart filled with despair. He never thought that the speed he was so proud of would be overtaken in a mere five breaths of time by Lin Ming!

In front of Lin Ming, his so-called speed was just a joke!

Lin Ming had chased after him, the fastest of the four. Without a doubt, Lin Ming had decided to wipe out all four of them!

Filled with despair, on the verge of death, when one's life became a flickering candle, that was the time when a person could often erupt with their life's greatest potential.

When Lin Ming's killing intent covered him, Lian Shiyu suddenly turned around. He spat out blood essence on his saber, turning the entire blade a deep blood red. Fierce bursts of wind howled through the air as true essence roared out. Lian Shiyu shouted like a madman, crazily cutting his saber down at Lin Ming.

Slaughter Soul Saber!

To use his own blood essence to stir the Slaughter Soul Saber, the saber became not only a material attack but one that could extinguish a person's divine soul.

This was a cultivation method of harming oneself to harm the enemy. Even if he managed to cut down the enemy, he would still severely damage his own divine soul, unable to recover for a long time. And the reason that Lian Shiyu used this attack now was because he had been forced to his limits. He had discovered that Lin Ming's defensive power was simply too freakish.

With his protective true essence, Demon Emperor Armor, and Lin Ming's own terrifying physical bodily defense, all general material attacks against him were simply rendered useless. Even Old Man Yan's Skysplit Saber had only lightly injured Lin Ming.

Since material attacks didn't work then Lian Shiyu could only use the Slaughter Soul Saber.

This saber was only offensive without a single ounce of defense. Lian Shiyu was aware that if he fought with Lin Ming, he would sooner or later be defeated. He could only use this suicidal method to show Lin Ming he was a bone that would hurt to chew, forcing Lin Ming to give up on him and chase the other three.

As Lin Ming faced this menacing saber attack his mind stirred. A divine soul attack?

He could feel the strength behind this saber. It was impossible to dodge - he could only block it.

But once he blocked it, his speed would definitely slow for a period of time. And Lian Shiyu would use the repelling force to open up the distance between them.

Then, chasing him would take several more breaths of time.

At this moment he was pressed for time. If he wanted to settle these battles quickly then he couldn't back down. If he delayed for too long then it would be much more difficult once others caught up to him. After all, this was still the land of his enemies. Once reinforcements rushed in then the situation would become increasingly troublesome.

With his long spear in hand, Lin Ming directly faced Lian Shiyu's Slaughter Soul Saber. On the spear shaft, the Concept of Fire and the Space Laws wove together. He poured his battle spirit into it.

Bury the Heavens!

A spear stabbed towards the defenseless Lian Shiyu, completely disregarding his attack.


Lian Shiyu was shocked. He never imagined Lin Ming would completely ignore the threat of his suicidal attack and continue launching an attack towards him as before!

When martial artists fought, they particularly feared fighting ruthless individuals that didn't care a whit for their lives. Especially when that ruthless individual was himself a powerful freak of nature!

It was already too late to take back his own attack. Lian Shiyu gave a loud shout and gathered all of his energy onto the saber point. His eyes shined with a maddeningly red light. ’’Let's die together!’’

He had complete confidence in his Slaughter Soul Saber's divine soul attack. 500 years ago when Lian Shiyu was at the third stage of Life Destruction, he had relied on this attack to cut down a fourth stage Life Destruction master.

The spear and Slaughter Soul Saber crossed each other. Lin Ming's spear stabbed towards Lian Shiyu's chest, and the Slaughter Soul Saber cut towards Lin Ming's waist, as if it would cut him in half!



Both of their bodily protective true essence simultaneously exploded into pieces. Lian Shiyu's body was easily pierced through by Lin Ming, blood raining to the ground.

Although Lian Shiyu had managed to avoid having his vital heart point pierced at the final moment, true essence still surged into his body, violently destroying his insides and meridians. His wounds were no lighter than Hall Master Situ's!

Lin Ming felt a burst of pain at his waist and a great energy transmitted into him. His body shook and he nearly spat out blood. At the same time, the violent flux of energy broke into his spiritual sea, turning into a blood red saber that wanted to cut Lin Ming's spiritual sea in two!

Lian Shiyu was a Destiny Decree master. He damaged his own soul and combusted his blood essence as the price in order to send out this incomparably terrifying divine soul attack. Moreover, Lin Ming had taken the strike without dodging or blocking at all. The entire divine soul attack had struck him!

Lin Ming's eyes exploded with a sharp light.

The Samsara martial intent revolved!

A massive black vortex began spinning atop his spiritual sea. It joined together with the azure battle spirit there and shot towards the blood red saber.

Ka ka ka ka!

The black vortex and the blood red saber collided. Wild energies unceasingly melted against each other.

’’This brat really decided to take my Slaughter Soul Saber!?’’

As Lian Shiyu saw Lin Ming stiffen for a moment, his distorted face curved up in a vicious smile. Even though he was severely wounded, he believed that Lin Ming's current situation was even worse than his. He knew just how powerful his Slaughter Soul Saber was. Even if Lin Ming were to withstand the Slaughter Soul Saber's physical attack, he wouldn't be able to fend off the divine soul attack.

When masters exchanged moves, the moment of dazed absent-mindedness that occurred when the soul was damaged could often result in fatal consequences!

While he was frozen, take his life!

Lian Shiyu suppressed the excruciating pain in his chest and ignored the damage to his meridians to forcefully revolved his true essence. He prepared a second saber attack that would cut off Lin Ming's neck!

Even if Lin Ming was wearing the Demon Emperor Armor, his neck wouldn't be protected. With Lin Ming's mind having fallen to illusion, his protective true essence would also reach the very depths of frailty. As long as this saber hit, it would definitely be able to decapitate Lin Ming.

’’I've won!!!’’

Saber light rose up. Lian Shiyu lifted the saber above him with both hands and was prepared to cut it down, when at this moment a cold light suddenly shot out from Lin Ming's eyes, like a bolt of lightning crossing through the dark night sky!


When Lian Shiyu was locked on to by this light, he felt as if the flow of time around him instantly slowed down. He lost all strength to move his body.

An azure light flared out. The spear in Lin Ming's hands shot forth like a viper, thrusting straight into Lian Shiyu's chest.


Protective true essence tore like wet paper. The heart ruptured and blood shot into the wind.

Lin Ming's spear had mangled Lian Shiyu's heart to shreds!

At this time, Lian Shiyu's saber hung in the air, incapable of cutting down.

Lian Shiyu vomited a mouthful of blood. His pained chest only felt empty now. Lin Ming's spear had erupted from his back, creating a massive hole through him. When this overlapped with the previous wound, Lian Shiyu's vision began to slowly blur.

Lian Shiyu couldn't believe that after his Slaughter Soul Saber solidly struck his enemy's body, it actually hadn't been able to cause any substantial damage.

’’Just how... could... this be...’’ Lian Shiyu blankly looked at Lin Ming. Gradually, his pupils began to dim.

’’Sorry, but I am similarly confident in my soul defensive ability...’’

These were the last words that Lian Shiyu ever heard. In the next moment his head shot into the air, and his ruined body crashed into the ground like a dead dog.

Lian Shiyu had perished!

Lin Ming took Lian Shiyu's spatial ring and without any pause at all he stepped onto Golden Roc Shattering the Void, chasing straight after Old Man Sun.

At this time, Old Man Sun had already flown almost a hundred miles away. He was ecstatic that the one Lin Ming had chosen to chase was not him. As long as he hadn't been chosen, he had confidence he would be able to safely escape. Now, after flying for such a long distance, his mind was much more calm and stable then it was before.

'I'll fly out a few dozen more miles and the change direction. I'll fall down and hide in the mountains, restraining all of my energy. There's no way he should be able to find me then.'

This thought had just crossed Old Man Sun's mind, when at this time, he heard the sound of intense air currents whistling behind him. This sound became increasingly close and increasingly loud.


Old Man Sun swiveled around to see Lin Ming, soaked in blood from head to toe, grasping that red long spear and shooting towards him at over twice his own speed!

’’How can he be so quick! Did he already kill Hall Master Situ and Lian Shiyu!?’’

Old Man Sun was frightened to the point where he felt his soul fly out from him. Only several dozen breaths of time had passed! The four Destiny Decree masters that had been at the Asura divine Kingdom Branch division were also divided into the strong and weak. The strongest had been Lian Shiyu, followed by Old Man Yan. Hall Master Situ and himself had been the weakest of the bunch!

Old Man Sun was well aware that if Lin Ming could kill Lian Shiyu in such a short period of time, then killing him would be as easy as tearing apart a piece of paper.

Lin Ming's terrifying extreme speed caused Old Man Sun to completely abandon all thoughts of escaping. Now, with the meridians of his right hand burnt away he could only use his left hand. With only 60-70% of his combat strength left, the chances of defeating Lin Ming were less than zero.

’’Lin Lanjian, don't kill me. I can give you 70% of all the wealth I've accumulated in my sect!’’

’’Just die.’’

Lin Ming didn't bother with this Old Man Sun's nonsense. He swept the spear in his hand straight towards Old Man Sun's throat.

Old Man Sun released a miserable scream and desperately cut out his sword at Lin Ming. However, he only had his left hand holding this sword;how could he possibly contend with Lin Ming's spear?


With an explosion, Old Man Sun was sent flying backwards in a rain of blood. Lin Ming chased close behind.

Penetrating Rainbow!


Old Man Sun dropped his sword. His entire left arm was covered in blood!

With a twist of his spear, Lin Ming's spear cut through Old Man Sun's protective true essence and pierced straight towards his dantian!

True essence erupted. His battle spirit sundered Old Man Sun's Revolving Core crystal nucleus. Lin Ming grabbed Old Man Sun's spatial ring and then continued on his way to kill the last Destiny Decree master.

Lin Ming had already left battle spirit marks on everyone. Normally, a martial artist would only comprehend their own battle spirit at the divine Sea realm. Although these four old men were all Destiny Decree ranked masters, their potential wasn't too great and none of them had managed to form their own battle spirit. Thus, it was impossible to undo the battle spirit mark.

In just several dozen breaths of time Lin Ming returned to the Jagged Slope Mountain Branch division. At this time, the entire area was in chaos and all the low level martial artists had already fled away as fast and far as they could have.


Lin Ming swept his spear across the front of the great hall. The walls collapsed, revealing a pale-faced and empty-eyed Old Man Yan. Lin Ming was about to kill him with his spear, when a sudden alarming premonition flashed through his mind. His body shot backwards in a conditioned reflex.


A wisp of spear light thrust into the ground where Lin Ming had been standing. The rock shattered like glass and an immeasurably deep hole was formed in the ground.


Lin Ming waved his long spear, his entire mind on full alert.


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