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Martial World - Chapter 801


Chapter 801 - Unstoppable




Three martial artists died yet again. The true essence energy arrows killed their targets even past a hundred steps. Every non-high level Life Destruction martial artist here could only allow themselves to be freely slaughtered!

Such a disparity made a chill crawl down all the martial artists' backs. It wasn't an exaggeration to say that as long as Lan Lanjian had the thought to kill them, their blood would splash across down the mountain slopes in the next moment!

This sort of irresistible despair made them all wish to immediately flee these slaughter grounds.

The entire square was dyed blood red with corpses scattered all over the grounds. In just several breaths of time, over 20 people had already died here.

’’You bastard!’’ The Snowcap Sect's Highest Elder was outraged. He could only stare helplessly on as Lin Ming used the Chain of Stars to kill seven or eight of his Snowcap Sect disciples. Every single disciple that was qualified to come to this gathering of heroes was an astounding young elite of their generation. But, before they could even grow, Lin Ming had already chopped them down as if he were cutting vegetables!

’’Since you dare to kill my Snowcap Sect's disciples, then I, Lian Shiyu, will never allow you to leave here alive!’’

’’Hahaha!’’ Lin Ming sneered, ’’To think another idiot would speak such pathetic words at this point. If your Snowcap Sect disciples didn't target me, why would I kill them!’’

’’Lin Lanjian, your actions are far too vicious! The reason I brought these juniors here today was only to allow them to widen their eyes and see the world. None of them threatened or attacked you and yet you killed them, even though they were all innocent!’’

’’Innocent? How ridiculous! If they really obtained clues about me then would they not have reported it to the Asura divine Kingdom? If they were on the Destiny Decree then wouldn't they try to capture me for the bounty reward? Since they stand here today, they have already been tempted by the Asura divine Kingdom's rewards and all of them should have long since braced themselves for death at any time!’’

’’Good! Good! Good! This old man will sacrifice you to my sword today!’’ Lian Shiyu loudly shouted and then grasped a four foot long thick saber as he slashed down at Lin Ming.

’’I'll join with Brother Lian!’’

The three famous Elders attacked together. At this time, they naturally couldn't bother about something like fairness. Killing Lin Ming and saving their own lives was most important right now!

Facing the all out attacks of three Life Destruction masters, Lin Ming opened the Eight Inner Hidden Gates once again. Although his strength has dramatically risen it was still impossible for him to block all of their attacks by himself. He waved his spear and his steps suddenly became distorted. The power of the Gate of Wonder erupted!

Golden Roc Shattering the Void!


Lin Ming's figure disappeared like ghosts and gods. The three Elders' combined attack struck the empty spot where he once stood.


Energy surged outwards, smashing into the great hall's protective barrier and causing the entire translucent shield to vibrate. Golden light shot into the sky, but Lin Ming was actually able to rely on his strange and ephemeral movements to easily dodge the shockwaves of the explosion.

Then, he suddenly appeared like a ghost behind Hall Master Situ's back!

In that moment, Hall Master Situ felt goosebumps crawl up his arms. He didn't even look back as he threw himself forwards. But it was already too late!

Lin Ming held his spear's end with both hands and swept it out in a killing circle!

The light of the red spear formed a crescent moon, incomparably radiant!


Hall Master Situ's protective true essence was torn apart by the long spear. A long scar of blood crossed across his spine and brutal thunderfire energy wrecked its way into Hall Master Situ's body, recklessly savaging his meridians and causing him to vomit a mouthful of blood.

A Destiny Decree master had been severely wounded by Lin Ming's spear!

’’Ahhhh!’’ Hall master Situ crazily roared. He suppressed the unbearable pain in his meridians and rushed forwards several steps, wishing to enter the protective circle of the other Elders.

But how could Lin Ming give him a chance for reprieve? He suddenly moved forwards, stepping on Golden Roc Shattering the Void again, chasing right behind Hall Master Situ. Thunder and fire howled in the air. Lin Ming's spear came smashing down, straight towards Hall Master Situ's neck!

Lin Ming's speed was too fast. Hall Master Situ simply didn't have time to respond. This was the combat ability that came with an absolute advantage in speed!

Hall Master Situ nearly went mad with horror as he thought he would perish here. But, Old Man Yan suddenly appeared at Lin Ming's side as he released a thunderous strike.

Skysplit Sword!

A sword cut out horizontally, seeming as if space had been divided in half. If Lin Ming continued to attack then he would be struck by this Skysplit Sword! Old Man Yan had attacked Lin Ming in order to protect Hall Master Situ. At this moment, all of them were in the same boat. Once Hall Mater Situ died, their situation could only become worse.

But facing this sword strike, Lin Ming didn't even acknowledge it. He had relied on his ghostly speed in order to create this opening. If he couldn't cause heavy damage to Hall Master Situ in this single attempt then the next sneak attack would be far more difficult. As long as the four Destiny Decree masters protected each other, it was possible for them to jointly ruin all of his attacks.

Thus, Lin Ming could not give up on this attack midway.

Lin Ming forcefully resisted Old Man Yan's Skysplit Sword and chased after Hall Master Situ with this fatal spear strike. There was not a single ounce of hesitation in his eyes as he continued to stab out!


Old Man Yan could only stare blankly as Lin Ming continued after Hall Master Situ, actually ignoring his sword strike!

’’Is this boy crazy? Or does he scorn my attack?’’ As Old Man Yan thought this, anger burned in his heart. A fierce expression crossed his face and the Skysplit Sword in his hands became even stronger. ’’Since you want to die then let me help you!’’


Lin Ming's spear thrust into Hall Master Situ's back. The azure light of the battle spirit rocketed into the deep blue skies like an immortal sword!

Hall Master Situ was easily pierced through by the spear. Blood gushed out from his chest and he issued out a hoarse scream filled with pain and horror.

And at the same time, Old Man Yan's sword also cut down on Lin Ming's back!


Waves of energy struck him. Lin Ming gave a deafening roar as energy erupted within his entire body and he revolved his protective true essence to the limit. Old Man Yan was a Destiny Decree master after all;his sword easily ripped through Lin Ming's protective true essence and continued cutting into Lin Ming's body.


The four foot long sword was blocked by the Demon Emperor Armor. After over half of the raging energy was dispersed by the armor's protection, the rest surged into Lin Ming's meridians.

Lin Ming's body had already been tempered by the profound gold divine fruit and the Eight Inner Hidden Gates - he was as tough as a treasure. He forcefully withstood the aftermath of Old Man Yan's Skysplit Sword!

Blood tumbled in his body. Lin Ming grit his teeth, abruptly suppressing the chaos in his body. Then, he swiveled his wood spirit jade masked-face towards Old Man Yan.

In that instant, Lin Ming's eyes had become as cold as the nine nether hells. The two black marks on his mask seemed to fill with endless killing intent!

As Old Man Yan was locked on to by Lin Ming's eyes, he instantly paled to a hue whiter than paper. It was like he was looking into the eyes of the dead, without a single trace of human emotion within them. He suddenly felt as if he had returned to his days of mortality and was thrust into the field of endless ice with polar gusts buffeting him. In this icy cold, his soul nearly froze!

’’Your attack is far too weak!’’

The voice of a devil suddenly echoed in Old Man Yan's ears. His mind went momentarily dizzy as the world seemed to flip upside down. He heard a sharp breaking sound within him;a crack had appeared within his sword heart!

His sword heart wasn't weak or fragile at all. But, after suffering such a blow and facing this Lin Lanjian that seemed to be the god of death incarnate, his confidence had completely collapsed!

’’Be careful!’’

Lian Shiyu's shout sounded out in his ears. A feeling of imminent crisis rose in Old Man Yan's heart. Without explanation, he recklessly cut his sword outwards.

With only a loud explosion, Old Man Yan felt his ears go deaf and his eyes go blind. He felt a strong impact force strike him, as if his chest had been smashed by a mountain!


The four foot long heaven-step sword broke in half. Old Man Yan's chest was swept through by the sword light and his protective true essence shattered. His arms shook as his sword light was torn apart;many of his ribs shattered. Old Man Yan coughed up a mouthful of blood as he was sent flying backwards like a broken ragdoll!

In a frontal collision, the spear had the advantage to begin with. Moreover, Lin Ming's explosive force and physical strength far surpassed Old Man Yan's. If it were just this, then it still wouldn't be enough to break Old Man Yan's heaven-step treasure sword. But, Old Man Yan's sword heart had been shaken and this caused him to not be able to display even half of his complete strength.

’’Sovereign Yan!’’

Lian Shiyu ran up to catch Old Man Yan. Old Man Yan had still been able to block Lin Ming's last spear strike and he had only been swept up in the spear light, thus he had only suffered a severe wound instead of being fatally injured. But, Hall Master Situ was in a much more miserable state. Lin Ming's spear had penetrated through his body. Although the spear had avoided the fatal point of his heart it had still broken most of the meridians in his body and most of his organs had also been destroyed by the hidden energy.

At this moment, Hall Master Situ had completely lost all combat efficiency!

In a single face off and just with the exchange of several moves, out of four Destiny Decree powerhouses, one had been severely wounded and another stood on the precipice of death!

How could the disparity be so great!?!?

As heroic young elites saw this, they completely lost any courage they had remaining. They already heard that Lin Lanjian was powerful, but even though they acknowledged this fact, none of them had actually understood this. And seeing Lin Ming today, only now did they realize that this fellow was an absolute devil!

He was already stood on a completely different level from these young elites. Even the famous Elders of the various sects had no ability to resist him!

These young elites only cursed themselves for being attracted by the potential rewards and deciding to come to the Jagged Slope Mountain Branch division to participate in this damned gathering of heroes. If they hadn't been tempted then they wouldn't have entered into this Asura hell and they wouldn't have had to face this death god!

The four great masters also felt their hearts quake. If they had protected each other from the very beginning then they would have been able to resist. But now two of them had been made useless;how could they continue fighting in this situation?

Hall Master Situ continued to cough up mouthfuls of blood. As he looked at Lin Ming, his pupils were somewhat vacant. From the beginning to end, he hadn't even been able to use a single move!

And the reason for all of this was Lin Ming's terrifying speed.

He had used his absolute advantage in speed to launch a sneak attack behind Hall master Situ, and then relied on his abnormally powerful defensive power to resist Old Man Yan's all-out attack. With that, he had vacillated Old Man Yan's sword heart and his spear had then been able to severely wound him.

It may have seemed as if Lin Ming had easily won, but the truth was that all of this depended on his ruthless decisiveness and ability to fully display his absolute advantage in battle to the greatest extent. Otherwise, if he had truly fought all four of the Destiny Decree masters together in frontal combat, then even opening the third of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates wouldn't allow Lin Ming to win.

’’Situ, open the array otherwise we will all die here!’’ Lian Shiyu said to Hall Master Situ with a true essence sound transmission. His voice was filled with hysterical panic. At this time, he didn't dare to arouse Lin Ming's attention.

Hall Master Situ struggled to support himself. He still couldn't understand, just where had the three Demo Envoys gone? What had they done after flying outwards for four hours? Why had Lin Lanjian returned alone?

What Hall Master Situ didn't know was that the three Demon Envoys were still flying back from 4000 miles away. They had decided to ride a spirit boat in order to restore their true essence.

The speed of the spirit boat certainly couldn't compare to their full flight speed.

’’Demon Two, Lian Lanjian's energy had already gone completely missing. Do you think he might have returned before us and decided to launch a sneak attack of the Jagged Slope Mountain Branch division?’’ The third Demon Envoy worriedly asked. He felt a foreboding premonition about everything that had happened.

’’Demon Three, you worry too much. Although Lin Lanjian threw us off he still consumed a massive amount of his true essence;where would he still have the strength left over to attack Jagged Slope Mountain? And even then, there are still countless masters at Jagged Slope Mountain. Even if Lin Lanjian was in his peak condition he still wouldn't necessarily be able to win.’’


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