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Martial World - Chapter 800


Chapter 800 - Blood Washed Jagged Slope Mountain




For most of the famous sect Elders present, their fires of life were already subsiding;it was nearly impossible for them to take another step forward in their cultivation within their lives. In this case, the God Transforming Pill that could increase their chances of successfully reaching the divine Sea realm wasn't too tempting.

The reason many of them had come to take a chance of obtaining the God Transforming Pill was in consideration of their disciples. Even if they swallowed the God Transforming Pill themselves, there basically wasn't any chance for them to pass from the fifth to the sixth stage of Life Destruction.

This Life Bestowing Heaven Pill, on the other hand, was different. Not only did it merely attract the attention of the Elders present but it was a divine pill that they would go crazy over!

The higher boundary a martial artist reached, the more of their life potential they would have dug out, the more vibrant the fires of their life became, and the more difficult it was to extend their life. To a martial artist, an inferior 100 year medicine could lengthen their lives by dozens of years and even have the effect of resurrecting the dead. To a Xiantian realm martial artist, high quality 1000 year medicines had similar effects. But to a Life Destruction master, medicines that could extend their lives could be called legendary treasures. If one didn't have the foundation of a divine Kingdom, it was simply impossible to even think about obtaining one!

And this Life Bestowing Heaven Pill was one of those marvelous pills. Not only could it lengthen one's life but it could also make the fires of their live much more ebullient, turning back their clock and making them younger by up to 500 years!

This was a life changing, heaven defying divine pill that even the four divine Kingdoms only had a small number of. To these Elders, becoming 500 years younger meant there was a chance they could further enhance their cultivation. If this was combined with the God Transforming Pill, there might even be a chance of breaking through to the sixth stage of Life Destruction!

After reaching the sixth stage of Life Destruction, if they experienced another massive lucky chance then there might even be the faintest thread of hope to reach the divine Sea! Although they would only be the weakest of divine Sea masters, that was still the divine Sea! They would be reborn! Their dantian would experience great changes and they would have at least 5000 years of life to spend as they wished! To them, this was the same as living like an immortal every day!

’’Let's attack together. He only entered the top 300 of the Destiny Decree half a month ago and his cultivation is only at the late Revolving Core realm. It's impossible for him to have made another breakthrough in his cultivation or for his strength to have greatly increased in such a short period of time. We have four Destiny Decree masters here. As long as we join forces we can definitely capture him alive!’’

Hall Master Situ shouted out. As he spoke, Lin Ming's eyes suddenly locked on his body. The ice cold mask and the black lines that snaked down the mask seemed to exude a near infinite killing intent, making him feel as if he had fallen into a deep, icy lake.

However, he remembered the three Destiny Decree masters behind him. With him, that was a total of four great masters. They held an enormous advantage over Lin Ming. He was suddenly filled with courage and bravado again.

’’Let's attack together! Feng Yan, Ju Sun, go to the main temple and activate the protective array formation!’’

Jagged Slope Mountain Branch division's main temple naturally had its own great defensive array. Even if Lin Ming was proficient in the Demon Emperor's array formations, he wouldn't be able to completely disregard it. Once the array formation started, it would be able to contain Lin Ming to a large extent.

The martial artists in the square immediately began running toward the great hall. As for the three famous sect Elders and the other Life Destruction martial artists, they all scattered away, spreading around and occupying favorable positions. They were ready to use all sorts of sneak attack methods on Lin Ming. Although they didn't dare to directly face him, they could take advantage of the moment when he was fighting the four great masters to sneak in some attacks.

After all, Hall Master Situ's reward was simply too tempting!

’’Do not be afraid! We have an absolute advantage with our strength! Lin Lanjian must have consumed a great deal of his true essence in escaping;he can't have much left!’’ Hall Master Situ's voice echoed in everyone's ears.

’’All disciples of the Misty Stream Sect, follow my command! Prepare the Misty Stream Formation!’’ The Misty Stream Sect Sovereign was one of the three famous sect Elders. The Life Bestowing Heaven Pill was far too great an enticement to him;he had to obtain it at any cost! Moreover, he still had to take revenge for when his disciple, Yan Junxuan, had been heavily wounded.

The Misty Stream Formation needed 12 elite disciples to stand in formation. By relying on their mutual cooperation, the martial artists would be able to fuse their attacks together, combining the weak to defeat the strong. At this time, all of the people the Misty Stream Sect had brought over were outstanding disciples and all of them were familiar with the Misty Stream Formation. Once this formation was formed, then even though it might not be able to harm Lin Ming, it could still serve in a diversionary role.

All of these disciples were well-trained elites. Even though the situation was chaotic and tense, they still looked for their spot in an orderly fashion. The Misty Stream Sect Sovereign actually stood in front of these disciples, blocking off Lin Ming. Once Lin Ming started to attack, the Misty Stream Sect Sovereign would fend him off, ensuring that the Misty Stream Formation would successfully be formed.

At this moment, Lin Ming's lips curved up in a fierce sneer. Although he didn't place this battle formation in his eyes, that didn't mean he would allow them to simply do as they pleased.

’’Do you really think you can block me?’’

Heavenly Demon martial intent, open to the limit!


A terrifying force field energy rushed out like a tide. He revolved the Heretical God Force to the limit, simultaneously releasing the strength of the third level of the Eight inner Hidden Gates as he poured his large success bronze battle spirit into the energy of the force field.

Asura force field, omnidirectional suppression of the body and soul!

Death God force field, cutting down life and extinguishing all vitality!

The Misty Stream disciples that were laying down the Misty Stream Formation were suddenly enveloped by the dual force fields. Because the disciples with the weaker cultivations couldn't withstand the pressure of the Asura force field, their heads exploded like watermelons as red blood and white brain fluid splashed all over the ground!

As for the others, their bodies suddenly shook, their eyes blew apart, their blood vessels burst, their meridians tore to pieces, and their dantian completely collapsed on themselves!

Peng! Peng! Peng!

With several muffled thumping sounds, several martial artists slumped to the ground. Many headless corpses still stood on their feet, their bodies twitching in response.

This sudden scene caused the many martial artists present to be stunned in fear. How had their comrades died just now?

They hadn't even seen Lin Lanjian do anything!!!

It was as if he just glanced at them and they all died on the spot!

’’Lin Lanjian! You dare to kill my Misty Stream Sect disciples!? I will take your life!’’

The Misty Stream Sect's Old Man Yan's eyes turned blood red. He drew out a long sword from his spatial ring, revolving all of the energy within his body as he pointed it straight toward Lin Ming.

Lin Ming scoffed. ’’What a joke! You want to kill me but I can't kill you? Do you think I should stretch my neck out and let you chop it off as you please?’’

Old Man Yan had no intention of bantering with Lin Ming. He calmly stroked the edge of his sword, causing the blade to become translucent like jade. Energy trembled and a divine light shot into the blue skies.

’’Skysplit Sword!'

Old Man Yan slashed his sword down at Lin Ming. The Misty Stream Sect was a strong fifth-grade sect so their inheritances were naturally good. This Skysplit Sword was the ultimate move of the Misty Stream Sword Art. One had to cultivate the inherited heart mantra to the highest level in order to use it.

According to the ancient texts of the Misty Stream Sect, when the Skysplit Sword's might reached its pinnacle, a single sword strike could split apart the endless blue sky!


The sword light turned. It looked like a jade dragon descending down the mountains, emitting a harsh, whistling sound that passed through the clouds and could split apart stone.

Facing the sword of a Destiny Decree master, Lin Ming didn't have much of an expression at all. He shook the long spear in his hand and the Concept of Fire wove together with the Laws of Space.

Law of Annihilation, Chain of Stars!


Space shattered like glass. The flame energy fused with the power of space, condensing into tiny fragments that spun in the air like miniature stars. Then, they turned toward Old Man Yan and shrouded over his sword light.


Harsh sounds of colliding energy filled the air. The star fragments tore into the sword light and terrifying true essence shockwaves exploded outward, causing a massive storm to set off in the surrounding area.

Under the impact of such a terrifying flow of energy, Old Man Yan was struck in the chest. He was sent flying backward, the blood tumbling in his body as he nearly vomited some!


As the young elites of the Misty Stream Sect saw Old Man Yan sent flying back in such a miserable state, all of them were inexplicably horrified. The Skysplit Sword their Sovereign used was the ultimate finishing move of their Misty Stream Sect! How could this have happened!?

Meanwhile, Lin Ming didn't give Old Man Yan any chance to recover. He turned the red spear in his hands and the Chain of Stars came out again!

This time, Lin Ming was the one taking the initiative to attack. The power of space condensed into countless space fragments that shot outward. Old Man Yan blocked some but many of the other martial artists were also caught within the range of the attack.

’’Be careful!’’


Several Elders cried out in alarm while they simultaneously released true essence shields around them. However, the most they could protect was themselves;it was impossible for them to help anyone else.

The space fragments were just too fast. They sprayed forward like a hail of knives, recklessly firing toward the martial artists.

A part of the space fragments violently crashed into several Elder's true essence shields, erupting into brilliant and deadly sparks of energy. But most of the space fragments had flowed toward the groups of ordinary martial artists. Most of them had a cultivation at the Revolving Core realm and some were even at the Xiantian realm. It was impossible for them to resist such an attack!

Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng!

Fresh scarlet red blood bloomed in the air. Miserable screams sounded out from all over. Several Revolving Core martial artists had their heads directly pierced through by these space fragments. Then, the savage and violent power of space broke out, causing their heads to burst apart and their brain fluids to mix with the rain of blood.

’’Quickly, retreat!’’

All of the surviving young martial artists from every sect and family clan instantly lost any shred of courage they had left. Their minds cracked in fear as they all fled away. They had originally come here thinking about obtaining the God Transforming Pill and all sorts of other lucky chances, but right now, the Lin Ming in front of them was no different from the devil himself!

No amount of wealth or lucky chances were as valuable as their lives!

However, they didn't flee too far when they discovered a despairing truth that took away all their hopes. The entire great temple had been blocked off by the Jagged Slope Mountain Branch division's great array formation!

They couldn't leave!!!

’’Open it! Please, hurry up and open it!!’’

Many of the young martial artists began screaming at the top of their lungs and there were even some martial artists that began launching attacks against the array formation. But let alone them, even Lin Ming who was skilled in the Demon Emperor's array formation still required 10 breaths of time to break through it.

’’Stop panicking! Open the grand temple's killing array!’’ Hall Master Situ yelled out as he saw the situation spiraling out of control.

Several Asura divine Kingdom Branch division Protectors were already standing above the array formation runes. At this time, Lin Ming didn't even bother glancing at them. He only flicked his fingers and three true essence air arrows fused with his battle spirit shot out.

These true essence air arrows were silent and invisible. With his large success bronze battle spirit attached to it and with the support of his Concepts, these air arrows were equivalent to the all-out attack of a three to four stage Life Destruction powerhouse using a heaven-step treasure!

With two 'peng peng' sounds, two of the true essence air arrows passed through the dantian of the Asura divine Kingdom Revolving Core martial artists that had been standing on the array runes. The energy of the battle spirit burst out from within their dantian, causing their Revolving Core crystal nucleus to shatter apart.

Both people instantly died on the spot.

As for the last and strongest first stage Life Destruction martial artist, he loudly roared, retreating as he took out a high-grade earth-step treasure sword and cut down at the true essence air arrow. However, with a 'kacha' sound, that high-grade earth-step treasure was broken apart by the true essence air arrow. The air arrow didn't slow down at all, piercing through the martial artist's protective true essence before piercing through his head, causing a rain of blood to scatter out.

In an instant, that Life Destruction martial artist's spiritual sea had been completely destroyed by the true essence air arrow.


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