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Martial World - Chapter 779


Chapter 779 - The Great Battle of Witch Creek City




Large cities naturally had the law and order of large cities, otherwise, they simply couldn't be called a city. There would be no difference between them and the barbaric wilds filled with bandits and strife.

In Witch Creek City, all who took part in public fighting would suffer severe punishment. Anyone who ignored warnings would even be executed.

’’The city guards are on their way. Then there will truly be a good show to watch, haha!’’

And as everyone expected, they city guards quickly caught up. The captain of them was a man named Rong Lin. Before everyone arrived he shouted out, ’’Just who the hell do you two think you are!? You dare to fight so openly in my Witch Creek City! How insolent!’’

As the captain of the city guards, he was generally a solemn and dignified character. Usually, just a single shout from him was enough to frighten others and solve any problem.

But this time, after he shouted out his warning, he was actually ignored. He stared with eyes wide open, as his vision tightly locked onto that skinny skeleton old man that was flying in the air. Then, his complexion completely paled.


He was petrified the spot.

’’Captain, those two fellows are far too arrogant, they actually dare to fight in the skies of my Witch Creek City! They are courting death!’’ Beside Rong Lin, another city guard that had relied on family connections to join suddenly spoke up. He was a young martial artist that served as Rong Lin's deputy.

’’Captain, why don't you tell them to lay down their weapons so we can quickly capture them?’’ The young martial artist looked at Rong Lin in puzzlement.

However, Rong Lin remained completely silent while his complexion was becoming increasingly ugly.

Well, if the captain wasn't going to do it then he would do it for him. The young martial artist felt that shouting out loud and grabbing everyone's attention would be a very glorious act.

’’To those listening above! We are -’’

The young man only just started shouting when Rong Lin jumped like a cat and quickly covered the young man's mouth.

’’Do you want to die!?’’

Rong Lin's entire forehead was covered with nervous sweat. In every divine Kingdom, there were only several dozen Destiny Decree characters and most of them were in long term seclusion. They simply lived like hermits for the majority of their life.

If they were a central ruling figure of a mortal nation, then Rong Lin could only be considered a middle class city guard official. The disparity in status could be imagined.

And most fearful of all was that Corpsemancer was an infamous fellow known for his capricious cruelty. Anyone that fell into his hands would suffer a fate worse than death!

He would rather face a top 200 ranked Destiny Decree character than have to cross paths with Corpsemancer. This was because Corpsemancer could randomly kill someone without even batting an eye!

’’Captain?’’ The young man asked somewhat unhappy.

’’Everyone obey my command! Evacuate the crowd and isolate the scene! Without my orders, no one can speak a single word of nonsense and absolutely no one can interfere! All offenders will be brutally punished!’’

As Rong Lin spoke to here he suddenly saw that the skeletal man floating in the air shot a glance at him. The skeletal man smiled, revealing a blood red tongue and bone white teeth.

It was just a single look but Rong Lin was filled with fear and terror. It was like an icy bone lance had been thrust into his heart.

Rong Lin trembled with dread. He waved his hand and said, ’’Everyone, retreat ten miles out!'


’’F*ck! I told you to retreat, so retreat! That fellow above us is a Destiny Decree master!’’ Rong Lin originally didn't want to reveal the status of Corpsemancer, but as he saw that the young martial artist wasn't convinced, and even had an eager look to butt his way in, he had no choice but to announce a bit of Corpsemancer's information.

’’De-de-de-Destiny Decree!?’’ The young martial artist was not an idiot. In fact, upon hearing the name of the famous Destiny Decree, everyone was shaken to their cores. They were all well aware just what that implied.

’’Is there a mistake? If that skeletal old man is a Destiny Decree master, then what about his opponent? He's obviously just a 20 some year old youth, and his cultivation... his cultivation is... at the late Revolving Core realm!?’’

’’Yes, he is only at the late Revolving Core realm and his opponent is Corpsemancer. That young man is insane!’’ Rong Lin's eyes blazed as he looked at Lin Ming. As captain of the city guard he naturally had an understanding toward all the top level characters of the four divine Kingdoms. However, he couldn't recall the slightest bit of information about Lin Ming.

It wasn't just the city guard, but all observing martial artists discovered that the difference in cultivation of the two flying in the air was simply too great.

’’Is this a life or death battle, or a senior advising a junior?’’

’’He's definitely directing him. Don't make too much of a fuss, that old man might be that youth's master. He will certainly suppress his strength to a degree.’’

Woosh! Woosh!

Two shadows flew to a distant point 10 miles away from the battlefield. These two people were Grandma White and Xiaoxiao.

’’Lin Lanjian Isn't someone from my Nine Furnace divine Kingdom nor is he someone from the other three divine Kingdoms. It's probable that he hasn't heard the fame of the Destiny Decree yet, thus he rashly acted. Young miss, this is our only chance. If we continue watching the battle from here then it's the same as waiting to die.’’ Grandma White anxiously said.

If Lin Ming really were a junior of the four divine Kingdoms then it would be impossible that someone with a talent as monstrous and unprecedented as his could remain obscure. Thus, she only thought that Lin Ming came from some faraway region and didn't know just how fierce the ranked masters of the Destiny Decree were.

Let alone Lin Ming, even that senior that knew Xiaoxiao's father couldn't be ranked on the Destiny Decree.

’’Grandma White, there is a mark planted on my body;escape is no longer possible. I have already accepted my fate. I would rather stay here and watch Young Hero Lin's battle. Perhaps, there is even a small glimmer of hope that Young Hero Lin can create an opening for us. At that time we'll attack together, and even if we can't win, we can still die an honorable death!’’

’’Alright...’’ Grandma White shook her head, no longer attempting to convince Xiaoxiao.

At this time, more and more martial artists began filling the skies. All of them felt that something was off about this situation. How come that the usually blustering and swaggering city guards didn't take this chance to bring these law breakers down?

Meanwhile, up in the skies, Lin Ming and Corpsemancer had already faced each other for over 20 breaths of time.

Lin Ming was the first to make a move.


Before his long spear even shot out, double force fields were already erupting outward.

The Asura force field combined with the Death God force field as the dual force fields were released together!

A tide of power rushed out in all directions, setting of a horrifying storm of energy.

The Death God force field, annihilating all life vitality.

The Asura force field, universal suppression of a martial artist's strength and soul!

The air trembled. Most of those martial artists floating in the air and watching the scene weren't masters. They hadn't yet been able to figure out just how Lin Ming's strength contrasted with Corpsemancer, but now as Lin Ming's force field enveloped the entire battlefield, all of them became nothing more than leaves in a storm, scattering or collapsing in all directions! The slightly weaker martial artists, even if they were an entire mile away from Lin Ming, still vomited out a mouthful of blood as they were severely injured!

’’What is that!?’’

All of the martial artists were dumbfounded. Was this the power released by that youth?

’’What kind of killing intent is this?’’ Xiaoxiao forcefully gulped. Lin Ming had never used this power when he fought the Elders of the Heavencraft Family. It was clear now that he didn't think it was needed at the time.

’’This is a force field ability, moreover he has dual force fields!’’ Grandma White recognized just what sort of skill Lin Ming had used. Force field abilities were exceedingly rare;even a supremely talented junior of the four divine Kingdoms wouldn't necessarily have one. It was a highly revered and respected ability.

This was not because a force field was freakishly strong, but because a force field could coexist alongside martial skills. It could invisibly increase a martial artist's strength or have a number of other effects without affecting the martial artist's fighting ability at all.

’’Hehe, boy, I like you more and more. Once I turn you into a puppet I can keep your force fields. This is far too perfect! Force fields are the ability that puppet masters love the most!’’ Corpsemancer sinisterly smiled and his ghostly eyes were gleaming.

A powerful puppet master could restore most of the special abilities a martial artist had before death. In fact, a puppet's power could even be raised through the passage of time with the application of a number of arcane skills.

’’You really love dreaming.’’

Lin Ming barked out a short laugh and flourished his spear. He poured his battle spirit into it and thrust out. The inherent power of thunderfire broke through the shackles of space, and with a keening cry, a turbulent wave of energy began to rise up from all around.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Space nearly collapsed. Lin Ming's spear instantly passed a 1000 feet forward, thrusting straight between Corpsemancer's eyebrows.

Corpsemancer creepily laughed as his withered claws suddenly grasped forward. A black ghost claw appeared out of thin air and shot out towards Lin Ming.

As the claw shot forward a cold wind swirled up around it, as if countless grieving ghosts formed the black ghost claw that issued mournful wails.


The spear and sharp claw collided together. The ghost claw disintegrated, but Lin Ming's spear light also melted away like white snow under the scorching sun.

True essence shockwaves rolled up in massive waves. All of the surrounding martial artists quickly retreated as their complexions immediately changed.

It had become crystal clear to everyone here that these to evil stars were simply ancient vicious beasts in human form. If they were caught up in the ensuing storm of energy then there wouldn't be anything left of them, not even their ashes!

As for Xiaoxiao and Grandma White, they weren't affected because they were very far away to begin with. But they could still feel that horrifying energy that rampaged about, even from such a distance.

’’This should only be a testing move. I have no idea how much strength Lin Lanjian used, but if that is the majority of his strength then there isn't even a slim chance that he'll win. Corpsemancer hasn't even brought out his puppets yet.’’

Grandma White's face was filled with worry. When Lin Ming had unleashed his dual force fields, a faint hope lit up in her heart. She had been slightly optimistic that Lin Ming might be able to create a miracle or even last a period of time against Corpsemancer. In such a massive fight, there would definitely be other masters arriving if it lasted long enough. At that time, there might be a chance for a favorable turn of events.

’’How interesting! So interesting!’’

Corpsemancer's skin stitched face became more and more excited. He swiped his special ring and a massive demon puppet rushed out. There were two great wings on its back and its entire body was wreathed in thick, dark blue muscles that were as solid as rock.

Giant Demon?

Lin Ming's mind went cold. This was actually a Giant Demon puppet! Just where had Corpsemancer managed to obtain the corpse of a Giant Demon?

’’That is the puppet technique and also a Giant Demon puppet! That man must be...’’

Some of the surrounding martial artists recognized the Giant Demon puppet. Although they didn't recognize Corpsemancer, they did manage to recognize that puppet. In truth, top masters that wielded puppets were nearly extinct.

Thinking of all of them, there was only a single person that was this famous for their puppet technique.

And then combining that with this sinister and ominous old man's cultivation, the truth of his identity finally revealed itself.

’’The Destiny Decree ranked 330, Corpsemancer!’’

’’Corpsemancer? Is that really him!?’’

’’Heavens! No wonder the city guards don't dare to do anything! That old man is actually Corpsemancer... Then just who is that youth? Did that young man come out of nowhere?’’

At this time, no one said anymore that the fight unfolding in the air was a senior directing a junior. Corpsemancer was absolutely not the type to do so, and Lin Ming's cultivation method was completely different from his.

This was a true life or death battle!

For a late Revolving Core powerhouse to challenge the Destiny Decree ranked 330, Corpsemancer, in a life or death battle...

This was madness!


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