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Martial World - Chapter 774


Chapter 774 - Xiaoxiao




The old woman from Heavencraft Pavilion had a cultivation at the second stage of Life Destruction. Moreover, her foundation was ordinary and she wasn't that much stronger than that red-clothed old man who had died just now. With Lin Ming's strength he could instantly kill her.

This made the old woman not even dare to take a deep breath as she faced Lin Ming. Her palms became wet with sweat. She never thought that this mere late Revolving Core cultivation youth was actually such an evil star. Just where had he come from?

’’What are you here for? Don't tell me that you came to save me?’’ Lin Ming sneered as he asked again.

The black-clothed old woman bitterly smiled as she heard this, ’’Although Young Hero Lin might think it a bit absurd, the truth is that... I really did come to rescue Young Hero Lin. That red-clothed old man that Young Hero Lin killed just now, I happen to know a bit about him. He does not come from a sect and has an exceedingly poor reputation. When he was young he joined forces with someone and killed a good number of people to steal their possessions and were considered evil and fierce. Young Hero Lin's cultivation is only at the Revolving Core realm and you revealed a great deal of wealth at my Heavencraft Trading Company and took away the skyflower stones that he wanted. At that time, I saw that old man's devilish expression and guessed he might chase Young Hero Lin down, so I quietly followed him here.’’

’’And?’’ Lin Ming expressionlessly said. The black-clothed old woman said her behavior was absurd so she should have an absurd reason to go along with it. Lin Ming didn't believe that the Heavencraft Trading Company had such kind intentions that they would send escorts to follow every guest that came shopping at their trading company.

’’I do not dare to lie to Sir Lin. I only thought that since Young Hero Lin isn't poor and was able to put out such a wonderful treasure that you must be a genius from some powerful force coming out to adventure. Perhaps you might not even come from the four divine Kingdoms, so I suddenly had the thought of becoming friends. I wished to help Young Hero Lin at a critical moment so that Young Hero Lin would owe the Heavencraft Trading Company a favor and might even help my Heavencraft Trading Company with some minor business. But, I never thought that Young Hero Lin would be so skilled that you would be able to instantly kill that second stage Life Destruction master as well as see through my hiding skill with such ease. This old woman's actions must truly be laughable to you.’’

The black-clothed old woman ruefully smiled as she spoke to here. She had no choice but to completely reveal her motives. In fact, this reasoning seemed very credible.

’’Help the Heavencraft Trading Company with some business? So, the Heavencraft Trading Company has fallen into some trouble and you wish to ask the power behind me for help? You think that since there's such an illness you can go to any doctor to cure it?’’

’’Yes...’’ The black-clothed old woman deeply sighed. ’’Young Hero Lin, although my Heavencraft Trading Company doesn't have much fighting strength, we have a very deep inheritance and very rich channels. If Young Hero Lin could help us out then I have complete confidence I can find the dragonspine grass that Young Hero Lin needs.’’

As soon as the black-clothed old woman spoke such tempting words, Lin Ming's heart stirred, ’’How do you plan on looking for it?’’

’’My Heavencraft Trading Company might not have dragonspine grass but we do have materials that are even more rare and precious than dragonspine grass. We can easily exchange them with some alchemist.’’

Lin Ming nodded, ’’Since that's the case... that's fine. If you encounter any troubles then tell me in advance. But, if there is any life-threatening danger involved, I will give up halfway if needed.’’

The black-clothed old woman was surprised. She originally wanted to borrow the powerful force behind Lin Ming, but now it seems that Lin Ming himself would take action.

The black-clothed old woman couldn't accurately estimate Lin Ming's combat strength. If he could instantly kill a second stage Life Destruction martial artist then he should have strength at least equal to the third stage of Life Destruction. He might even be stronger than that. As for how much stronger, she had no idea.

If she had his help, then perhaps they could ride out this chaotic storm.

’’Young Hero Lin, can you follow me back? It isn't convenient to speak here.’’

Lin Ming nodded and followed the black-clothed old woman back to Witch Creek City.

As they re-entered Heavencraft Pavilion, Lin Ming directly ascended to the highest floor.

This was an elegantly decorated loft. In the room, there was only the black-clothed woman and the purple-veiled woman that Lin Ming had seen before. This purple-veiled woman personally rose up and poured a cup of tea for Lin Ming. ’’This is the famous snowflower tea from the Nine Peaked Snowy Mountains of the Nine Furnace divine Kingdom. It has the effect of refreshing the mind and nourishing the soul. Sir Lin, please have a taste.’’

The purple-veiled woman respectfully said. She had already heard the black-clothed old woman describe Lin Ming's strength. She didn't think that with Lin Ming's young age and his late Revolving Core cultivation, he would actually have such extraordinary combat strength that he was able to instantly kill a second stage Life Destruction master. Thus, she had become increasingly respectful towards Lin Ming.

Lin Ming lifted the teacup and swept his perception through it. The tea contained a very rich and pure wood origin energy;it was clearly a treasure amongst teas.

’’Teatime can wait for later. If you two have any matters then please speak frankly.’’

The purple-clothed woman bit her lips and said with a trace of bitterness and pain, ’’Sir Lin, I am the daughter of the Heavencraft Trading Company's Company Head. My name is Heavencraft Xiaoxiao, but you may refer to me as simply Xiaoxiao. Two months ago my father was in an accident and he perished because of that. Since then, I have had to personally take temporary charge of the trading company. Luckily, I have had Grandma White's assistance and thus I've been able to deal with all the issues occurring. However, one month ago, two of my uncles decided to cause trouble because of the issue of succession to be Company Head. Currently, a portion of my family's Council of Elders have been bribed by my two uncles. They intend to deprive me of my position of Company Head...’’

As the purple-clothed woman spoke to here, she seemed to remember the pitiful death of her father. Her beautiful face turned mournful, a deep sadness emanating from her that made one feel pity for her.

Lin Ming was silent for a moment. ’’Miss Xiaoxiao, are you saying that you wish for me to support you to become the Family Head? Your Heavencraft Trading Company is one of the three great trading companies of the Nine Furnace divine Kingdom, right? With a 6000 year inheritance, shouldn't you have some masters on the Destiny Decree? I think you look down on me too much!’’

Heavencraft Xiaoxiao shook her head. ’’There are a total of 360 individuals on the Destiny Decree. A bit more than half of them are part of the four divine Kingdoms. divided down, there are a few dozen in each divine Kingdom. All of these characters are existences that can move the sun and the skies in their divine Kingdoms. How could they possibly listen to such a minor struggle in our small trading company?

’’In the four divine Kingdoms, all of the great trading companies merely seem glamorous and powerful on the outside. In the end, us trading companies are merely businesses - we are not sects. Although we have countless resources and wealth, if a powerful force really wants to move on us then we're nothing more than fat pigs.’’

Heavencraft Xiaoxiao sighed as she spoke to here. In the face of absolute strength, a trading company was simply too weak and fragile. In order for the Nine Furnace divine Kingdoms to have absolute control within their lands, they kept strict control over the martial forces of the three great trading companies. Especially in the last several hundred years there had been all sorts of limits and rules placed on them. Now, the Heavencraft Trading Company could only rely on martial artists raised in the family. But in terms of inheritance, how could a trading company possible compare with a true sect? Although they could cultivate some forces, it was simply far too limited.

Lin Ming didn't immediately agree. Instead he asked, ’’Although there is a very small number of Destiny Decree masters, can't you still pay a price high enough to tempt them to action?’’

’’Yes, but in accordance to family rules, the majority of resources can only be used by direction of the Company Head as well as the Council of Elders. There are currently people in the Council of Elders that support me, and also those who support my two uncles, and they are unable to come to a unanimous decision. Thus, no one can move the family's treasures. It isn't just me, but my two uncles are in the same situation. The dragonspine grass that Young Hero Lin wishes for can be prepared by me in seven days. If Young Hero Lin is willing to help me out in this matter, then I can also find other resources besides dragonspine grass as thanks.’’

’’I understand. But, I will say this in advance. If there is anything that threatens my life then I won't rush into death for you. At that time, our agreement will also come to an end.’’

’’That's naturally expected. If my two uncles can find a match that even Sir Lin cannot compete with then I can only blame myself for having an unlucky life.’’ Xiaoxiao hurried responded with a happy heart as she saw Lin Ming agree.


After Lin Ming came to an agreement with Xiaoxiao, he entered into a chamber of Heavencraft Pavilion to train. As for the spirit essence stones that Lin Ming used for training, Xiaoxiao was not cheap at all. The training chamber was filled with top grade true essence stones and spirit essence stones, filling the chamber with an incomparably rich heaven and earth origin energy.

From the time that Lin Ming had broken through to the late Revolving Core realm and cut down Xuan Wuji until now, several months had already passed. Although Lin Ming had spent a great deal of energy studying alchemy techniques, he didn't lag behind in his cultivation either. His cultivation had gone from the very beginning of the late Revolving Core to having steadily stabilized himself in the late Revolving Core realm. With the help of the jade slips that Fairy Feng had left for him, his understanding of the Concept of Fire was also steadily increasing. Now, if he could re-enter the God Transforming Mirror then he believed he could easily last in the second world for at least 120 breaths.


With a thrust of his spear, the condensed power of fire pierced through a specially crafted metal plate target. The target split up into pieces before being churned to fragments underneath raging fire true essence.

’’My Concept of Fire Annihilation has risen yet another step. My self-created Bury the Heavens and Chain of Stars have also increased in power by 20-30%. If I could fight Xuan Wuji now, then I should be able to kill him in frontal combat instead of having to wear him down with superior endurance, recovery ability, and defensive power. However, it's a pity that my Concept of Fire can progress astronomically with the inheritance of the Ancient Phoenix Clan, but my Concept of Thunder is actually advancing so slowly and with such difficulty too.’’

Lin Ming lightly sighed. Inheritances and resources were simply too important for the growth of a genius. Even a clever woman couldn't cook a meal without rice;it was impossible to get anywhere without proper supplies. Even with the Heretical God Force giving him an immense advantage in comprehending the Concept of Thunder, there still wasn't anything he could do.

Fortunately, comprehending a Concept was different from comprehending a battle spirit. This was because the earlier one formed their own battle spirit, the more potential it would have in the future. If one formed their battle spirit too late then the losses would be immeasurable, because the grade of a battle spirit would slowly rise with the growth of a martial artist's cultivation and will.

But Concepts and laws were different. Even if one comprehended them at a very late period, they could still catch up later once they reached large success in their future cultivation.

And just as Lin Ming was planning to meditate on the Concept of Fire Annihilation again, a flame suddenly lit in front of him. This was the light of a sound transmitting talisman.

As Lin Ming heard the message within, he slightly frowned. It seemed as if trouble had finally come to his door. It wasn't pleasant to be disturbed during training, but since he had accepted benefits from others he naturally had to help them in their matters. If Lin Ming didn't have the Heavencraft Trading Company look for dragonspine grass for him, then he wouldn't necessarily be able to find it - at least not in a reasonable period of time.

Lin Ming opened the chamber doors and put on a white training outfit. He began moving towards the front hall of Heavencraft Pavilion. By the time he arrived, the hall was already filled with people.

Four old men were imperiously sitting in front. Behind them were seven or eight youths. At this moment, Xiaoxiao was arguing with the four old men.


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