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Martial World - Chapter 773


Chapter 773 - Malice




After the handsome youth spoke these words he swiveled on the balls of his feet and left the Heavencraft Pavilion Headquarters. In truth, if he'd been looking for Zhuan Bixian, then all he would've needed to do was send a sound transmitting talisman. However, the reason that the handsome youth had left was simply because he didn't have the face to stay any longer.

After the handsome youth had left, the face of red-clothed old man, who'd also wanted to buy skyflower stones, flashed with a strange expression. He looked at the 10,000 Year Corpse Grass and then at Lin Ming, unknown thoughts going through his mind.

As for the old woman of from the Heavencraft Pavilion, she couldn't help but send Lin Ming a true essence sound transmission, ’’The item that this young hero has taken out is truly quite strange. This old woman has never heard nor seen something like it before. I wonder... if Young Hero has any other strange or peculiar treasures that you don't need, my Heavencraft Pavilion would be more than willing to sell them on commission for you.’’

Lin Ming replied, ’’If there's a chance, then I'd like to cooperate. Recently, I've been needing to purchase a great number of things.’’

The different materials that an alchemist needed were extremely scattered and varied in a cumbersome manner to gather. There were some valuable and precious treasures that simply couldn't be bought. At this time, it was necessary to form good relations with a trading company.

After just a quarter hour, a white-clothed middle aged man was welcomed in by the purple-clothed young girl. As he stepped into the Heavencraft Pavilion's second floor, his great build and piercingly bright eyes swept through the hall before locking onto Lin Ming.

’’Is this the young hero who wishes to trade for my skyflower stones?’’

This middle-aged martial artist was undoubtedly Zhuan Bixian. When a martial artist reached the Life Destruction realm it became difficult to judge just how old they were from their appearance. For instance, Xuan Yuqie had been over a thousand years old but she appeared to be a graceful and beautiful young women in her thirties, at the very height of her se*uality.

Lin Ming couldn't decide just how old Zhuan Bixian was, but he could feel a raging fire of life coming from his body. It was obvious that this Zhuan Bixian still had a long life left in front of him and even a faint hope of stepping into the divine Sea and becoming a Peerless Emperor.

’’Senior Zhuan.’’ Lin Ming stood up and bowed in respect.

’’Mm.’’ Zhuan Bixian nodded and then glanced at the 10,000 Year Corpse Grass that Lin Ming had set down. After a quarter hour of time staring at it, he finally revealed a thoughtful expression and said, ’’Little Brother, what is your name?’’

’’I am surnamed Lin, named Lanjian, Lin Lanjian.’’ Lin Ming thoughtlessly borrowed a name. He had already decided to step onto the road of an alchemist. In the future he would have to make a number of transactions that involved large amounts of spirit essence stones;it would be better if he kept his true name hidden. Moreover, in the four divine Kingdoms, it was likely he would come into conflict with certain people or parties. His family and friends were still at divine Phoenix Island and he didn't want others to go seeking them for nefarious means.

This was the first time that Zhuan Bixian had seen 10,000 Year Corpse Grass. After a period of time, he speculated that it was Yin Corpse Grass. Although it had a different name from Lin Ming's 10,000 Year Corpse Grass, the Sky Spill Continent and Holy Demon Continent were so far apart that it was normal for materials to have different names.

From a list of descriptions that Zhuan Bixian checked through, this Yin Corpse Grass was truly the exact same plant as 10,000 Year Corpse Grass.

Lin Ming didn't think that Zhuan Bixian's experiences would be so broad that he was able to recognize even this 10,000 Year Corpse Grass. He sincerely said, ’’Grandmaster Zhuan's knowledge is endless, it leaves me in true admiration.’’

’’Haha, When I was still at the Asura divine Kingdom I accidently came across a record of this plant in the ancient texts of that kingdom. This is something that no longer exists in the Sky Spill Continent. Perhaps it could be found in certain desolate deep sea islands.’’

Zhuan Bixian's words surprised Lin Ming. If this didn't exist on the Sky Spill Continent, then how would the ancient texts of the Asura divine Kingdom have records of Yin Corpse Grass?

It was said that the Asura divine Kingdom was a land of demonic path martial cultivators. Was it possible that the Asura divine Kingdom had some sort of relationship with the Demon Emperor or Netherworld Great Emperor who had come from the Holy Demon Continent?

All of these thoughts raced through Lin Ming's mind. But he didn't think too much of it. He asked Zhuan Bixian, ’’Grandmaster Zhuan, do you have any interest in this Yin Corpse Grass?’’

Zhuan Bixian said, ’’Although Young Hero Lin's Yin Corpse Grass still isn't fully matured, it is still a top ingredient for refining blood type miracle medicines. It is indeed truly useful to me. Though I must say that in all fairness, this Yin Corpse Grass is more precious than all three of my skyflower stones combined. I won't take advantage of a little junior. If you have anything else you might need, then speak it.’’

Lin Ming was overjoyed as he heard this. He feared that Zhuan Bixian might not show any interest in the 10,000 Year Corpse Grass. ’’Senior Zhuan, I also happen to need several dragonspine grasses. I wonder if Senior Zhuan has any news about that?’’

As Lin Ming finished speaking, Zhuan Bixian laughed out loud, ’’Dragonspine grass is even more valuable than skyflower stones;perhaps even more valuable than the Yin Corpse Grass you brought out. If I had any news of dragonspine grass I would certainly rush over myself. Dragonspine grass isn't something that is publically sold;I too want to buy it.’’

Lin Ming was dazed, and then a bit disappointed. The materials he needed were just too rare. To begin with, they were already difficult to look for, and even if someone were to find it, they would likely use it themselves.

’’How about this. I'll give you another 5000 spirit essence stones. How about it?’’ Zhuan Bixian asked.

’’Mm, thank you very much Senior Zhuan.’’ Lin Ming readily agreed. Although 10,000 Year Corpse Grass was indeed rare and precious, it simply didn't have any use to him. Zhuan Bixian's offer was very fair.

The two finished the transaction on the spot. Lin Ming obtained the three crystalline skyflower stones. This sort of stone appeared like absolute white jade, except that there were some small flowery textures on the surface, thus it had gained this name.

Zhuan Bixian paid Heavencraft Pavilion their part of the commission and bid his farewells in a satisfied mood.

Lin Ming also bid Heavencraft Pavilion goodbye. After obtaining a jade card with Heavencraft Pavilion's sound transmission mark he left without speaking to anyone.

Lin Ming flew out at full speed, opening his divine sense to the limit. After he left Witch Creek City he changed direction several times before finally arriving in a jungle.

At this time, a voice suddenly sounded out from behind Lin Ming. ’’Young Hero Lin, I didn't think I would run into you here. Do you plan on heading to the Hail Province? What a coincidence, this old man just happens to be going that way too. Maybe we can travel together?’’

Lin Ming turned around to see that the person speaking was that red-clothed old man he had bumped into at Heavencraft Pavilion who also wanted to purchase skyflower tones. At this time, the old man had a friendly smile on his face as if he were surprised to meet Lin Ming here by chance.

’’Coincidence? I think not.’’ Lin Ming faintly smiled at the red-clothed old man. ’’After I left Witch Creek City I changed directions several times but you still chased after me all this time. What? Is there something you want from me?’’

The red-clothed old man's smile stiffened and he barked out a laugh, ’’Young Hero Lin is too funny. How could this old man possibly follow you? This truly is a meeting of chance. However, I must say that Young Hero Lin bought up three skyflower stones at once;perhaps you could consider selling one to me? I can offer you 3000 spirit essence stones to buy one of your skyflower stones. How about it?’’

’’3000 spirit essence stones?’’ Lin Ming smiled, ’’If you offered me 30,000 spirit essence stones then I might have considered giving you one.’’

’’Really...’’ The red-clothed old man grimaced, ’’This old man is sincerely trying to make a deal with you and yet you ask for such a ridiculous price. Being too greedy in life may get you in trouble!’’

The red-clothed old man said, an obvious threat in his words.

Lin Ming slowly traced his spatial ring. He sneered, ’’Why do you still waver over these scruples? Are you not attacking me because you're scared someone is protecting me from behind?’’

’’Hehe, brat, there's no need to lie to me. I don't know which great power you originate from, but what I do know is that if there truly was someone protecting you in secret then you wouldn't have run out of the city and changed your direction several times in fear that someone might be following you. Those three skyflower stones are far too useful for this old man. If you're smart then be a good little boy and...’’

The red-clothed man suddenly attacked midway in his speech. Although he was a second stage Life Destruction martial artist, he still attacked a late Revolving Core junior with a sneak attack. The red-clothed old man didn't have a sect or great family backing him. The reason that he could reach this point had all been because of his discretion, cunning, and ruthless decisiveness.

He took out a slender soft sword from his spatial ring. The red sword was like the strike of a viper as it stabbed towards Lin Ming's throat.

The red-clothed old man's sword was extremely fast. With his own incomparably thick true essence fused into it, it was like a beam of light!

Lin Ming's lips curved up in a murderous grin. He traced his spatial ring and in the next moment a spear light flashed out like a bolt of lightning. In the next moment, there was an explosive sound as if space itself was being torn apart. The red-clothed old man's sword light was crushed to nothing by the spear light, and the spear light continued unabated as it cut towards the red-clothed old man's waist like a deathly guillotine.


The red-clothed old man was beyond shocked. He shouted out in panic and was about to take something about from his spatial ring, but at that moment, he felt his movements suddenly become extremely slow. All he could do was look on helplessly as Lin Ming's spear swept towards his waist.


His protective true essence was ripped apart like paper. The red-clothed old man gave a miserable scream as his spine was directly snapped in half and all his organs came flying out. His body was torn in half by Lin Ming's spear.

The red-clothed old man's eyes were wide as he watched all the blood leave his body. He died with nothing but unsatisfied regret to keep him company.

Lin Ming grabbed the red-clothed old man's spatial ring and inventoried the contents. There were 8000-9000 spirit essence stones as well as some wood spirit jade and various pills and medicines and even a furnace.

It was obvious that this old man had been an alchemist.

The four divine Kingdoms were rich in resources and the martial artists here normally came from well off families. This red-clothed old man was only at the second stage of Life Destruction but he was actually able to catch up to 60-70% of Xuan Wuji's wealth. Of course, this was because he was an alchemist.

Lin Ming put away all these things and then turned towards the empty space in the jungle. He raised his spear and indifferently said, ’’You've been watching for so long, how about you come out so I can meet you?’’

When Lin Ming left Witch Creek City he had felt some people following him. It wasn't one person but two people.

Lin Ming had thought that the two people had been together, but now it seems that wasn't the case.

There was no response from the jungle. Lin Ming sneered and then pointed his spear somewhere in the void. ’’You think I'm lying to you? I'll say it once more, come out! Otherwise I'll stab you!’’

’’Wait! Young Hero Lin, stay your hand!’’ An old voice sounded out. Then, space distorted and a black-clothed old woman rushed out in a panic. She was the old woman Lin Ming had seen at Heavencraft Pavilion.

’’Oh? Is this how your Heavencraft Pavilion does business?’’ A thick killing intent flashed in Lin Ming's eyes.

’’Young Hero Lin, please don't misunderstand me, the situation isn't what you think it is. My Heavencraft Trading Company is one of the three great trading companies of the Nine Furnace divine Kingdom. How could I think of destroying our reputation for a mere three skyflower stones?’’ The old woman rapidly explained. Her words were also fairly reasonable. The Heavencraft Trading Company had existed for 6000 years. If they really did send out assassins to kill and rob their wealthy guests then it would have been impossible for them to last until now.

’’Then what do you want from me?’’ Lin Ming indifferently asked.


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