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Martial World - Chapter 758


Chapter 758 - The Wedding Night




’’Little Sister Xingxuan, is my hairpin crooked?’’ Mu Qianyu asked Qin Xingxuan as she traced her hair.

’’No, it's beautiful.’’ Qin Xingxuan covered her mouth and chuckled. A wedding night was the most beautiful time of a woman's life. Mu Qianyu naturally hoped that the most beautiful moment would also unfold tonight.

At this time, Qin Xingxuan heard the sounds of footsteps approaching. As she turned around she saw that Lin Ming had entered the room.

The laughing Qin Xingxuan suddenly stood up like a frightened rabbit, at a loss of what to do.

Mu Qianyu tightly gripped onto Qin Xingxuan's hand and pulled her to sit back down. In truth, Mu Qianyu was also feeling extremely nervous at this time.

Whether it was Mu Qianyu, Qin Xingxuan, or Lin Ming, they were all neophytes of love. Although Lin Ming's strength was abnormal and his talent was monstrous, facing things like feelings or how to coax a girl into happiness, he was absolutely ignorant towards all of this.

Martial artists weren't like common mortals. They did fall in love, but their emotions didn't manifest in yearning and dreaming of others every few days.

Towards Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan, Lin Ming had never spoken words like 'I love you' or 'I like you'. He had never even made promises or asked questions such as 'marry me' or 'be my wife'.

This was because mortals were not good at controlling their emotions. Once they were touched by emotions, all of their thoughts would go into chaos and they could fall to great depths of sadness or rise to great heights of happiness.

As for martial cultivators, they threw themselves into their training and constantly hardened their will. In terms of feelings, even if they were profound or unforgettable, they wouldn't affect them to the point of them making overly flourishing mortal gestures.

But this didn't mean that a martial cultivator's feelings weren't deep.

In fact, it was just the opposite. The feelings of a martial artist who had tempered their will were even more everlasting. These were feelings and sentiments that could be eroded within a vast river for a thousand years or even ten thousand years and still remain unswerving and unchanged.

As Mu Qianyu was waiting in the nuptial chambers for Lin Ming, a single thought continued to reverberate in her heart. Her thoughts returned to the Demon God Imperial Palace when Lin Ming had thrust the Escape Symbol into her palm and said to her, 'Wait for me there'.

And six days later he had made true on his promise. Then he had said to her, 'Come with me... to kill.’’

These words didn't contain even a hint of the romance between men and women, but every word had sunk into her bones, bringing with it a firm, confident warmth that knew not death or fear.

What echoed in Mu Qianyu's heart was far more profound and solemn than those casually spoken sweet words and honeyed phrases spoken at temporary heights of passion that could be false or true. To her, Lin Ming's words were a pledge that far surpassed any vow of eternal love!

If Lin Ming really hadn't returned then, Mu Qianyu had already determined to leave that broken world and dedicate her life to training until she became powerful enough to kill every person that had harmed Lin Ming one at a time. Then, she would re-enter that broken world and live out the rest of her life accompanying Lin Ming.

Such feelings did not need to be dressed up with flashy words.

And for Qin Xingxuan it was even more so. When Lin Ming had come to Blood Demon Island to rescue her, his figure as he stood atop that Vermillion Bird and the blood flowing from his spear light had already branded itself onto her heart, becoming an eternal part of her soul that she would never forget.

Joy, happiness, no regrets, if she could encompass all of these things within her feelings then what else was there to not be satisfied with?

To Lin Ming, when Mu Qianyu had crossed the destruction of divine Phoenix Island and left behind her message at the divine Phoenix Mystic Realm, this had left an unforgettable image on him.

That was the oath that Mu Qianyu had made on the edge of death.

As for Qin Xingxuan, she was the companion who had accompanied him ever since his adventure began in the Sky Fortune Kingdom.

She was like Lin Ming's young neighborhood girl love. When he was in Sky Fortune City, Qin Xingxuan and her master, Mister Muyi, had helped him a great deal. Lin Min and Qin Xingxuan had each seen the other's parents, and when Qin Xingxuan had lived with the Lin Family she had constantly accompanied Lin Mu. His parents already regarded Qin Xingxuan as their future daughter-in-law.

This sort of light and comfortable warmth was also a certain type of moving emotion. When Lin Ming was endlessly training himself and on the edge of collapse, he could use these warm and happy feelings to find peace of mind even in a realm of infinite slaughter.


’’Lin Ming, you still owe Xingxuan a wedding ceremony.’’ Mu Qianyu suddenly said. During this wedding ceremony the announcement had only included that Lin Ming and Mu Qianyu were to be married;it hadn't included Qin Xingxuan.

Lin Ming silently nodded. He gazed at Qin Xingxuan for a long moment before his eyes turned back to Mu Qianyu, ’’Yu'er, are you sure that you don't want to come to the Realm of the Gods with me?’’

Because of the existence of that Ancient Phoenix Clan's transmission array, it wasn't necessary to break through to the divine Sea to ascend to the Realm of the Gods. As long as Mu Qianyu desired it, she could also go to the Realm of the Gods together with Lin Ming.

Mu Qianyu shook her head.

If it wasn't for the fact that Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan both existed in his heart, Lin Ming would have already held a wedding ceremony much earlier. But, facing both Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan together, Lin Ming was helpless as to who to hold the wedding ceremony with first.

Finally, Mu Qianyu had put forth that she wouldn't follow Lin Ming into the Realm of the Gods in the future.

Mu Qianyu's parents had died soon after she was born. To her, Mu Yuhuang was no different from her true mother. divine Phoenix Island held too great a significance to Mu Qianyu.

All of these things were difficult to give up. If she insisted on following Lin Ming then she would be willing to abandon everything she ever knew for him. However, Lin Ming also had Qin Xingxuan to accompany him upwards, and secondly, she didn't believe that she would be of any help to Lin Ming within the Realm of the Gods.

If that were the case, then it was better to stay in the Sky Spill Continent and raise their children, having divine Phoenix Island become much more prosperous and magnificent, and have the Lin Family flourish like never before.

A family might not be a burden to a martial artist, but it was a sort of worry. After countless years passed, when their parents, wives, children, and children's children had all died, leaving them alone in the world, this type of desolate and lonely road of martial arts could easily lead to heart demons.

Moreover, a deep and true love to a martial artist was a nearly spiritual dependence. It wasn't like the pleasure of the flesh, something that they could easily let go.

Lin Ming didn't try persuading her anymore. Although returning to the lower realms from the Realm of the Gods was troublesome, it wasn't completely impossible. He could still meet with Mu Qianyu, and with his help it would be easy for her to reach the divine Sea in the future. Then, she would have 10,000 years of life, several tens of thousands years of life, or an even longer time than that. Such a long period of time was enough for him to reach the peak of martial artists. As for what would happen once he reached that point, who knew?

At this time, Qin Xingxuan slowly stood up and quietly withdrew, closing the door behind her. Since this was Mu Qianyu's wedding, she naturally had to let it take its most perfect course.

As Qin Xingxuan imagined herself taking care of Lin Ming in the future, her face flushed red. Although, two women waiting on a single man together was impossible for her...wasn't it? Before ascending to the Realm of the Gods, Qin Xingxuan didn't want to have more intimate contact with Lin Ming.

After the door closed, the atmosphere became ambiguous for a moment.

Large red decorations, red bedding, a large bed, a red curtain of silk;all of this left Mu Qianyu's beautiful face a deep red. She didn't dare to look up at Lin Ming, instead keeping her head down.

Lin Ming also felt a bit awkward. Before this, his contact with Mu Qianyu had been limited to kisses and hugs. Now facing such a passionate situation, a faint thrum of desire and anticipation beat in his heart.

The two sat on the bed, talking to each other for a long time. From their meeting at Thundercrash Mountain to the Seven Profound Valleys' Total Faction Martial Meeting. From Revered Master Tianguang's birthday banquet to the adventure into the Demon God Imperial Palace, all the way to their reunion at Yin Yang Profound Palace and now finally arriving here at their own wedding.

During this conversation, Lin Ming had unconsciously held onto Mu Qianyu's hands and began to kiss her dewy lips.

The two took this time to roll on the bed. Then, Lin Ming gently untied Mu Qianyu's clothing, revealing her otherworldly body. Her body was completely exposed under the swaying candlelight of the night, a hazy layer of light seeming to caress her.

Mu Qianyu's cheeks turned bright red. She raised her pair of jade-like hands to cover her chest, her heart racing like a frantic drum.

Lin Ming held onto Mu Qianyu, kissing and stroking her warm and soft breasts. At this time, a fire began to blaze in Lin Ming's heart and he slowly separated her flawless legs.

Mu Qianyu's eyes were misty and her long eyelashes trembled as her entire being was immersed in a beautiful spring. It was like she couldn't distinguish between fantasy and illusion until a sharp pain suddenly awakened her from the evanescent dream. As she looked into the face of her most beloved man, she didn't know why, but two teardrops streamed down her face.

She was not bewitched by this love between women and men, but at this moment an everlasting mark had branded itself in her heart. She completely melted into Lin Ming's body.






All of this mixed in with a slight, pleasantly aching pain, leaving her breathless with joy, unable to think or speak clearly...






On the next morning, the sun had just risen and a light morning mist enveloped the entirety of divine Phoenix Island, leaving a thin layer of dew over the land.

Lin Ming woke up from his deep and fragrant sleep. As he saw Mu Qianyu snuggled up in his chest, his heart was filled with satisfaction.

Mu Qianyu was a light sleeper. By the time Lin Ming woke up, she had already been awake for a long time. It was just that she was drowning in her shy feelings and didn't want to open her eyes.

As Lin Ming looked at her, a childlike playfulness suddenly came over him. He began reaching for Mu Qianyu's sensitive parts and tickling her. How could Mu Qianyu stand this? She instantly grabbed his hand and jokingly admonished him, ’’Stop it you naughty boy!’’

Lin Ming devilishly smiled. After that night of love, he could already be considered as having been captivated by these feelings.

’’Mm, that's right, about that young woman you traded for the white jade key, what sort of special secret is on her? Why would you fight with Wang Yichan for her?’’

Mu Qianyu quickly changed the topic as she saw that Lin Ming wanted to play more dirty tricks on her.

As this serious matter was brought up, Lin Ming became more solemn. ’’I'm not sure why Wang Yichan would fight me for her, but the reason I exchanged the key for her was...’’

Lin Ming didn't have any intention of hiding anything from Mu Qianyu. He completely told her of his experiences in the Eternal Demon Abyss. After hearing of this bizarre occurrence, Mu Qianyu was horrified. There was also this sort of matter?

’’That's the reason I thought that young girl might be related to the goddess in the eternal Demon Abyss. Let's quickly go and visit her so we can ask her about her life and what the origin of that jade pendant is.’’

’’Alright, then I'll go together with you.’’ Mu Qianyu was about to stand up and put on her clothes, but as she noticed that Lin Ming's eyes were locked onto her body, she blushed a deep red and shyly said, ’’You put on your clothes and leave first.’’


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