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Martial World - Chapter 756


Chapter 756 - Duel of Battle Spirits

The wisp of air pierced through the small jade dish and still had ample force left over to shoot towards Wang Yichan. Wang Yichan took his sword out to block it, but the strike still caused his low-grade heaven-step treasure sword to tremble. From this alone, the difference in the two battle spirits could be imagined!

’’This Lin Ming, if I'm guessing correctly then I fear that battle spirit has nearly reached large success of the bronze level!’’ Li Yifeng sucked in a breath of cold air. Even the young maid standing beside him had widened eyes. As someone who also came from the four divine Kingdoms, she naturally understood what it meant to have a bronze level battle spirit at large success.

Every level of a battle spirit was divided into four ranks: elementary, small success, large success, and perfection. It wasn't wrong that Wang Yichan was talented, but he had still just formed his battle spirit several years ago and its rank had slowly reached the elementary rank. As for Lin Ming, his battle spirit was already at the peak of small success;there were even many divine Sea powerhouses that hadn't been able to achieve this degree yet!

A difference of a little more than a boundary wasn't much at all, however, Wang Yichan's cultivation was at the second stage of Life Destruction and Lin Ming was only at the late Revolving Core. If Lin Ming were to step into the second stage of Life Destruction then it was possible for his battle spirit to reach bronze level perfection, and perhaps he could even obtain a silver battle spirit before he reached the divine Sea!

A silver battle spirit was a legendary existence. Thus, the gap between the two could be seen from just this.

'With a mere late Revolving Core cultivation his battle spirit has already reached the peak of small success. Then, when did Lin Ming form his battle spirit? The early Revolving Core realm?

'...Or even extreme Xiantian?'

As Li Yifeng thought this, he felt a chill crawl up his spine. Even that young maid who didn't think too much of Lin Ming was also shocked speechless. In terms of will, Lin Ming's talent in that category had exceeded her understanding.

Perhaps... he really did kill Xuan Wuji by himself.

As this thought echoed in the young maid's heart, she closed her dropped jaw.

If Li Yifeng could think of this then Wang Yichan was even clearer on what was happening. As for Great Zen Temple's Abbot Konghe, although he didn't understand the different ranks of battle spirits, he was still able to determine that Lin Ming's battle spirit was far more formidable than Wang Yichan's.

In that moment, Abbot Konghe felt that the world of juniors had reached a level that was nearly impossible to catch up to. Maybe in a few decades, or even less, these juniors would reach heights that he couldn't even comprehend.

’’Lin Ming, I never thought that you would also have a battle spirit.’’ Wang Yichan's lips twitched. His battle spirit was his ultimate killer move. He had intended to use it to shock and awe the entire audience, but he never imagined that Lin Ming would turn it around to shame him instead.

His heart sank as he thought to himself, 'My battle spirit has a demonic path attribute to it. I was too careless just now and didn't use the special attribute. If I go all out, then a difference of a small boundary shouldn't matter too much.'

Wang Yichan couldn't stand that he had been defeated in what he excelled at the most. This was a major blow to his self confidence.

’’Slaughter path attribute, battle spirit assault!’’

A black light suddenly erupted in Wang Yichan's eyes, turning into a substantiated sword of will that thrust straight at Lin Ming!

Wang Yichan had comprehended a battle spirit when he was crossing through Life Destruction. Moreover, what he comprehended was a rare specialized battle spirit. This battle spirit had a slaughter path attribute;it was able to display the strongest destructive power in battle, even able to directly extinguish the life force of an opponent!

A duel of battle spirits?

Lin Ming's mind stirred. Before this, he had heard Demonshine say that martial artists with battle spirits could battle in the world of will through their battle spirits.

Wang Yichan was the first martial artist Lin Ming met who had a battle spirit. Before this, although he had never truly fought with a martial artist in the world of will, he had done something similar during his stay at the Road of Emperor. There, when Lin Ming faced the road of will lights, in order to pass every light he would have to enter the will world and engage the residual will of the past Emperors in battle.

Lin Ming was not a stranger to battles within the world of will. In fact, it was quite familiar to him.

Lin Ming's thoughts focused and the battle spirit floating in his spiritual sea transformed into a long spear that roared forth!

An azure ray of pure will shot forth from between Lin Ming's eyebrows, meeting Wang Yichang's sword of black will.


As both battle spirits collided, Lin Ming and Wang Yichan both arrived at the world of will.

Without further ado, Wang Yichan flicked his finger and a massive black python appeared out of thin air, rushing towards Lin Ming. This was a python formed from Wang Yichan's thoughts. In a battle within the world of will, victory didn't depend on cultivation methods of martial skills;even cultivation didn't have that great of an influence. Rather, it purely depended on whose will was stronger.

Compared to the road of will lights Lin Ming had once faced, Wang Yichan's battle spirit was far inferior. An azure long spear shot forth like a meteor, drilling right through the black python.

A great deal of black blood rained to the ground. Wang Yichan devilishly grinned and then loudly shouted, ’’Slaughter energy, swallow all!’’

At that moment, the thick black fog burst out from the python's body, swallowing up that azure long spear.

With a 'chi chi chi' sound, the black mist melded into the spear shaft as if it were trying to assimilate with it.

Wang Yichan laughed, ’’Lin Ming, my battle spirit has a slaughter path attribute! I can extinguish your life and swallow your will!’’

Battle spirits could also have different attributes?

Lin Ming's mind stirred. He hadn't heard Demonshine mention this point before.

Lin Ming wasn't unfamiliar with slaughter path attribute abilities. When he completed his twelve-winged Heavenly Demon Tattoo he had obtained the slaughter path attribute Death God force field. But, this was a battle in the world of will. He couldn't use the Death God force field here unless he reproduced it using his own will. In the end, a battle in the world of will depended entirely on whose will was stronger.

But he didn't need the Death God force field to begin with. If a battle spirit could have an attribute then Lin Ming's azure will also had an attribute. That was - endlessness!


Lin Ming gave a deep shout and an azure light suddenly radiated outwards. With a resounding dragon roar, an Azure Dragon impacted the heavens, thrusting its claws out and directly ripping apart the black python's body to pieces.

Lin Ming had obtained only a single drop of reverse scale blood, but the truth was that its quality was far higher than the blood of the Ancient Phoenix.

The blood of the Ancient Phoenix was only ordinary phoenix blood. In the legends, a Phoenix God Beast preyed upon Giant Leviathans. Its size was no less than that of a Golden-Winged Roc, and when it spread out its two wings it was able to hide the endless blue skies. It was difficult to say just how much blood such a creature had!

As for that drop of reverse scale blood Lin Ming had obtained in the Sorcerer Pagoda, that came from an Azure True Dragon's reverse scale. For dragons that had a reverse scale, to touch it meant death. The blood from the reverse scale was only inferior to blood essence. Naturally, the quality was much higher than a phoenix's ordinary blood.

Bang bang bang!

The black fog was completely scattered by the azure energy. After exterminating the black python, the azure dragon rushed forth with unstoppable force, firing right into Wang Yichan.


Wang Yichan angrily cried out as he produced a long sword, cutting it towards that azure dragon.


The long sword broke apart and Wang Yichan's body was torn in half by the azure dragon's claws. With a miserable scream he was thrust out of the world of will, his eyes opening even as his body dripped with a cold sweat and his face became pallid.

In the world of will where the battle had only lasted for three breaths of time, Wang Yichan had been defeated!

Lin Ming opened his eyes looking calm as usual. As his cultivation constantly rose, his battle spirit became increasingly close to breaking through to large success of the bronze level. Within the Sky Spill Continent, a divine Sea powerhouse with a large success bronze level battle spirit could be considered extraordinary.

’’Lin Ming!’’

Wang Yichan's mouth twitched as he gasped for breath in great gulps of air. In this fight of battle spirits, his main body hadn't been damaged but his will had been injured. It would be several days before he was restored to his peak condition.

He was unwilling to accept that defeat just now and wanted to fight Lin Ming again in the real world. However, after having lost just now, fighting again would not leave any good impressions on those present and even winning would mean he lost face. Moreover, Wang Yichan had been frightened in that exchange just now;he wasn't too confident that he could defeat Lin Ming, even in the real world.

’’Wang Yichan, if I'm not wrong then that so-called concubine of yours was captured from somewhere and then had a spell placed on her. Although I won't call myself some sort of honorable gentleman, I wouldn't do anything recklessly shameful. If you two truly loved each other then I would have no objections, but now, taking her from your hands is well within reason!’’

Lin Ming's words were much more reasonable, and now that he had won that battle against Wang Yichan just now, all of the initiative had fallen into his hands.

’’Lin Ming, do you truly wish to become enemies with my Northwest Great Desert? Have you clearly thought about just what the consequences will be like!?’’ Wang Yichan said out loud before continuing with a true essence sound transmission, ’’I will trade a fifth grade spirit vein source four that white jade key!’’

Wang Yichan had no choice but to lay down the threat of sect extermination. But at this moment, Li Yifeng laughed and stood up, ’’Brother Wang, you've already lost what there is to lose, can't you afford what you lost?’’

Wang Yichan followed the direction of the voice. As he saw Li Yifeng casually standing at the corner of the main hall, his heart jumped. This was definitely another extraordinary young elite! This person must come from some great power. ’’You are...’’

’’I am Li Yifeng!’’

’’Li Yifeng! Prince of the Seven Star divine Kingdom! To think that such a solemn and dignified divine Kingdom Prince would actually come to Lin Ming's wedding celebrations. Could it be that your Seven Star divine Kingdom is trying to recruit Lin Ming?’’

Wang Yichan felt his heart go cold as he saw Li Yifeng. This Li Yifeng's comprehension of the Law of Wind had reached an extremely high level and his foundation was incomparably solid too. He had at least twice the amount of total true essence that a normal Revolving Core martial artist would have, and the power of the stars was sealed in his right hand, greatly strengthening him.

Of course, Wang Yichan wouldn't care about these things at all. After all, Li Yifeng's cultivation wasn't that high. But what Li Yifeng represented actually caused Wang Yichan to feel a pang of fear.

Li Yifeng represented one of the four divine Kingdoms, the Seven Star divine Kingdom!

Compared to the four divine Kingdoms, the Northwest Great Desert was far lacking in all aspects.

The Seven Star divine Kingdom wanted to win Lin Ming over to their side?

Wang Yichan couldn't help but think this. If this were so, then what grounds did his Northwest Great Desert have to threaten divine Phoenix Island?

’’The jade key and the Life Destruction Pill!’’

Wang Yichan spat out these words in a livid rage. He did care about the Life Destruction Pill, but what was most important here was that mystic realm key. In truth, this key contained some of Xuan Wuji's works inside, otherwise it would never have been placed with him to begin with. If every key wasn't collected then they would be unable to open the mystic realm left behind by that demonic path Holy Lord.

Lin Ming waved his hand and two jade boxes flew towards Wang Yichan. After Wang Yichan received them he swept his perception through them quickly and then coldly humphed, ’’We're leaving!’’

Wang Yichan brought his two underlings and left in great strides, leaving behind that woman with gray pupils to stand quietly in the main hall. Slowly, everyone's visions turned towards her.


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